Chapter 529 – 530: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 529: Buddha Remains In The Heart

Penglai Holy Sect is magnificent. There are thousands of godly islands floating in the air. These fairy mountains are the basis of the array.

The whole place coincides with the movement of stars in the sky. It is a combination of attack and defense.

The arrival of Kris Chen was also welcomed by Penglai Holy Sect.

Of course, more he got was anger from everyone, “Fuck it, return my Yue’ru, return my sister Ling’er!”

“Isn’t a comedy ending good, why tragedy ending?”

“Get out of Penglai Holy Sect!”

The disciples of Penglai Holy Sect hid in the darkness and looked at Kris, gnashing their teeth with hatred.

For the first time, they came into contact with TV series, so they were very involved in the drama.

And this group of drama fans, with the popularity of projectors, will be more and more.

Kris liked this kind of fans who don’t know the true and the false. They often bring huge profits.

When the time comes, let Changyuan take Feiyu and Piaomiao to shoot a comedy ending advertisement, and the revenue will definitely explode.

This matter had been fed back to the main body, and the main body was already preparing.

Is the Legend of Swordsman pathetic?

What he’s going to do next will be crueler!

Kris gathered all the handsome and beautiful disciples of Penglai Holy Sect, and those who originally hated Kris Chen were extremely excited.

“Master Diao, I have an excellent skeleton and a good appearance so I am absolutely an


“Master Diao, you can see that I am pure and lovely. Am I very suitable for the heroine? I’ll tell you a secret. I’m still a virgin.”

The bold tried to seduce Kris. The timid looked at Kris shyly but also seductively.

Kris could clearly see that these disciples of the Holy Sect were sultry one by one.

In fact, he didn’t blame them. The main reason is that the Legend of Swordsman was too popular.

Now the disciples of Penglai always felt that they had no face at all facing the disciples of Wuji Sword Sect.

What’s more, it’s the feeling of admiration and flattery. Who doesn’t like it?

Do they know how crazy are those fan groups?

Penglai Holy Sect had a fan group of Xiaoyao. All of them were crazy girls of the sect. They had raised tens of millions of prime Yuanshi to invite their Xiaoyao to visit Penglai Holy Sect.

That’s tens of millions of extreme spiritual stones. What an insane fortune!

No one was a fool. They all knew what this opportunity meant.

It meant that they could stand out, stand out in the clan, spread their fame in the sea, and be immortal!

“Taoist friend Wanfa, the disciple of your sect is so coquettish!”

Kris said with a playful face.

The Lord of Wanfa was embarrassed. These useless disciples were really disgraceful.

“Taoist friend Diao, that… I have a request for you….”

“We are old acquaintances, so it’s OK to say!”

The Lord of Wanfa blushed, “can you arrange a role for me…”

“You are more coquettish,” Kris said

“All right, I’ll leave you a role!”

Finish saying, Kris went casting happily.


After the Legend of Swordsman was broadcast, many fans watched it again and again, and the background song was endless.

Suddenly, a new video appeared.

In the video, there were Xiaoyao, Ling’er, and Yue’ru!

In the video, Yueru was not dead, and Ling’er’s sister was not dead. Three people lived a happy life on this island.

The video made up for TV series’ regret and added a slogan at the end of the video, “Xiaoyao brand spirit wine is good to drink!”

And then the Xiaoyao brand spirit wine instantly became popular!

Countless people were asking where they could buy the Xiaoyao brand spirit wine that Xiaoyao recommended.

After that, you can see the sales information at the bottom of the video, “Xiaoyao brand spirit wine, Nahai Sect specialty!”


Then Xiaoyao brand spirit wine sold crazy.

A jar of spirit wine is worth a top-grade spirit stone, and the capital is a high-grade spiritual stone, which is a hundred times of profit!

In this way, 300 million jars were sold in one day, with accurate sales in the mall.

And the number is still rising.

God, a video that made 300 million of sales, how terrible?

It’s not that fast even to steal money, right?

Then many people thought of the advertisement mentioned by Kris Chen before!

They get it. It’s called advertising.

The Chamber of Commerce and Sects all went all crazy!

Kris sent a clone to deal with these matters and asked The Lord of Lingyuan to set up a docking department.

Now the heat of the Legend of Swordsman hasn’t faded. It’s definitely a good time to earn more money.

“Here, I want to say that if you want me to receive the advertisement, you can bring your products and compete with your price. The higher price will get.”

“Our Seven-treasures House has specially customized the Xiaoyao brand flying sword, which is the same as that in the TV series. We are willing to offer 10 million high-quality spiritual stone!”

10 million prime stone?

Changyuan missed half a beat in his heart!

Just shooting a video, you can earn 10 million yuan stone?

Although they needed to share the profits with younger martial sister Feiyu, we should also give one-tenth to the clan, but… That’s a huge sum of money!

“Wanbao Pavilion is the same type of defensive Earth Spirit pearl. We are willing to offer 15 million excellent spiritual stone for your endorsement!”

“Langya Chamber of Commerce makes the Wine God Gourd and is willing to bid for 30 million premium spiritual stones, please speak for us!”

The Langya chamber of commerce is the third class chamber of commerce which had emerged recently. This chamber of Commerce was originally a third-class chamber of Commerce. In a short period of one month, its strength soared, and it immediately entered the second class chamber of Commerce and became the leader among them.

From the fact that he is willing to pay a high price of 30 million prime stone, we can know how much they have made in this period of time.

“The Netherworld Palace is willing to offer 35 million…”

After a series of bidding, excluding the same type of advertising and inferior products, a total of five advertisements were received, and the revenue generated by these five advertisements exceeded 200 million super spiritual stones!

Changyuan became rich!

The Lord of Lingyuan also saw the star effect mentioned by Kris.

This was too much money! However, Kris also said that he should not appear in the public too often, which will consume the enthusiasm of fans and lead to the decline of popularity.

In particular, there will be more stars in the future, and competitiveness will be very strong.

The chamber of Commerce and Sects who got the advertising rights were naturally happy, but they paid a lot of money.

That’s the cost of advertising!

Naturally, the money went into Kris’s pocket.

The longer the advertisement is, the more expensive the advertisement is, the better the time period is and the more expensive it is.

This concept had been publicized in place before.

So they all understood.

Finally, the cost of advertising was even more than that of inviting Changyuan to shoot the advertisement.

The Lord Lingyuan sighed, “this slippery boy, all the benefits can’t go around his side in the end. It’s really a good move he made!”

Now looking back at every step that Kris had done, it’s terrifyingly cautious.

People unknowingly became part of Kris’s plan, and even if they were used by Kris, they were also willing, even spontaneous protecting Kris’s plan.

With his own efforts, he has changed the patterns of the infinite sea that was unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years.

Maybe in a few hundred years, Nahai Sect will become the fourth holy sect of the infinite sea.

Of course, the premise is that Kris doesn’t die.

The shooting of the Legend of Swordsman had started, and The Lord of Lingyuan and the Lord of Jiyuan have also got a role.

In terms of the plot, Kris has also made a great adaptation to the background of the Devil Land.

Of course, the main plot had not changed.

Changyuan was still the number one female character. As for the heroine, Kris had to choose again in the clan.

When Kris chooses roles, Qing Yao was very outstanding.

This elegantly indifferent woman secretly found Kris Chen and wanted to play one of the roles.

Kris didn’t care about her at all. Wuji Sword Sect had so many beautiful girls just like her.

“Brother Diao, Qingyao is wrong. Please give Qingyao a chance!”

Qingyao bit his lips, looking pitiful, “no matter how the elder brother punished, I’ll take it.”

Kris looked at Qingyao, “You are the Elder Sister of Killing Sword Pavilion. Why do you call me an elder brother? If you don’t have the heart of killing, how can we talk about it? “

He shook his head and laughed, only thought it funny, “you’d better keep holding your head up, or you’ll lose not only a role but also your heart and path of Tao!”

What Kris said shocked the mind of Qingyao, and even her Taoist Heart began to doubt herself!

She stood there for a long time until it was dark that she could see her true heart.

“After all, I am just a vulgar woman who loves vanity and wants to become famous.”

At the moment of the words falling, the killing spirit on her body disappeared, but the whole person looked more dangerous.

“Brother Diao, thanks for your advice. I will remember it in my heart!”


A few days later, a TV series called “Ji Gong Biography” was launched.

The God Father, with his Bodhisattva and Arhat Vajra, was watching in the ashram.

When they saw Xiuyuan Li divorcing his wife and leaving home, they were shocked.

No more home, no wife. Is it really important to practice Buddhism?

This can not help but let a group of disciples reflect.

Dajue is also very good at acting out the kind of regret, loss, and helpless emotional expression incisively and vividly.

Ji Gong is a Buddha in this TV series. Because of his incomprehension, he voluntarily sat down and reincarnated as a human being.

So he had to do it.

Dajue only thought that the play was playing himself.

For hundreds of years, he abandoned his wife and son, and all the elders in his family died. What Buddha did he cultivate?

Is it important to eat meat and drink?

A sentence of wine and meat through the intestines, the Buddha to stay in his heart explained his whole life.

It is worth mentioning here that in the process of shooting, Dajue realized himself clearly, broke through the arhat, and successfully promoted to Bodhisattva!

Soon after the two episodes of “Ji Gong Biography” were finished, the Godfather said, “Taoist Diao has the root of Buddha and has the fate of Buddha. We must treat him with courtesy when we see HIM.”

“In accordance with God father’s edict!”

The God Father also said: “from now on, there will be wine and meat monks and ascetics. Ascetics will follow the old practice. Wine and meat monks can drink and eat meat, but they can’t kill animals!”

“Thanks for God father’s teaching!”

As a matter of fact, the impression of Moke had always been very bad.

It was completely contrary to mainstream practice to preserve the natural principles and destroy human desires.

So the vast majority of people had the mentality of resistance.

Therefore, even if the Moke religion is one of the three holy sects, there are not many practitioners who worship Buddha.

However, many people have different views on Buddhism after watching “Ji Gong Biography”.

The Godfather looked at the disciples kindly, “I see flowers in the desert!”

Chapter 530: Everything is done here

Some people say that there is a mountain in this world. No matter how powerful you are, it is challenging to overstep. The name of that mountain is ‘prejudice’!

Now, Kris Chen used Buddha Jigong to change the stereotypes in everyone’s hearts bit by bit.

After watching Buddha Jigong, everyone’s impression of Buddhism got better.

Buddha Jigong has been irreproachable in every respect, and his words contained the principles of life, and even some strong people with accumulated spirits had some gains.

‘Vegetarian abstinence is by no means a critical rule so much so that Buddha centers in one’s heart.’

This single sentence explained the truth in the heart of Buddha Jigong, and it also made countless people reflect on themselves.

Some people said they didn’t eat meat or drink wine, but those things were in their hearts.

So, is this considered an offense?

Although Buddha Jigong was not as popular as the Legend of Swordsman, Moke Sect was very satisfied.

Dajue, in particular, got rid of all the crimes and became a well-known Bodhisattva in the Moke Sect. Numerous disciples listened to Dao lectures in front of his lotus platform.

Upon seeing this, God Father directly let Dajue lead the secular monks, becoming their head.

From a crime to a secular monk, the process took less than a month!

More and more practitioners came to the Moke Sect these days.

The Moke Sect also preached day and night, and it has produced gratifying results.

There were hundreds of times more practitioners willing to join the Moke Sect and become followers of Moke Sect than in previous years.

At this moment, they all understood what God Father meant by “seeing the flower in the desert blooming”.

When the Moke Sect disciples were now walking outside preaching, even if others didn’t like it, no one would say something about it.

It could be considered as another mainstream sect now.

In short, the spring of Moke Sect was coming.

It used to have strength but no influence. Now its influence was increasing little by little.

Thanks to Kris Chen’s conservation association and delivery in the mall, the Moke Sect disciples have a different way to practice in the secular world.

Later, the Moke Sect might even surpass the Hanging Temple.

Although God Father was a Buddha, he had a clear mind, but he also desired to excel over others.

On the other side, Penglai Holy Sect was anxious, “Mr. Chen, can you play our drama at the same time?”

Penglai Holy Sect was known as the source of all laws, and it was naturally opposed to Moke Sect.

Now seeing them preaching to preempt believers, the Penglai Holy Sect was anxious.

In each era, talent was the most important for every sect.


Kris Chen shook his head. At least it was not suitable at this time.

After a while, the second-generation projector would be popularized, and the third-generation projector would appear on the market. At that time, Kris Chen might issue a TV license to allow several big powers to join. The market was huge, and he couldn’t hold it alone.

Moreover, he would let them explore the market together, and he just hid behind the scenes and collected the spiritual stones.

Anyway, these people would do it for him.


Kris Chen glanced at Lord of Wanfa, “If the TV series of your sect is being broadcast now, would you like to let Moke Sect broadcast at the same time?”

“No, I don’t!”

Lord of Wanfa gritted his teeth and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Chen, I am too impatient.”

Kris Chen was protecting their rights since the story about Buddha was much more attractive than their story.

Of course, love or something that could meet the appetite of young people.

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

Kris Chen glanced at him and flew away.

These days, he has talked with another Lord of Penglai Holy Sect about the future development, and their chats were very well.

Although Kris Chen belonged to Wuji Sword Sect, it did not hinder the friendship with Penglai Holy Sect.

Even another double had a friendship with God Father of the Moko Sect.

As long as the three holy sects were firmly tied to the chariot, Nahai Sect had no worries.

In Nahai Sect, Kris Chen was sifting through the practicing methods. The useful ones were left behind, and he put others into the Scripture Pavilion of Nahai Sect.

Kris Chen has had enough practicing methods. These were reserved for the Gengu No.1 Sect.

There were forty-five Divine Power here.

There was high and low Divine Power, and Kris Chen chose some that were useful to him.

“Call the wind and the rain, cast beans into soldiers, big and small, flowers bloom in an instant, shrink into an inch!”

As for ‘Calling the wind and the rain’, it blew the sinister and vicious samadhi wind, and it rained the dirt rain to hurt one’s primal spirit.

And ‘Cast beans into soldiers’, according to Kris Chen’s current stage, he could turn beans into soldiers in the later period of primal spirit, and the upper limit was the practitioner stage.

‘Big and small’ means you can shrink your body at will, and it could also be used on magic weapons or attacks, with endless magical uses.

‘Flowers bloom in an instant’ was an extremely vicious Divine Power, similar to Kris Chen, who forcibly condensed the Fruit of Taoist Practice when he was crossing the Jumang Heavenly Thunder!

It could instantly absorb a person’s vitality, supernatural power, and soul power, then it flowered a Fruit of Taoist Practice and then died instantly.

The first four were all from Penglai Holy Sect and Moke Sect, and the last ‘Shrink into an inch’ was given to him by Lord Lingyuan alone.

Kris Chen knew that Lord Lingyuan liked him.

‘Shrink into an inch’ was advanced Divine Power, even a top one.

Stepping a million miles in one step, Kris Chen couldn’t catch up even though he was exhausted.

If he could practice it successfully, it could make up for the shortcomings of Kris Chen to a great extent.

There was no difficulty in practicing ‘Calling the wind and the rain’. It would only take ten days for him to handle it.

The most challenging thing was the materials needed for practicing it. It took Kris Chen three days to wait for those materials.

But overall, he was still satisfied with it.

‘Cast beans into soldiers’ was much simpler. It was to enlighten the spirit. If you want to make those soldiers flexible, you could restrain their souls and turn them into puppets.

‘Big and small’ was not difficult since Kris Chen had double Taoist Strength-Yin and Yang, and it didn’t take too long to comprehend it.

It also took ten days!

‘Flowers bloom in an instant’ was quite tricky. Kris Chen put it aside for the time being and began to practice ‘Shrink into an inch’. Lord Lingyuan was an elder, and he was also thoughtfully prepared for the cultivation of the heart.

This time, it took Kris Chen 20 days to barely get started. You read that right. It was barely getting started.

With Kris Chen’s super savvy, it took 20 days to get started.

And the more you practice, the harder it would be. It might be one year or two years. Anyway, if you wanted to handle it entirely, there was still a long way to go.

When Kris Chen finished practicing, it was already a month and a half later.

During this time, the sword crystal in the acupuncture points has completely solidified, and his body got used to it. Divine Spiritual Power, Sword Energy, and primal spirit were all stronger than before.

Taoist strength did not enhance, but it was deeper than before.

As for Tu Guan, the blood of Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird) has been initially incorporated. He was just a pangolin, and the blood of Kun Peng was too advanced for him, and he almost died by the energy in the blood of Kun Peng.

Had it not been for Kris Chen, who had given him many magical pills, he would have died.

“It’s too slow!”

Yang Sun frowned.

Yang Sun didn’t know that not everyone was as sinful as him. Tu Guan was just a Supreme Monster with no qualifications. If it weren’t for Yang Sun, who led him, he could still be a Beast King struggling in the middle period.

Ironhead continued to devour metal every day. If he were free, he would go to the deep sea to fight with the Sea Monsters. Unknowingly, his cultivation level rose from the Supreme Monster’s initial stage to the middle period of the Supreme Monster, and he could enter the later period very soon.

Kris Chen nodded to praise, and he didn’t waste any resources.

As for Liangwan, he has also started the Golden Light Earth Escaping, but he was too slow, and he could only move a hundred miles away.

But Liangwan was strong, and it was okay to use magical powers a hundred times, and Kris Chen was not too harsh.

Then Kris Chen came to the central peak of Nahai Sect.

Lord of Vipers was in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), and Lord of Sparks took care of everything in the sect.

The third batch of elders of Nahai Sect has also been recruited. By this time, the number of accumulated spirit elders of Nahai Sect has exceeded sixty, and the number of primal spirits has exceeded three hundred!

The strength was no longer inferior to some famous sects, but there was still a big gap to become the top ten sects.

Strength was a part, and the most important thing was the foundation.

The disciples from all sects also officially exceeded ten thousand.

With enormous resources and militarized management, the strength of the Nahai Sect disciples also rose.

Disciples were the future of a sect, and Kris Chen was also very pleased.

Looking at the Thousand Island Port, the spaceships and merchant ships that come and go, the daily wealth generated has exceeded 200 million spiritual stones.

Coupled with the previous layout of Kris Chen, the daily income has exceeded 3 billion spiritual stones.

The spiritual stones in the warehouse have exceeded 100 billion.

Some practitioners also set up banks, and its business was getting bigger and bigger, and it has absorbed more than 500 billion spiritual stones.

At the headquarters of the Practitioner Development Bank, there were hundreds of accumulated spirits. Such considerable wealth might make some people crazy.

These days, there were also many wicked people attacking the Practitioner Development Bank branch, but these people all died in the end.

With his doubles, there would be no chaos on the sea. Anyway, there were projectors, and Kris Chen could contact directly within five thousand miles.

There won’t be any big troubles.

Now, Kris Chen felt that it was time for him to pursue a higher stage.

As for the Gengu No.1 Sect, five Lords could handle it.

Chen Ye was the sect’s foundation, and he has already obtained Kris Chen’s power anyway. Therefore, he could teach his followers by himself.

Kris Chen also felt amazed that he had built such a huge business after coming here for a year.

What would happen after ten years of development?

When Miaomiao and the others came there, they could be surprised.

Kris Chen smiled when he thought about it.

But before leaving, Kris Chen spent a lot of money to get a lot of Taoist Strength stones, and the total amounting was more than 500,000!

The spiritual stones that he spent also exceeded 5 billion!

After saying goodbye to his pets, Kris Chen stepped out of Nahai Sect.

No one knew that the man who had changed the Infinite Sea had left here!

The location of the Sword Tomb was on the Tianjian Mountain. From here, it was about three million miles away. With his current speed, he could get there by diversion three hundred times.

But Kris Chen didn’t do this. Instead, he stopped and practiced and went to the Seaside Holy City to see Mudao Wu.

Kris Chen gave him a tertiary dealer, and he was now the richest and most powerful City Lord in the Seaside Holy City. The Great Zhou Empire towards this city has also changed from extermination to cooperation.

Mudao Wu has found a potent backing so that the Great Zhou Empire didn’t dare to offend him.

Moreover, the Great Zhou Empire even bought photo-taking stones from Mudao Wu at a premium and started as a dealer and sold it to others.

Although Kris Chen knew it, he didn’t stop it since it was inevitable in the future. Anyway, the photo-taking stones from Mudao Wu have been strictly selected and controlled, so it would not cause a tempest.

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