Chapter 531: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 531 I Definitely Have to Punish You

Qiqi hurriedly shook her head to deny that Yuqi was her boyfriend.

“Since you’re not his boyfriend, please don’t interfere in her affairs.” Anna said to Yuqi.

“Chuxue, give me a hand. I’m taking Qiqi out of here.” said she.

Hearing Anna call out to her, Chuxue thought for a moment, and then she helped Qiqi up.

Then they walked towards the door.

Chuxue didn’t look at Yuqi’s face, but she knew that he must be staring at her viciously. But Chuxue would rather anger Yuqi than offended Anna.

Seeing the three women in front of him directly ignore him, Yuqi was angry. He coldly watched as they strutted past him.

“They have already left. Are you still not going to come out?” Yuqi suddenly said.

After a while, a man walked in from outside.

“Why are you alone here? Where is Qiqi?” Yulin asked. He pretended not to know what had happened just now.

“We are twins. I know you well. You can’t fool me with your poor acting.” Yuqi said.

“Well, I’m just pretending I don’t know what just happened so that you won’t feel embarrassed.” Yulin said.

“If you had just shown up, you could have helped me avoid this embarrassment.”

“Then wouldn’t I be the unlucky one? Anna will definitely be angry with me.”

“So you just watched them take away the woman I like?”

Seeing that Yuqi was a little angry, Yulin patted him on the shoulder. “Actually, Qiqi moving out of your house is not a bad thing. You can also find the opportunity to get in touch with her. As long as Qiqi dropped her guard on you, maybe she will slowly accept your love.”

Eventually Yulin’s few words made Yuqi slowly calm down.

Sitting on the chair, Yuqi let out a soft sigh. “Why does everyone think that I am not sincere to Qiqi?”

“To be honest, we don’t see the love you have for Qiqi.”

Yuqi’s eyes narrowed. “I will let you guys see it.” He said firmly.

Yulin heard Yuqi speak in a strange tone. “What are you …… going to do?” asked he.

Yuqi, however, was not going to tell his brother. “You’ll know when the time comes.”

“I hope your surprise won’t shock us.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I should and shouldn’t do.”

“Well, it’s time for me to be home. I guess there’s a storm waiting for me at home.” said Yulin.

Then he patted Yuqi’s shoulder, turned around and walked out. The sky outside was clear, but Yulin’s heart was filled with dark clouds.

From the time he agreed to help Yuqi, Yulin knew that Anna would definitely be angry with him.

“I just returned from my honeymoon and then have to face the punishment from my wife. I’m so miserable,” murmured Yulin. Then he returned home with a heavy heart.

It was late afternoon when Anna finished helping Qiqi move out of Yuqi’s house. They and Chuxue had dinner before going back to their homes respectively.

When she arrived at the door of her house, Anna found lights on inside the house. She knew that her huaband must be at home.

Pushing the door in, Anna just ignored Yulin. She put down her bag, and was ready to go back to her room. Instead, Yulin enthusiastically surrounded her. “Honey, are you hungry?” He asked.

“I’ve already eaten dinner.” Anna said coldly.

“I haven’t eaten yet. Can you eat some more with me?”

“No, I’m busy.”

Anna’s cold attitude made Yulin sad.

“You are angry?” He asked cautiously.

Anna raised her eyebrows and looked at him. “Of course I should be angry.” said she.

Hearing this, Yulin immediately held Anna’s hand.

“I know I was wrong.” said he seriously.

“You tell me why you were wrong.”

“I shouldn’t have promised Yuqi to lie to you.”

Anna turned her head and looked squarely at him.

“I trust you so much, and you’re hiding such an important matter from me. If Qiqi is really in danger, what should I do?”

“Uh, sorry, I just….Yuqi is my brother, I…..”

“Qiqi used to be strong, but now she can faint after starving for a while. It makes me worry about her.” Anna interrupted.

Yulin smiled awkwardly. “It’s just a coincidence that she fainted today.”

“I won’t believe your words anymore. None of your two brothers’ words are credible.”

When Yulin heard this, he realized the seriousness of the situation.

“Honey, I accept your punishment and then please forgive me.” He hurriedly admitted his mistake.

“I definitely have to punish you. And I’ve already thought of how to punish you.”

When Anna said this, there was an evil smile on her face, which made Yulin a little worried.

“What method have you thought of?” Yulin asked apprehensively.

“I’m going to move to live with Qiqi for a few days. During this period, you better reflect on your behavior at home.”

Her words left Yulin speechless.

He was hugging Anna’s waist and begged bitterly. “No, don’t leave me alone at home.”

“You can get your brother to accompany you, and then you two can have a good chat all day long.” said she sarcastically.

“No, I just want my wife!”

“Now you know I’m important? But it’s too late. My luggage happens to be unpacked yet, I’ll move out later.”

Yulin really regretted it. He didn’t help Yuqi, instead his wife had to move out.

“We just got married and you move out. If my buddies find out, they will make fun of me.”

“Just don’t let others know. I believe you have the ability.”

“So you have to move out?”


“There is no more room for negotiation?”

Anna nodded.

Taking a deep breath, Yulin suddenly changed his attitude.

“Then when you get tired of living outside, come back earlier. I will miss you.” He suddenly compromised.

Yulin suddenly changed his attitude, which made Anna full of doubts.

She thought that Yulin would not agree to her moving out, but she didn’t want him to compromise so quickly.

Then Anna turned around and walked back to her room, picked up her luggage and left.

Although Yulin did not want her to move out suddenly, he knew she would not listen to him.

After Anna left home, he immediately took out his phone and called someone.


Knowing that Anna wanted to move in, Qiqi really didn’t know what to say.

She made it clear that she was physically strong and did not need to be taken care of. But first she was caught taking pills, and then she was taken to the hospital when she fainted from hunger. Anna would certainly not believe her words.

So when Anna moved into Qiqi’s apartment, she had no reasons to refute it.

But the person who surprised Qiqi was not only Anna.

Looking at the luggage in front of her, and Chuxue, Qiqi was a little helpless.

“You’re staying here too?”

“Yes, it’s fun to live together. Don’t you think so?” said Chuxue cheerfully.

“Now I can take care of Qiqi. You don’t have to stay here.” said Anna.

“We are friends. This is what friends should do. Besides, you have to shoot a movie. At this time, I can help you take care of Qiqi.”

Hearing Chuxue’s words, Anna was silent for a long time.

But Qiqi did not want so many people to take care of her. With Anna here, she was already depressed enough. Now Chuxue also came. Then she was even more depressed.

“Actually, I can take care of myself.” said Qiqi, then she was waiting for the two women to respond. But they continued to chat as if they hadn’t heard her.

Qiqi raised her voice. “Hey, I’m talking.”

“We heard you.”

“Then why don’t you guys give me a response?”

Xiana turned her head to look at Qiqi. “What do you want us to say? We’ve moved all our stuff over and you want to throw us out?”

“I don’t mean that.”

“If you didn’t, then shut up. It’s not like we’re going to hurt you.” said Anna. Then she turned her head to look at Chuxue again. “I have a commercial to shoot the day after tomorrow. When I go out, you stay at home and don’t let anyone else in.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let Yuqi in. I’ll always support you.” Chuxue patted her chest and said confidently.

“Well, so far it looks like you support me.”

“Yeah, I will always support you”

Anna gently raised her eyebrows and did not speak.

“By the way, after you and Yulin came back, we haven’t celebrated your return yet. I’ll treat you guys to dinner tonight.”

This proposal made Anna couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “You’re desperate to help Yulin and Yuqi ask us out now.”

“You misunderstood me. I don’t want to invite Yuqi. I just want to invite Yiyao.”

Her answer was unexpected to Anna.

After coming back, Anna had been so busy with Qiqi that she didn’t even visit Yiyao Duan. And Chuxue’s suggestion just helped her make up for her regret.

So after a slight pause, she nodded her head. “It’s good. After I came back, I haven’t contacted Yiyao yet. I miss her a lot.”

“Then let me handle this matter. I’ll let you know when and where I set the time and place.”

Chuxue was very exuberant, which made people feel she odd.

“It’s about our trust in you. Don’t let me down.” Anna reminded.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely not tell Yuqi about us going out for dinner!”

Under Chuxue’s arrangement, they planned to hold a party in the evening on the second day.

Chuxue wanted to cook for them herself, but Qiqi didn’t let Chuxue into the kitchen to cook. Although Chuxue wanted to show off her cooking skills, she didn’t get the chance.

Finally Chuxue booked a long-established Sichuan restaurant. Although the store was crowded, Chuxue made a reservation to a private room.


“I have two things to celebrate today. First, we are going to celebrate Anna’s return. Second, we celebrate that Yiyao is pregnant. Third ……” said Chuxue happily.

Before Chuxue could finish her third point, Qiqi interrupted her. “Chuxue, you said there are two things to celebrate, how come you ran out of the third thing?”

“Don’t care so much about the details. I have too much to be happy about, so I’m just going to say more.”

“As long as you don’t cook, you can say whatever you want.” Qiqi teased.

Qiqi’s words made the crowd chuckle.

Chuxue was teased, but she wasn’t angry. “The atmosphere is all ruined by you.” said she.

Then Anna raised her glass. “It is the happiest thing for us to get together, so here’s to our gather.”

The crowd all raised their glasses and clinked.

“There’s a life inside. It’s so amazing.”Chuxue put down her glass and stared at Yiyao’s stomach.

Yiyao smiled and touched her stomach. “Yeah, we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl inside yet.”

“Do you hope it’s a boy or a girl?”

“Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I am happy.”

Chuxue nodded her head. “I’m sure the baby will be very smart.”

Anna listened and laughed. “You are good at flattering.”

“What I said is true. Since my brother and sister-in-law are so excellent, my nephew must be excellent as well.”

Yiyao was amused by Chuxue’s serious look. “Well, thank you. But today’s main character is Anna.

“Anna, didn’t you say you have prepared gifts for us? We are looking forward to it.”

A few words from Yiyao diverted the attention of the crowd, especially Qiqi, who looked at Anna eagerly.

“Anna, where are our presents?”

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