Chapter 533 – 534: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 533: Sword Tomb

The Sword of Loyalty was the legendary Spirit Weapon of Rules.

The Rules were advanced magic weapons that only the actualized spirit can master and refine.

In other words, there were nine rules in it.

It was difficult for Kris to remove this kind of magic weapons, as he was afraid that it could drain his whole body in an instant.

But fortunately, this top-level Spirit Weapon of Rules had consumed the Heavenly Monster and the true demons for millions of years, and had experienced the blood sacrifice of the Heavenly Demons.

The power that can be played was probably equivalent to the top Spirit Weapon.

Kris pinched the Magic Tactic, forced a large amount of blood to smear the sword, and then according to the method of sacrifice and practice passed on to him by the Mr. Bone, Kris began to concentrate on the practice.

This practice lasted for half of a month.

Until Kris left his mark in the Demon Space of the Sword of Loyalty, this top Spirit Weapon of Rules was completely mastered by him. If he wanted to recover, he must find a lot of Taoist Strength stones.


Kris raised his forehead. His own Taoist Strength stone was not enough yet, and now there was another big stone swallower. How would he support life in the future?

However, the Sword of Loyalty had a very powerful function!

It could help the owner to understand Taoist Strength and rules!

With this function, Kris Chen gritted his teeth and said: “Raise it, I must raise it!”

The nine rules of the sword of loyalty were: Seal, Thunder, Five Elements, Wword, Cutting, Hollow, Cause and Effect, Disaster and Deduction!

The first few were easy to understand, but it was difficult for Kris tounderstand the latter ones.

Five Elements rule?

Was it Taoist Strength including gold, wood, water, fire, and soil?

Were the five Taoist Strengths integrated?

Kris found that he was a poor man,for what he had most currently were Taoist Strength stones.

Never mind, the most important thing now is to increase strength!

He looked at the underground sealed space, and swept across it, there were full of spiritual stones and magic crystals!

Kun Peng could use the spiritual stone, and the magic crystals can be used by himself!

After absorbing a large amount of devil energy, his primal spirit has been completely transformed into a devil fetus, with immense power, just like a fat man who had suffered from malnutrition before.

After searching, Kris flew directly out of the passage and searched again around the Heavenly Monster mountain, and also found a lot of treasures.

But there was no such thing as Sword Energy Grass.

I can’t be too greedy. I’ve already digged into the ground so deep, so what else can I do?

As soon as the faith moved, the Monster Jail Mountain began to tremble, the huge rocks on the mountain shook off, and the earth cracked in a radius of thousands of miles, creating a scene of



“The sword is coming!” Kris yelled.

The sword light was like a rainbow soaring through the mountain.

Holding the Sword of Loyalty, Kris’s cultivation was as high as a blow!

This was the second function of the Sword of Loyalty!

Maybe I can borrow the magic!

But after borrowing, there would be a period of weakness.

“Senior Bone is already in harmony, so it is no longer appropriate for you to call the Sword of Loyalty!”

Kris thought for a while, “From now on, you will be called Monster Killer!”

The sword trembled, and then there were two more quaint characters “Monster Killer”. Why not call it Demon Killer?

Kris himself could be regarded as a ‘devil’. Does he kill himself?

Kris put the Sword of Monster Killer into his body, then the quaint big sword revolved around the Demon Tire. Kris was in a good mood. Counting the Sword of Monster Killer, he already had three Spirit Weapon!

Kris touched the Kun Peng in the pet bag. The Heavenly Monster and Fruit of Taoist Practice were put on the edge of the Kun Peng egg, and a trace of evil spirit was absorbed by Kun Peng.

Kris could feel the joy of Kun Peng.

“You are so lucky, my little thing.”

He touched his chest, and found the mark cursed by Kun Peng after its death was erased by Merit.

“Merit is a good thing. I will ask how to use it next time!”

After speaking, he stepped out and appeared tens of thousands of miles away.

Unconsciously, he arrived at Wuwei City.

When Kris just arrived, Zhong Guan hurriedly greeted him, “I have seen you, Master!”

Compared with the last time he left, Kris ‘s power was stronger.

It was so powerful that just having a glance would shocked his soul!

“Stand up!”

Kris lifted his hand, and Zhong Guan felt a gentle force to hold himself up.

“Thank you Master!”

“How about Wuwei City?”

“Everything is going well, Master!”

Kris nodded, and threw out a decree, “Take the pangolin family to move; Wuwei City will not need you to guard it!”

Zhong Guan was surprised, “Master, but I…”


Kris waved his hand, “The beast plague has been resolved, and no beasts will attack the city in the future.”

Zhong Guan’s heart trembled, there won’t have beasts attacking the city in the future?

Could it be that the Heavenly Monster has been…?

Thinking of this, Zhong Guan couldn’t help taking a breath. This was terrible. If this was true, then what’s the cultivation level of Kris now?

“This is the Little Universe Ring. There is a dilapidated little space inside. You can let the people live in it temporarily.”

Kris said again: “Go all the way south to the Seaside Holy City, take my decree to see the City Lord, and let him contact Guantu, then he will take you over!”

Without asking too much, Zhong Guan took the Little Universe Ring and said, “I’ll follow your words!”


Kris took a step and instantly disappeared from Zhong Guan.

The mansion of the Yuan family is in ruins and empty at this time. Although he has no relationship with the Yuan family now, it was after all his starting point.

It’s better to be destroyed than to be occupied!

With a wave of his hand, the earth surged and swallowed the Yuan family mansion directly.

After all this last night, Kris went straight to Tianjian Mountain.

Through five steps, Kris came to Tianjian Mountain!

The so-called Tianjian Mountain was just a low hill, inconspicuous among the many mountains, but here was the tomb of the sword!

According to the map, Kris found out the entrance of the sword tomb.

Unlike the past, the large arrays at the door were clear at a glance!

These were not ordinary big arrays, but a set of God-level ones.

With the power of Kris, it could be destroyed naturally, but this was the sword tomb of Qiujian that can be said as the teacher of Kris.

Without Qiujian, there would be no Kris today, and it was impossible to defeat the strong with the weak.

Break the boundaries!

Unleashing the Magical Power of Break the Boundaries. This time it consumed not Kris’s vitality and physical power, but Devil Energy!

And the effect of the magic power greatly increased!

Unleashing the Magical Power of Break the Boundaries several times in a row, Kris passed through the huge array and came to the inside of the Sword Tomb!

It’s not so much a tomb, but more like a microcosmos!

Kris was shocked. He also had went to the Sword Spirit microcosmos of Wuji Sword Sect. It was no worse than there at all!

Who was Qiujian?

Why did he bury himself in the microcosmos?

He was definitely a top master with a profound cultivation base when he was alive!

Actualized spirit?

Kris had no answer.

Looking around, the Sword Energy in microcosmos cut vertically and horizontally, and the infinite sword light permeated the entire world.

Rage violently!

The map left by Ning Tianxiong was actually a joke. It was definitely a miracle that he could come in alive and go out alive.

Kris looked up and saw a coffin hung in the sky thousands of miles away, surrounded by thousands of flying swords, each of which was a very high-quality flying sword!

This microcosmos was definitely more brutal than the Sword Spirit microcosmos!

With one step, Sword Energy cut the flesh and made an uncomfortable sound.

Kris did not fly rashly, but moved forward at a speed of one kilometer per step.

He was very curious about how did Ning Tianxiong get the Nameless Sword Tactics from the sky? Why were the last two volumes missing?

The more he moved forward, the more powerful the Sword Energy cutting, and the greater the power!

Kris simply took off his vestments and directly tempered his body with Sword Energy!

He now contained majestic power in every drop of blood, which could even penetrate the earth. But it was not enough.

Just like a real demon, Kris couldn’t cut off his physical defenses with all his strength. How desperate it was?

However, Kris was not discouraged. He knew that one day he would reach his Stage!

Kris’s intrusion was like a drop of water splashing into a pan, and the surrounding Sword Energy instantly boiled.

The endless Sword Energy was densely packed, sweeping over the sky.

And cut every inch of Kris’s skin.

Kris was very relaxed when he walked into one hundred miles, and two hundred miles was the same.

But when it was three hundred miles away, Kris felt a little pressure. It was not that Sword Energy could break through his defenses, but that the air he inhaled was sword light!

His nose, throat, lungs, and internal organs were all attacked by sword light.

Kris liked such a perverted microcosmos because he felt the pain.

All of his power came from pain. At this moment, he suddenly understood the meaning of the painful devil!

Because of this feeling, Kris didn’t dare to move, and quickly crossed his knees, to feel the slightest pain.

One hour, two hours, three hours!

Kris frowned. His body had fully adapted to the pain of this intensity, and even his internal organs could withstand it.

With a flash, Kris reached four hundred miles.

The strength of Sword Energy here was even more violent, increasing more than ten times.

Cut the flesh, sparks were flying everywhere.

But inside Kris’s body, Sword Energy ran away and he was constantly cut.

His heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, small intestine and large intestine, all have been cut with Sword Energy.

Exactly, it was the feeling of extreme pain.

Kris was immersed in it and felt great pain!

With a faint light flashing, he kept chasing after it. But he was only a little too close to catch up!

Not enough!

Kris gritted his teeth and moved forward a hundred miles again!

At this point, the Sword Energy left a white mark on Kris’s body, which meant that every Sword Energy here was comparable to the strongest blow of primal spirit in Fulfilled period.

It hurt, but it felt good. Because Kris saw the hope of physical growth.

One hour, three hours, six hours…

Not okay yet, still need a little more.

Kris was unwilling to give up the extreme pain that he was about to get.

Extreme Pain Demon King was once a super strong man who led an era. His meaning of Extreme Pain definitely had this unimaginable power and magical effect!

After stepping on his feet, Kris appeared at six hundred miles. At this time, Kris was no more than 400 meters away from the coffin, but the power of Sword Energy had already brought Taoist Strength attack.

Each Sword Energy was comparable to the strongest blow of the early practitioners of the Accumulated Spirit.


Sword Energy was cut; Taoist Strength entered his body; Kris instantly became a blood man.


A big mouthful of blood was spurted out, then Kris quickly swallowed magical pills, and continued to replenish the power of the medicine. Kris laughed, “Well, that’s it!”

Chapter 534: The Fairy Was Gone, The Demon Was Killed

Kris fought against Sword Energy with his own body. The Taoist Strength entered kept a circulation of grinding and recovering of his physical body

His body, his viscera, even his spirit and soul were trembling.

Kris understood that the artistic conception of extreme pain was a kind of extreme condition, in which one grows savagely from pain and gains strength from pain.

It is a concept of Taoist Strength similar to cause and effect Taoist Strength。

But it truly existed, so Kris called it Taoist Strength of extreme pain!

A seed of pain was constantly converging, and distorted faces and cries of pain emerged.

Kris immersed himself in it, not knowing the time.

He was fully adapted to the Sword Energy within six hundred li, and his body still had scars that had not yet congealed, and some blood was flowing from the wound.

The internal organs were bleeding, but Kris didn’t care.

He had nothing but a plethora of magical pills.

Take a dose of Vitality Pills again, and the wound recovered in an instant.

At this distance, Kris no longer felt the pain!

He came to seven hundred li with a jump!

The attack here was more powerful; each Sword Energy can match to a mighty blow of a Middle period accumulated spirit.

The attack belonged to Predecessor Qiujian, in which contained his Taoism.

Kris didn’t have to be enlightened, but he can learn from it and prove it!

The growth of Taoist Strength, besides relying on external forces, laid great emphasis on comprehension!

For example, his sword intents of the earth and thunderbolt, and so on, all came from his own understanding.

Here he felt ultimate pain again, and Taoist Strength of extreme pain was also continuously improving.

Pain in the flesh, in the inmost organs, in the Divine Power, in the Primal spirit, pain of diseases, of death, and that of beyond one’s reach…

But every kind of pain could increase Kris’ Taoist Strength of extreme pain.

How terrible to draw strength from pain!

Because there was no limit to pain, so there was no limit to the power gained.

No wonder Demon of Tongji (extreme pain) has his glorious era.

This Taoist Strength of extreme pain was completely realized by Kris himself, and it was also very deep.

For example, he was now feeling the pain of cultivation, of physical body, of the viscera, erosion of the body by Taoist Strength, and pain of primal spirit and soul, as well as the pain of separation with the family. While all these pains turned to the source of strength, improving his strength and becoming nourishment of Taoist Strength.

Besides feeling suffering, Kris also spared his mind to comprehend sword intent and Taoist Strength of Qiujian!

The sword intent of domination!

The sword intent of the five elements!

The sword intent of slaughter!

The sword intent of extreme killing!

The sword intent of rampage!

The sword intents realized by Kris were no less than ten kinds, which was incredible!

In addition, there were sword intent of cause and effect!

The sword intent of reincarnation!

The sword intent of disillusionment!

And even the supreme sword intent of space!

Why would Qiujian die since he was so powerful?

Putting the curiosity aside, Kris fought against the sword intent with his own and to prove them.

It was a good opportunity, so he paused for a moment of comprehension and swallowed a Sword Energy grass to improve his own sword intent.


After years of practice, Kris’s beard has grown and his sword intent has skyrocketed.

At this time, he was only a hundred li from Qiujian’s coffin!

The strength of his body has transcended a Later period accumulated spirit. A drop of blood could evolve a small Sword Energy cave!

And he has achieved Fulfilled period of the sword intents of the five elements and thunderbolt respectively, a 70% of yin and yang sword intents as well as the sword intent of slaughter, extreme pain and blocking in a degree.

The sword intent of blocking was realized by virtue of Zhanyao Sword (Monster-killing Sword), though he just commanded 30% of it, it was powerful.

To display the Locking art needs great power, even though Kris didn’t have Taoist Strength of blocking, sword intent of blocking could also work.

It was totally one year since he came out of Infinite Sea!

He has mastered ten sword intents in his one-year Closing Door(practicing Taoist magic art alone). Now, he could defeat himself as one year ago with one sword.

Sword Energy within nine hundred li had long been worn away by him, only the inner circle of Sword Energy was whistling and whirling.

He did not dare to be careless. Perhaps every attack ahead might have been an actualized spirit one.

The strongest attack of early stage Actualized Spirit could make him seriously injured even not died, let alone self-cultivation.

He only dared to march forward by hundred meters.

As a matter of fact, the power of Sword Energy was accumulated gradually. When he entered ten li, the power of Sword Energy here was definitely exceeded the fulfilled period accumulated spirit.

Kris was not in a hurry. This was a big chance; if he can strengthen his body into fulfilled period accumulated spirit when he was in the sword tomb, he would be more confident to go to East Shenzhou.

Three months passed, Kris finally came to the coffin.

Now his body has come to fulfilled period accumulated spirit.

His bones were like jade, his meridians were like network, each muscle contained infinite strength.

A drop of blood could evolve into a great cave, and Kris’s acupuncture points had also changed.

Five thousand four hundred acupuncture points were like a microcosmos, purple sword crystals giving off purple gas. Even Kris himself wondered about this change!

Such a wide range of acupuncture point, could human practitioners have?

He had done experiments and saw countless acupuncture points of Monster Race as well as Ye Chen’s.

The biggest was no bigger than a cave house, was his reasonable?

What puzzled Kris was the fact that the size of Sword Energy did not increase with the increase of acupuncture points.

Even the power didn’t increase either, because for a year and a half, he elevated his physical body but not the sword intent and cultivation.

Another disappointing thing was Kun Peng, a giant fish-like bird, yet to come.

Fruit of Taoist Practice of Heavenly Monster had absorbed by half, and Kun Peng was growing stronger, but there was no sign of breaking out of it.

Dressed in cassock, Kris walked to the coffin, “Junior Kris was lucky to attain predecessor’s tactic and came to collect the half left, please forgive me if bothered.”

Kris bowed for three times.

And there was no movement in the coffin!

“What’s the matter?”

Kris frowned, reaching for the coffin.

As soon as he touched it, a powerful suction sucked Kris into it.

Kris’s eyes darkened as he stepped within the space of coffin.

It was a small space with a hundred li. There were mountains and lakes in it, and a thatched hut stood beside a lake.

Kris walked in, the setup was simple: a bed, a table, a chair!

There were two volumes and a letter on the desk !

Kris was even more skeptical, “Predecessor Qiujian, Predecessor Qiujian?”

Was it a suspected grave?

He walked to the table, picked up the books, turned the pages, and immediately became exulted, for he found it was just the lost two and a half tactics of Tianxiong Ning.

A glance of the tactic through Divine Spiritual Power, all acupuncture points were clear.

129,600 acupuncture points contained the tactic of Yihui, which could reach to fulfilled period actualized spirit.

Everything comes to him who waits, and he finally solved the problem of cultivation!

Laying down the book, Kris took his time in cultivation. Instead, he picked up the envelope and read it.

“The fairy is dead, the God is dead, the monster is dead, the Buddha is dead, the demon is killed, and I am gone!”

Kris was shocked at this 18 words!

He chewed the words over and over again.

The fairy was dead, the god was dead, the demon was dead, the Buddha was dead…

What exactly did that mean?

The last three words were ‘I am gone’!

Was Predecessor Qiujian gone?

Was he dead, or has he left Devil Land?

Kris felt perplexed.

Holding the letter, Kris was speechless for a long time!

He stepped out of the thatched hut and came to the lake in front of him, which was not so much a lake but a sword-washing pool.

Reaching into the lake, the lake boiling instantly, countless sword energy swarmed to him.

This sword-washing pool was tactic energy of Microcosmos, transmitting numerous Sword Intent of Taoist Strength.

He looked at the sky. It might be the core of Microcosmos. Kris flew into the sun, and as expected, he found Kekkai Immortal who had just generated the Intelligence!

Branded with his own brand, everything including all the past scenes of the microcosmos was known to Kris!

A middle-aged man washed his Sword by the side of a pool, day after day, year after year, slowly transforming the plain water into a raging Sword Energy lake that carried his Taoism.

Suddenly, the man stopped and raised his head,meaningfully looking into the sky. Kris felt he was looking at him!

Though not knowing when was the influence left, Kris had the feeling of being snooped on.

Suddenly he remembered the letter on the table, it seemed that Qiujian knew he would come, and left eighteen words as if to tell him something.

“What’s going on here?”

Kris looked to Kekkai Immortal, “Do you know?

Kekkai Immortal shook his head, “The influence was left before I was born. You were the first person I met after the birth of my Intelligence!”

“What about Tianxiong?”

‘Who is he?

“The one take Nameless Sword Tactics from here!”

“I… I don’t know! You’re the first one who came here in millions of years! ‘


Kris was dumbstruck, no… How was this possible?

How could he be the first person to come here in a million years?

Was Tianxiong a false one?

Was Nameless Sword Tactics also false?

But… What about his experience?

Was it also false?

No… No, there was something wrong!

“If it was all fake, then why did I enter this Microcosmos?

Kekkai Immortal was innocent, “Master, as soon as I opened my eyes and saw you, I… I don’t know anything!” Then he burst into tears.

“Don’t cry!”

“What’s going on?” Kris ask, “ Tell me how to get out!”

“Master, you may go out at any time!”

I can go out at anytime?

As he thought, he was outside.

However, everything in front of him make him in endless doubt.

“Little monk, you finally wake up?”

When Kris waked up, a young girl popped in and yelled, “Miss… The young monk is awake!”

A beautiful woman walked in, it was Xuefei Yuan!

“Ah, you’ve woken up at last!”

Xuefei patted her chest, said in a relief when she saw Kris wake up. “If you don’t wake up soon, I will ask my father to ask the City Lord for help.”


Your father went to ask the City Lord for help?Kris frowned.

Tiangang Yuan was framed by Tianxiong, how would he beg him?

“No, am I not in the tomb of the Sword? Why am I here again?”

Kris jumped out of his bed and shouted, “Kekkai Immortal, what happened?”

“Master, I am here!” came the voice of Kekkai Immortal.

“Why am I here?”

“Master is supposed to be here!”

“What do you mean I should have been here, I should have been in Heavenly Sword Mountain!”

Kris was anxious. The Kekkai Immortal was a fool and didn’t know anything.

“Haven’t you escaped from Wuwei City? Why are you here?” Kris looked at the two women with anger in his eyes.

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