“What can you surprise me?”

There is a coldness in the big blue eyes of the black rose, is she surprised? Did he come to America to find her?

This is not a surprise. After she would recover well, she will definitely go to Chuck Cannon!

“That’s not necessarily true. I, myself is surprised. You will come and find me proactively. Do you believe it or not?”

Chuck Cannon smiled here, but this smile was full of coldness.

“I will take the initiative to find you, don’t worry.”

“No, no, I want you to come and find me now! You wanna see my surprise, you will find me, do you believe it or not?”

“I don’t believe it!” Black Rose said coldly. This is a radical method. If she is not injured, then she must have gone, but she is not in this state.
She cannot go.

“Haha, really?”

Chuck Cannon hung up his cell phone, immediately found the picture of Black Rose, and sent it to her number.

Here, Black Rose frowned. It seems that this phone number is temporarily unavailable. She put her mobile phone away and her eyes became colder. Chuck Cannon actually provoked herself!!

Black Rose wants to kill people to vent her anger!

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang again, and she didn’t want to look at it. Chuck Cannon was so surprised that she is not surprised! Absolutely not!

She clicked on it and looked at it. It was a photo. She frowned and was a little familiar. Who is this?

She stared at the faceless photo for a few seconds, and her big blue eyes were filled with anger!!

This is? Her own?

Impossible, how could she be secretly photographed!

The Black Rose hit it right away.

“Hey, surprised?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Who is this? Who is this?” Black Rose’s voice was as cold as the thousand-year ice!

“What do you mean?”

“You think you just find a picture and send it over, you just…”

“Don’t worry, there are many, I will send you slowly, don’t hang up,” Chuck Cannon shrugged and continued to send a few.

At this time, Black Rose saw clearly that it was herself, but how could Chuck Cannon have a picture of herself in his hands?

This is? But this physical feature is all of herself!

Black Rose’s heart was trembling for such a moment!

“Isn’t that you? Surprised?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Where did you get it!” Black Rose’s voice was like a needle!

She has never done anything with any man, how could someone take the opportunity to take a photo? ?

Suddenly, she looked at herself in the photo, pale and unconscious? When is she like this? What did she think of…

“You don’t even know?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Say clearly!”

“I feel sorry for you, you don’t know who took these photos of you?”

“Being…” Black Rose thought, this suit, this background, only in China, when she was injured that day, Ouyang Fei helped her deal with the wound, but it was too hard and she passed out due to the pain.

So during the period of losing consciousness, Ouyang Fei seized this opportunity?

But why does she want to shoot? why?

Black Rose stared at the private room door with big blue eyes!

“Let me tell you, Ouyang Fei! I didn’t expect you to believe her so much, and you were photographed by her. I have to say that Ouyang Fei took the photo very clearly. She knows how to take the photo. Black Rose, you have a very good figure. Good!” Chuck Cannon said.


Black Rose was angry and almost vomited blood. At that time, when Ouyang Fei wanted to take a photo of Logan, she should have thought that Ouyang Fei was a person without a bottom line!

She was actually shamed by her!

“Ouyang Fei took the photo, how could it be in your hands?”

“The last time Ouyang Fei’s phone was dropped, hehe, I found it. By the way, is your signal okay? I’ll send you a video, and there are still videos!”

“Shut up!” Black Rose’s blue eyes suddenly turned red?

You are so wary that you will be attacked by that kind of woman?

Ouyang Fei, Ouyang Fei! !

“What does it feel like to be betrayed? I think Ouyang Fei took your photos just to blackmail you.”

“Give me the picture!”

“Are you surprised?”

“give me!!”

“No, come and find me, and I will give it to you. Otherwise, I am the one who will appreciate you. I will give you three hours to come and find me. I am in my mother’s house. You should know! Time is up, before you come, then I will send it to major websites in the United States so that you will become the most popular person in the United States in less than a minute!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

He Hangs up the phone!

With Black Rose’s blood-red eyes, she was already surrounded by anger, and her murderous aura was permeated. Suddenly, she rushed in.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished and frowned, “What are you doing when am I here?”

“Sister, what’s wrong with you?” Ouyang Fei trembled without asking.

Because when Black Rose came in, the murderous eyes stared at her.

Ouyang Fei trembled, and being able to make Black Rose look like this couldn’t be a good thing.

“I was so good to you, saved you, taught you so many things, how did you treat me that way?” The blood in the big blue eyes of the black rose became blurred.

She has never been nice to anyone. The only time she actually got this kind of result, she took advantage of her unconsciousness to take pictures of herself?

Black Rose was willing to be killed by Ouyang Fei at that time but was unwilling to be photographed. Moreover, Chuck Cannon saw her body, a person whom she wanted to kill.

Every sentence of Chuck Cannon’s ridicule just now has been inserted into Black Rose’s heart like a knife. At this time, Black Rose’s heart is already full of holes.

She is sad, she is sad… why is it so?

“Sister, what are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei shivered back.

She is fighting now, but how could she be Black Rose’s opponent?

“What am I talking about, you know!” Black Rose walked over and murdered!


Black Rose kicked out, Ouyang Fei screamed and fell to the ground, clutching her belly, and vomiting blood.

“I want to take back everything I have to you!” Black Rose was already surrounded by anger, and she came step by step!

“Ah, sister, save me, save me.” Ouyang Fei got up and ran behind the boss behind the scenes.

The boss behind the scenes frowned, “Black Rose, what do you think am I not here?”


Seventy or eighty men rushed in, all with guns at the black rose!

When she came in just now, Black Rose’s gun was temporarily buckled. This is the rule!

Dozens of guns were pointed at Black Rose, she had no fear, her anger remained!

She walked around, the gun approached her, close at hand!

“Black Rose, I advise you to recognize what you are doing, this is my place!” the boss behind the scenes said coldly.

“She, I took her, you leave!” The boss behind the scenes stared at Black Rose!

Ouyang Fei was so proud, what if you found out? I have a new backer now, a hundred times better than you!!

Seeing Ouyang Fei’s mocking eyes, Black Rose couldn’t help it. She suddenly felt that she had no strength, and she was so sad that she couldn’t express it. Why did she do that?

Everyone is a woman, why!

“Black Rose, you know my rules, don’t force me!” the boss behind the scenes said coldly.

Killing in your own place? Killing people you think is okay?

This is absolutely no good!

“You want to protect her?” Black Rose is weak. With so many guns pointed at her, she moves once, even if she is Black Rose, she will be killed. What’s more, Chuck Cannon will let herself pass in three hours!

If you die here, your photos will be seen by countless people.

Black Rose closed her eyes in pain.

The boss behind the scenes frowned, “Black Rose, what’s your situation? Why do you want to kill her?”

“Because she did something that made me sad,” Black Rose burst into tears. This was the first time she shed tears. In this weak situation, she shed tears.

Anger, weakness, and grievance crushed her.

“What’s the matter?” The boss behind the scenes asked. Black Rose knew that she was very disciplined and never did impulsive things. She was so annoyed today and cried. What’s the situation?

Ouyang Fei panicked, “Sister, I took her things…”

“What? It’s so hot? Black Rose!” said the boss behind the scenes.

Black Rose couldn’t say it, she decided that if she could return, she would die with Ouyang Fei! !

“I won’t let you go!” Black Rose turned and went out, and she stopped, “Boss, the person you are protecting is not as simple as you think. She will do things that have no bottom line, and it is the shame for us women. shame!”

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