Chapter 531 – 532: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 531: Coming To Monster Jail Mountain Again

Mudao Wu also attracted several accumulated spirits by taking advantage of this chance, and his strength increased again.

At the beginning, he invested, now it was finally time to gain benefits, a hundredfold profits made Mudao contented. But he never forgot who brought it all about.

Kris Chen was definitely the most powerful person in the Sea. He who wanted to maintain all this, he must firmly follow Kris.

So he gave one-third of his income to Kris, of course, not for nothing, but gave it to Kris for the sake of worship.

One-third, also more than ten million spiritual stones, although Kris didn’t care these spiritual stones , but… Mudao’s mind he received.

After resting for a night in the City Lord’s Mansion, Kris headed towards Shiwan Mountain.

“Hey, how can the Squirrelfish be kept in the pool? It will turn into a dragon in the face of a storm!”

Mudao was very emotive. At the moment, he would only admire Kris who was his peer before.

The illustrious prestige of Kris came up by stepping on the powerful corpse of the accumulated spirits. He was probably unable to block one sword of Kris now, this was the gap.

“Master, Shadao Wu has surrendered!”

“Okay, bring him here!”

Mudao sat in the first seat, and not long two accumulated spirits walked over escorting Shadao.

“My Taoist friend, luckily we didn’t fail to accomplish this mission!”

“Thank you, my Taoist friend Qingmu and Chaohua!”

Mudao made a bow with his hands folded in front.

They two were also attracted by the price offered by Mudao.

Not all accumulated spirits were very rich. For example, they…faced with five million spiritual stones, they had to condescend to be a martial artist.

Of course, Mudao had a sense of propriety. This kind of thing would never exceed three times, and the price was clearly marked. You could do it at your own will, and there was absolutely no instigation.

They two wisely said goodbye.

Offstage Shadao lay on the ground like a dead dog, and he raised his head difficultly with his eyes full of resentment when he looked at Mudao.

“You destine not to die a natural death! ”

Mudao walked down the steps and looked at Shadao in a condescending manner, “Do you know why I didn’t kill you?”

“Because you want to see me down and out, want to taunt me, and want to mock me!”

“You’re wrong!”

Mudao carried his hands on his back, “You are my younger brother. I once promised our mother that I will protect you for life. This is my oath, I will not violate it!”

“Do you think I don’t know that you want to assassinate me over and over again?”

Mudao hummed: “Will I pass on the position of City Lord to someone who wants to kill me? I’m not a saint!”

“Do you think that I don’t know you are colluding with the Zhou Empire?”

“Do you think that what you did is very secret?”

“Do you think I dare not kill you?”

Shadao trembled all over and lowered his head, “Impossible, how would you know… I see, there are traitors, and there are traitors in the Desert Bandits!”

“You actually sent someone to watch me, you despicable villain!”

“You and I are going to this point, and I don’t hate you either, just hate the degeneration of public morality.”

Mudao said: “From now on, the brotherhood between you and I will be cut off. You never regarded me as your elder brother, so why should I regard you as my younger brother?”

“Give you two choices, die here, or swear an oath that you will never go against me forever and never hurt me.Then I will let you go!”

“Shadao looked at Mudao in disbelief, “Will you really let me go?”

“This is my last time as your elder brother to protect you, please behave yourself in the future!”

Shadao’s mood was very complicated, but the vicious look at Mudao was not diminished, “I swear that I will not fight Mudao in this life. I will retreat where he is. If there is violation, I will not be able to die a natural death!”


The moment his words fell, thunder thundered in the void, representing the establishment of the Taoist Oath.

Mudao waved his hand and lifted Shadao’s imprisonment, “Just go, please behave yourself!”

Shadao took a deep look at him, “My elder brother, we’ll not meet again!”

After finishing his words, he turned into a black light and disappeared.

Kris was flying over the yellow sand and his mood was very different this time compared with last time.

The last time he flew over Shiwan Mountain, it took 20 days, and now, it only took a few steps.

His strength had undergone earth-shaking changes. It was scorching heat of summer last time, and now it was already spring.

A year passed unconsciously.

He used his Divine Spiritual Power to sweep away, and within three thousand miles, there was nothing to hide from him.

Now the Supreme Monster could no longer arouse his interest, and the only thing he was interested in was Monster Jail Mountain!

Leaving hurriedly that day, he didn’t even probe the Monster Jail Mountain carefully. This time he vowed not to stop until he dug to a depth of three feet here.

With one foot out, Kris had arrived at the Monster Jail Mountain, looking at the Heavenly Monster Hall, there were quite a few demon soldiers.

His Divine Spiritual Power swept past, the hall was guarded by hundreds of Supreme Monsters.

Yin Yang Upside Down!

Kris stretched out his fingers, the invisible wave released, and all the demon soldiers guarding immediately turned into popsicles, even including the Supreme Monster!

Kris took a roll and directly put all the Supreme Monsters into the Storing Ring. No matter how small a mosquito was, there was meat. He didn’t need it, and it didn’t mean that his relatives didn’t need it in the future.

Kris was well aware of the principle of gradual progress.

Looking at the majestic hall, Kris was very cautious, making sure that there was no formation imprisonment, and then he walked in with confidence.

The main hall was made of very common materials, but…the throne in the middle of the main hall was unusual!

The black jade shining with black light, that is… the black crystal jade, a high-level treasure that could be refined into Spirit Weapons.

Kris took out a supreme Taoist flying sword and directly dismantled the entire throne.

Then he saw the passage at the bottom of the throne.


A puff of black air gushed out from inside!

Was this… Demon Qi?

“The Locking Art!”

Kris’s fingers flashed aura, and the Demon Qi was imprisoned and no longer leaked.

The essence of the Locking Art was a seal, so sealing the Demon Qi was not a problem.

So here came the problem. This was the Monster Jail Mountain. According to Zhong Guan, the underground here sealed the Heavenly Monster, and the Heavenly Monster was sealed by a powerful creature called “Bone”.

So, how came the Demon Qi?

Was Mr. Bone doing the Demon Practice?

Was the Demon Qi corroding the Monster Qi?

It was not impossible!

Kris suddenly felt like a cat scratching in his heart.

He really wanted to drill down and took a look.

Go? Or not?

Kris propped up several Taoist methods, ran his supernatural powers, and shrank it by a hundred times, and then set up several large formations to seal the hall.

Then he turned into a streamer and went straight down!

The further down, the heavier the Demon Qi, and the more the light curtain was corroded .

After diving thousands of feet, the Demon Qi was almost like mud, and his speed of diving was much slower.

What terrible Demon Qi, this was probably a real demon!

What was a real demon?

Not a demon, but Demon Tribe!

Kris once saw it in the dossier of Wuji Sword Sect.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the lords, demons and devils of the Devil Land waged a war and broke the big world.

Many years ago, the land of Devil Land was actually combined, and there was no Infinite Sea at all.

Kris felt terrible after thinking about it, and they almost shattered the whole world.

However, Kris also learned from the record that the world could actually be broken, which meant that one day his strength reached the God-evil level, would he be able to break the barriers of the world?

He read the dossier out of curiosity before, and he didn’t think deeply.

But now, Kris came to realize the truth.

If you wanted to break the barriers of the world, you must have the strength to break the world.

His current full blow was far from breaking the world.

“Well, I still take it for granted. It may be difficult for actualized spirits to break the barriers of the world. Maybe… only to break through to the Real God can break the barriers of the world!”

At this moment, Kris wielded a sword with the thunder-like light flashing.

Thunder had been the nemesis of demons since ancient times.


The sword light was invincible, and as soon as the Demon Qi hit the sword light, it melted in an instant.

Kris also took advantage of this time to dive continuously.

After diving for five thousand feet, Kris found that the situation in front of him suddenly become extensive !

When he saw the world in front of him clearly, he was stunned.

This was an extremely vast underground space, with two huge bodies pierced by a huge sword.

If Kris was right, the sword body was Monster Jail Mountain!

This was definitely an Excalibur!

It was probably higher than the level of Scarlet Blood.

The level of the Heavenly Monster was definitely an actualized spirit.

Even he had been dead for thousands of years, his breath also made Kris feel throbbed.

But why were there two bodies? Were there two Heavenly Monsters?

Then… the strength of Mr. Bone was too strong exactly.

Could he kill two actualized spirits with one sword?

No, it’s not right!

Kris regained his true body and flew underneath the body pierced by the huge sword. The Demon Qi constantly escaping from the tip of the sword.

Was this …a real demon!

“Boom boom boom!”

The space vibrated and suddenly came out the sound like a big drum.

“No, this is… a heartbeat!”

Kris was shocked and quickly moved away. This heartbeat came from the body below.

“Isn’t he dead yet?”

“Yes, he is not dead. If he is dead, how to start the Blood Sacrifice?”

“Boom boom boom!”

The heartbeat became louder and louder, and Kris only felt that his head was humming, and the blood in his body was going to leak out uncontrollably!


Kris shrunk the pores all over his body to prevent his essence from leaking out.

Without saying a word, Kris shot out the sword light.

It was a big move at first!


The sword light was like a rainbow, slashing on the Real Demon’s body.


It was unexpectedly difficult to cut his body within a short time.

What, this was impossible!

Kris was dumbfounded, what kind of flesh was this!

With Kris’s full blow, it was even hard to break his physical body!



A violent explosion sounded, almost shattering the space.

When the storm cleared, the huge body only hurt a little.

“Escape, I must escape!”

Kris knew he was reckless.

“Boom boom boom!”

The heartbeat became stronger and stronger.


Kris felt a heavy blow to his heart, then he spouted blood from his mouth, and then the blood was directly absorbed as if it was being pulled.

“Five Thunders Magic! Combining the Five Thunders!”

Taoist thunder had been the nemesis of evil things since ancient times. No matter how powerful this real demon was, he couldn’t even be immune to Taoist thunder, right?

Thunder shot down, bombarding the huge body, this time it was more useful than the sword light, directly scorching a large piece of skin of the huge body.

But in an instant, the burned skin returned to its original state!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Kris cursed and looked up at the passage, but it was beyond his expectation that a cloud of black air blocked the passage.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie… There is a way to heaven, but you don’t go, while there is no way to hell, you would rather come.”

“Boy, a few months ago, you pulled away my ten thousand years of accumulation from Monster Jail Mountain. You also wounded my double and made my ten thousand years of hard work committed to the flames. Now, choose one way to die!”

Chapter 532: The Heart Of The Real Demon

“Are you ‘Mr. Heavenly Monster’?”

Kris knew that the black air in front of him was the so-called Heavenly Monster.

“The real Heavenly Monster has been dead, so you are the Real Demon!”

“You are smart!”

Two red lights burst out of the black air, “But smart people don’t live long because… they know too much.”

“Is this sword Mr. Bone’s?”

“How did you know?”

“I also know that Mr. Bone has been dead, right?”

The expression of Kris was calm, but he was very anxious in his heart.

It was said that the Real Demon had a strong body and a fierce flame, comparable to the Spirit Weapon Rules!

They were magic weapons that were ten times and a hundred times more powerful than Spirit Weapon.

But Kris might have the strength to fight, at least his most powerful body was sealed, and the cloud of black air was his double.

And judging from the last fighting, the double could not leave the real body for too long, otherwise the strength would be greatly decreased!

“Why do you know so much? Are you the heir of Mr. Bone?”

The double of the Real Demon was furious and turned into a human body, except for a pair of scarlet eyes, there was no facial features at all.

“The Monstrous Magic Flame!”

The endless Demon Qi swept towards Kris.

The passage was blocked, and the space here was a sealed space. He didn’t know if he could escape by breaking through the Divine Power!

“Give it a try!”

Crossing boundary!”

Kris hit the boundary wall, feeling terrible.

It was useless, the seal space was so strong that it had exceeded the scope that he could arrogate.

Yin Yang Upside Down!

Seeing that the Demon Qi was about to invade, Kris displayed his Divine Power, and the Demon Qi perished instantly.

Taoist Strength!

The double of the real demon was startled, and a trace of greed flashed in his eyes, “If I’m right, you are a pro-physical Taoist friend, right? Okay, boy, I change my mind, your flesh, I want it!”

“Aptitude, Heaven-Ghost Blocking!”


The black air exploded, and Kris felt a magical force confining him!


He was going to grab the flesh!

Kris was shocked, and he found that apart from thinking, even his Divine Spiritual Power could not be mobilized!


The Real Demon plunged into the flesh of Kris.

“Inherent Flying Sword, okay, that’s great! You are even a Internal Sword Practitioner!”

“Your Divine Spiritual Power is clean, comparable to accumulated spirit in the Fulfilled period, and there is even a medium-grade Spirit Weapon protecting you!”

“No, why do you still have the primal spirit? What is going on?”

“How can one person cultivate two primal spirits, that’s impossible!”

The Real Demon was shocked. At this moment, an abrupt voice sounded, “Bo Luo, it’s time to end!”

The moment he heard this voice, the Real Demon was shocked, “It’s you, Mr. Bone, you are still alive!”

“You are still alive, how could I die!”

After his words fell, an old man with an immortal spirit suddenly appeared in the body of Kris.

Kris looked at this old man, was he Mr. Bone?

Why was Mr. Bone in his body?

Kris didn’t even notice him at all!

“You are… just a remnant soul!”

While Bo Luo was furious, he also discovered that Mr. Bone was just a remnant soul now!

“A remnant soul is enough to defeat you!”

“Taoist friend, borrow your body to defeat him!”

When the words fell, Kris felt like that the sky and earth were spinning round, and when he came back to his sense, his body had changed owner.

This feeling was really too bad, “Mr. Bone, you…”

“Don’t be afraid, Taoist friend, I’m just a remnant soul, I can’t grab your flesh. I know you have a lot of doubts, and I will tell you after I kill him.”

“The Locking Art!”

When his words fell, Bo Luo felt that his double was instantly imprisoned, and he couldn’t even move his mind.

“Flowers Bloom Instantly!”


The double of the Real Demon was destroyed, and a red flower grew on the top of his head and bloomed instantly!

As “Kris” waved his hand, the fruit grew from the double of the Real Demon came out, and was held in the hand of “Kris”!

“Taoist friend, please help me until I finished my task, so I would like to use your body again!”

In the consciousness space, the consciousness of Kris was compressed in the corner, even if he refused, it seemed useless!

And… Mr. Bone manipulated his physical body to operate Divine Power, and he could also clearly feel the process of casting the spell, as if he was performing it personally.

He squeezed several mysterious tactics in succession and plunged into the giant sword, then the giant sword trembled, and the continuous Demon Qi was sucked by the giant sword.

The seal that was worn down by the Blood Sacrifice had also been restored!

“Ah…Mr. Bone, you won’t die a natural death!”

The real demon yelled, and immediately his heartbeat stopped!

The Locking Art, Flowers Bloom Instantly and Yin Yang Upside Down!

As soon as the three Divine Power were continuously displayed, an orchid flower grew on the top of the Heavenly Monster’s head.

The body of the Heavenly Monster languished at a speed visible to the naked eye, leaving only fur and bones!

The flowers withered, condensing the fruit of the Heavenly Monster!

Kris was dumbfounded, how could he use Flowers Bloom Instantly like this?

And how could those Divine Powers be combined just now?

He thought of the formation, the combination of Divine Powers was like a matching formation!

“This is the Taoist Fruit of Heavenly Monster, you put it away, and it will be great for the little guy in your pet bag to swallow it!”

Was Mr. Bone talking about Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird)?

He slapped the Storing Ring of Kris, dozens of divine-level magical pills and hundreds of millions of spiritual stones were shattered, and a huge amount of the Spirit Qi from heaven and earth was sucked into the mouth.

Kris had nothing to say, why did Mr. Bone use his things so unblushingly?

“Although the quality of Spirit Qi is a bit poor, it can be used whatever. Today, I will borrow the hands of my Taoist friend to eradicate this Real Demon.”

It was Kris who was speaking, but his voice was very old.

“Five Thunders Magic!”

As soon as the words came out, the space vibrated, and the endless thunder energy was condensed in the air, and its power was more than a hundred times greater than that of Kris, and it was almost comparable to the divine thunder of his tribulation.


The colorful divine thunder fell, hitting the Real Demon’s body, and he was instantly scorched with irreversible damage.

Demon Qi emerged from the wound.

Mr. Bone performed the Locking Art again!

Infinite power made the Real Demon’s body instantly imprisoned.

Yin Yang Upside Down!

The Demon Qi was separated directly and condensed into a Demon Pearl.

“Array of Divine Fire!”

The power of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire had been increased more than ten times, burning the real demon with a squeaky sound.

Coupled with the power of the great sword, the Real Demon was quickly burned to ashes.

In the end, only a golden heart was left!

Grabbing the golden heart in his hand, Mr. Bone had not stopped yet, “The real body of the Heaven Ghost!”


The body of Kris swelled a hundredfold, and the actualized spirit became a giant with hundreds of feet. His body was covered with mysterious runes, and the Heaven Ghost Shadow can be seen vividly.

But looking closely,we could find that there was nothing but a superficial appearance!

“Your primal spirit is a demon fetus. If you want him to grow up, you must rely on infinite Demon Qi. The heart of the real demon is the best nourishment!”

Demon fetus?

Kris was dumbfounded. How could his primal spirit be a demon fetus?

Wait a moment, Heaven Ghost Shadow!

Kris understood instantly!

Mr. Bone directly crushed the Real Demon’s heart, and the essence of the Real Demon was continuously absorbed by the Heaven Ghost Shadow.

After doing all this, Mr. Bone gave up controlling of Kris’s body and changed the phantom.

Kris controlled his physical body and looked at Mr. Bone, “Mr. Bone, what is going on with all this?”

Mr. Bone didn’t say a word, with a little bit of inspiration, Kris instantly understood the cause and effect.

In fact, what Zhong Guan said was not right. Mr. Bone was actually a character from a million years ago. But Mr. Bone was not only fighting against the Heavenly Monster Bei Lang, but also the Real Demon Bo Luo!

They two hook up together in an attempt to steal the most precious treasure of the Mr. Bone’s tribe, the Chaos Pearl.

The Chaos Pearl could refine the acquired stage to the innate-power stage with infinite power. Finally, in the fight, Mr. Bone sent the Chaos Pearl away, and he directly sacrificed himself. The sword crucified Bei Lang to death, and almost killed Bo Luo, and finally sealed him under the Monster Jail Mountain.

Millions of years passed, and the seal gradually loosened, Bo Luo’s true spirit gradually awakened, and finally tempted all demons with Real Demon blood, plundering the Blood Sacrifice of the human race.

The remnant soul of Mr. Bone was hiding on the big clock above Wuwei City.

After the tenth Blood Sacrifice, the big clock shattered and Mr. Bone attached to Kris’s body, staying for more than half a year.

So, that was it!

Kris was also afraid for a while, if there was no Mr. Bone, he would have been dead!

Maybe Bo Luo had already grabbed his flesh.

“Kris, you… are very special, you have taken a different path from ordinary people, maybe… you can take the last step…”

While talking, the remnant soul of Mr. Bone became weaker and more transparent!

Kris knew that Mr. Bone was about to disappear, and when his remnant soul disappeared, there would be no Mr. Bone in this world.

“The Sword of Loyalty is my magic weapon. It has been worn down for millions of years, and its power is less than one percent of its heyday, but if it is practiced properly, it should be able to restore its peak.”

Mr. Bone used the last trace of power to project the sacrificial method of Sword of Loyalty into the mind of Kris.


“Wait, Mr. Bone, what Stage can break the barriers of the world…”

Kris asked in a hurry.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bone had completely disappeared.


Kris regretted why he didn’t ask earlier.

At this time, he was in a bad mood. Although he had overcome the difficulties, Mr. Bone disappeared forever.

Looking at the Demon Pearl, Kris opened his mouth and swallowed it directly. In his lower abdomen, the primal spirit opened his mouth and sucked, and the Demon Qi was sucked into his mouth.

Kris raised his head to look at the passage, there was still Demon Qi escaping.

With his hand waving, the Demon Qi seemed to be drawn around him.

So… he had practised for so long, Was his essence actually a demon?

Damn, was this too unbelievable?

In fact, he still had many, many questions in his mind, such as why did the Heaven Ghost Shadow condense the demon fetus?

That was just the martial art of the earth!

The so-called Great Demon in the Infinite Sea was nothing but a Practitioner who slaughtered countless human beings.

Maybe, in the Eastern Divine Land… there would be Real Demons!

Kris decided to go straight to the Eastern Divine Land after going to the Sword Tomb.

Thinking of this, Kris concentrated on absorbing the Demon Qi, and the real body of the Heaven Ghost was constantly absorbing the essence of the Real Demon, and his power became heavier.

Flesh, bones, veins were even beginning to manifest.

Kris was using Divine Spiritual Power to analyze and reckon how Mr. Bone perform Divine Powers just now.

This was real wealth.

It was impossible to have that kind of sentiment and experience without the comprehension for thousands of years or even more than thousands of years.

Time passed bit by bit, and we didn’t know how long it took before Kris woke up, and the real body of the Heaven Ghost had absorbed the essence of the real demon.

After the primal spirit absorbed the Demon Qi, the appearance changed a lot.

He was becoming devilish with his eyes more fierce.

He understood, no wonder there would be Boundary-crossing aptitude, this was the aptitude of Real Demons.

Moreover, his Boundary-crossing aptitude was incomplete before absorbing the Demon Qi, and only when it was spurred by the Demon Qi could he fully realize the power of crossing the boundary!

After understanding the doubt in his heart, Kris stood up, only to find that his beard had grown inches.

Calculating like this, he had been here for at least three months!

This might be the longest time when he was in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone)!

With a thought, the beard fell off automatically, and Kris couldn’t help but look at the Sword of Loyalty that pierced the ground!

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