“Who you wanna kill from the Ouke family??”

The boss behind the scenes considered and said.

There was a conflict between the Ouke family and the boss behind the scenes.

So she can agree.

“This person,” Overlord Lee took out an envelope.

The boss behind the scenes picked it up, opened it, and looked, “This person?”

“Yes, you just mention the price.” Overlord Lee said.

“50 billion!” the boss behind the scenes said lightly.

“What, you!” Overlord Lee was so angry that he said so high!

The boss behind the scenes was expressionless.

“Okay, when can it be?” Overlord Lee gritted his teeth!

“30 billion deposit!” said the boss behind the scenes. The money of the four major families is beyond estimate, 50 billion is nothing.

Overlord Lee took out a card.

Behind the scenes, the boss snapped her fingers, and someone came in to check. Overlord Lee frowned, “You don’t even believe me? Are you afraid that I will cheat you on money?”

“Forgot to tell you, I have never believed you! Karen Lee is your family, you are her brother, you want to kill her, why should I believe you?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

Overlord Lee snorted angrily.

No problem with money.

The boss behind the scenes put the card away, “Go back and wait for the news.”

Overlord Lee snorted and stood up to go out. He suddenly turned his head, “I’m curious, don’t people like you trust anyone?”

“Then you are wrong, I have someone whom I believe.”

“Really? Haha, you have no children, who can you trust?” Overlord Lee mocked.

“The Karen Lee you are going to kill happens to be someone I believe in.” The boss behind the scenes said lightly.

Yes, it is the same thing to have a conflict with Karen Lee, but the boss behind the scenes, who knows what Karen Lee’s character is, is that she has seen too many people.

Karen Lee is the only one who does not use any means for money.

Such a person has a bottom line, so why can’t you believe her?

“You really surprised me.” Overlord Lee went out.

The boss behind the scenes joked, “Just because you still want to annex other families? When Karen Lee was still in your Lee family, it was okay, but she left, you have no chance!”

In fact, the boss behind the scenes had thought about annexing several families, but she thought about it later, which was boring.

The scale of your own killer organization is already super large. If there are other family businesses, don’t you have to worry more?

She is a casual person, too lazy to make that little money.

After all, as the boss of the killer organization, she can be said to be the fifth largest family.

“How is it?”

Overlord Lee got in the car, he drove to a hidden place, went in, and saw a man.

This man is from one of the four major families.

Yes, Overlord Lee colluded with one of the families and wanted to join forces to annex other families.

“Yes, how could someone like him don’t agree when they see money?” Overlord Lee laughed.

“Then you want me to frame this to Karen Lee?” The man was a little worried.

“It’s okay. I’ve already thought about it. I’ve designed it step by step. It’s absolutely possible. Let the Ouke family deal with Karen Lee. Then the two of us will stab the Ouke family in the back. Then, the Ouke family will definitely It’s over!” Overlord Lee said coldly.

“That’s fine, but Karen Lee, this woman…” The man smiled.

Overlord Lee frowned, “What do you want to do?”

“Yes, I saw her once and wanted to talk to her,” the man said with a smile.

“Did you like her? Are you okay?” Overlord Lee was angry. He wanted to kill Karen Lee, but he was definitely not willing Karen Lee to be insulted by others.

Insult Karen Lee, This is an insult to the Lee family!!

“Uh, forget it, since you are so repulsive, then forget it,”

“Remember, as long as someone has a little chance to kill Karen Lee, he must go all out. Otherwise, if she gets over it, the consequences will be serious,” Overlord Lee was wary.

The man nodded, “Okay, let’s talk again.”

Men go out.


Overlord Lee stared at him, took out his cell phone to call his father, and the head of the Lee family called.

“Hey, Dad, things have been arranged,” Overlord Lee said.

“Well, have you seen Karen?” Patriarch Lee himself regretted a bit, what regrets?

How long is this?

It has only been more than a month for Karen Lee to be kicked out, and it has caused such a big impact on the Lee family. How big is this impact?

The head of the Lee family never expected that after too many properties were linked to Karen Lee, Karen Lee suddenly stopped supplying goods, and many aspects will be changed, especially the catering. The materials were wrong, the taste was wrong, and the business plummeted!

Karen Lee’s departure has too much influence?

“Karen? Dad, what are you thinking? Do you want Karen Lee to return to Lee’s house?” Overlord Lee frowned, a little angry!

Finally, drove Karen Lee out, and actually invited her back?

“Have this idea,”

“No way, people like Karen Lee must be killed! Karen Lee must not be allowed to return to Lee’s house!”

“Oh, well, I’ve been thinking recently, have I been too harsh on her since she was a child?” The Lee family Patriarch regretted a little after he drove Karen Lee out.

The situation of the Lee family is going downhill, which is a very dangerous signal because once it is squeezed out of the four major families, it will be quickly annexed by other families!

Anyone will fall into trouble!!

If Karen Lee is allowed to come back, can the problem be solved?

“Dad…” Overlord Lee was angry and harsh? He didn’t think that. For him in the family, the status of men is higher than that of women, and all good things must be given to men. For women, just stock them.

However, the Overlord Lee didn’t expect that Karen Lee, who had been reared for decades, would have reached this point. The power of one person is comparable to that of a family!

“Hey, I don’t know if Karen is willing to come back. If I lower my head, she should be willing,” the Lee family leader was worried.

When Karen Lee was driven out that day, the Patriarch of the Lee family regretted it, but he knew that Karen Lee was a grateful person. If he bowed his head, she would be willing to return to the Lee family.

“No, Dad, I have already designed it, absolutely not!” Overlord Lee was angry.

“Okay, you have to make a decision.” The Lee family Patriarch is no longer so tough. He has learned about Karen Lee’s ability during this period, and he regrets it very much.

After all, she is also his own daughter.

Overlord Lee hung up the phone angrily, he must hurry up and kill Karen Lee!!

And that Chuck Cannon!

Overlord Lee thought of Chuck Cannon, and suddenly another insidious idea came out…

“Have you found it?” Karen Lee asked, Betty Li shook her head, “No, I checked closely. There was no Ouyang Fei’s body!”

“Then, she is still alive!”


“what happened?”

“I found out. Before Black Rose’s car came over here, it came from the boss’s bar,” Betty Li found out.

“You mean, Ouyang Fei is protected by her?” Karen Lee was surprised.

“Well, it should be, would you like to call and ask in person?”

Karen Lee shook her head, “No, she must have fallen in love with Ouyang Fei. She wants to train Ouyang Fei. I will call her a VIP. You know her character. Not only that she will not give it, but she will also laugh at me. She’s that kind of person, I’ve offended her for a lifetime…”

Karen Lee was a little bit dumbfounded.

The behind-the-scenes boss, she has a headache. She is ridiculed in the fight. The key is that the behind-the-scenes woman has no ethics and just likes to watch Karen Lee make a fool of herself, and she can do anything.

“Then are you not worried if Ouyang Fei took her picture?” Betty Li asked.

Karen Lee was stunned, “She is a human being, how could she be photographed by that Ouyang Fei? This is unlikely,”

Karen Lee knows the character of the boss behind the scenes. Ouyang Fei is unlikely to do it. On the contrary, if she is caught by the boss behind the scenes, then Ouyang Fei will die miserably!

Karen Lee also saves time.

“Would you like to remind her?”

“Um, if I remind, whether she would believe it or not, she will ask me back and laugh at me as if I was taken by Ouyang Fei, believe it or not?” Karen Lee was speechless.

“Uh, let her,” Betty Li was also embarrassed.

“Master Lee, look at… she,” Betty Li suddenly saw something moving in the grass, it was a person, and a person lying in it, tremblingly got up, covered in blood, she walked in pain, every time she walked One step is like heartbreaking.

Karen Lee looked over and muttered to herself, “It’s like letting you go once.”

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