Chapter 527 – 528: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 527: Indoor Practice

Since Kris Chen promised to be back in two days, Guangsa left contentedly.

“Why are you still here?” Kris looked at Lord of Wanfa with disgust.

Without enough money, Lord of Wanfa had no choice but to refuse Kris’s request.

“May I ask for the master’s permission?”

“Whatever, ” Kris waved his hand, “What a scrooge!”

Lord of Wanfa was in the later period of the accumulated spirit. He could hear clearly what Kris whispered.

He blushed in an instant.

Kris took out the projector and said, “Don’t urge me, you old geezer!”

“Boy, why are you so late?”

Lord Lingyuan’s angry face appeared on the projector.

However, when he saw Lord Wanfa behind Kris through the projector, he immediately calmed down, “Oh, you are also there. “

“Why not? After all, I’m a Prime Elder. I’m busy with the matters of the Sect every day.”

Lord Lingyuan knew Nahai Sect had earned so much money recently. These spiritual stones could support Nahai Sect for hundreds of years. One month’s income was much more than those first-class sects!

“Hey, Sovereign Lord said the Legend of Swordsman is good. He wonders if you want to shoot another one. It’s better to arrange a role for me and Jiyuan, no inferior to the Immortal of Sword and WinImmortal of Sword and Win!”

Kris looked at Lingyuan Lord with a playful look, “No problem. One hundred million spiritual stones, one hundred high-class practicing and no less than ten supernatural powers.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“My time is expensive. “

Kris scratched his ears, “Oh, Guangsa Bodhisattva just brought the bless of Mokoism. Even if you pay, you have to be after Mokoism.”

Lingyuan Lord now understood Wanfa Lord’s aim was to ask Kris to make a TV series.

However, Penglai Holy Sect was too mean to spend so much money on that.

They could do anything for the sake of preaching.

The Legend of Swordsman was so popular that the practitioners went to the Wuji Sword Sect almost every day.

Now the followers of the sect were known everywhere. Even people from the most remote place knew Wuji Sword Sect and set up a fan club. They were fans of Xiaoyao Li, Linger Zhao and Lin Yueru. All of them were followers of Wuji Sword Sect.

That Kris helped Wuji Sword Sect make the spread of Taoism come true was definitely priceless.

No wonder Moke Sect would spend so much money.

“We are friends. How about giving me a discount?”

“The TV Series is not enough? “

Kris curled his lips.

“All right, I agree. I’ll be back soon.”

Then Lingyuan Lord cut off the video.

“Are you all right?” Kris asked Wanfa Lord.


Wanfa Lord nodded, “Our leader agreed. The rest all depends on you!”

“Okay, I’ll come to see you after I finish shooting!”

Without saying goodbye, Kris went to the mansion.

Wanfa Lord sighed, “When a man is poor, his ambition is not far-reaching. “

In the mansion, Kris touched his chin, thinking about that the film and television business in the future would definitely become another pillar industry of Nahai Sect. What if he was very busy at that time?

Kris looked at the souls of weapon that were concentrating on work!

Suddenly, he thought of that the fantasy world must have its own manipulation methods.

The earth has robots. Devil Land has puppets!

What if utilizing a trace of Divine Spiritual Power to manipulate?

But he could not know everything about it. After all, the puppet was not his own clone.

However, using the Sword Energy to clone would be different!

The Five Thunders Magic helped Kris to better understand Taoist Strength. During this period, Kris could freely transform the attributes of his Sword Energy such as the soil attribute into anything he wanted. That seemed to be not difficult for him.

Sword Crystal had only condensed two third of the 5400 acupuncture points. This process was very slow, which required a lot of spiritual energy. He had already used more than ten million spiritual stones recently.

He felt as if something was being bred in the Sword Crystal. In an instant, the acupuncture points had completely changed.

Kris transformed 100 thousand million pieces of Sword Energy that condensed together into the aura of sharp gold, strengthening his killing power a lot!

However, once in the face of a battle, the sharp-gold clone might last for no more half an hour.

Except for Sword Energy and Taoist Strength, he didn’t have any magical power.

Therefore, Kris inlaid nine spiritual stones in the sharp-gold clone to stabilize it by smelting.

In this way, the spiritual stone could continuously absorb the spiritual energy to maintain the shape of the sharp-gold clone alive forever by detonating the spiritual stone with full force even when encountering a strong enemy, which might couldn’t be inferior to the initial strong attack of accumulated spirit.

As long as Kris had enough Sword Energy, he could continuously produce to resist group attacks.

Then Kris made four avatars of Wood, Fire, Earth and Water in the same way.

Fortunately, the consumption of Sword Energy was not as much as he thought before. What’s more, he recovered soon!

“Rushou, Jumang, Zhurong, Gong, Houtu, remember you’re the Lord. “

They stood side by side, smiling strangely!

It was an amazing thing to produce Divine Spiritual Power with six bodies in one mind, which was a piece of cake for Kris.

“From now on, you’re the guardian elders of Gengu No.1 Sect!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Interesting. “

Afterwards, Kris condensed the avatars of extreme Yang and Yin and sword intent! The three avatars were so powerful that only Rushou and Houtu were able to make it.

“You three, go to Penglai Holy Sect, Moke Sect and Wuji Sword Sect.”

Looking at the eight avatars flying away, Kris touched his chin with a playful smile.

He himself was practicing Taoist magic art alone while Ironhead was out.

Guantu was absorbing the profound meaning the blood of Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird) that was awarded by Kris. Guantu would definitely make a great progress after he finished practicing.

Liangwan was also working hard to understand the meaning of Golden Light Earth Escaping while Ironhead was the only one wasting time on absorbing the magic weapons of Gold.

That’s the unique gift of the Gold-swallowing Beast.

Of course Ironhead’s power was strengthening at the same time.

As Kris arranged the spiritual stones around him, the rich energy of heaven and earth was bursting out.

Kris shattered the tens of millions of spiritual stones without wasting the spiritual stone powder, which could be the best medicinal soil.

Kris did not want to absorb the energy of Nahai Sect. That’s too wasteful!

Though Nahai Sect was wealthy, the Hanging Islands used at least 500,000 spiritual stones every day. In that case, tens of millions of spiritual stones would be consumed in one year and one hundred and fifty million in ten years.

Why not make the spiritual stones meaningful by cultivating followers?

For dignity, Nahai Sect had to spend these spiritual stones.

To get out of trouble, sea dragon vein was a must. The three fairy mountains was not famous for their large area, but for the sea dragon veins on them.

With sea dragon veins, the three Hanging Islands didn’t need any consumption!

What was more terrifying was that the sea dragon veins could be cultivated and upgraded, causing the mountains larger and larger.

To become the fourth largest sect, Nahai Sect must have its own sea dragon vein!

Unfortunately, the Sea Dragon Vein couldn’t be bought with spiritual stones no matter how rich the Nahai Sect was.

One had to focused on practicing hard.

Kris had been in this world for almost ten months. He missed his family on earth.

Before the ten-year agreement expired, he must be stronger with his own force to protect his family in the future.

Gengu No.1 Sect was the best choice.

How time flies.

These days, Kris was carefully observing the changing of his acupuncture points while practicing.

The Five Thunders Magic had been cultivated. But to reach Fulfilled period, both Wu Xing Taoist Strength and Thunder Taoist Strength should be finished.

With Yin Yang Upside Down and Yin Yang Taoist Strength, it must be extremely powerful as the trump card.

However, the Yin Yang Taoist Strength got from Lord of Divine Yin had long been used up by him, which only increased the strength of Taoist Strength by one percent.

Millions of Taoist Strength stones were required to reach Fulfilled period.

And Kris had the most Taoist Strength stones of Water and Fire.

He took out them and shattered immediately, absorbing them all!

As Taoist Strength of Water and Fire improved, the seeds of the original Taoist Strength germinated rapidly.

The feeling at this time was so wonderful that no wonder most practitioners were single!

Kris even thought that he might understand the sword intent of five elements through Taoist Strength.

Thinking of it, Kris took out Sword Energy grass and took it!


Suddenly, there appeared everything before him in flames.

He believed the fire was caused by someone. Under the fire, the water vapor rushed to the sky from the sea. Then the heavy rain poured down, not even extinguishing the fire.

Was that Taoist Strength of Water? Its power was thousands of times that of him, even every fluttering flame of which was full of Sword Energy!

That was exactly sword intent!

The Taoist Strength and sword intent were so powerful that the whole large sea was instantly in flames, causing everything around to lose its vitality.

Even the remaining Taoist Strength and Sword Intent were still burning as the boiling sea provided energy continuously.

The man who caused it must have completely understood the sword intent of five elements.

The five elements mutually reinforce and neutralize each other, depending on each other. The man was so powerful! That was unbelievable!

Chapter 528: Meat and Wine Go Through the Stomach

With Water and Fire Taoist strength stone and sword energy grass, Kris Chen had an immersive insight.

His earth sword intent has been fulfilled period, and his Thunder sword intent has been understood by 70%.

Kris uses a sword all his life, and the most convenient one is the sword.

He also had a deep understanding of the sword.

Kris had the advantage of the right time, the right place, and the right people. So it took Kris Chen five days to understand 70% of the sword intent of fierce fire and the sword intent of soft water.

Kris Chen had a spirit weapon, the Sea King Halberd, and the Back-To-Heaven spiritual fire. The difficulty of understanding the sword intent was greatly reduced. In addition to the magic sword energy grass, everything became easier.

At this time, the strength of Kris has enhanced again, and the Taoist strength of water and fire was improved

It’s also increased by 5 percent!

It was currently the most powerful Taoist strength of Kris Chen!

As he walked out of the cave, Kris Chen received feedback from his clone.

As soon as the Legend of Swordsman I was ended, the whole audience was crying.

“Yueru is dead, and so is Ling’er! My youth is over! “

“Fuck it, who shot such an ending? I’ll fight with you!”

“Damned worship master, all this is because of you! Give me back my sister Ling’er!”

“The master of moon worship is right, but his idea is too advanced…”


Before the man finished speaking, he was drowned by the technique.

With the advent of the finale, Wuji Sword Sect’s reputation had reached its peak.

Changyuan Du, in particular, had become the most famous person in the infinite sea.

You don’t know who the three holy masters are, but… You must know Xiaoyao Li and Changyuan Du!

Changqing, once a senior brother, also became less famous than Changyuan

However, his Tang Yu has also gained a large number of fans. Now, there are countless younger martial sisters and senior sisters who stay in the cave every day and want to do wonderful things with him.

The most painful person of Wuji Sword Sect may be the bald man!

Bald is called Changguang Xu. Because of his peculiar appearance, he was taken by Kris as the leader of the Moon Worship Sect!

In front of his cave, there were no flowers, no beauties, only rotten eggs, and rotten vegetable leaves.

Every day he logged in to the second generation projector, he will see messages from friends and relatives.

“I’m sorry, your friend Huakaifugui has moved you out of group chat.”

“Your message can’t be sent. You’ve been blocked by the younger sister!”

“Heaven, earth, why should I be the master of the moon worship?”

What makes Changguang collapse was that the projector sends such a piece of news every day: “the sea of chaos’s fans of the moon worship cult decided to sneak into the Wuji Sword Sect, welcome to the moon worshiper, set up the moon worship cult, and overturn the world (this news is provided by fearless fans!)

Changguang: you want to subvert the world. Your whole family is the leader of the cult!

This feeling of being favored by the heretical sect is too bad. The elder martial brothers and sisters all lived a life full of stars, but he could only live in terror. Even his family looked at him with strangeness, which made him collapse in spirit.

He was very sad, so he found the Lord of Miaoyuan!

These days, the Lord of Miaoyuan felt that he was too decadent and indulgent. He refused the invitation of younger sister Yuan Han (mainly ugly!) When Miao Yuan was preparing to practice Taoism, Changguang came to the door.

“Changguang, why do you look dejected?”

Changguang prostrated himself on the ground. “Please help me. I can’t be happy anymore.”

Miao Yuan was stunned, “were you also disturbed by fans?”

Changguang nodded wildly.

Miao Yuan was also deeply aware of fans’ fanaticism, “ah, this may be the trouble of becoming famous. You have to remember a saying: when heaven assigns duty on one person, he must first painstakingly take troubles, to be calm to accept all the fame and profit you have gained.”

“Come on, breathe in and out with me, how beautiful the world is, and I’m so grumpy…”

Changguang followed him several times, “Pavilion master, my heart is still very painful!”

Miao Yuan’s face became upset, “what are you worried about when you become famous? Some people have worked hard for a lifetime and couldn’t gain less than one-tenth of what you have, but you are young and already get reputations, almost to the point that everyone knows you. Is your ability to bear so bad? Is this your Taoist heart and persistence? “

“Master, I…”

Changguang felt very ashamed. What Miao Yuan said was very reasonable. Some people made good memory and some people made a terrible memory.

In a way, being very infamous seems to be also famous.

“I know, I will put my own mental state right!”

Miao Yuan’s face was a little cold, “you know, it’s good that you understand me. Don’t you also bear the harassment of fans, unbearable suffering?”

Changguang was confused, “is it that someone has the courage to throw rotten eggs and rotten vegetable leaves in front of the main gate of the pavilion every day?”


Miao Yuan didn’t understand a moment.

“I see. Although the character you played is handsome, he also makes many people despise him for abandoning his wife and son. It turns out that the pavilion master has suffered a lot like me. I understand!”

Changguang deeply worshiped him, “thank you for your advice. I will abide by my heart and never let myself get lost!”

Finishing his word, Changguang turned to leave, walked freely and easily without his original confusion and hatred.

Miao Yuan looked confused. “What he said seemed to be different from what I understood…”

Even Miao Yuan did not expect that this ugly disciple would become the mainstay of Wuji Sword Sect in the near future.


In the Moke religion, the extreme sun cloned of Kris Chen came here.

It was worthy of being the holy land of Buddhism. It had a solemn appearance and a brilliant light of Buddha, which almost brightened a thousand miles.

Kris was very curious. How does a person who lives within thousands of miles sleep without his eyes getting shined?

If you look at the land, there are bald people everywhere.

The arrival of Kris was unanimously welcomed by the mosques.

These monks ate so much that they were fat and had big ears one by one, and their faces were full of red light.

Instead of wasting time, Kris went straight to casting, “do you have slovenly monks here who drink and eat meat?”

As the voice dropped, the faces of the Guangsa and other disciples who accompanied him changed greatly.

“Taoist friend Diao, this is the important place of Buddhism. You can’t make such a joke. Drinking and eating meat is a taboo of Buddhism. How could we have such a disciple? “

“As for sloppiness, this is even more impossible. How can Buddha be so rude?” he said

Kris quipped his lips. The Buddhist sect has many rules and says that all beings are equal. In his opinion, they are the most unequal.

“I don’t want to hear something like this. There are good disciples and bad disciples everywhere.”

“If you don’t have the role I want here, forget it. I won’t shoot this TV series!” says Kris.

Anyway, he hadn’t collected any money, so he could break the contract unilaterally at any time.

Guangsa was in trouble. At this time, a fat monk came to Guangsa and whispered.

“This is… not good.”

“Senior, is it better than disturbing the God father?”

Then he said, “God father said, as long as you can preach, what’s the harm of sacrificing a little?”

Guangsa found he made a point. If he let Kris Chen leave, go to Penglai Xianzong and shoot another one for the Wuji sword sect, they will be doomed.

What do you preach for? His own disciples are about to join other sects.

“Hold on, Taoist friend Diao. I’ll take you to a place!”

Guangsa quickly grabbed Kris.

“Wouldn’t it be better to cooperate earlier?”

“Next time when I say, you can just cooperate. Don’t bargain with me!” hummed Kris.

Guangsa felt oppressed. He was like a grandson being trained by Kris in his own home.

Who is the Bodhisattva of Moke?

In order to preach, he tolerated, “yes, Friend Diao, don’t be angry!”

Then he said, “the one you want to choose may be in the Asura realm.”

“Then take me there!”

Soon, Guangsa brought Kris Chen to the Asura realm.

The so-called Asura world is the microcosmos in which the disciples who break the precepts are imprisoned by the Moco religion.

The three saints are really luxury, turning the microcosmos into a prison!

“This is Liaozhen. He broke the lust and falsity rules.”

“No, no, no, this monk does not look like a good thing with his fat head and big ears.”

“This is the Liaofa, he killed his fellows!”

“No, I don’t want him. You can see that he has a fierce face. He does not look like a Buddhist disciple there. He is a butcher!”

“It’s a Liaozui. It’s the theft rule…”

Guangsa went all the way and introduced all the way. None of them met the wishes of Kris Chen.

What are these terrible people?

Kris was speechless!

“This is Dajue. What he committed is false talk and drinking. This man…”

“I’ll take this man!”

Kris squatted in front of the prison and looked at the middle-aged monk in his ragged cassock. He was lying on the ground with a comfortable face and shaking his legs. He didn’t look like he was in prison at all.

“Friend Diao, this person has repeatedly failed to respect the God father; asked him to act… I’m afraid…”

“Are you filming and I’m filming?”

Kris said grimly, “why don’t you be the director?”

Guangsa was a little embarrassed, suppressed the anger in his heart,” Diao Daoyou joked, since Diao Daoyou insisted on this, then… OK. “

“Open the door!” he said to the guardian.

The guardian opened the prison door and said, “Dajue, you are released after your sentence. I hope you can change your ways!”

Unexpectedly, Dajue said, “can I drink or eat meat when you go out? If not, what else do I go out to do? It’s good to be here


The guardian was angry, he took out the Buddhist weapon from his waist and attacked Dajue.

“Hold on!”

When Kris stopped him, Guangsa immediately stopped the guardian too and shook his head at the guardian.

The guardian snorted coldly and collected the weapon.

Kris walked into the prison. “How about filming with me? Enough wine and meat!”

Words fall, Dajue felt delighted “this speech is serious?”

“Of course it’s true!”

“And I’m sure no one will ever stop you from drinking and eating meat,” says Kris.

Guangsa’s face didn’t look very good, and he thought that Kris Chen’s tone was too arrogant.

No one dared to prevent Dajue from drinking and eating meat? That is too arrogant to say!

But on second thought, this may be an expedient measure by Kris to coax Dajue out.

“Well, I’ll go out with you!”

Dajue stood up, patted his buttocks, swaggered out, and regarded Guangsa and the guardian as nothing.

“Well, that’s wonderful!”

Kris Chen laughs, “Wine and meat pass through the intestines, but the Buddha keeps in the heart!”

A verse of Buddhist Scripture made both Guangsa and the guardian shocked.

At the same time, the God Father, who closed his eyes above the cloud, opened his eyes and said, “well, wine and meat pass through the intestines, but the Buddha keeps in the heart. This Taoist Diao has Buddha’s talent, wisdom root, and fate with my Buddha. It’s just a pity… It’s a pity…”

After saying this, he closed his eyes again!

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