Black Rose got up, and she walked outside tremblingly. Karen Lee’s three punches just now knocked her out of the last punch. If it wasn’t for Black Rose’s strong willpower, otherwise she just Died.

Black Rose tremblingly returned to the car, the distance was only a few tens of meters, but every step she took, her body would be torn apart.

But she persevered, and got into the car, her big blue eyes looking sadly at Karen Lee inside the villa.

The two of them looked at each other from a distance, and Black Rose’s gaze dropped, and she dared not look at Karen Lee.

Black Rose worked hard to drive away. She arrived at her home. After injecting herself with painkillers, she forced herself to deal with the gunshot wound. Then she closed her big eyes and fell asleep deeply…

“Black Rose is gone, President Lee, did you intentionally let her go once?” Of course, Betty understood Karen Lee.

If it was Karen Lee as she was before, then Black Rose would definitely die.

The reason why Karen Lee let her go was because she sympathized with Black Rose being photographed by Ouyang Fei being a woman and when she shot herself twice with a gun.

Karen Lee gave her a chance to let her fate!

Black Rose seized this opportunity and resisted!!

“En,” Karen Lee saw it and Black Rose had already left by this time.

“Will the black rose come back after the injury is healed?” Betty worried about this.

“No.” Karen Lee shook her head, “A person who has died once will change her mind.”

For Black Rose, Karen Lee still knows she has a bottom line.

I let her go this time, not to mention if there is any chance to meet her in the future, she won’t come over to provoke herself.

“Well, the young master and Yvette…” Betty looked at Chuck Cannon’s room.

“Chuck wants to go to Lee’s house, but I can’t go now. If Chuck goes, he will be bullied by Lee’s people,” Karen Lee sighed.

Regarding the Lee family, what would Karen Lee say, she always grew up there, and she didn’t want to contact the Lee family anymore as the last resort.

As for Chuck Cannon’s father, he has gone elsewhere.

“Then President Lee should tell the young master about this.”

“I, I can’t say it, how would I say that I was driven out by someone in my family?” Karen Lee got a headache. She was still a little embarrassed to say this in front of her son.

“Uh, or I’ll talk to the young master.”

“Forget it, there will be a party over there tomorrow, I’ll take Chuck to relax,” Karen Lee thought about it then.

You have to find a good opportunity!

Betty nodded, “Young Master’s Dad…”

“He is out, something has happened,” Karen Lee was silent.

“Something? President Lee, can I say something?” Betty hesitated.

“Of course,” Karen Lee smiled.

“He…, isn’t he a little too mysterious?” Betty said the doubt in her heart.

When Karen Lee insisted on staying with Chuck Cannon’s father, he was impoverished at that time, but the first thing Betty felt was that he was not a poor person, because his temperament could not be changed.

Very strange feeling.

Then Karen Lee insisted, the two got married, and Chuck Cannon was born, but Chuck’s father, Joseph Cannon, was too mysterious and was often away from home, either going out here or over.

Karen Lee has been dealing with his business empire in the United States, and Joseph Cannon seems to have become a soft fan.

Of course, Betty didn’t say this.

“It’s kind of,” Karen Lee was silent.

“Master Lee, have you checked his identity separately?” Betty did not dare to check alone.

“No, I met him in university. I fell in love with him at first sight and then got married until now…” Karen Lee shook her head and said.

“But what does he often go out for?” Betty has been following Karen Lee. She clearly knows that Joseph Cannon is always away at least eight months in a year.

In other words, there are only four months they are together in a year.

Sometimes it was even less. Betty still remembered that there was a year when Karen Lee hadn’t seen Joseph Cannon for a year.

He never asked Karen Lee about business matters, but he only asked what he was doing out there.

“I don’t know this, but I believe him, and he believes me, that’s enough.” Karen Lee’s view of marriage is simple.

Just trust each other. After all, if Karen Lee doesn’t like Joseph Cannon. How could Chuck Cannon be born with him?

Marriage requires a separate space, Karen Lee knows.

Although she doesn’t need a separate space, men need it, she understands, so for so many years, Karen Lee has worked alone, and every country in the world has Karen Lee’s industry.

She thought it was okay.

“Master Lee, I’m afraid one day…” Betty whispered softly. She followed Karen Lee, who was raised by Karen Lee. In Betty’s heart, Karen Lee was the boss and her family.

She doesn’t want such a good Karen Lee to be deceived one day, even if this scam has been twenty years old and has not been exposed in a day, isn’t it still a scam?

If so, is Karen Lee too pitiful? He gave birth to a son and was deceived.

“Stop talking,” Karen Lee shook her head, “Stop talking, he has always been like this, he has always been…”

Betty sighed and fell silent. It turned out that Karen Lee had a little doubt in her heart, but Karen Lee stopped herself from thinking about that.

Because Karen Lee knew that since they were married, the only way to get along was to trust each other.

Karen Lee has been doing this.

“You go to rest,” Karen Lee prepared to rest on her own.

“En,” Betty left and went to her room.

Karen Lee looked out, sluggish for a while, and remained silent. It may have been more than ten minutes before she turned to look at Chuck Cannon’s room. She muttered to herself, “No matter what, you are mine. Dear son……”

Karen Lee went back to the room by herself…

“Chuck, don’t sleep today. Come on, you go out with me.” Karen Lee was knocking on the door.

“Okay, mom, wait a minute,” Chuck Cannon put on clothes quickly.

He looked back at Yvette on the bed.

Yvette also woke up. Yvette didn’t sleep much last night because she was not used to it. In the morning, she barely slept on Chuck Cannon’s chest.

Chuck Cannon kissed her, Yvette opened her eyes, “husband…”

“My mother wants me to go out with her, will you wait for me at home?” Chuck Cannon knew that Yvette was struggling at this time, and of course, he would not force her out.

“Thank you,” Yvette was touched. If Chuck Cannon forced her, she couldn’t refuse.

She is too uncomfortable here. She wants to go back to her home. After all, this place is the home of her enemy who killed her father.

Yvette wanted to get back what belonged to her, that is, what her grandfather left for her. She didn’t tell Chuck Cannon about this idea, because if she did, Karen Lee would help.

She didn’t want to accept Karen Lee’s help anymore, if she continued, she would become more and more entangled.

“Then I’m going out.” Chuck Cannon felt relieved.


When Chuck Cannon went out, Karen Lee said to Chuck Cannon, “Chuck, go to the garage to see. You can drive which car you like.”

“Okay, mom,” Chuck Cannon went to the garage excitedly. Men still prefer cars.

Karen Lee followed, the door opened and Yvette walked out, “You… wait a minute.”

The voice was very weak, Yvette lowered her head and bit her lip.

“Something?” Karen Lee turned to look at her.

“I… anyway, thank you for this time,” Yvette said with her head down.

“Yes, but if you wouldn’t have taken that order for Chuck then you wouldn’t have been ordered to kill,” Karen Lee shook her head.

“But, I will still kill you,” Yvette raised her head.

“I know,” Karen Lee smiled slightly, Yvette wanted to kill herself, so just come casually.

She will not mind.

“I said I would kill you,” Yvette was in pain.

“I know and I heard it.”

“Don’t be so kind to me. I will never break this hurdle. No matter what you are, I will never break!” Yvette’s eyes began to chill.

If she killed her father and she’s enemy of yours, Yvette will definitely kill!

“I also know that, so you do what you want and if you think you can kill me, then you come and find me,” Karen Lee turned to the garage. This is a challenge. If Karen Lee wins, it will be enough.

“I will find you!!”

“I know,” Karen Lee has gone far, she suddenly has a pimple in her heart. Her son likes Yvette. If he can never be together because of herself, Chuck Cannon will regret it for life, so what should she do?

Karen Lee turned to look at the murderous Yvette. After she was silent, she suddenly sighed, okay…

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