After Black Rose said these words, she walked outside, and the boss behind the scenes looked back at Ouyang Fei. It was a bit interesting, no bottom line?

There is no bottom line for women, what has been done by her? The boss behind the scenes is curious.

Black Rose went out.

Ouyang Fei breathed a sigh of relief, proud in her heart, want to kill me?

In Ouyang Fei’s beautiful eyes, they are all insidious, and it is really not good to have turned their faces with Black Rose so quickly!

Fortunately, She learned something.

Otherwise, the loss would have been big.

Ouyang Fei decided that she would definitely not be able to go out for the time being, and she had to wait until her assassin ability reached the top level!

Ouyang Fei is a person without a bottom line, but also a person who works hard!

She knows that no one she can believe now, the only one whom she can believe is herself!!

So she must improve her strength!

Only in this way can I live and be the number one killer!

Also make a lot of money.

“Sister,” Ouyang Fei called the boss behind the scenes.

“Little girl, Black Rose actually said that you don’t have a bottom line, how far are you?” The boss behind the scenes waved, and everyone went out.

“I, I did something bad, I want to learn the fighting of Black Rose,” Ouyang Fei lied and came.

“The goal is clear enough! Do whatever it takes, it’s okay.” The boss behind the scenes looked at Ouyang Fei again. Of course, she was a human being.

She does everything by no means, otherwise, how could she be the boss of the killer organization?

“Thank you sister,” Ouyang Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

“Okay, I’ll take you to play.” The boss behind the scenes stood up.

“Thank you.” Ouyang Fei was pleasantly surprised. Did he win the new backer so quickly?

Is this being appreciated in the same way?

She thinks so, but she doesn’t know that the boss behind the scenes also has a bottom line, such as what Ouyang Fei does, she may be able to do it to men, but she can’t do it to women.

Because they are all women.

“Come,” the boss behind the scenes wanted to see, what Ouyang Fei had no bottom line.

“Hmm,” Ouyang Fei followed out happily.

But instead of leaving the bar, they went to other private rooms with large beds and hot springs.

“How many do you want?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

“Sister, how many?” Ouyang Fei was astonished, what does this mean? Ouyang Fei shuddered as she thought of something.

“A person who has no bottom line still pays attention to this? How many do you want?”

“Ah? No, I don’t want it,” Ouyang Fei was shocked. She was still intact. How could she do anything in this place?

What she wants now is exercise, what she wants is to strengthen herself! ! She wants to keep herself, Ouyang Fei is cruel, and will not waste time here. If the boss behind the scenes wouldn’t have asked her to come out to play, she would immediately exercise and learn to fight.

Ouyang Fei’s perseverance in this area is too high, otherwise, she wouldn’t grow so fast!

“No? Little girl, are you eighteen?” The boss behind the scenes looked at her again.


“Have you ever taught a boyfriend?”

“Yes, but men are used by me to play, they are used to be kicked, I gave them, Can’t I play them?” Ouyang Fei has always been like this.

“That’s a good idea, but I don’t like seeing women or it’s the same, so how many do you want?” The boss behind the scenes sat down and brought a glass of red wine.

“I don’t want it, really don’t,” Ouyang Fei was anxious, she thought so, but she still thought about getting married later.

“No! You don’t have a bottom line, how can you do something with a bottom line? If you don’t say it, then I will help you! If you refuse, you can go out. If you don’t refuse, just lie down for me.” The boss behind the scenes said.

Ouyang Fei bit her lip, she was tangled, she must be dead when going out, but her body is for her future husband!

Ouyang Fei’s beautiful eyes were red, she didn’t move, she didn’t dare to go out, Black Rose would kill herself when she went out, she lay down, there was no way, there was hatred in her heart.

The boss behind the scenes smiled slightly and pressed a button in a place, “Call a few…”

“No, I like Huaxia,” Ouyang Fei shed tears.

“Huaxia? Our American men are more handsome and have better facial features than Chinese men.” said the boss behind the scenes.

“I don’t want it, I want Huaxia, I am from Huaxia, I like Huaxia men.” Ouyang Fei looked down on Huaxia men, but if she got married, she would still choose Huaxia.

“Whatever you want, call someone in… from China,”

Ouyang Fei wiped away her tears, she became vicious, you actually forced me so, well, Ouyang Fei must avenge you!!

You wait for me!

You wait for me!

Ouyang Fei was surrounded by humiliation. She already had plans. For today’s humiliation, she would let the boss behind the scenes repay a hundred times!!

The boss behind the scenes was drinking red wine with a trace of teasing in her blue eyes. She took out her mobile phone and called someone, “Follow Black Rose, I want to know where she has gone. She can’t die so soon, don’t let her find out.”

Black Rose came out, she got in the car, what can she do?

She was expressionless and wiped away tears with a tissue, which was sad.

She swears that she will never treat anyone better from now on. The first time she treats someone, she got this result!

Black Rose drove, she knew where Chuck Cannon said, she stepped on the accelerator to the end, let’s end it!

You must get back your own photo, even if you are dead!

“Mom, the photo has been sent to her,” Chuck Cannon said to his mother.

“Well, she… is she very angry?” Karen Lee was helpless. She hadn’t done anything like this yet. She did things simply and neatly, which is really true.

“En, I’m very angry,” Chuck Cannon thought of Black Rose’s voice, and Chuck Cannon wanted to laugh.

“Don’t do this in the future, do you know?” Karen Lee said solemnly.

“Yes, mother don’t worry.”

Of course, Karen Lee felt relieved to Chuck Cannon, and Betty asked, “Should I call someone out?”

“No, I understand Black Rose, she will come, this kind of photo is the most important to her, she can’t let others see…”

“Well, it’s important to all women,” Betty said.

Chuck Cannon shrugged awkwardly, “Mom, Sister Li, I haven’t done anything like that.”

“It’s not about you,” Karen Lee smiled slightly, “I can’t care about you too much, but remember to respect women. Your dad respects me especially. I also respect him. It’s best to be respectful as a guest.”

“En,” Chuck Cannon envied, he looked at Yvette.

Yvette came back, keeping his head down and biting her lip. How much Chuck Cannon hopes to have a wedding with Yvette one day.

But can you come on this day?

“You two don’t have to do it later, I will see Black Rose,” Karen Lee said.

It is impossible to estimate what a person can do after anger, despair and sadness. Anyone in a hurry can jump the wall, let alone Black Rose?

In this case, it is best for Karen Lee to handle it personally. As long as the black rose comes out, then she can’t run away.

“Okay, mom, I will listen to you,” Chuck Cannon just took a look.

Yvette bowed her head without comment.

“However, I just heard you say that I think Black Rose is a little bit…” Karen Lee didn’t know how to describe this kind of photos, taken by a trusted person, and even concealed it, it would be a personal breakdown.

Karen Lee suddenly felt that this black rose was a bit pitiful.

She killed herself for money, Karen Lee fought it down twice, and there was no loss.

The conflict is not too big, the only thing is she wanted to kill her son Chuck Cannon last time!

This is something Karen Lee absolutely cannot tolerate!

“What’s the matter? Mom?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Nothing,” Karen Lee shook her head and asked Betty to look outside. Maybe Black Rose would carry out a sneak attack!

Betty is out.

Karen Lee looked at Yvette, “Do you want to do it?”

“I…” Yvette lowered her head. She wanted to see how Karen Lee took action and wanted to learn.

Chuck Cannon didn’t know whether to speak, so he could only remain silent.

After a while.

Chuck Cannon saw that the time was almost up, and his brow furrowed. Doesn’t Black Rose want this photo anymore? Still, want to let yourself send her picture?

Chuck Cannon called Black Rose to connect.

“No, you want me to send your picture…”

“I’m coming!”

This was the voice of Black Rose, and Chuck Cannon heard the roar of the roaring engine!!

A sports car galloped from a distance, driving is to black roses!

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