Chapter 534: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 534 I Plan to Give Her a Surprise

Yuqi stared at Qiqi affectionately, which made Qiqi blush.

And Qiqi’s shyness made Yuqi find her more and more interesting. He knew that if he confessed to Qiqi now, she would definitely reject him.

“I know you are busy preparing for your exams recently. After your exams are over, can you give me a chance to pursue you?” Yuqi suddenly said.

Yuqi’s sudden change of topic made Qiqi a little overwhelmed. “Didn’t I already make our affairs clear before?”

“But I remember that you didn’t explicitly reject me. You just said that we were not good for each other. In that case, I still have a chance to pursue you, right?”

“I ……,” Qiqi frowned.

Before Qiqi could finish, Yuqi suddenly patted her head gently. “Just focus on your exam. Don’t think nonsense.” said he softly.

Qiqi hadn’t thought about her relationship with Yuqi, but his words made her a little confused. She forced herself to behave naturally and not to think about it, but her face was still burning.

“Why is your face so red? Are you having a fever?” asked Yuqi worriedly.

“Uh, I might have caught a cold.”

“Do you need to go to the doctor?”

“No,no, I’m fine.”

“But you’ll be taking the exam soon. You can’t let the cold get to you. You’d better go to the doctor with me.”

“See the doctor?” murmured she. If the doctor asked her what cold symptoms she had, Qiqi didn’t know how to answer the doctor’s question. “Am I going to tell him my face become red because I’m shy? Oh, god, I definitely can’t go to the doctor.” She thought.

“Qiqi, you ……” said Yuqi, but he was interrupted.

“What are you two doing?” said a girl loudly.

Then the girl angrily walked up to them, and Qiqi was startled by her.

She was wearing a baseball cap, black sunglasses and a mask.

Looking at her for a long time, Qiqi recognized her. She patted her chest. “Anna, you scared me. Why are you dressing yourself up like this?”

Anna took off her mask, took a deep breath, and then put it back on.

“There are fans chasing me. I have to dress like this.”

“You’re popular now. Congratulations.” Yuqi teased

She frowned at Yuqi. “Why do you come here? Are you trying to pester Qiqi again?”

“We are just talking.”

“I saw you just put your hand on Qiqi’s head.” Anna was a little angry.

“So what?”

“You ……”

Anna didn’t expect him to admit that he was having intimate actions with Qiqi. She narrowed her eyes and was about to say something, but Yuqi suddenly stopped her. “Anna, keep quiet, someone is coming over there.”

Anna turned around and found that people from the TV station had come.

She wondered where these people had gotten the information about her being at school. Were they detectives or reporters? She thought bitterly.

She gritted her teeth and turned her head to look at Yuqi. “Don’t disturb her. She has an exam coming up and must concentrate on her revision.””

“I know. Now she’s not studying, so I visit her. I have some boundaries.”

Qiqi was not in the apartment today and Yuqi just happened to meet her in the school. Was this really a coincidence? Anna thought.

“It seems that you know Qiqi’s schedule well.”

“No, it’s just a coincidence that I ran into her here today.” said Yuqi.

Anna glanced at him, and then took Qiqi’s hand. “Qiqi, let’s go!” said she loudly.

They two walked very fast, while Yuqi was following them not far behind.

Muyuqi always followed them, which made Xie Anna very angry. She planned to go back to her apartment instead of going back to the auditorium.

But even so, when Anna was driving, she still found Yuqi’s car following them.

After she parked the car in front of her apartment, she glared angrily at Yuqi behind her. “Yuqi Mu, that’s enough.”

“I’m passing by here.” said Yuqi casually.

“Nonsense, you’re already driving to my apartment.”

“Yeah, I’m just going to your apartment.”

Yuqi ignored her, which made Anna feel humiliated.

She pointed at Yuqi. “Even if you’re my husband’s twin brother, I won’t be nice to you.”

Anna was so furious, but Yuqi still remained calm. He slowly walked past her. “Hurry up. Everyone is waiting for us right now.”

“What do you mean? Who’s waiting for us?”

“You’ll know it when you come home.”

Looking at Yuqi’s back, Anna was very puzzled.

“Am I missing something? Why am I a bit confused about what he’s saying?” She said to Qiqi.

Qiqi shook her head, indicating that she also did not understand him.

“He must be deliberately fooling us again.” Anna said, “Come on, we won’t go back. Just let him wait at the door by himself.”

Then she turned around and was about to leave. But someone called out to her from behind.

“Honey, you’re back!” said Yulin happily.

Hearing her husband voice, Anna turned back with a frown. “Why are you all here?”

Zhao Nangong rubbed his head shyly. “Today is the anniversary of my first encounter with Chuxue, and I plan to give her a surprise. Now I want to ask for you guys’ help.”

Anna now understood why these people were here at the same time. There was just no way for her to drive Yuqi away now.

She glared at Yuqi and then said to Zhao. “What do you need me to do?”

“I want to decorate the room, so I need some balloons, candles, and flowers. And a projector, I need to screen something.”

“It’s easy to buy things. I can take care of it. As for the decoration, we need your help.” Jingan Ye said to Anna and Qiqi.

“No problem.” Anna said.

“Thank you.” Zhao smiled and said gratefully.

“You’re welcome.” Anna said.” You’re quite romantic.”

“Honey, if you want a surprise, I can prepare one for you as well.” Yulin said suddenly.

However, based on Yulin’s recent performance, Anna seriously doubted that his surprise was only a shock.

“You’d better not prepare it. I’m afraid I can’t bear your surprise.” Anna teased.

With Anna’s support, Zhao looked more exuberant. “Then we’ll go shopping now. I’ll leave the decorating to you guys.”


Soon all the things Zhao needed were bought back.

In the room, Anna saw Yiyao arranging the vase, and then she immediately walked over. “Yiyao, don’t be too tired. Leave these things to us.”

“It’s okay, I can do these.”

“You’re pregnant now. You need to rest more.”

Then Anna took the vase away from Yiyao’s hands.

Turning around, Anna was considering where to put the vase when she saw Yuqi standing by Qiqi’s side.

Her face darkened. She was about to rush towards them. But Yiyao yanked her.

“You are now protecting Qiqi like an old hen, afraid that she will be caught by the eagle.” said Yiyao, smiling.

“Yuqi is not an eagle but a fox. Qiqi will only fall for his tricks.”

“But maybe Qiqi is willing to fall for his tricks.”

Anna froze. “I don’t know. Qiqi is too simple. She can’t see his true face, so she will be deceived by him.”

“That’s the way things are with relationships. No one can tell who’s right and who’s wrong.”

“I’m still worried that she’ll be cheated by a man.”

“But you can’t protect Qiqi forever. You have to let her grow up. She has to learn to deal with emotional matters.”

Hearing Yiyao’s words, Anna was silent.

She turned her head to look at Qiqi, then hesitated and eventually didn’t go over.

Although she didn’t go to stop them from talking, but her eyes kept staring at Yuqi. As soon as he made any intimate moves towards Qiqi, she would definitely run over to stop him.

Muyuqi was very satisfied with just chatting with Qiqi up close. And Qiqi felt that Yuqi’s care for her made her feel like she was a princess.

But Qiqi knew that she was not a princess but just a maid to the princess. So Yuqi’s kindness to her made her very uncomfortable. She felt happy but at the same time, she also had a sense of loss. She didn’t like this feeling. She would rather have never had him than be confused with when he would leave her.

While Qiqi was thinking, she stepped on a decorative ball. Suddenly her body fell backwards.

“Be careful!”

Qiqi, in order to keep her balance, reached out and tugged on Yuqi’s collar, and then the two of them hugged each other in a very intimate position.

Looking at Yuqi’s dark eyes, Qiqi’s heart was beating fast. And Yuqi looked at her with affection, his eyes full of concern.

Time seemed to stand still as everyone stopped what they were doing. They all looked at Yuqi and Qiqi.

Finally, someone coughed lightly.

Anna glared at Yulin, and then she ran to Qiqi’s side. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” said Qiqi. Then she stood up from Yuqi’s arms, blushing.

“What exactly did I do just now? I actually fell into Yuqi’s arms in public.” Qiqi thought.

Yuqi leaned down to pick up the decorative ball. “Be more careful, or you’ll trip and fall again.” said he quietly.

Qiqi lowered her head and nodded gently.

Zhao looked around the room and saw that everything was ready. He suddenly clapped his hands.

“Everything is ready. Now we can call Chuxue and ask her to go back.” said Zhao excitedly.

To divert people from her, Qiqi immediately raised her hand. “I’ll make the call!”

“Do you know what to say?”

Qiqi nodded. “Of course, trust me!”

“Well, then, please.”

Under the eyes of the crowd, Qiqi took a deep breath, took out her cell phone, and dialed Chuxue.

After the phone rang for a while, it was answered. Qiqi immediately asked, “Hey, Chuxue, where are you now?”

“I’m at the dessert store, what do you want?” Chuxue asked, puzzled.

“The water pipe at home suddenly leaked. Can you come and take a look!”

“Okay, I’ll go back now. Remember to turn off the water gate first. I’ll be right there.” Chuxue said, and then she hung up the phone.

And Qiqi let out a long breath.

Anna looked at Qiqi teasingly. “Qiqi, you actually have a talent for acting.”

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