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Chapter 532: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 532 Did They See Through Our Ploy?

“Here’s the gift. I’ve prepared it long ago.” said Anna. She took out a large box with all kinds of exquisite gifts inside.

“So this box contains gifts. I just thought it was wine, otherwise I would have opened it long ago.”Chuxue said excitedly.

“These are carefully selected by me. Each one of them is unique. Just see if there is a gift that you like.” Anna said confidently.

Qiqi saw something, and her eyes lit up. She reached out to take it. “This chocolates look delicious.”

“I knew you would like chocolates.”

Chuxue held out a beautifully wrapped box, full of surprise. “This is a baking mold from Wilton. I’ve been fond of it for a long time.”

“I’m sure you can make better desserts in the future.” said Anna.

Qiqi and Chuxue selected their gifts happily, while Yiyao just looked at them with a smile.

When Anna saw that Yiyao didn’t pick gifts, she said to her. “Yiyao, aren’t you going to pick something?”

“Any gift is fine for me. Let them picked the gifts first.” said Yiyao.

Looking at the cosmetics, perfumes and other things in the box, Anna didn’t find anything good for Yiyao. “I didn’t know you were pregnant before. Otherwise, I could have bought some baby clothes for you. Now all these may not be very suitable for you.”

Yiyao saw a doll in the box, bent down to pick it up. “The doll is co cute. I like it very much.”

Seeing Yiyao find a gift that she liked, Anna smiled sweetly.

But the laughter did not last long before they were disturbed by a group of uninvited guests.

“You are sharing the gifts. Is there any for us?”

Seeing Yulin and the others come in, Anna looked angry. “Why did you guys come in?”

Yulin shrugged. “No one told us we couldn’t come in here.” said he with a smile.

Anna frowned and turned her head to look at Chuxue.

Chuxue was busy waving her hand. “Anna, this has nothing to do with me. I didn’t tell them where we were eating.”

“It does have nothing to do with Chuxue. I found the reservation number from her phone and inquired about it.” Zhao Nangong explained

After hearing Zhao’s words, Chuxue stared at him fiercely. “Zhao, you’re ruining my friendship with Anna.”

However, Zhao showed a helpless expression.

“Don’t blame him. This was my idea. It’s rare that we have time to eat together. Why do you girls have to let men and women eat separately?” Jingyan said.

After hearing him, the girls didn’t complain about their sudden appearance. But the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“Since you guys are here, and then we can have dinner together. There are still empty seats here anyway.” Yiyao said.

Anna saw that the boys were already here and knew that it was impossible to make them leave. She didn’t say anything either. The boys all sat at the table as well.

Yuqi wanted to sit beside Qiqi, but he was dragged away by Yulin. The four of them sat on the other side of the table, while the four girls sat across from them.

They looked like they were about to have a negotiation, not about to eat together.

Zhao walked to the door and called out to the outside. “Waiter, bring the menu.”

The waiter came over at the sound of the voice. Once he opened the door, he found a room full of handsome men and beautiful women.

Taking the menu, Yulin first looked at Anna. “Anna, what else do you want to eat?” He asked.

Anna looked cold. “Do you really want to know what I want to eat?”

“Of course. You girls are in charge today.”

“Fine, we just want to drink.” Anna thought for a moment and said.

“Waiter, serve the wine!”

Anna shouted, causing the waiters to shiver.

Soon, the wine was served. Placed in front of the lady was a very low alcohol content of red wine. And in front of the men was a high alcohol content wine.

Yulin looked at the various bottles of wine in front of him. “It’s not quite fair, is it?” He laughed bitterly.

“If you guys think it’s not fair, just leave. It’s not like we’re forcing you guys to stay.” Anna snorted.

“It’s just drinking. There’s no need to count whether it’s fair or not, just for fun.” Zhao was busy saying.

“Zhao, let’s have a drink!” Chuxue poured a full cup for him.

Looking at the glass of wine in front of him, Zhao laughed bitterly.

Chuxue drank up the wine in the cup and saw that Zhao was hesitant. “Why aren’t you drinking?” She asked.

Zhao let out a soft sigh, picked up the glass of wine in front of him and drank it all in one gulp.

Seeing him drink so quickly, Chuxue wanted to say something, but only her lips moved and didn’t say a word.

If they keep drinking like this, it wouldn’t be long before they are both drunk. Yulin thought about it and decided to tell his wife something first before getting drunk.

“Anna, after you moved out, I’m so bored at home alone. It just happens that Yuqi’s house is vacant, so I decide to move to his place for a few days.” s aid Yulin.

Once she heard this, Anna smiled coldly. She raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

“It’s more fun for the three of us to live together. I guess you want me to live miserably alone.”

“You’ve decided it already. No need to ask me.”

“Thank you, Honey.”

Knowing full well that Anna did not want these few people to get together, but Yulin deliberately wanted to live with them.

Since entering the private room, Yuqi did not have the opportunity to talk to Qiqi.

Looking at his beloved in front of him, Yuqi could only gaze at her from afar, which made him very anxious.

While Anna was talking to Yulin, Yuqi took the opportunity to get closer to Qiqi.

Seeing Yuqi leaning over, Qiqi immediately sat up straight.

“Qiqi, how are you doing these two days?” asked Yuqi.

“Uh, I’m pretty good.”

“Did you take your medicine on time?”

“I’m off the medication now.”

“That’s good. It must be very tiring to study, take care of yourself.”

“Thanks, I will.”

Then Yuqi took a deep breath lightly. “Qiqi, I’m wondering….”

Before he finished, Anna walked over and interrupted. “What are you guys talking about?”


“I saw that you guys were just having a nice conversation. Why are you guys stammering when I come over?” She said coldly.

“Anna, don’t disturb others’ chat.” Yulin said.

“Now we are competing for drinks, no chatting is allowed.” Anna retorted.

“Okay, then I’ll toast Qiqi.” Yuqi said. He poured a full glass for himself, and then filled it up for Qiqi, handed the glass to her.

He looked at her with deep affection.

“I’ll drink this wine for Qiqi.” Anna took the glass.

Yuqi finally got anger. His face darkened. “Qiqi can drink it by herself.”

“Qiqi has to review her lessons for the exams. She can’t drink.”

Upon hearing this, Qiqi was busy waving her hands. “Then I’d better not drink.”

Qiqi’s refusal made Yuqi sad.

He sighed, raised his glass, and said to Anna. “You’re Qiqi’s best friend, so I toast you.”

“Do these two have anything to do with each other?”

“No, but I don’t think you would refuse to drink this glass of wine with me.”

Anna raised her eyebrows, drank up the wine in her cup, and then looked at Yuqi.

Being stared at by Anna, Yuqi could only tilt his head and drank up the wine in the cup. The spicy liquid slid down his throat, making his heart hot.

After drinking for a while, Jingyan stared at the gift boxes. “Can we have a share of these gifts?”

“If you want a gift, you can pick it out.” Anna said indifferently.

Although Anna said this, anyone who looked at her knew that she did not want the boys to take the gifts she had prepared.

But Jingyan directly ignored Anna’s look and seriously began to pick the gift. Then several other men also began to select gifts with Jingyan.

Then several men squatted next to the box to pick gifts, which was funny.

“It’s all female items, and it’s not really appropriate for us to use.” Jingyan picked for a while and didn’t pick anything that he liked. Suddenly he saw the chocolate next to Qiqi’s hand.

“Qiqi, is that chocolates one of these gifts?”

“Yes.” Qiqi said.

“Can we try it?”

“Sure.” Qiqi said, and handed the box of chocolates over.

Although Qiqi appeared to be generous, she was actually very reluctant. With so many people, if everyone tasted two pieces, the box of chocolates would be eaten all

Qiqi only hope that the men were not interested in chocolate. But the men kept eating the chocolate as if they had never eaten chocolate before.

When the last piece of chocolate was also eaten by them, Qiqi was really desperate.

“Sure enough it’s delicious.” said Zhao.

Chuxue gritted her teeth in anger at the side. “This is a gift for Qiqi. You all ate it all!” said she angrily.

“I’m really sorry.” Jingyan looked at the empty chocolate box and was a little embarrassed. “Then we’ll give Qiqi another box of chocolates.”

Before Jingyan could wait for Anna’s reaction, he turned his head to look at Yuqi. “I remember you have friends in Italy. How about you have them mail a box to you and then you give it to Qiqi?”

Yuqi nodded his head. “Yes, just leave this matter to me.”

But soon, Anna saw the trick of these guys. Her eyes suddenly narrowed.

Looking at Anna’s expression, Yulin panicked. He knew that once she showed such an expression, it meant that someone was going to suffer.

Just when Yulin was secretly speculating, Anna said something.

“All of you just ate more than ten pieces of chocolate, right?”

“Yeah, It seems so.”

“In return, you each need to have a dozen drinks. That’s fair, right?”

As soon as Anna’s words came out, the girls gave her thumbs up, while the boys just laughed bitterly.

Then she got up and poured wine for all of them one by one, with a sly smile on her face.

Looking at the glasses of wine in front of them, the men sighed, but none of them dared to retort.

Two hours later, the previously handsome men were now collapsed in their chairs, obviously drunk.

There were a dozen empty bottles on the table.

Anna felt that the air here was terrible, so she turned around to open the window

“Yiyao, we can go back now.” She said to Yiyao.

Yiyao didn’t have any special reaction, she just said quietly. “Ok.”

However, Chuxue looked worried. “Anna, have you ever thought about a problem?”


“They are so drunk that they can’t even walk, who will send them back?”

“That’s easy. They stay here. When they wake up, go back on their own.” Anna snorted.

Such a cold response made Qiqi’s eyebrows frown slightly. “This is not good.”

“Then you guys can carry them back?”

Hearing Anna’s words, Qiqi lowered her head and said nothing more.

“All right, let’s go.”

Then they left, closing the door of the private room.

Listening to the footsteps outside the door go further and further away, while the men in the private room slowly sat up straight. They were clearly pretending to be drunk.

Zhao pulled down his collar and frowned. “How come they don’t care about us at all when we’re drunk? Our ploy didn’t work.”

Yuqi was also puzzled. “Did they see through our ploy?”

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