Chapter 53 – 54: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 53: Office worker

“You see, dad. He was clearly lying and he was bragging just now!” Flora Lewis took the chance and said it.

Her hint was strong, hoping that her parents knew what Colin Ward had said before were all bluffs and none of them was true.

But Chris Lewis didn’t mind, “It’s fine. He’s a man. Men always want to look tough when it comes to drinking. Understandable, understandable.”

“That’s right. It’s weirder if men don’t care about their ego!” Claire Brown agreed as she nodded.

Flora Lewis became worried.

Was it too late to regret now? She just wanted her parents to hate Colin Word, so that she could ‘break up’ with Colin Ward smoothly. Then this matter would pass!

But she shot herself in the foot instead. The more he said, the more satisfied they were.

Flora Lewis felt helpless. “Forget it. I’ll send him back first.”

“Wait!” Claire Brown quickly held back Flora Lewis. “What do you send him back for? You’re a fool!”

“Huh? If I don’t send him back, where should I send him?” Flora Lewis looked up.

Claire Brown glared at Flora Lewis. “You see this kid is drunk and unconscious. How do you send him back?”

“Yes!” Chris Lewis agreed. “Look at this kid. If you send him back, who will take care of him?”

“Flora! You have to hold tight on such a good kid. And you guys have a child too. You have to hold on tight!” Claire Brown winked at Flora Lewis.

Flora Lewis was terrified in an instant.

In the end, Colin Ward stayed and was even pushed into Flora Lewis’s room.

Outside the room, Claire Brown looked at Chris Lewis. “What do you think about this son-in-law?”

“I have never meet someone with such a big family business in my life!” Chris Lewis sighed.

Claire Brown excitedly said, “Right?! Next door Mrs. Smith’s daughter married a manager department of a company. She brags every day as if afraid that others won’t know!”

“Huh. It won’t be long before our daughter get married. It’ll scared them to death!”

The older you get, the stronger you want to compare your children. Everyone hopes that their children were better than others and more capable than others. So their faces looked brighter when they said it.

In the room, Colin Ward was lying on the bed and fell asleep.

Flora Lewis angrily kicked Colin Ward, “Pig!”

“I shouldn’t have sought for your help if I knew!”

“Now is great. The more you talk, the more we can’t undo this!”

“Mom and dad too. How can they believe such nonsense? Where are their brains?”

Flora Lewis wanted to explode.

When she finally calmed down, she faced another huge problem.

Where should she sleep tonight?

At this time, Doris Lee video-called her.

Flora Lewis immediately lit up. She accepted the video call, “Doris, help me!”

When Doris Lee saw that Flora Lewis didn’t look good, she concernedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Flora Lewis immediately turned the phone to Colin Ward who was on the bed. “Look. Look at your husband. He sleeps like a dead pig! I can’t wake him up no matter what I do. What should I do?”

Doris Lee turned white when she saw Colin Ward, “What… are you guys doing?”

“Sleeping!” Flora Lewis was thinking about her sleeping problem, and the word ‘sleeping’ was blurted out.

Doris Lee’s hands shook and her phone fell on the bed.

Flora Lewis saw the black screen and reacted instantly, “Doris, it’s now what you think…”

Doris Lee picked up her phone, she said coldly with a blank expression, “So what is it?”

“Doris, we…”

“No need to explain. What’s there to explain when I’ve seen it all! Flora Lewis, I really have misjudged you. I have always thought of you as my best friend, yet you do this kind of thing!”

“Doris, let me explain!” Flora Lewis was very anxious.

However, Doris Lee had hung up the video call and Flora Lewis’s voice didn’t reach through.

Flora Lewis called back right away, but it was rejected by Doris Lee.

She continued to call until she heard the operator said that the phone was turned off.

What should she do?

Flora Lewis panicked.

She didn’t expect for Doris Lee to care about Colin Ward so much. And she didn’t expect things to develop into the way it was now. She had no idea how to deal with it.


The next morning, Colin Ward woke up in a familiar feeling. He rubbed his forehead, “I still have to practice my drinking!”

However, as soon as he turned his head, he saw Flora Lewis sitting by the bed.

“Why are you here?” Colin Ward sat up in shock.

Flora Lewis’s hair was messy, dark circles hanging under her eyes, her eyes were dead, and her skin was pale.

“Shit! What’s wrong with you? I didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Flora Lewis lowered her head and her voice was hoarse. “I’m in trouble…”

“What’s wrong?” asked Colin Ward.

Flora Lewis told Colin Ward about the video call with Doris Lee last night. After she was done, she cried.

“What should I do?”

Colin Ward breathed in, “You—you just……”

He was worried that Doris Lee would misunderstand all this time. He had planned to go back and tell her last night, but before he could say it, there was a huge misunderstanding already. He was going to die unjustly!

“I—I didn’t want to either! I…“ Flora Lewis covered her face and sobbed.

Colin Ward thought for a while upon seeing this. She couldn’t be blamed for all of this too, so he comforted, “Stop crying. I’ll go back and explain to Doris. You explain to Doris too. She’ll understand.”

For this reason, Colin Ward hurriedly got dressed and washed up. He just went out and bumped into Chris Lewis who had returned from morning exercise.

“Colin, you’ve awaken? Where are you going to this early?”

Colin Ward politely replied, “Uncle, there’s urgent matter happens at home. I’m going back first.”

After that, Colin Ward left the district. He stopped a taxi, “Lanbo port.”

When he arrived at Lanbo port, Colin Ward didn’t see Doris Lee. Knowing that she had definitely gone to the company, he called her but it couldn’t get through.

In the end, Colin Ward could only sent a text message, explaining everything from the start to the end.

At this moment, Nina While called, “Chairman, the Xinxi group is still suppressing Lishi. Lishi hoped that the Marquis group will come and willing to give 50% of the shares.”

Colin Ward frowned and replied, “I understand. I’ll go to the company now.”

After he arrived at the Marquis group, Nina White entered the office.

“Lishi is unable to resist any longer, so they’ve been contacting us.”

Colin Ward was surprised, “That fast?”

Nina White nodded, “But Lishi Company has never been our goal. Its development prospect isn’t the most ideal too. Xinxi group is different. This group is a company with great potential. It will be a great benefit to our development in the future.”

“Therefore, I propose to purchase Xinxi group and abandon Lishi Company.”

Colin Ward rubbed his eyebrows. “I have my own thought on this matter. You guys continue to be in contact with Webb Lee.

Doris Lee was focused on Lishi Company and very devoted to Lishi. If Lishi was gone, Doris Lee would definitely be extremely sad, and it was something he didn’t allow to happen.

Colin Ward then said, “By the way, do you have any acquaintances in Xinxi group?”

“I do.”

“Help me arrange an office worker identity.”

Chapter 54: Stay away from her

After Colin Ward left Marquis Group, he directly went to Xinxi Group.

He kept not finding out who was the boss behind the Xinxi Group, and so was what kind of resentment between Xinxi Group and Lishi Company had. He had no choice but to get into Xinxi Group and investigate it himself.

He suspected Barr Martin now.

Barr Martin had always plotted against Doris Lee, but Doris Lee never responded. Again and again it was sabotaged by Colin Ward, so he wanted to destroy Lishi, making Lishi wanted to seek help from outside. And then, Martin Group would lend a helping hand with Doris Lee as a condition.

Mr. Lee had always prioritized the Lee family, so he would naturally make Doris Lee divorced with Colin Ward and married Barr Martin. This thought felt very reasonable.

However, despite it was reasonable, he couldn’t rashly draw a conclusion without definite evidence. Otherwise it would affect his own judgement.

Xinxi Group was located in the northern suburbs of Tianbei City. It wasn’t very far. It only took twenty to thirty minutes by car.

After he arrived at Xinxi Group, Colin Ward told the front desk a name that Nina White gave him. Then waited for that person to come out.

A few minutes later, a woman who was pretty similar to Nina While walked over on high heels.

The woman looked 25 or 26-year-old, wearing a white professional suit, her hair was wavy, and had a slender figure.

“Are you Colin Ward?” the woman glanced at him.

Colin Ward nodded, “Yes.”

“I’m Melissa Gold, and I’m the chairman’s secretary,” said Melissa Gold.

Colin Ward politely nodded his head, “Nice to meet you.”

Melissa Gold hummed in response, “Actually, the group doesn’t plan to hire anybody, but you were introduced by Nina. So come with me!” After that, the woman walked away.

Colin Ward followed.

Melissa Gold took Colin Ward upstairs to the sales department. Then she said to a sweeter-looking woman, “Lily Jones, a new hire. Show him around.”

Lily Jones nodded, and obediently smiled, “Okay, Secretary Gold.”

Then Melissa Gold was gone.

Lily Jones chuckled, and lightly patted her chest. “Oh, my God. That surprised me!”

“Are you afraid of her?” Colin Ward thought it was amused.

Lily Jones subconsciously answered, “Of course, she is…” She quickly stopped in mid-sentence. She stared at Colin Ward suspiciously, and asked, “The company isn’t hiring anyone, but you were brought in by Secretary Gold. You must be close with Secretary Gold, right?”

Colin Ward shook his head, “It’s my first time meeting her.”


“Really.” Colin Ward nodded.

Lily Jones breathed out a sigh of relief, then glanced around uneasily before whispering to Colin Ward, “Secretary Gold is a well-known tigress in our company.”

The office wasn’t big, only sixty to seventy square meters. Each desk was separated by a blue partition. Other employees were working now.

Because she was afraid of being heard, Lily Jones leaned closer to Colin Ward’s ear. And when she spoke, her breath hit Colin Ward’s ear.

Colin Ward’s ears moved unconsciously. Then suddenly both his hands became claws and his mouth was wide opened, “Is that so?”


Colin Ward laughed too. In order to blend in with the new company, he needed to have a good relationship with his colleagues.

The two talked and laughed, and they were caught by someone at the entrance.

For the rest of the time, Lily Jones taught Colin Ward. The two walked together very closely, and they often laughed.

And for Colin Ward to find out what he wanted to know as soon as possible, he needed to have a good relationship with Lily Jones.

Precisely therefore, he caused himself a series of no small troubles.

After getting off work, Lily Jones took Colin Ward to the employee dormitory.

All the employees of this company had their own dormitory. It was Colin Ward’s first time and he had to ask Lily Jones to take him to the employee dormitory. Lily Jones and Colin Ward got along well, and she happily agreed.

But before they reached the dorm, they were surrounded by five people.

Five company employees in their twenties surrounded Colin Ward and Lily Jones. And in front of them was a man with pierced ears who looked to be the boss of these people.

The man with pierced ears looked average, but from the clothes he wore and the watch on his wrist, he looked like from a wealthy family.

When Lily Jones saw the man who was in front, she unconsciously hid behind Colin Ward. She sounded a bit scared as she asked, “Kevin Reed, what are you doing?”

The young man named Kevin Reed chuckled lightly, “What am I doing?” After that, he walked to Colin Ward, looking at him up and down for a while. He asked, “Are you new?”

Colin Ward nodded, “Yes.”

He came to investigate the boss behind the scenes and didn’t want to cause trouble. And, he didn’t know what trouble he had caused to them?

Kevin Reed stared at Colin Ward and coldly said, “Since you’re new, I’ll let you go this time. But I warn you, Lily Jones is my woman, so get far away from here. The next time I catch you, you’ll die!”

“What are you saying? I’m not your woman and I don’t like you too!” Lily Jones said in annoyance.

Kevin Reed coldly said, “So what?”

“You!” Lily Jones gritted her teeth.

Kevin Reed looked at Colin Ward. “Have you remembered what I said?”

“I have,” Colin Ward nodded.

He didn’t want to cause trouble, so he would avoid what could be avoided.

Kevin Reed was a little surprised at Colin Ward’s easy-to-talk attitude. He looked at Colin Ward with interest, then smiled and said, “Not bad. You’re pretty tactful!”

Lily Jones didn’t expect that Colin Ward was that terrified. At the same time, her heart felt dejected and took a step away from him.

Kevin Reed looked at Lily Jones and smiled as he felt satisfied. Then he left with his people.

After they left, Colin Ward then asked, “Who are they?”

Lily Jones looked indifferent, she had completely lost the warmth from before. “Company employees.”

Colin Ward was taken aback and asked, “Then shall we go?”

“I have something to do. Go by yourself!” Lily Jones said it coldly then left.

Colin Ward was speechless. Then he found the dormitory by himself. When he got there, there were already three men in the dorm.

The dormitory was similar to a university dormitory—a quadruple room and a bathroom.

When Colin Ward entered, everybody was doing their own things. One of them was eating instant noodles, one was washing clothes, and another was playing with his phone. When they saw Colin Ward, they simply just glanced at him.

Colin Ward didn’t talk with them.

Walking to the balcony, Colin Ward took out his phone and called Doris Lee, but she still didn’t pick up.

After several consecutive calls with no avail, he felt a bit lost, so he texted Doris Lee, saying that he had something to do tonight and wouldn’t be sleeping at home.

After sending the text, Colin Ward observed the three people and wanted to ask them about the Xinxi Group. But by the look of it, they all didn’t want to talk to him.

Collin Ward shrugged. Even though he wanted to probe information, there was no need for him to lick their boots.

When he was about to go out, the man who was playing with his phone suddenly said, “Hey, brother. Do you want to eat?”

Colin Ward was a little surprised. He nodded and said, “Sure.”

The two went to a fast food restaurant outside and ordered two sets meals.

“I’m William Howard,” the man introduced himself.

Colin Ward smiled, “Colin Ward. I just join the company. Please take care of me.”

William Howard suddenly sighed.

Colin Ward wondered, “What’s wrong?”

William Howard sighed again, “What taking care of you for? The company isn’t operating now. It’s laying off employees.”

Colin Ward wasn’t surprised by this, and listened to William Howard continue, “Do you know why they act rude towards you?”

“Because of the layoffs?” asked Colin Ward.

William Howard nodded, “Yeah. Company is laying off employees now, but you joined the company and was brought in by Secretary Gold. Everybody thought you joined because of connection, so you won’t get layoff. Which means they want to kick one more person. Who would be happy?

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