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Chapter 53 – 54: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 53: Rub Her With Ointment

Venus Mu rolled her eyes and felt that she was about to be strangled by him. She quickly reached out to grab his arm.

Kerry Ye glared at her coldly. After keeping strangling her for a few more seconds, he let her go in the end. Against his expectation, after coughing for a while, Venus passed out.

Shockingly, Kerry went forward to check on her breath, touched her forehead, and then quickly turned out of the room. He called John to send for Doctor Han at once.

When Dr. Han arrived, ten minutes had passed.

“How is she?” Kerry frowned and asked anxiously.

Doctor Han, who finished diagnosing Venus, replied, “Young Madam was not fully recovered and exposed to the coldness, so she is infected with wind chill now. I’ll prescribe some medicines for her. Take them for a few days and she will be OK.”

“Good!” Kerry nodded, but he saw that Doctor Han had no intention of leaving, so he asked, “What else?”

“Well…” Dr. Han paused, his old face looking shy.

“Feel free to say!” Kerry frowned again.

After hearing this, Dr. Han dared to say, “Young Master, Young Madam is not in good health. In terms of marriage intercourse, it is not appropriate to be too violent, let alone doing too much tricks…”

Kerry’s face suddenly became stiff. After hearing doctor Han’s words, all servants immediately lowered their heads tacitly, and no one dared to look up.

“I see!” Kerry waved impatiently to see off the guest. Doctor Han was really nosy.

However, to his surprise, Dr. Han took out a bottle of ointment from the medicine box, put it on the table, and said vaguely, “Young Master, I’m afraid Young Madam might need this!”

After that, he took his stuff and left at once. That was fast.

Kerry twitched the corner of his mouth a little, resisting the urge to throw the doctor off the rail to the floor downstairs.

After Dr. Han left, Kerry immediately sent off all the servants, leaving himself and the sleeping Venus in the room.

Kerry picked up the bottle of ointment left by Dr. Han. It should have been developed by himself. There was no package or method of use on it. But he knew what this was for.

Frowning at Venus, Kerry went over to lift the quilt, went down to look at her red and swollen privates. He carefully poured the ointment there and gently started rubbing.

Venus, who was in a coma, felt the most painful part of her body cold and comfortable at the moment. She subconsciously opened her eyes. What popped into her eyes were the ceiling and… Kerry’s face!

Scared to a big jump from the bed, Venus spluttered, “Kerry, what are you up to? Don’t touch me!”

Kerry, who was enjoying rubbing the ointment, frowned at the words. Damn it, this ignorant woman was the first one who was served by him like this. How ignorant she was!

“Shut up!” Kerry sharply interrupted, Kerry grabbed her leg, pulled her nearer, and then regardless of her struggle, continued to apply the ointment.

Venus blushed, this position really embarrassed and shamed her, but Kerry pressed her leg tightly, she couldn’t move at all.

Suddenly, she felt a cold feeling again. Venus understood that Kerry was applying ointment to her, but She would rather not to let him stare her private parts like that and rub there.

“Ke…Kerry” Venus couldn’t help saying. Her cheek was red and said, “Give me the ointment, I’ll rub it myself. You don’t need to…”

Before she finished her words, she heard his ruthless reply, “Shut up!”

Venus had no choice but to bite her lip and cover her head with a quilt to hide her embarrassment and dare not speak any more.

Anyway, he had done more than that to me already, more than once, several times. Staring was the least. Let it go.

Chapter 54: Venus Was the Woman He’d Been Looking For?

When Venus Mu was doing self-counseling in her deep mind to help her through this awkward dilemma, Kerry Ye’s mobile phone on the table suddenly rang. He glanced at it, seeing the caller ID, and told Venus, “You can rub yourself now!”

Then, he wiped his hands with a paper towel, picked up the phone and walked over to the door. It was obvious that he did not want Venus to hear the conversation.

Venus pouted her lips toward the back of Kerry and made a disdainful face, then she took the ointment to start rubbing herself.

Damned man, what was the big deal? Not let her listen to his phone, like she was interested at all. Venus rubbed the ointment while cursing him. Her private parts were still very red and swollen. She hated that uncontrollable bastard!

However, thanks to the phone call, saving her from being rubbed by his hands all the time. No matter how shameless a woman was, she could not help blushing.


On the hallway outside the room.

“Hello, Hao, what’s the matter?” Kerry asked, it was from Hao Nangong.

“Hey hey…” Hao chuckled. “Calling you must mean that I have news already. I told you, looking for a woman in the Sky City is a piece of cake for me.”

“Cut the nonsense, tell me!” Kerry was not in the mood to joke around and interrupted his words with a frown.

“Well, well, I know you are in a hurry!” Hao was not in the mood to tease his friends either. He quickly said, “I have found out that the theme of the design drawing is” Fashion and Soul “, which is the latest issue of the School of Design of Nanhua University. Unfortunately, all students in the school must participate in this subject, so there is no clear target. Now, it is certain that the woman you are looking for must be a student of Nanhua University!”

“Nanhua University…School of Design…” Kerry whispered these words. He remembered where he had seen it, but then nodded his head and said, “OK, I got it. You can continue to trace it!”

“No problem!” Hao nodded excitedly, “Your business is mine.”

After that, they hang up the phone. Hao gently tapped his fingers on the table, and the corner of his lips raised with a touch of complacent. As long as he found the woman Kerry desired, Venus would be his.

Thinking about that, he looked at the data on the desktop, School of Design, Nanhua University. If he remembered correctly, Venus was a student there.

Was the woman Kerry looking for was Venus’s classmate?

Wasn’t that even better for him?

Somehow, Hao’s brain suddenly came up with a crazy idea. The woman Kerry looking for was not Venus, wasn’t it? It seemed that Venus met all the requirements.

No, no, absolutely not!

Hao shook his head fiercely and threw the idea out of his mind. How could there be such a coincidence in the world? Besides, Venus was the woman he must have!

Thinking of the first time he met Venus, Hao’s heart seemed to be filled with a bucket of honey, flowing sweetness to the bottom of his heart. It never occurred to him that he would be won over by a woman in one day, who always regarded himself as an invincible playboy.


Kerry, who has finished the phone call with Hao, went to the study room. Out of excitement, he took out the original drawing of the design again and carefully examined it.

School of design, Nanhua University, he didn’t expect that she was a student of Nanhua. No wonder she seemed intelligently outstanding.

This was a piece of important formation, and soon, he believed, the woman would reappear in front of him.

With this in mind, Kerry felt stirred and aroused inside. He missed the day when she was under him, and the two were so intimately and sensationally mingling and lingering together. Just thinking about it, there was a reaction somewhere in his body…

That woman, he must have her!

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