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Chapter 530: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 530 I Really Care About Her

Speaking of the monitor, Anna Xie frowned. “She is narrow-minded and has often found trouble with me. Now she set you up. If I were to meet her, I would definitely settle the score with her.”

“She is already miserable. I ran into her at the coffee shop the other day. She was working as a cleaner in the coffee shop. I believe it was a devastating blow to her.”

When Qiqi talked about her, she was very sad for the monitor. But Anna felt she deserved it.

“She vilified you. This is the punishment she deserves.” Anna said angrily.

“After you became a noblewoman, you have a different aura. I bet it feels good to have your husband to back you up.” Qiqi said.

“I’m so worried for you. And you’re making fun of me.”

“All this is already in the past. Just don’t waste time. Although I somehow went through an ordeal, but didn’t I succeed in losing weight? You see I can now wear a smaller size.” said Qiqi.

Then Qiqi even spun around in front of Anna to show off her body.

Qiqi thought Anna would say she was crazy again. But Anna didn’t say anything and just looked at her until her eyes were moist.

Her reaction frightened Qiqi. She sat by Anna’s side. “Anna, why are you crying?” She said cautiously.

Anna took a deep breath, and then turned her head sideways.

“Looking at you like this, I’m really heartbreaking.”

“Anna, I’m not as weak as you think,” Qiqi said.

“Yes, you are indeed very strong. But you even need to rely on drugs to regulate your mood. what a horrible memory that should be.”

Anna’s words left Qiqi speechless.

Indeed, she was having a painful experience. She felt like she was about to sink into the dream forever and couldn’t get out. Luckily, Chuxue’s cooking made Qiqi want to break through the nightmare and return to reality to tell her how bad the cooking was.

Thinking about Chuxue’s terrible cooking, Qiqi suddenly laughed. “I’m not alone in facing this. Yuqi helped me a lot. Chuxue has also been with me and cooked all kinds of food for me.”

Speaking of Chuxue, Qiqi then realized that she hadn’t seen her since she got up in the morning.

Looking around, Qiqi didn’t find her either. “Where did Chuxue go?” She mumbled.

Although Anna also missed Chuxue, now she had to settle Qiqi’s matter first.

“Since things have passed, why don’t you leave here?”

Seeing Qiqi’s hesitant look, Anna frowned. “Is it that Yuqi doesn’t allow you to leave here?”

Qiqi thought for a moment and nodded.

Suddenly Anna was angry. “I told you he was not a good person. He must have an ulterior motive. He isn’t looking for women outside, but he always keeps an eye on you.” said she angrily.

Anna’s words left Qiqi speechless.

Suddenly the doorbell rang again.

At this moment, Qiqi suddenly had the urge to shed tears. “It must be my pizza that has arrived!” She said excitedly.

Qiqi went to open the door. But in the moment of opening the door, her smile fixed.

Chuxue forgot her keys, so she rang the doorbell.

Walking past Qiqi, Chuxue teased. “Qiqi, what’s this look on your face? You’re so disappointed.”

Not waiting for the pizza, Qiqi was very unhappy.

“Chuxue, did you go out to buy food?” She asked.

“I’m sorry I didn’t buy it. I went to my store.”

“Then did you bring back any snacks?”


“Then do you have any food on you?”


These answers made Qiqi sad.

“Why are you so hungry? No food in the refrigerator?” said Chuxue.

“No, I’ve eaten everything. Only beer and milk left.”

“Then let’s go shopping for food later.”

“Where are you going shopping? I want to go with you.” Anna said suddenly.

Hearing the voice, Chuxue realized that there was another person in the living room.

“Anna?” Chuxue called happily.

With a light smile on her face, Anna said. “Chuxue, you’re here. I didn’t expect you to be here too.”

“I’ve been living here recently.”

Such a reply made Anna slightly surprised.

“You live here?” She asked.

Chuxue nodded her head. “Yes. In order to take care of Qiqi, I’m staying here for a while.”

Before Chuxue said this, Qiqi kept hinting at her not to say too much. But Chuxue had already finished what she needed to say.

“Why does Qiqi need you to take care of her?”

Chuxue realized that she had said something she shouldn’t have said and began to think of a way to explain.

“There is nothing to worry about. I just told her everything.” Qiqi said.

Hearing Qiqi’s words, Chuxue breathed a sigh of relief. Anna appeared suddenly. They wanted to hide something from her, but they were not prepared for it.

Just as Chuxue relaxed, Anna said in a cold tone. “So you know all about it.”

Anna wore a light smile, but it made people feel that she was angry.

“Qiqi was afraid that it would affect my h oneymoon, so she didn’t tell me her matter. What about you? What is your reason?”

“Me too. Neither of us wanted to affect your good mood.” Chuxue explained.

Anna nodded with a smile on her face, but there was a bit of anger in her voice. “Could it be that in your hearts I am the person who would rather play outside than care about my friends?”

Chuxue waved her hand repeatedly. “Anna, that’s not what I meant.”

“I know you guys care about me, but if I didn’t help my friends when they needed me the most, I can’t forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

“I’m sorry it’s our fault. Please don’t be angry. You just came back from your honeymoon, you should be cheerful.” said Chuxue on one side, while hinting Qiqi to say something quickly.

But Qiqi was so hungry now, and her brain was not working.

“We know we’re wrong. We’ll never hide it from you next time.” Qiqi said.

Anna frowned and looked at Qiqi. “ There is still a next time?”

“Qiqi means that no matter what happens in the future, she will definitely confess to you honestly and never hide anything.”Chuxue hurried to explain.

“Fine, then I forgive you this time.” said Anna, and then she went to her room with Qiqi and began to pack her luggage.

“Anna, what are you doing?” Chuxue asked, puzzled.

“Qiqi can’t go back to school now. But it’s inappropriate to let her stay here. I decided to find a place for her to live.” Anna said.

“I’m afraid Yuqi won’t agree.” Chuxue suddenly said.

“I don’t need his permission.” said Anna. “But what does Qiqi have to do with him?”

“Uh, they have nothing to do with each other.” Chuxue explained.

“Qiqi, pack your things and let’s get out of here.” said Anna.

Qiqi leaned against the wall and didn’t move at all. This caused Anna to frown in dissatisfaction.

“Qiqi, you don’t want to leave here, do you?”

Qiqi slowly raised her head. “I want to go, but I’m so hungry now that I don’t have any strength.” said she weakly.

“You ……”

The doorbell rang again and Qiqi’s eyes lit up. With all the strength, she walked to the door. “This time it must be my pizza that has arrived!”

However, when Qiqi opened the door, she didn’t saw the delivery boy who delivered the pizza. It was Yuqi who was standing outside.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Anna staring coldly at him.

“Anna, you’re back.” Yuqi said politely.

“Yeah. But I guess some people probably wish that I would never come back for the rest of my life.” Anna said coldly.

Yuqi did not pay attention to Anna’s terrible attitude and still smiled. “I’ve already met with Yulin. It looks like you guys are having a good time out there.”

Sensing that the atmosphere was weird, Chuxue hurriedly said. “I’ll go pour tea for you.”

As soon as Chuxue left, Anna ordered Qiqi behind her. “Qiqi, I’ll go help you pack.”

Before Qiqi could respond, Yuqi asked first. “Pack what?”

“I’m going to find a new place for Qiqi. Of course I have to unpack her bags.”

“You’re taking her away?” Yuqi asked.

“You helped Qiqi before, and I’m grateful to you. But she can’t live here all the time.”

“Why can’t she live here?”

“As her friend, you’ve helped her enough. Then other things related to her are none of your business.”

Anna didn’t want to waste any more time with Yuqi. She tugged Qiqi’s hand and walked towards the door.

But Yuqi blocked their way. “You are Qiqi’s friend and can help her, why can’t I?”

Since Yuqi had asked, Anna wanted to talk to him clearly. “Then what exactly are you helping her for? And what are you planning?” Anna questioned.

“I didn’t plan anything. Why do you think I’m going to get something from Qiqi?”

“You want her. Don’t you expect Qiqi to give you something in return?”

Faced with Anna’s blunt words, Yuqi was speechless.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it that you admit it. So now, can I take Qiqi away?” Anna sneered.

“I really care about Qiqi.”

“Whether you care about her or not is not based on your words, but on what you actually do. You need to make us believe you with your actions.”

Yuqi had been gentle, but Anna was assertive, which made Yuqi lost patience. He frowned. “Why don’t you ask Qiqi’s opinion?”

Looking back at Qiqi, Anna raised her eyebrows. “Qiqi, are you leaving or staying?”

“I …… I ……”

Under the eager gaze of Yuqi and Anna, she actually fainted.

The people were shocked and hurriedly sent her to the hospital.

After various tests, the results came out. She just fainted from hunger.

When she got this result, Anna was glad and angry at the same time. She couldn’t believe that Qiqi had fainted because she was hungry. Yuqi said he was good to Qiqi, but she didn’t see him being good to her.

When Qiqi woke up, she saw Anna and Yuqi standing beside her left and right, looking at her. Then she closed her eyes again, but Anna had already found her awake.

“Qiqi, I’ve already found a place for you. Let’s go now.”

“She can’t go with you!” Yuqi said.

But Anna didn’t even take his words into consideration.

“You have no right to stop her from moving out of your house.”

“I have the right. Uh, I am her ……” Yuqi suddenly paused.

“You are what? Boyfriend? ” Anna sneered.

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