Chapter 525 – 526: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 525: To Force A Donkey to Dance

Subsequently, Kris Chen gave a detailed explanation on the business launched by Nahai Sect.

“At present, there was no reward system for the first generation of projectors, only the second generation projectors had such system. Moreover, the system will be updated in the small hours today, when you can see a new interface.”

In fact, the express business of Kris was very simple, led by Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion, and the rest of small chambers of commerce also joined in, basically copying the express delivery system in the earth.

Although everyone heard all theses confusingly, they understood that after the explanation of Kris, they did not have to go out to find any magic pills. They just lied at home and used the projector to buy, which greatly improved the security and confidentiality.

It was just, could this method really be realized?

There was also advertising business, which was simple. For example, if Penglai Holy Sect wanted to recruit disciples and elders, they should just simply publish advertising tasks through Nahai Sect, and Nahai Sect would charge corresponding fees to advertise!

After all, Nahai Sect published information that everyone could receive.

No one was stupid. The benefits of advertising were obvious.

In the past, the news was delivered by the chamber of Commerce. Sometimes people waited too long for simple news.

Now things became different. As the message was sent, and the entire Infinite Sea would receive it in an instant.

Based on this, Kris set up a news department to collect anecdotes and stories of various genres.

On the whole, it imitated the routine of the major news companies in the earth.

As the absolute high-level of Nahai Sect, the orders of Kris were the imperial edict. If Kris issued an order, the people below would not hesitate to implement it, and… Major dealers would also help.

This was also included in the reward system, which can not only help the disciples of the sect, but also help the Practitioners without sects to practice.

These all aimed at quietly establishing the authority of Nahai Sect.

Of course, these all took some time and needed the further promotion of projectors. If Kris wanted people to see the benefits, the second and third generation projectors were very important!

When the second generation projectors covered more than 20 billion, that was the exact time the third generation projectors came to the stage.

At that time, some shaking changes would take place in the world of practice.

After the Q&A meeting, come clever people found business opportunities.

There was no shortage of discerning eyes in this world.

For example, in the future express business, there would be the ten major shipping routes. As a result, there would always be places out of reach of Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion, so the development opportunities of small chambers of Commerce came.

The success of projector made us see a new future. Everyone must keep up with the trend of the times; otherwise they would be submerged by the trend.

After the small dealers left, Kris specially called in the Three Holy Sects and the ten major sects and the principals of the two chambers of Commerce to have a secret discussion.

On the blackboard there were big words, “Practioner Development Bank!”

Everyone here got confused; nobody knew what Kris was going to do.

“Taoist Friend Diao, what was this practitioner development bank?” Zifang Shen asked.

“We all know about the worldly money houses, right?”

People nodded, “Is this bank actually a money house?” Xuetang Hu asked.

“Nearly, but the bank is much more advanced than the money house!”

After that, Kris put forward the concept of bank. Except Zifang and Xuetang understood a little, others were more confused.

All people were puzzled by the concepts of attracting depositors, financial management and so on.

Looking at these puzzled people, Kris sighed in his heart. Although he was a little bit on a hurry, he had no other choices. He had to speed up the process, even if it was like to force a donkey to dance!

Before the popularization of banks and the third generation projectors, there was a certain amount of risk in the business ahead.

If the Old Devil in the Sea of Chaos made an order, should they send it or not? Once it was delivered, what if accident happened?

This was the Infinite Sea, not in the earth with perfect law. Here, strength was everything.

But the emergence of a new thing, always accompanied by danger and opportunity, how could we quit eating because of choking?

“Let me make it simple. We set up a bank. You deposit your money here and we give you certificates accordingly. The more you deposit, the higher the interest. Then you can use your certificates to take out the spiritual stones at any time.”

“In the future, I will add the projects of the development bank to the projectors, so that the payments can be made on the projectors.”

When the fifth generation projector was launched, the express delivery within ten thousand miles could be delivered by means of transmission, which would be fast and convenient!

“This sounds like getting something without spending a cent..

“That’s right. It‘s alike.”

Kris looked at the man, “but as long as that person has deposited a spiritual stone in the development bank, he can come and take it at any time, and he can even generate income. Why not do it?”

It was too early to tell them about this. Kris directly said, “the development bank has 100 shares in total, and the value of each share is 100 million top spiritual stones. Nahai Sect is willing to offer 3 billion top spiritual stones. to subscribe for 30 shares.”

“You can voluntarily subscribe for the rest. The only thing I can guarantee is that the development bank will bring you a return of 100 billion in the future.”

Lord Miaoyuan didn’t even think a second. “Wuji Sword Sect subscribes for 20 shares!”

Wuji Sword Sect had made tens of billions these days, so they even spoke louder than others. In a word, whatever Kris did, they would follow and it always turned out huge benefits!

Even if they lost these money. It was nothing, just two billion.

“Penglai Holy Sect subscribes 15 shares!”

“Moko Sect subscribes for 15 shares!”

It didn’t matter whether they could make money or not, as long as Kris took them in the game.

In the past, they had a single source of income, such as seizing territory, seizing resources and collecting protection fees. Now they easily earned may spiritual stones and they also made a small fortune for their disciples at the middle and bottom level, so that they had more cultivation resources. In the past, they couldn’t even think about it.

Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion belonged to the chamber of Commerce, not to a certain person, so their relationship was complicated. Zifang thought, “Seven-treasures House subscribes for five shares, and Wanbao Pavilion subscribes for six shares “

In any case, Wanbao Pavilion had one share more than Seven-treasures House.

Xuetang did not expect that she bought one more share today, which would bring hundreds of billions of profits to Wanbao Pavilion in the future!

“Tiangang Sect subscribes for five shares!” Tiangang Sect finally became a primary dealer. To a certain extent, Tiangang Sect was even on the same negotiation table as the Three Holy Sect and the two chambers of Commerce. Of course, they would debase their own prestige.

The remaining ten shares were divided up by the remaining ten sects.

Soon, the capital of 10 billion spiritual stones had been put in place, and the practioner development bank was so hastily listed.

Nahai Sect was the chairman of the board of directors, the Three Holy Sects were the vice-chairman, and the rest were the directors and vice directors, as well as the elder units.

After the framework was set up, Kris directly commanded the elder and the younger disciples of Nahai Sect came to save their spiritual stones.

Many people thought this kind of thing was like “beating the dog with meat buns”. Once they saved the money in the bank, they would lose them forever. However, others believed in Kris. On the third day, they took the bills to withdraw the spiritual stones. “I would like to withdraw all my spiritual stones!”

“OK, you have deposited ten thousand prime stones in our bank, and we will take them out for you.”

Before long, the nun in the uniform of the Practitioner Development Bank came out with a box, which was a special safe. Although it looked small, it had a large storage space coupled with protection function!

“Here are your spiritual stones! The password of this safe is the order of the twelve heavenly stems!” The nun presented it.

The Practitioner opened the safe through the password, using his Divine Spiritual Power swept it and was slightly stunned. “Are you mistaken? I saved ten thousand spiritual stones. Why did you give me two more?”

“That’s right. Here are ten thousand and two spiritual stones!”

The nun said with a smile, “the two extra spiritual stones are the interest you own in our bank!”

What? There were really interests?

The practitioner was so shocked that the back did provide interests paid by the spiritual stones. It was true!

He walked out of the bank in a daze and told the story back to his sect.

Soon, it spread. A large number of people, therefore, came to the bank to deposit Spiritual Stones.

In line with the role of advertising, the outlets of the Development Bank were set up rapidly!

Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks had always implemented the decision of Kris, so they set up security department in the sects with outlets. Therefore, the outlets of the Practitioner Development Bank were under strict protection!

The Practitioner Development Bank was developing rapidly, so as the business of Nahai Sect.

With the development of spirit weapon, the network was fully covered in the real sense, and those network transmitters were also established with the security department of Nahai Sect and the Development Bank.

A few days ago in the early hours of the morning, the second-generation projector ushered in a comprehensive update. After that, the practitioners who owned the second-generation projectors found their projectors’ interfaces had changed dramatically.

First of all, those functions became small squares, which were clear at a glance.

Also a few more functions were added, such as express, mall, SOS, videos, music and so on!

People had already known this series of changes and their new functions through messages.

For example, the express function, people could publish things they wanted to express, and delivered them to the other party at a very low cost.

Seven-treasures House, Wanbao Pavilion, and a series of chambers of Commerce would pick up the items!

Moreover, once the express was lost, the Practitioner Development Bank would pay for the lost.

When users clicked the mall, the first sellers here were Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion. There were all kinds of skills, magical pills, magic weapons, and all kinds of treasure materials. Users could order directly in the projector, and someone would deliver to the buyers with both privacy and security!

In addition, all the major sects had also registered in, even including Wanhua Mansion. Delicious foods and wine were sold here.

If practitioners felt lonely in practice, they could even order some beauties to have fun.

However, the orders of the most popular beauty Honghong had exceeded 100000, which was very popular!

If someone wanted to plot a mischief, they would be pursued by all businesses and protection associations with no tolerance.

In addition, the second-generation projector had SOS function, which could make sure the real location instantly to make the safety work to the extreme.

They were also surprised to find that there was grading system at the bottom for users, from one star to five-star. The most satisfied service naturally deserved five-star, while the dissatisfied should only get one star!

Of course, the Seven-treasures House got the highest score, with more than one million people marked for 4.7 stars.

The second one was not Wanbao Pavilion, but a third class chamber of Commerce named Langya chamber of Commerce. Langya chamber was weak in strength, but its service attitude was quite good, which made the guests felt at home.

So it jumped to the second in the praise list. Its passenger flow surged as a result. Now its daily turnover was more than it could earn in a month before!

The outbreak of the Langya chamber of Commerce brought hope to other small chambers!

Chapter 526: Influence

That’s to say, Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion had a difficulty in forming a monopoly anymore, and as long as the small Chamber Of Commerce works hard, it’ll become another Seven-treasures House.

There’s also a video feature, and tidbits from “The Legend of Sword and Fairy1” have been uploaded.

According to incomplete statistics, there were eight billion views.

Of course, the first generation of the projector doesn’t have this function.

The lyrics and melody of the song in the video was written by Kris Chen, sung by Xianzi of the Music Sect , which sounds strange at first, but after getting used to it, it actually sounds wonderful.

The combination of various musical instruments and a moving voice instantly captured the hearts of the young Practitioners .

“The Legend of Sword and Fairy 1 ” began to be popular on a large scale, and everyone was curious about this story that took place in the Wuji Sword Sect!

For a time, the Wuji Sword Sect became famous!

Even Xianzi was highly sought after, with countless casual Practitioners running to the Music Sect every day to shout all out Xianzi’s name.

Xianzi has become, in Kris Chen’s words, the star of the first generation of the Infinite Sea.

Soon,“The Legend of Sword and Fairy 1 ” was released, two episodes a day!

According to AI statistics, the number of online viewers reached seven billion that day.

And this figure was constantly increasing.

It further boosted the sales of the second generation projector.

Kris Chen’s Practitioner Development Bank also showed tremendous power, taking in over 100 billion Yuan spiritual stone in just over ten days!

It also completely dumbfounded those sects.

Including Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion, they never thought that earning money would become so easy one day .

They began to rethink and even learn to cater to the market continuously.

In the words of Kris Chen, customer is the god!

The Infinite Sea was undergoing a radical change.

The first thing the Practitioners did when they wake up was to take out their projectors and watched the news.

A mysterious swirl has appeared in the southwest of the Sea of Chaos, and it was suspected that there was a tomb of great power.

After kneeling for two years on the Qianshan Island, Holy Beggars Sect finally got his Spirit Weapon from Qianshan sect.

The path to fame of Xiaoyao who was the number one star of the Wanhua House : I’m lonely, I’m empty, I’m cold, and I need a man to appear who can understand my heart!

In addition, with the popularity of “The Legend Of Sword And Fairy 1”and the development of the plot, the Infinite Sea set off a wave of discussions.

“Xiaoyao and Linger are the true love!”

“You are a heretic, it’s clear that he loves Yueru!”

“Nonsense, Xiaoyao is mine!”

“Linger is mine!”

A group of people sitting together were discussing and fighting when there was a divergence.

Changyuan was completely angry, as well as Feiyu and Piaomiao, and even Lingxiu and Changqing were on fire!

Once these five people went out, it was like the superstars were out.

“Look at me, Xiaoyao!”

“Linger, look at me, I’ll give you the spiritual stone , please sign it for me!”

” Yueru please hit me with your whip!”

Above the sky, Lord Miaoyuan sighed, “Hey, merit and fame is great, but cultivation is the most important thing.”

“Senior Brother Miaoyuan!”

At this moment, a graceful middle-aged beauty flew over.

Miaoyuan turned around and looked, “So it’s Sister Qingyuan!”

“Brother Miaoyuan, you are so handsome playing the role of the Immortal of Sword and Win , my little sister has been having quite a hard time with her cultivation lately, I wonder if my brother has the time to point out the way…”

Lord Miaoyuan slapped his chest, “Such a trivial matter is on me!”

“Then I’ll wait for you!”

The Lord of Qingyuan smiled spiting out the smoke ,and directly flew away.

Watching Lord Qingyuan leaving, Miaoyuan shook his head, “Hey… the Immortal of Sword and Win ‘s charm is still great, I will be tired tonight!”

After saying that, he decently picked up the wine gourd at his waist and drank.

Elders of the Wuji Sword Sect come to the Council of Hall!

The actual elders of both the inner and outer sides had all arrived.

The Lord Lingyuan sat at the head of the table, while the the lord of Jiyuan sat to his left.

“Today, the number of outer cultivators visiting the Wuji Sword Sect has skyrocketed by hundreds of times, and the reputation of the Wuji Sword Sect has spread to every corner of the sea.”

“Honor the Head Master’s decree, from both the internal and external Sects, divide thousands of disciples into two paths heading for the land.”

The crowd was shocked, the expansion of the Wuji Sword Sect had always been heard, it had been passed on for hundreds of years, and no one had been seen the sect master.

How to say expansion, even split into two sects at once, the supplies needed during this period were unknown.

But on second thought*, the crowd would understand.

The amount of spiritual stones earned by the Wuji Sword Sect these days was more than that earned in a hundred years.

What’s a hundred years of accumulation to open up two sects?

Absolutely more than enough.

When the Infinite Sea market is saturated, the only way out is to move towards the land.

Trillions of people, infinite prosperity, and Practitioners were richer than that on the sea, so they might even be able to feed the sect.

“Give you money and people , and you can recruit your own disciples along the way!”

The lord Lingyuan spoke again.

This time everyone took his breath, who didn’t want to expand the territory?

Going out to open a sect, the leader must be the head of a sect, with a massive supply of resources, who wouldn’t be impressed by this.

“Senior brother, I am willing to travel to the land!”

“Interior Elder is willing to travel to the land!”

“Exterior Elder is willing to travel to land!”


After arguments, a hundred men was finally divided from the exterior and thirty from the interior!

When the sect has settled down, then the people will vote together to elect a new sect master!

Those who were chosen were full of joy, and those who weren’t, had other tasks to add to their assignments!

The sea has undergone dramatic changes unseen in thousands of years, one must keep up with the tide to keeping with the popularity!

Fortunately, the Wuji Sword Sect was on the trend of times.

The sect’s daily revenue was measured in billions, and such a huge amount of resources was bound to make the Wuji Sword Sect develop rapidly and take on a higher level.

Perhaps one day, the Wuji Sword Sect would open its sect to the Eastern Divine State and become the top powerful sect in Devil Land.

After everyone had left, Jiyuan said, “Senior Brother, should I ask Taoist friend Diao to get me a character to play as well?”

Seriously, he’s envious that Miaoyuan waked up in a different little sister’s bed every day !

What’s most infuriating was that Miaoyuan is a Vice Court Master which is a bigger position than him, the exterior Prime Elder!

And the fame was even greater.

As soon as he traveled, the disciples heard the news and worshiped him so much.

Did he really want to lose face?

The lord Lingyuan stroked his chin and picked up the transmitter to make a video call to Kris Chen.

At this moment, Kris Chen was treating the Penglai Immortal Sect and the Moke Sect.

When he saw the video from Lingyuan , he hung up directly.

The lord of Wanfa in Penglai Palace said, “Taoist friend Diao, our Penglai Immortal Sect and Nahai Sect are both allies, you can’t be so generous just to give the Wuji Sword Sect the Immortal Sword! But forget us!”

Guangsa Bodhisattva was also anxious, the missionary teachings of the Mokoksha Sect were already difficult, while the Immortal Sword was born, and even the young monks, who were just joining the sect, were attracted to the Wuji Sword Sect.

Those fools thought that Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er were really in the Wuji Sword Sect.

Well, they really were!

But that’s all right, it’s missionary ability that the God Father values!

With the proliferation of projectors and the ease of access to information, it is only natural that missionaries should also keep up with the times.

If Kris Chen could make a film about “the Buddha”, wouldn’t that be a real boost for Moksha?

It was also able to rally the beliefs of the disciples in the sect.

Nowadays, the disciples of the Wuji Sword Sect went out , riding the high horse , even the Penglai Immortal Sect and the MoKe Sect were no exception.

After saying that Guangsa Bodhisattva took out the script of the Buddha’s Biography.

It’s a biography about God Father which tells the first reverend of the Mokoksha religion, who came out of the Hanging Temple and led his followers on an arduous journey to the Infinite Sea.

Rubbish, Kris Chen took a quick glance at the film thinking that no one would watch this?

He threw the biography right over.

“Taoist friend Diao, what are you doing…”

This script is so bad, I don’t want to film it.

The Lord of Wanfa smiled, “Who likes to read a bald donkey’s story? Nowadays, young people like to read like The Legend of Sword and Fairy , this is our Penglai Immortal sect’s script.”

Kris Chen took it over and look at the name, “The Penglai Legend!

Looking at the plot again, isn’t it just a high-level copy version of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy?

Li Xiaoyao turned into Wang Zizai, a young man who used a sword and became a young man using magic.

Zhao Ling’er turned into Zhao Xiu’er, the granddaughter of Nüwa!

The Immortal of Sword and Win has become an old man…

Do you think the audience is fucking stupid?

The story has also been modified to portray the Penglai Immortal Sect as incomparably lofty, and those who didn’t know would have thought the main character was the master of the Penglai Immortal Sect!


Kris Chen directly cursed.

“Taoist friend Diao, why are you cursing?”

The Lord of Wanfa was stunned.

“Plagiarism is shameful,Don’t you know that? No virtue!”

Kris Chen said angrily.

The Lord of Wanfa looked embarrassed but had no words to retort, “Taoist friend Diao, as long as you’re willing to help us make a TV series for the Penglai Immortal Sect, we’re willing to spend a high price…”

“How much does it cost to spend a high price, be more direct!”

“One… One million of the best…”

“Take care and leave!”

Kris Chen smiled coldly, do you want him to take action for one million of Spiritual Stone?

“I have misspoken, it was ten million, ten million…”

“Are you getting rid of the beggar? I’m making tens of millions of dollars a minute, and you’re pulling my leg here?”

Kris Chen was really not bragging, every day the projector revenue is more than a billion, plus network layout, express, mall, etc., conservative revenue is estimated not less than two billion!

I really don’t care about the 10 million!

“One hundred million extremely excellent spiritual stones, plus a hundred divine skills and no less than ten divine powers!”


The Lord Wanfa frowned, “Taoist friend Diao, are you too greedy? the skills are the core of the sect, the divine powers even more so, how can you trade it casually?”

“Take care and leave!”

Kris Chen also didn’t bother to follow Zheng Lun, Penglai Immortal Sect was established for hundreds of thousands of years, in addition to the sect’s skills and powers, there are definitely a lot of powers and skills obtained from the outside world.

To be frank, it was still the sect’s defense.

” Taoist friend Diao, I have agreed to your idea,a hundred million extremely high-quality spiritual stone, a hundred divine skills, and fifteen divine powers?”

Guangsa Bodhisattva said hurriedly.

“Fine, Guangsa Bodhisattva is cool, I’ll do the drama of Mokok, but I won’t do the Legend of the Buddha, I have a better book here!”

Guangsa’s eyes lit up, “Taoist friend Diao , could I have a look?”

Kris Chen shook his head, “No no no!”

“It’s me who is silly.”

Guangsa Bodhisattva said with a smile.

“But I’ve made a deal, the actors have to be chosen from within your Moksha, and must cooperate with me, from the God Father to the youngest monk, and if it doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll stop filming immediately!”

Guangsa Bodhisattva felt angry when he heard this, he thought that this kid was really big-hearted, and still wanted to command the God Father?

But the God Father explained that no matter what, he would let Kris Chen help Mokokyo to preach, even if he had a little sacrifice.

At this thought, Guangsa gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

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