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Chapter 53: Go To Yvette’s House – My Billionaire Mom

Chuck smiled while reading Lara’s message. It should be the money that Lara needed to open the milk tea shop, but it was really ridiculous of her to borrow it from him!

Chuck ignored her message as it was too ridiculous.

Chuck put the phone in his pocket and turned to ask what Yolanda wanted to eat. He had to send Yvette a meal anyway, so he was thinking of buying Yolanda a meal on the way too.

“It’s okay. I’ll order some delivery myself. Thank you. There are still some details that I need to think through.” Yolanda smiled and shook her head.

“Well, okay then, remember to have your meal on time,” Chuck said and left.

He casually picked three dishes in a restaurant in his plaza and went to the fifth floor. However, to Chuck’s disappointment, Yvette was not there. She had probably gone out to work on some company issues. She seemed determined to run her company after signing the contract.

Chuck could only bring the dishes back to Yolanda’s office.

Yolanda said, “Is this for me?”

Chuck didn’t want to lie to her either. He just told her that it was for a friend, but she was not around. Chuck didn’t let her know that it was Yvette.

“Although it’s originally for someone else, still, thank you so much, because I’m hungry now.” Yolanda smiled.

Chuck was surprised to see Yolanda’s good temper. It was rare for someone beautiful to have such a good personality.

“Don’t you mind?” Chuck couldn’t help but ask.

“What should I mind about?” She replied. Alright then.

The two of them finished the three dishes. To be honest, Chuck really enjoyed eating with his beautiful friend.

Soon the night came about, but there was still no sign of Yvette. She was probably out there dealing with some important matters. When it was almost time, Chuck offered to send Yolanda back to the university.

“Thank you. I’ll take the car myself.” Yolanda shook her head.

Chuck was surprised. Why did Yolanda look like she didn’t want to go back to school? Chuck glanced at Yolanda’s injured knee and sat down.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay. I haven’t finished my work yet, so I’ll go back later.”

Yolanda didn’t want to go back to school because she was afraid that William Yuri would wait for her at the door. She was thinking of sleeping overnight in the office as she could sleep on the couch.

“Did something happen to you?” Chuck asked softly because he saw the sadness in Yolanda’s eyes just now. Maybe she did not injure her knees by accident. But she was always cheerful and independent, so she would definitely not reveal her true emotions to just anyone.

“Nope,” She said.

“Really?” Chuck asked again.

“Yes, thank you for your concern,” Yolanda assured him.

“Just tell me, if there’s anything wrong!” Chuck said.

Chuck was helpless. She had a boyfriend, so there was no need for him to worry about her. He could only tell Yolanda not to work too late. Yolanda smiled and nodded. Chuck then left after the conversation.

Yolanda also continued her work. Then her phone rang out all of a sudden, it was from William. She did not want to answer the phone call but had no choice in the end as her phone continued to ring endlessly.

“Yolanda, are you sleeping with the man who sent you back yesterday?” William’s voice was very unpleasant. He had waited for her for a long time at the school gate, but she had not come back yet. He even went to the girls’ dormitory and asked if she was in her room or not.

“Can you not be so disgusting?” Yolanda’s voice was cold.

“Disgusting? Why don’t you tell me about the disgusting thing that you did? Have you already slept with him more than once?” William scolded madly.

Yolanda hung up the phone.

William called her again, but she didn’t answer the call.


It was a message from William. He was cursing in the message, swearing to find her tonight. Yolanda sighed and told herself to ignore him. She clearly knew that she needed to work hard now to bring her life back to how it used to be.

After she finished her work, she locked the door of the office, and then curled up on the lonely sofa and closed her eyes…

Chuck arrived at the parking lot and was about to drive home when he suddenly thought that he wanted to ask Yvette about how she was.

However, it took quite some time for Yvette to pick up the phone.

“Hey…” Her voice sounded a little sad. What was wrong?

“Hey… Yvette, How are you now?” Chuck asked in a hurry. Was she sick? She sounded sick with her weak and hoarse voice.

Chuck thought that Yvette went out for work at noon when he sent her food. He did not know about her falling sick.

“My head hurts a little. It looks like the common cold.” She said.

“Have you taken your medicine yet?” He asked with concern.

“Nope,” Yvette replied.

“Where are you now? I’ll buy you some medicine and send it over to you,” Chuck said in a hurry.

Chuck would not have the courage to say that in the past, but it was different now. Yvette no longer disliked him. He could feel the change in impression from the tone she used to speak to him.

Chuck no longer needed to be overcautious. He knew this was the opportunity that he must seize.

After a moment of hesitation, Yvette’s cold voice sounded. “Okay, but it’s a little far away. It will take you half an hour to get here by car.”

“Alright, no problem,” He replied.

Yvette sent him the address after hanging up the phone. Chuck took a look at the address and immediately drove towards her house. Chuck even stopped halfway and bought a bowl of porridge for Yvette. She probably had not eaten for a whole day.

Then he went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine and hurriedly drove to the place where Yvette lived. This neighbourhood was almost the same as the one that Yvette had sold before. Chuck suddenly thought of the house that he bought from Yvette and sighed, he did not have time to manage that house too.

After he parked the car, he walked in and took the elevator. To be honest, Chuck was a little nervous, as if he was going to do something bad. He kept telling himself that he was only here to send her some food and medicine to calm himself down.

“Yvette is ill today, so I can’t have any thoughts about her!” Chuck hurriedly shook his head and dispelled this evil thought. He went to the front door of Yvette’s home and knocked on it.

After a while, the door opened. Yvette looked pale and haggard. Chuck suddenly felt a little distressed. She had not eaten for a whole day. Why didn’t she call him when she was sick? After all, he was her husband!

Chuck felt helpless. She was wearing a casual loose knee-length dress that revealed her pale calves. She was also wearing a pair of slippers, revealing her beautiful feet. Chuck did not dare look elsewhere as Yvette was not well.

“Come in and have a seat.” Yvette looked at the food in Chuck’s hand and felt touched. She was indeed a little hungry.

Chuck walked into the house nervously. This was Yvette’s new home. She had only brought over the things from her previous house, so it seemed familiar to him. Chuck sighed inwardly. “This is your medicine, and here’s some porridge. You should eat it first.”

“Okay,” Yvette said as she received the porridge from Chuck. Chuck felt Yvette was not comfortable with his presence, so he went to the bathroom. She was staying in a single bedroom apartment so the bathroom could be easily located. When he passed by the balcony, he saw Yvette’s undergarments being hung out to dry. Chuck quickly shook his head and stopped himself from thinking about it.

He decided not to disturb her and thought it was better for him to go home. Chuck went to the bathroom and looked at his mobile phone as he was bored. He then saw that Lara had sent him another message. He was nonplussed, and he could not convince himself to lend Lara any money.

“10,000 dollars, I need 10,000 dollars, and I promise to give it back to you in a month’s time.”

Lara was excited because “baller” had finally replied to her message. “Baller” was her last resort for financial aid as her parents would never give her such a huge amount of money. Moreover, she could not get so much out of her credit card too.

“Please…” Lara sent another message.

“Why do I need to lend it to you?” Chuck repeated. He wanted her to say those words herself.

“If you are willing, I can accompany you for three days, and then you can lend me 10,000 dollars. I’ll still pay you back in a month.” After a minute, Lara replied.

Although Lara was annoying, her credibility was still good, Chuck was hesitating, not because he wanted to sleep with her, but he thought he should seize the opportunity to humiliate her. So he told her to send him a nude photo of herself.

Lara did not reply to his message after that. Chuck thought that Lara was afraid of him spreading her photos, so she chose to give up.

Chuck then put away his mobile phone and went out after using the bathroom. However, his phone suddenly rang. It was a message from Lara. He clicked on it and found her photo in surprise, she was not totally nude, but she did expose her body a lot in the picture. Her figure was really good!

Lara continued pleading. “Baller, don’t do this to me. I don’t want to send nudes. Have a look at the photo I sent just now, is it good enough?”

Chuck ignored it as he knew Lara would send him more photos if he ignored her.

However, Chuck thought differently after looking at Lara’s photo. Since he was already at Yvette’s house, should he do something about it?

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