Black Rose drove over. She was determined to die. She died, and the photos will be destroyed as well!

Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon, Yvette, and Betty all looked at the black rose coming by.

This villa, that is a super large, empty courtyard, the black rose car stopped.

The black rose came down, and the inside of the big blue eyes was blood red, “I’m here, give me the picture!!”

Dry voice!

Black Rose is the most delicate and tidy in doing things, but she didn’t expect to be caught this time.

And it’s still that kind of photo. Black Rose values her body the most, not the kind of injury, but the psychological value.

Black Rose has been out for so long and has never met any man. At that time, the boss behind the scenes saw her and wanted to find a few people to break her. Black Rose directly refused.

It can be said that Black Rose is particularly conservative in this respect, but the photo was taken and it was seen by others.

She came over with red eyes, Ouyang Fei, she already hated her!

Chuck Cannon looked at her calmly, and Yvette did the same.

This black rose came here fairly simply.

But why didn’t Ouyang Fei come here? Chuck Cannon frowned.

“Chuck Cannon, give me the photo!!” Black Rose walked in front of the four people.

Karen Lee just looked at her like that.

“Return the picture to me!” Black Rose roared.

“Karen Lee, I know you want to kill me, yes, you can ask your son to give me the photo!” Black Rose stared at Karen Lee with blood red eyes.

Karen Lee kept looking at her.

Black Rose took out the gun, facing herself, Karen Lee was expressionless, Chuck Cannon touched his nose, with such a little surprise, Black Rose actually values the photos so much?

“How many shots?” Black Rose’s voice was hoarse.

She has thought about sneak attacks, but she knows that her own strength is not Karen Lee’s opponent, so what is the use of sneak attacks?

She has assassinated Karen Lee twice, both of which have gone through the most rigorous arrangements, but the final result was still a failure.

Karen Lee was not injured twice, the gap was obvious.

What’s more, Karen Lee has waited for her especially, her own photo is still in the hands of others, and she has no chance.

So she chose the most direct method!

She has to get back her own photo!

“Karen Lee, how many shots do you want me to get shot so that you can let your son to give me the photo? I ask you!!” Black Rose roared.

She was really sad by Ouyang Fei.

She will never be nice to anyone.

“I don’t need you to shoot, you…” Karen Lee shook her head.

If Black Rose will fight, then Karen Lee’s strength is enough to deal with her, there is no need to let Black Rose shoot herself.

This is not in line with her usual style.

Karen Lee likes a fair fight. If you want to kill, then you can come here and fight with her. Karen Lee is like that.

Her strength is enough to support her.

But yes.

Peng! !

Black Rose pulled the trigger, a bullet pierced her body, blood flowed out, Black Rose did not frown.

She paled and she had cold sweats.

Karen Lee was surprised, Chuck Cannon, Yvette, and Betty were all stunned.

“Give me the picture!” Black Rose growled.

“You don’t need to do this, I…” Karen Lee shook her head.

Peng! !

Black Rose pulled the trigger again, and the bullet penetrated her body again.

Blood is coming!

With two shots, half of Black Rose’s body was stained red with blood.

Black Rose was shot twice, she stood still, dripping sweat from her forehead to the ground.

“Return the photo to me!” Black Rose’s big eyes are blood red and her voice is hoarse to the extreme!

Karen Lee looked at her silent for a few seconds, “Chuck, give her the picture.”

“En,” Chuck Cannon took out the phone that he found Ouyang Fei.

Karen Lee caught the black rose!

Black Rose reached out to take it, Karen Lee shook his head, “Gun! My son is here, I don’t want anyone to use a gun!”

The gun is too dangerous, if it is shot out, no one can hold it!


Black Rose threw the gun on the ground. She tremblingly picked up the phone and opened it. There were many photos and even videos in it. After she deleted all of them, she was completely relieved when she took her photos back.

She wanted to cry.

Never encountered such a thing.

“You assassinated me twice, I don’t have to care about you! But you hurt my son and Logan, I will tell you these two things!” Karen Lee’s eyes were cold.

This is something she absolutely cannot tolerate!

Black Rose broke the phone and her big eyes were blood red and bloodshot. She held two gunshot wounds in her hand, and the blood was still flowing. “Well, I know that I can’t escape today. You can kill me now! “

“It was easy to kill you before you shot yourself, it’s still easy for me to kill you,” Karen Lee was cold.

Her strength is simple to kill Black Rose. It doesn’t matter whether she is injured or not, there is no difference to a person of Karen Lee’s strength.

“Yes, it’s easy for you to kill me, it’s even easier now.” Black Rose didn’t have any fear.

“I won’t bully you, three moves, if you can resist my three moves, you can go!” Karen Lee said.


Black Rose was stunned, “Three tricks?”

She never expected Karen Lee to say such a thing.

But she was not so surprised when she heard it. She wanted to kill Karen Lee very much. She had followed Karen Lee for a long time.

She thought that such a powerful Karen Lee would be a cruel and unscrupulous person, but she is not.

Black Rose has to admit that Karen Lee is a very special person.

If others respect her a foot, she will pay back a foot.

Karen Lee should be cruel to people, or good, especially principled!

That’s why Karen Lee said this.

“Three tricks, if you promise not to do anything to my son, then three tricks! It can be regarded as making up for your own two shot injuries.” Karen Lee said.

Black Rose looked at Chuck Cannon and bit her lip, “I can’t kill him now.”

“I will let you say later,”


“Then get ready, three tricks!” Karen Lee walked out.

Black Rose clutched the wound and stared at her. Suddenly, Karen Lee punched out.

The strength of her arm is amazing!

Black Rose was tall because she was a U.S. native, but the punch hit her, and the Black Rose flew out, falling to the ground like a movie scene and vomited blood.

Black Rose got up, and the two gunshot wounds had already hit her. She didn’t have the energy to resist. With this punch, Black Rose was about to faint.

Karen Lee came over, and Black Rose gritted her teeth and got up.

Karen Lee punched out again!

Black Rose snorted, fell five or six meters away, vomiting blood, struggling on the ground, dying.

With these two punches, Karen Lee didn’t keep her hands!

Black Rose finally knew the gap between the two, even if she was not injured, she could not resist these two punches.

“Get up!!” Karen Lee said coldly.

Black Rose gritted her teeth and worked hard, but she had no strength. The blood flowed out more from her body, and her limbs were weak.

“Get up!” Karen Lee repeated.

Black Rose’s lips were bitten, and she barely got up tremblingly.

boom! !

Fists bang!


The black rose fell out and fell into the grass in the yard, motionless, blood has spread out.

Karen Lee turned around, “Chuck, let’s go in.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and pulled Yvette into the room, as did Betty.

Karen Lee arranged for Chuck Cannon and Yvette to return to the room. Karen Lee said, “Only the black rose is here, but Ouyang Fei didn’t come.”

“Well, could Black Rose killed her?” Betty analyzed.

This is what a normal person would do, right? ?

Those who secretly took photos, Black Rose knows the truth, and will definitely kill Ouyang Fei!

She would do the same for her.

“It’s possible, but Ouyang Fei, a girl with so much scheming, will she be killed so easily?” Karen Lee was thinking about this.

To be honest, she felt shameless about Ouyang Fei’s behavior.

“So, what do you mean?” Betty’s beautiful eyes flickered.

“This Ouyang Fei, pay close attention to her and find her as much as possible. If the body is dead, but if you can’t find the body, then this Ouyang Fei is definitely not dead!” Karen Lee has a strong sixth sense. She always feels that someone is somewhere. Laughing, and this person is Ouyang Fei hiding in the dark!

“Yes, I will check now.” Betty said.

Karen Lee nodded, she looked outside, and the place was still motionless.

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