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Chapter 533: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 533 I Keep Everything about You in My Mind

Jingyan Ye recalled the scene that had just happened. He suddenly turned his head to look at Yulin Xiao. “Yulin, did you just do something to make your wife suspicious?”

“I just had an itch on my face, so I scratched it. This was discovered by her?” Yulin said.

After he was finished, the crowd began to complain that he had exposed their plan.

“Damn it, Anna saw through our ploy!”

“We drank so much wine, but we still can’t get their concern.”

“Yulin, you wouldn’t be an undercover agent sent by them, right?”

Yulin shook his head. He could only smile awkwardly. “I am very sorry. It was just an accident. I’m sure we’ll have another chance later.”

Then he hurriedly apologized to everyone, but the mistake had already been made. So everyone complained and had to let it go.


Anna’s work also gradually was back on track.

Although she married into a rich family, she did not want to rely on her husband. She still wanted to pursue her career.

When it came to work, she worked very hard. She was even harder than before she got married.

Previously, Anna was worried about Qiqi being harassed by Yuqi Mu. But with Chuxue Ye at home and Yuqi rarely appearing lately, she slowly dropped her guard against him.

This day, just after dawn, Qiqi got up to drink water and saw Anna standing in the living room fully dressed.

“Anna, you’re out so early.” asked she. She couldn’t help but yawn.

Anna seemed tired. “I am just back.” said she.

These words really shocked Qiqi.

“First I shot a magazine cover, then I recorded a variety show, then I talked to the director about the script, so I’m just now getting back.”

Seeing that Anna was very tired, Qiqi was worried about her. “You’re really working too hard.”

Anna took off her high heels, and then lay down on the sofa. “It’s just that I’ll be more tired at the moment. After a while, I won’t be so busy.” Anna said.

“Then take a shower and go get some sleep.”

“Um, okay.” said she, and then she went to the bathroom.

Qiqi planned to go out to get breakfast. She wanted to prepare some breakfast for Anna when she woke up.

After she changed her clothes, she went out.

In the early morning, there were not many pedestrians on the street. But there were many people lined up in front of the breakfast store.

But suddenly Qiqi felt her pocket move. She subconsciously touched her own pocket, and unexpectedly touched a person’s hand.

She was busy rummaging in her pocket with her other hand and found that her cell phone was missing. She immediately glared angrily at the person. “What are you doing?”

The man was caught stealing and growled. “Let go of my hand.”

“You stole my phone, give it back to me!”

The man attempted to rush away while raising his voice. “Let me go!” He yelled.

“You stole my phone. I’m calling the police.”

“You b***h. Shut up.” The man growled angrily, then he was about to raise his other hand to hit her.

At that moment, someone walked up to the thief and grabbed his hand and twisted it hard.

The thief cried out in pain, “Ouch, it hurts.”

Qiqi immediately looked up and found that the person was Yuqi.

He looked at the thief and said in a cold voice, “Give her back the phone.”

The thief obediently took out the phone and handed it to Qiqi. “I don’t dare to steal anything anymore, please let me go.” He beggared.

“You do something wrong, so you have to be punished. If I let you go, the people present will not agree.”

Hearing this, all the people immediately said that they would send the thief to the police station.

Yuqi borrowed a rope and tied the thief up.

“Qiqi, call the police.” He said.

After making the call, the police soon came over. After seeing the thief, the policeman sighed helplessly. “It’s you again.”

It turned out that the thief was a habitual offender.

After the thief was taken away by the police, Qiqi and Yuqi immediately became the heroes in the eyes of the crowd.

Qiqi felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by the crowd, so she wanted to buy breakfast quickly and leave. But when it came time to pay, the shop owner waved his hand. “Miss, your boyfriend is great. This is free for you”

“He’s not my ……”

“Thank you very much.” Before Qiqi could finish, Yuqi interrupted her.

“Qiqi, let’s go.” said Yuqi

Seeing that there were so many people behind her, Qiqi could only take her breakfast and leave first.

“Thank you just now.” Qiqi looked up and smiled at Yuqi.

Looking down at Qiqi, Yuqi found that he missed her more than he thought.

Seeing that Yuqi didn’t say anything, Qiqi looked up at him.

Qiqi’s l**s moved slightly and Yuqi had an urge to hug her.

After he calmed down, he smiled. “You are welcome.”

Even if Qiqi was slow to react, she had just seen the deep affection in Yuqi’s eyes.

She suddenly felt a little embarrassed. She hurriedly tried to find a topic of conversation to keep the scene from becoming so awkward.



But unexpectedly, the two people spoke at the same time.

They looked at each other and smiled.

“You first.” said Yuqi

Qiqi pursed her l**s. “Why are you here?”

“Just for breakfast.”

Qiqi blinked, a little incredulous. “But this place is far from your apartment.”

“The doughnuts here are delicious, so I came here on purpose to buy them.”

In her memory, Yuqi was not such a food lover, so she did not believe this reason of his.

Qiqi was puzzled, but she didn’t say anything. “Since you are also here to buy breakfast, then the breakfast should also be divided into half for you.” said she.

“You can take them all back.”

“But don’t you come here for breakfast too?”

“I’ll buy my breakfast later.”

But Qiqi sill handed him half of his breakfast anyway. “I’m in a hurry to get back, bye.”

Waving to Yuqi, she turned around and left.

Looking at Qiqi’s back, Yuqi was frustrated. He did not go back to his own apartment, but went to another residence, which was very close to the place where Qiqi lived.


At this moment, Yulin had already got up. His hair was messy.

Seeing Yuqi and the breakfast in his hand, Yulin was a little surprised. “What’s wrong with you today? You never buy breakfast for us? It’s really not like your style of doing things.”

“This is from Qiqi.”

“So you ran into Qiqi?”


This answer made Yulin frown. “You are too impatient. Fortunately you met Qiqi today. If it were Anna, she must have seen what you wanted at a glance. Then your previous efforts will be nothing.”

Yuqi did not think so. He shrugged. “If I hadn’t been there, that thief would have hit Qiqi.”

“You could have sent someone else to protect her secretly, just like what I did for Anna, and no one would have found out.”

“I just want to watch her.”

Yuqi’s repeated retort made Yulin finally couldn’t help but snorted. “You’re simply making excuses. You’ll ruin everything.”

However, Yuqi did not want to talk about this topic anymore. “You must be hungry. Have breakfast first.” said he.

Yulin looked at the breakfast and shook his head straight. “This breakfast is not enough for the three of us to eat.”

“This is for you guys.”

“Why? You don’t have it?”

“I’m going to the office later. It’s almost late.” said Yuqi and prepared to go upstairs.

Looking at Yuqi’s back, Yulin raised his eyebrows. “If I remember correctly, you wouldn’t have been so diligent before.”

“That was before, now I have to work hard.”

Yulin knew that he hard work for Qiqi. Only he didn’t expect Yuqi to change him because of a woman.


Although Qiqi and Anna moved out of the school, they still have to attend some important activities at school.

This year was the school’s 50th anniversary. All the students and teachers must be present. Anna and Qiqi also returned to the school to attend the ceremony.

Now, Anna was not only a famous figure in the acting world, but also a noblewoman of the Xiao Group. So the school leaders wanted Anna to speak on stage as a guest of honor.

But Anna didn’t think she had the ability to be a student representative, so she politely declined the school leaders’ offer and sat in the audience with her classmates.

But from the moment she sat down, many students kept looking for her autograph and even a campus reporter came over to interview her. This kind of disturbance was also uncomfortable for Qiqi.

Finally Anna made an excuse and walked out of the school auditorium. After she left, Qiqi also left the auditorium in between the leaders’ speeches.

The school grove was quiet because most of the students and teachers had gone to the auditorium.

Perhaps it had just rained, so there was a faint smell of earth in the air, which was refreshing.

And just as Qiqi was walking alone in the grove, a man came up behind her and gently called out to her.


Hearing the person’s voice, Qiqi froze. She thought she was hallucinating. But when she then turned around, she saw Yuqi behind her.

“Why are you here?” asked she.

“Last time I said I would give you chocolates, so I asked my friend to bring back several flavors of chocolates.” Yuqi said with a smile. Then he handed her the bag in his hand.

Chocolate! As soon as she heard it, Qiqi was inexplicably exhilarating. She took the chocolate box, opened it. It was filled with various colors of chocolates.

Qiqi swallowed involuntarily. “Can I only pick one?” She asked.

“If you like, you can take them all.”

Qiqi was very satisfied with this answer, but as a girl, she didn’t want to appear to be such a food lover.

“Then would I be too greedy?” She asked deliberately.

“This is originally bought for you. If you don’t want it, I’ll feel sad.”

“Thanks, then.” said Qiqi, smiling.

Qiqi couldn’t help but take a piece and put it in her mouth. “Hum, It’s really delicious!”

A box of chocolates could make Qiqi so happy, and Yuqi also felt very satisfied.

“It’s good that you like it.”

“I didn’t expect you to remember this.”

“I keep everything about you in my mind.” said Yuqi affectionately.

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