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Chapter 527: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 527 Just Forgive Her

A waiter sent the menu, and Chuxue handed it to Qiqi and said, “what do you want?”

Without reading the menu, Qiqi said, “latte.”

“Well,” Chuxue smiled and shook her head, then said to the waiter, “then please, latte and Blue Mountain, and dessert package.”

“Package A or package B?”

“A, please.”

But the waiter asked again, “there are a lot of things in Package A. I’m afraid it’s too much for you two ladies.”

“Don’t worry. We can eat a lot. It’s just good for us.”

Hearing Chuxue’ s explanation, the waiter nodded gently and said, “okay then, please wait.”

After heard the conversation between the two, she got curious about what was included in this package.

Taking a look at the menu, Qiqi was surprised by the picture on it.

Qiqi counted it, and found in this package, there were ten cakes.

Looking up at Chuxue, Qiqi said, “even we can eat a lot, it’ s still too much for us and it will be wasted. Chuxue, let’s change a package, OK?”

Blinking, Chuxue said with a smile, “take your time. Anyway, I suggest to take you out and what you need to do is to enjoy.”

Qiqi, however, looked not good, “but no matter how hard I try, I can’t eat so much.”

“Hey, I believe in you.”

Hearing this, Qiqi didn’t say anything more.

Chuxue was playing on her phone, while Qiqi was looking out the window.

Turning around, Qiqi was surprised to see someone.

Wasn’t the waitress over there the president?

Qiqi thought that the president was taking part-time job to earn some money.

But then Qiqi realized that she had been required to withdraw from school, so she was no longer a student.

Encountering the president in this way made Qiqi felt messy.

When Chuxue found Qiqi staring at somewhere, she asked, “Qiqi, what’s going on?”

Qiqi lowered her head and said, “nothing, I see a familiar face.”

“Then should I go over and say hello?”

“No, I don’t think she wants to see me.”

Seeing Qiqi didn’t want to say more, Chuxue didn’t continue asking.

At this time, the desserts were brought over, so Chuxue began to taste them.

Because she was a professional dessert maker, she had strict requirements.

Looking at her satisfied expression, it was clear that today’s desserts were not bad.

Looking at these, Qiqi thought of Chuxue’ s dessert place and asked, “Is it really okay for you not to go to your place for so many days?”

“Don’t worry. Zhao Nangong is helping me and I trust him.”

Chuxue spent all her time on Qiqi, instead caring much about her business, which made Qiqi feel bad.

“Actually, I’m fine. You’d better go back.”

Chuxue, of course, wouldn’t agree so, “what, you don’t need me anymore?”

Qiqi waved her hand and said, “I don’t mean that. I just think that it’s bad to keep you and your boyfriend apart from each other.”

“Hey, that’s not a big deal. I can find other time to see him. And he will come soon. Maybe I can call it a date.”

It turned out that Chuxue had such a plan. Oo wonder she ordered so many desserts.

Taking a sip of coffee, Qiqi said, “here is very close to the library and I will go there later to read some books. Enjoy your time with your boyfriend.”

“What are you talking about? I asked you out, so how can I leave you alone?”


“Gee, I’m happy to spend some time with you. And Zhao Nangong admires you a lot, for you to be able to reject Yuqi. Very brave.”

This made Qiqi blush, “it’s not something about brave. I just don’t like him.”

“You really underestimate yourself. You know what? You’re like a heroine.”

Chuxue got more and more excited, embarrassing Qiqi.

Luckily, Zhao Nangong soon arrived, which rescued Qiqi.

They talked about the dessert place and then looked at Qiqi with a wired look.

This made Qiqi feel wired, so she complained, “please, can you not look at me like I’m an alien?”

“You’re indeed. I never expect that Yuqi will be rejected one day.”

“Although I am the first one, I’m not the last one. You guys will get used to it.”

“Of course, I won’t be used to it. Every time a woman rejects him, he will ask me to drink and use it to drown his sorrow. It’s a scary thing.”

Hearing this, Qiqi looked stunned.

She didn’t expect that Yuqi would do this because of her. Did she really hurt him?

Qiqi looked down, pursing her lips and fell silent.

Seeing her like this, Chuxue then pushed Zhao Nangong and said, “it’s obvious you men love booze and enjoy the feeling of getting drunk. Don’t use us as an excuse.”

Zhao Nangong quickly understood what Chuxue meant, so he nodded and said, “yes, yes, that’s true. I chose the wrong words. Qiqi, please forget it.”

His explanation made Qiqi feel even more uncomfortable, so had to force a smile to let it go.

These three people chatting was focused by the president.

She hated Qiqi so much. It was Qiqi who cheated on others and even made acquaintances with rich people for money. Why should she be punished for her? Her life was all ruined!

Now, she just got out from the lock-up and it took her a lot of effort to find a job as a waitress, working hard for a little money.

And Qiqi could still sit there in an elegant gesture, waiting for her to serve her.


Because she did whatever she could to reach her goal? What a slut.

Squinting, the president walked aggressively to Qiqi and shouted.


Seeing her coming over, Qiqi thought she was going to throw hot coffee on her face or something.

But she unexpectedly kneeled down and started to cry.

Qiqi was shocked.

Although they had a grudge, the president had already been punished, and after this, they got even.

In fact, the president was reluctant to apologize to Qiqi, but now, Yuqi wanted her to die. So, if this continued, she might lose the job.

In order to survive, she was willing to do this to Qiqi. As for other things, she didn’t have time to think too much.

Looking at Qiqi, the president begged, “Qiqi, I beg you, please ask Yuqi to let me go. I know I’m wrong and I won’t look for your trouble. I’ve been expelled from school now and I don’t ask for anything else, but a job that can support myself. Please, forgive me.”

Qiqi frowned and asked, “what are you talking about?”

“After I was released, I thought the punishment I got was enough. But Yuqi still refused to let me go and threatened to kick me out of the city.”

Qiqi frowned and muttered, “I don’t know about it…”

Seeing Qiqi got soft, Chuxue said something harsh, “is there anything wrong to kick you out of here? Look at the thing you did to her. You deserve th is.”

“It’s just a prank. Jealousy is often to see between girls and anyone have it. I know I went a little bit too far. You see, now I lost everything and I was even kicked out of the house by my mom and dad. I am living a hard life alone. Who do you think is more pitiful?”

“A little bit too much?” Chuxue sneered and said, “do you know that Qiqi was having some psychological problems because of your so-called prank. If she didn’t have us accompany and support her, her life would be ruined. As for you, you made all this and how dare you ask for her forgiveness?”

Chuxue’s words made the president look up. At the same time, she looked like a dead body, and her last hope was gone.

The president originally thought that she could make Qiqi let her go by begging.

But she didn’t expect that Qiqi was doing psychotherapy during the time she disappeared, so that even if she begged, Qiqi might not forgive her.

Thinking about this, the president felt desperate. Sitting down on the floor, she began to whimper.

Seeing this, the manager immediately came over and apologized to Qiqi while reprimanding the president, telling her to get up and stop disturbing the guests.

The president, who was so despondent, didn’t care about this, but felt that she was fucked. She had to live in disgrace for the rest of her life, which was worse than death.

The other guests in the store also looked over and whispered.

A good date was disrupted, so Chuxue was annoyed and was ready to say something.

“I will talk to Yuqi for you. Stop crying.”

Before Chuxue could say anything, Qiqi promised her.

Looking up at Qiqi, the president, with teardrops on her face, asked incredulously, “really?”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not.”

“Then I’ll believe you. Qiqi, please keep your word.”

After saying that, the president wiped away her tears, got up and left.

Looking at the president’s back, Chuxue frowned, “Qiqi, why do you help her? Just let Yuqi do it.”

Qiqi looked down and took a sip of her coffee, “she already got her due punishment, so I think she doesn’t have to suffer more. Besides, don’t you feel upset when you saw she cried just now?”

Chuxue was extremely angry and shook her head and said, “you, you are just soft-hearted. She should suffer until she doubts her life, in order to truly realize her mistake.”

Qiqi smiled at Chuxue, then patted the back of her hand, “okay, let’s not talk about her. We are out for a break. Don’t let her ruin our day.”

“But I’m already in a foul mood, so I don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s go somewhere else. The air here is so stuffy.”

Chuxue walked out with anger, while Zhao Nangong shrugged to Qiqi, then also followed them out.

Qiqi knew that Chuxue was angry with her. But she didn’t feel that she did anything wrong, and Chuxue wasn’t wrong either. It was just that their values were different, so it was normal that they would have some conflicts.

In such a case, it’s better to leave the president alone. Being happy was the most important thing for her.

Sighing, Qiqi walked out of the coffee shop.

Outside, the sun was shining, but Qiqi was heavy inside.

Not wanting to be a third wheel, she found an excuse and went back to her apartment earlier. Chuxue and Zhao Nangong should have some private time.

Qiqi originally wanted to have stay alone in the apartment, but she didn’t expect Yuqi was also there.

There were only two of them in the room, so it was awkward.

Wasn’t it work time, so why was he here?

Yuqi also did not expect to meet Qiqi, for Chuxue clearly said that they went out shopping together. How could Qiqi come back alone?

The two was all in silence and no one said anything. This was too awkward.

Finally, Yuqi broke the silence and asked in an easy tone, “where’s Chuxue?”

“Oh, she went to the exhibition with Zhao Nangong.”

Frowning, Yuqi asked, “and then you were left? Oh, how can she do this to you?”

Qiqi waved her hand and explained, “no, I’ve relaxed a lot and wanted to come back to read some books. Chuxue has been with me day in and day out lately, and it’s not bad for her to go out with her boyfriend for a break.”

“No one asked her to stay here. It’s her own fault. She chose to suffer.”

Hearing this, Qiqi looked even more embarrassed.

Just when Qiqi didn’t know what to say, Yuqi changed his tone, and asked, “have you eaten yet?”

Qiqi nodded, though she hadn’t and said, “yes.”

“Then go back to your room.”


Turning around to leave, Qiqi sighed in relief.

Phew, finally. It was so weird.

Qiqi felt that there was no way she could get along well with Yuqi. Facing Yuqi, she would always think of the things happened before, and then it would affect her mood. When she saw him again, she would feel weird.

Qiqi felt that it’s not good, but she couldn’t change anything. She could only hope that with time, she would have a better relation with him.

Back in her room, Qiqi sat at the table and read a book.

Opening the book, Qiqi didn’t read much into it. She was thinking about what had just happened.

The arrogant president was now working as a waitress, so this was a crushing blow.

Qiqi was not sympathetic to her or the things she had done and she did think she should pay for it.

But things should have a beginning and an end. It was a relief for her, as well as for others.

Qiqi thought endlessly for a long time, until, she smelled something.

Who was cooking? Why it smelled so good?

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