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Chapter 525: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 525 A Failed Confession of Love

They left in a hurry and could only eat in a simple restaurant.

Although the dishes were normal, they were much more delicious than those dark cuisine made by Chuxue. Qiqi was satisfied and ate all the food quickly, then she leaned on the seat in a relaxing manner, just like a cat.

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu thought she was cute and he enjoyed such warm atmosphere.

Those past experiences made current time more precious.

After feeling Yuqi Mu’s gaze, Qiqi felt a bit embarrassed and quickly sat straight and touched her face, “Is my face dirty?”


“Then why do you look at me like that?”

“Because you look more delicious.”


Yuqi Mu didn’t expect himself to say this, he felt annoyed and embarrassed. However, since he was good at hiding his emotions, nobody could feel his weirdness.

He smiled casually and looked at Qiqi, then he said in a playful manner, “Sorry, Chuxue’s dark cuisine is really horrible, everything looks delicious to me now.”

Hearing this, Qiqi was relieved. Then she felt confused and said, “Chuxue is good at making desserts, why can’t she cook well?”

“That’s normal, she is a quirky girl. Unfortunately, we have to endure that, she will be angry if we have any questions. She must be very furious now since we’ve left her there alone.”

This was also Qiqi worried most, she didn’t know how to explain to her and comforted her.

Looking at Qiqi’s expression, Yuqi Mu knew what she was thinking.

Since she had already believed him, he started to continue his plan, “Seriously, we don’t need her to help us, maybe she makes dark cuisine for she has spare time, just ask her to go home and we’d feel better.”

After saying this, Yuqi Mu stared at Qiqi, wanting to know her answer.

As long as she agreed, he had the excuse to drive Chuxue away.

However, after pondering for a while, Qiqi didn’t answer him directly but said, “It’s up to Chuxue, we can’t intervene her choice, she must by very angry now for we had left her alone. We’d better bring some food back and apologize to her.”

Qiqi called the waiter and ordered something that Chuxue loved, and then packed them away.

Yuqi Mu knew that instead of pleasing herself, she wanted Chuxue to be happy.

He felt very upset and made up his mind that he would never give Chuxue another chance to cook again.

When they returned to the apartment, Chuxue hid herself in the room, Qiqi knocked the door and kept comforting her.

“Chuxue, we bring your favorite food, come out to have a try please.”

“I was wrong, please forgive me, don’t be upset.”

“How can you forgive me?”

Although, Qiqi said a lot, there was no response. Then she looked at Yuqi Mu and acted very anxious. She didn’t know what to do.

However, Yuqi Mu held her hands and said, “Just let her stay, I have something to talk to you. Come with me please.”

“Can you say it later?”

“No, it’s very important, I have to say now.”

However, all Qiqi cared now was Chuxue, other things meant nothing to her now.

Since Yuqi Mu looked so serious, she could only listen to him first.

However, as soon as she turned around, Chuxue opened the door. Hearing this voice, Yuqi Mu snorted.

She was really good at performing, as long as there was gossip, she stopped acting.

Seeing this, Qiqi was happy.

She quickly held Chuxue’s arms and said with a smile, “Chuxue, are you hungry? I’ve brought some delicious food to you.”

However, Chuxue still acted unhappy and said indifferently, “I have no appetite since you don’t like my food.”

“Well, just stay in your room then.”

Before Qiqi could say anything, Yuqi Mu said first.

Hearing this, Qiqi frowned and gestured him to keep quiet.

Qiqi was very anxious, Yuqi Mu thought she was cute and then directly caressed her face.

Such ambiguous and intimate behavior made Qiqi stunned, then she blushed.

Seeing this, Chuxue was very angry. Yuqi Mu didn’t think of her at all! Since he acted like this, she wouldn’t help him.

Thus, Chuxue just held Qiqi’s hands and said with a smile, “I’m afraid to let you feel disappointed, Yuqi Mu. Come with me to have a try of the food you brought Qiqi, I have something to talk to you.”

Saying this, Chuxue took Qiqi away.

Qiqi smiled apologetically at Yuqi Mu and said, “Sorry, I’ll come back to talk to you later.”

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu looked angry and them followed them to the dining hall.

Chuxue didn’t feel surprised to see Yuqi Mu. However, she said directly, “What are you doing here, do you want to join us?”

“I’m here to protect Qiqi, lest you poison her.”

“Humph, I won’t do those food anymore.”

Hearing this, Qiqi sighed with relief and smiled brightly. Then she opened the lunchbox and said, “Of course we can’t let you do those dirty works, just wait here for the delicious food.”

Chuxue took a bite and pretended to be dissatisfied and said, “It’s normal.”

Qiqi wanted to eat such so-called normal food as well. However, since she was comforting Chuxue, she just echoed her.

Chuxue took a glimpse of Yuqi Mu and felt his anger. It was the time for him to be angry.

Chuxue smiled playfully and asked, “Qiqi, is there anyone you like in the school?”

The sudden change made Qiqi a bit stunned and she shook her head and said, “No.”

“Why? There are many handsome boys in your school, we all know that. Besides, there are so many types of them, none of them can attract you?”

Under Yuqi Mu’s stare, Qiqi laughed and said, “There are indeed many handsome boys, but they have nothing to do with me.”

However, it was not what Chuxue wanted to hear, so she continued, “We can just enjoy their handsome faces.”

Hearing this, Qiqi thought a while and nodded, “In that case, there are really a few boys who attract me.”

Then the atmosphere was suddenly frozen.

“A few?”

Yuqi Mu asked with a smirk, then the atmosphere became even more weird.

Qiqi was very nervous, however, Chuxue rolled up her eyes and continued, “It’s only a few, don’t say that okay? Compared with me, this means nothing, keep saying Qiqi. Which type attracts you more?”

“Well, I like those who can play a musical instrument, especially the guitar. It’s awesome.”


“Yes, and those who can sing as well.”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu said weakly, “Actually, I can play the piano.”

However, since Chuxue and Qiqi had a excited chat now, they just ignored Yuqi Mu’s words.

“I know, you mean that the singer in the school right? Those who look depressed and make you want to protect them.”

“Yes! Do you like them?”

“Of course, I think no girl can refuse them.”

Seeing that they didn’t care about him, Yuqi Mu was furious and left.

Qiqi felt weird and asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

“Just don’t care about him, he’s quirky, let’s continue our topic.”

Before Chuxue could finish her words, she heard the slap of the door.

Qiqi felt a bit anxious and said, “I think, it’s better to go and see him.”

“He must be angry now, do you really think so?”

“It’s not good to let him sulk like this.”

“Well, maybe he’s just dealing his works in the room. Don’t disturb him.”

Chuxue’s words convinced Qiqi and she said, “Fine.”

Then they kept talking, which made Yuqi Mu even more furious.

Why did she treat Chuxue so nice, but treat him like this? How could she do that?

Yuqi Mu had been waiting for Qiqi in his room. But no one came even if the lights were turned off outside.

Yuqi Mu couldn’t bear that. Thus, he stood up and walked to Qiqi’s room.

He didn’t want to hid his feelings anymore, and he would tell her now!

Then he knocked Qiqi’s door and after a while, the door opened, Qiqi looked sleepy and asked, “It’s late, is there something wrong?”

Yuqi Mu said seriously, “I have something to say to you.”

“How about tomorrow, I’m sleepy now.”

“No, I want to say it now.”

Seeing this, Qiqi had to compromise and said, “Okay then, just you say it.”

Yuqi Mu took a deep breath and lowered his head, he was thinking about how to say that, while Qiqi was considering whether to go back and put on a dress first.

“Qiqi, I like you.”

The sudden voice made Qiqi stunned.

She looked up at him and thought he must be crazy.

“Qiqi, please be my girlfriend!”

After looking at Yuqi Mu for a while, Qiqi knew he was serious, he really confessed his love to her.

“Are you drunk?”


“Then do you get fever?”


“Well, it must be sleepwalking, go back to sleep quickly.” Then she was about to close the door.

But Yuqi Mu quickly stopped her and said, “I am serious, can you be my girlfriend?”

Yuqi Mu looked at Qiqi with affections in his eyes.


Qiqi refused him directly, which made Yuqi Mu stunned.



Just at the same moment, a laughter burst out.

After seeing Chuxue, Yuqi Mu frowned, he was very annoyed.

However, Chuxue just ignored him and mocked, “You are failed!”

“Why are you here?”

“Qiqi and I had a night talk, so naturally we have to sleep together. Why do you confess to her at this moment? It’s romantic.”

Yuqi Mu was very depressed, he intentionally avoided Chuxue but it was all in vain.

Besides, Qiqi really refused him.

He was rich and smart, many women liked him! Why did Qiqi refuse him?

Yuqi Mu couldn’t accept this result, he frowned, hoping Qiqi could give him a reasonable explanation.

Under Yuqi Mu’s sight, Qiqi just lowered her head.

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu was angry and also helpless.

“It is you who refuse me, why do you act like that? You seem to be sadder than me.”

“I just feel sorry.”

The cute and soft voice quickly eased Yuqi Mu’s anger, he just wanted to know the reason now.

“Just give me a reason.”

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