Ouyang Fei opened her eyes from the humiliation, and she shed tears.

She is not intact anymore.

Her beautiful eyes have been occupied by perverted insidiousness, this boss behind the scenes, she must retaliate against her! !

For sure!

Ouyang Fei put on her clothes. During the whole process, the boss behind the scenes was watching with red wine, with no expression on her face.

“Sister, I want to take a rest, I’m very tired.” Ouyang Fei came over.

“You want to take a rest? Yes, you go to rest,” the boss behind the scenes asked.

“Then, if the black rose comes over, then.”

“I will protect you.”

Ouyang Fei was relieved.

Someone came in and took Ouyang Fei out.

Ouyang Fei followed out. When she turned her head, she saw the boss behind the scenes answering a phone call. She stared at the boss behind the scenes viciously, and her thoughts of revenge were extremely strong.

She was droved by a man to a hidden place where the whole area is owned by the boss behind the scenes!

“You live here, you can find me if you need it.” The driving man said coldly.

“Have you always followed the boss?” Ouyang Fei looked at him tenderly.

“Yes, I always follow her.” The man said coldly.

“I am also going to follow the boss all the time,” Ouyang Fei approached.

Ouyang Fei was originally a beauty, with the beauty of a Chinese woman, tall figure, tender eyes, this is a charming woman.

The man looks at her.

“Send me in, are you willing?” Ouyang Fei bit her lip.

If Ouyang Fei wants to avenge the boss behind the scenes, she must slowly break through the people around her, one by one, to find out the weakness of the boss behind the scenes!

The man said nothing.

“Oh, I have just arrived in the U.S. by myself and I am very uncomfortable. Can you talk to me? Will you send me in?” Ouyang Fei said tenderly.

I have to say that she looks so pitiful that a man can’t hold it, because Ouyang Fei has a pair of big talking eyes.

Ouyang Fei held the man’s hand, “Okay? Just send me in.”

“Send you in?”

“Yes, am I pretty?”


“I want to find someone to rely on, can you let me rely on? Please.” Ouyang Fei shed tears, at this moment, Ouyang Fei is very pitiful.

The man unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.

Ouyang Fei stared at him with sinister eyes, and she was not intact anymore, so she would completely use her physical advantage to get everything she wanted!!

Ouyang Fei and the man went inside, she wanted revenge!

“What did you say?” The boss behind the scenes frowned, his voice indifferent!

“I, I followed Black Rose and saw her go to one of Karen Lee’s house. I didn’t dare to get too close, but halfway through, I heard two gunshots!” There was a trembling voice on the phone.

“The gunshot? Did the black rose come out?” the boss behind the scenes asked indifferently.

What is Black Rose doing to Karen Lee now?


“I let you stare at her!” The boss behind the scenes was annoyed. Black Rose was not Karen Lee’s opponent at all, so she went in and there were two gunshots, so Black Rose couldn’t get out.

It was definitely counter-killed by Karen Lee.

“Sorry boss, I…” The man was terrified.

“Continue to stare at her or you will die! If you can’t do this, then you commit suicide yourself!” The boss behind the scenes is indifferent.

“Yes Yes.”

The phone hangs up.

Behind the scenes, the boss finished drinking and was going to rest, but the phone rang again, and she frowned, showing a little interest.

“It’s you?” said the boss behind the scenes.

“Yes, it’s me, I’m at the door of your bar, can you come out?” It was a man’s voice.

That’s right, this is Overlord Lee’s!!

“What are you doing here? I have nothing to see with you.”

“That’s not necessarily.”

The boss behind the scenes thought about it and agreed.

Soon, Overlord Lee came in alone.

The boss behind the scenes poured a glass of wine and drank herself, “What’s the matter? Let’s talk!”

Overlord Lee and the boss behind the scenes are regarded as a cooperative relationship. After all, Overlord Lee secretly gave a lot of money to the boss behind the scenes and asked her to send a killer to kill people. After so many years, there are at least 30 orders.

“Hehe, I heard that the boss has a bad relationship with Karen Lee?” Overlord Lee sat down by himself.

“Then? What are you going to say?”

“What I want to say is, since you have a conflict with Karen Lee, then you definitely want her to die. It’s simple. I will pay and you will find someone to assassinate her. Of course, it is best to kill her. If you can let her eat a bullet, I will give you an extra 50 million dollars! If you can break a hand, I will give you 500 million dollars, and if you break a finger, I will also give you 50 million dollars. I think the business is good, right?” Overlord Lee smiled slightly.

“Yes, it’s good, but you made a mistake.” The boss behind the scenes was unmoved.

“Make a mistake? What?” The smile on Overlord Lee’s face stagnated.

“I have a big conflict with Karen Lee, but I never thought of killing her.” said the boss behind the scenes.

“Haha, it doesn’t matter, everyone has a price, you just need to bid,” Overlord Lee smiled again.

Isn’t this behind-the-scenes boss just for self-improvement?

It doesn’t matter, in order to kill Karen Lee, he can still afford the money.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I won’t kill her,”

“Boss, don’t you contradict yourself?” Overlord Lee smiled slightly.

“Contradictions? Where am I contradicting?”

“Someone asked the Black Rose in your organization to assassinate Karen Lee twice, dare you to say you don’t know about this?”

“There is,”

“Then you still want to kill, otherwise you won’t agree,”

“You made a mistake again. You know Karen Lee’s strength as well as mine. Black Rose can’t kill her, so why don’t I agree?” The boss behind the scenes shrugged.

What’s wrong with making money?

Overlord Lee’s smile stopped, “You really don’t want to? Billions, or tens of billions, are fine, you just mention it.”

“Karen Lee is richer than your Lee family. If I kill her then you will give me tens of billions? Then you will take over everything of her. Wouldn’t you will become the world’s richest man?” The boss behind the scenes sneered.

“Then you can count it,”

“Don’t tell me, I’m not interested in killing Karen Lee, I won’t pick up any money, you can go,” the boss behind the scenes issued an order.

“Then, what about the son of Karen Lee? You help me kill him, is this always okay?” Overlord Lee frowned, annoyed in his heart.

What to install?

“This little guy, I know why you wanna kill him. Didn’t it mean that your son was killed by him? It was your son who was unworthy and incompetent,” the boss behind the scenes laughed more.

“You!!!” Overlord Lee was angry!

“I won’t take that little guy’s business either.”

“Huh, do you want the old cow to eat tender grass?” Overlord Lee sneered. Of course he knew what kind of personality the boss behind the scenes was.

“You can’t talk nonsense,” the boss behind the scenes shook her head.

“Nonsense? Do you think I don’t know who you are?”

“I’m not an old cow, have you ever seen an old cow like me?” The boss behind the scenes is upset, what is this?

Overlord Lee didn’t bother to go on, “Well, you don’t need to pick up Karen Lee and her son’s two businesses, but you should always pick up other voices?”

“You can pick up the others, let’s talk, who to kill?”

“Ouke family!” Overlord Lee said.

“Ouke family? Tsk, Overlord Lee, what are you doing now? Your Lee family drove Karen Lee out of the Lee family, do you know it was wrong now? Once Karen Lee is gone, your Lee family’s status of one of the four major families in the world is drastically insecure, and now you are still lingering to deal with the other three families? Want to annex them?”

The boss behind the scenes certainly knows the current situation of the world’s four major families.

Karen Lee’s departure made the Lee family seem to have no heart. It was already shrinking. The Overlord Lee found out, and the Lee family also found out. It turned out that Karen Lee was originally insignificant in the Lee family, but only after she left, he knew how Karen Lee was important, but it was too late, and Karen Lee had been kicked out.

The current situation to make up for is to quickly annex some families!

“Now that you know, why should I say it?” Overlord Lee shook his head and continued tacitly, “Can this business be accepted? The money is still the same, you say the number!”

The boss behind the scenes is considering that the situation of the four big families is different. As the boss of the killer organization, she is not afraid of any family! Including the Lee family!

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