Chapter 535 – 536: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 535: Back to the Beginning

“Miss, the little monk broke his head?”

Yujie asked in worry.

Xuefei Yuan frowned then she said “Maybe. After all his head hit the ground when he fell off. Maybe he became stupid because of it.”

Kris was furious hearing that. What was being stupid for that?

But soon he understood everything. He was lazy to quarrel with them. They had been apart and why bothered connect with each other again.

He planned to fly away but he found there was no supernatural power in his body.

“What happened?”

Kris hurried to examine himself then he found all his veins were blocked and his primal spirit was weak in the pubic region.

He returned to the stage when he was just born?

How could it be?

Kris was stunned.

“Miss, see, he did not move at all. It seemed he was silly.”

“No matter he becomes silly or not, we have to try our best to save him for he saved me. ”

Kris ignored their talking, he focused on motivating his power.

Oh yes, red blood sword.

“The Red Blood Sword, Sea King Halberd, Slash-fairy Sword.”

Kris got no responds for his calling.

He was so disappointed, he did not know what was wrong.

Kris began to think back. It seemed everything changed since he entered the sword tomb.

“Hey, little monk. Did you hear what we said?”

A sudden question interrupted Kris’ thought.

Kris looked at Yujie after he turned to reality “Can you tell me what happened? Why you are here?”

Xuefei said before Yujie “It’s the house of Yuan Family here. It’s my home. So surely we are here.”

“You forgot that you fell from the sky several days ago and saved me from some robbers? But it was a pity that your head hit the ground. Fortunately the place you hit with soft mud, otherwise you would die.”

Xuefei was afraid thinking of that now.

“I saved you from some robbers?”

Kris frowned and said “You were not holding a competition to choose your husband?”

“A competition?”

Yujie said “What are you bullshitting? Our miss is so pretty that countless people come to ask for marriage everyday.”

“If not so, how could our miss be kidnapped by the son of the leader thief of Tianjian Mountain, let alone meet you.”

“You mean Tianjian Mountain?”

Kris said “It was fifty thousand millimeters away from here. How could him be so fast?”

“It’s over. Miss. He got crazy.”

Yujie sighed and shook her head. “Tianjian Mountain was only fifteen kilometers away the north of the city. But he said it was fifty thousand kilometers. He was crazy.”

It was not right, not right.

Something went wrong, but currently Kris could not figure out where was wrong.

“Never mind. I’d better beg daddy to ask the City Lord to help. He is so kind that he would cure him.”

Then Xuefei left in a hurry. Soon she took two middle aged men came.

The heading was not others but Tianxiong Ning who was died. And Tiangang Yuan was behind him.

“City Lord, he is the one who saved me. Please cure him.”

“Brother, we helped each other for over thirty years. Namely we are superior and subordinate, but actually we are brothers. Your daughter is my daughter. So surely I will help you.”

Tianxiong said seriously “Little master, I’m Tianxiong. The City Lord of Wuwei City. I know some medical knowledge so that I can help you. Don’t worry, I will feel your pulse first.”

Then he went to Kris and felt his pulse to diagnosis for him. He let Kris go and said after short time “It dose not make sense. His pulse is natural and his blood is sufficient. He is well and nothing is wrong.”

“But City Lord, he kept talking nonsense.” Yujie said.

“He might be frightened when he fell. Resting for two days then he would be fine.”

Tianxiong touched his beard and said “Okay, I will go since he is fine.”

Then he left with his medicine box. Tiangang rushed to follow him.

“Little master, take a good rest. Tell me if you need anything.”

As her words fell, Xuefei left with Yujie.

Kris did not say anything for a long time sitting on bed.

What happened on hell?

And why his head was so painful? Kris rested for a while then he went out the room. It was a simple courtyard, and it was the hall crossed the courtyard.

It…it was the Yuan House covered thousand mu?

How could it be like this now?

He did not see any servant along his way expect for two old maids.

Kris was panic so that he ran out quickly. Then the old maid shouted “Miss, it’s not good, the little monk run away.”

They shouted loudly and Kris ran fast.

Kris kept running in Wuwei City when he ran out of Yuan House. It took around ten minutes to the city wall. Kris was shocked at the short walls.

“Be in high spirit. The robbers of Tianjian Mountain might come any time. We must protect the people here.”

A man was carry two knives in his hands. The knives were so shiny that it could even take as a mirror.


Then the man felt something so that he turned around. He looked at Kris and came to Kris quickly. He patted on Kris’ shoulder “It was you who saved the daughter of Yuan Family. Good job.”

“Tu Yan?”

The man was surprised to hear that. “How do you know my name? My niece told you?”

“You are handsome. Why you became a monk. You’d better resume secular life soon and protect our country with me.”

It was a mess, a mess.

Kris got rid of the hand of Tu Yan and ran to the city.


Tu Yan frowned and shook his head, then he did not pay any attention to Kris anymore.

“Seven-treasures House, Seven-treasures House, where is it?”

Kris tried to find Seven-treasures House as he remembered but it was in vain.

He asked a passenger “Seven-treasures House, do you know where is Seven-treasures House”

“What is Seven-treasures House? Never heard of it.”

He asked several people but no one knew it. Then a old person told him “Seven-treasures House, it was a profiteer who worked with other forces, and it was destroyed by our emperor.”


Kris walked on the street disjointedly.


It began to rain. Then Xuefei took Yujie and the soldiers of City Lord come to search for him.

“Miss, there is him.”

Yujie shouted “Little monk.”

Kris stopped hearing this. The heavy rain came so that he could hardly open his eyes. He felt dizzy then he fell down.

He was lying on the bed when he woke up again.

Xuefei held her chins and she was accompanying him.


“Why am I here?”

Xuefei woke up hearing this. She opened her eyes and said “You woke up.”

“You forgot? You ran away and you got wet in the rain then you fell down.”

“I fell down?”

Kris touched his temple, it seemed he forgot lots of things. But he could not remember what he forgot.

Kekkai Immortal?

“Why I call Kekkai Immortal?”

Kris felt strong.

“You have headache? Let me help you.”

Xuefei went to Kris and the body smell went to the nose of Kris “Come, lie on my legs.”

Kris was dizzy “It’s improper for a man and a woman to touch each other.”

“It’s improper for a man and a woman to touch each other? People of Yelang Kingdom don’t care about it. You saved me so you are my saver.”

Xuefei’s voice was trample, for sure her heart was not as calm as what she said.


Kris nodded then he lied on the legs of Xuefei and enjoyed her massage.

“You are not a monk, right? Your head did not have the scar.”

“Yes, I’m not a monk.”

Kris answered unconsciously.

“Then do you have a lover?”


Kris was puzzle “I think I don’t.”

He said he was not sure, but Xuefei believe he did not.

“Then how do you think of me?”

Xuefei’s body was shaking.

Kris looked at Xuefei and said “You are pretty for your eyes could talk, your figure is slim, your skin is white.”

“Am I so pretty as you said?”

Xuefei flashed hearing that. She almost cried.

“of course you are pretty. I would love to live twenty years less if you could marry me.


Xuefei bit her lips and said. Her happiness could be easily seen from her face.

“Of course, who don’t like such a pretty girl like you.”

As his words fell, Kris felt different. No, why he felt disgusting, it seemed what he said was against his heart.

“Then would you marry me?”

Xuefei said “My father said you are honest and you are a good husband for me. I think so. You saved me like a hero that day. And I treat you as my husband from then on.”

She spoke that out with all her courage.

But Kris was shocked hearing that.

“Hey, did you hear what I said ? you want to marry me or not?”

Xuefei crossed her hands, her heart was nervous.

“Yes or no?”

Kris smiled bitterly “Then yes.”

“You said yes?”


Kris said then “Call me husband.”


Xuefei covered her mouth “No, we have not been couples. How can I call you husband.”

“You are my wife soon or later.”

Kris smiled then he caught Xuefei’s smooth hand and he said “Baby, how about being with me tonight?”

Kris felt he was lighted after his words. The beasts with intelligence was released suddenly after long-time, his breath even became rush.

“No, we can’t.”

Xuefei shouted, but she was pulled on bed. Kris kept asking from her like a crazy bull.

There were two mandarin duck on Xuefei’s pink belly band.


Kris almost wanted to swallow Xuefei at that moment.

Xuefei covered Kris’ eyes and said “Don’t look at me. You are so bad.”

It seemed she was going to cry.

Kris was panic hearing that. So he said “Don’t cry Xuefei. I am wrong. I should not be so rush.”

Chapter 536: Someone Was Calling Kris

Xuefei pulled the quilt to cover her secret part then she sobbed and said “Kris, I don’t blame you.”

Xuefei held Kris’ hands and said “Soon or later I will be your wife. Please hold yourself for some days. Go to my father and ask him to marry me to you. Then…”

“Then you will be my beloved wife.”

Kris was relieved, he bent down to kiss Xuefei’s tears on her face.

Xuefei was embarrassed hearing that. Then she sat still and said “Kris, I’m going back otherwise others would laugh at me.”

Kris nodded. After all watching a beauty to wear clothes was also wonderful.

Xuefei left the room unwillingly after she wore her clothes.

Kris could not fall asleep for a long time lying on the bed.

“What did I forget?”

Kris thought for a long time. He shook his head terrily upset “Never mind. Forget it.”

The next morning, Xuefei knocked Kris’ early to help him to wash.

She wiped the face of Kris, then she helped him to wear clothes. She was extremely tender and the process was sexy.

“Ah, don’t do that. You are bad. Give me your hands. I’m embarrassed to see others if you do this.”

Xuefei hit the hand of Kris which was touch her. She glanced at him and her face was flashed. Tears almost fell down from her eyes.

Kris really wanted to pull Xuefei down seeing Xuefei was so sexy.

But he knew he had to visit his future father-in-law later, so he tidied himself and left with Xuefei.

It was smooth. It seemed Tiangang Yuan was also waiting for Kris. After some words, Tiangang decided the marriage date of Kris and Xuefei. Finally Kris settled down in Yuan Family.

The Prof. Guan was thought highly by Tianxiong Ning because he often went out with him. And he was the professor of the City Lord of Wuwei City.

They often talked until midnight for the development of Wuwei City.and Kris often listened bedside them and offered them some advice.

Gradually Kris was put in an important position by Tianxiong, he became the No.2 professor of Mu Family. His duty was offering advise for Tianxiong.

Time flied quickly.

Two months went by and today was the day Xuefei and Kris engagement day.

Both big and small families of Wuwei City sent their coagulation gift. It was not a big ceremony for it was not a wedding.

Traditional marriage rituals and a formal wedding.

Kris had no relatives. So Tianxiong took the role as Kris’ parent, which made Kris and Tianhang graceful. He did so to tell the people in Wuwei City that Kris worked for him.

Kris was droke that day. He knew nothing lying on the bed.

He did not know how long it past before some smell came. A tiny hand wiped his body with a wet towel.

He opened his eyes, and Xuefei in red clothes was wiping him gently.

Xuefei was scared seeing Kris opened his eyes, then her face turned red. The two did everything expect for sex within the two months. But Xuefei still felt embarrassed seeing Kris’ eyes.

“Kris, you woke up?”

Kris touched his swelling head, then he smiled and said “Dear, you still call me Kris?”

Xuefei said embarrassingly “Husband…”

“My good lady, finally you are my wife.”

According to the customs of Yelang Kingdom, the couples could live and eat together as long as you got engaged. No one would say anything even if you got a baby.

Kris sat and hugged Xuefei.

Xuefei felt happy and embarrassed feeling what was going to happen. “Hus..husband, let me blow the candle.”

“Why blow the candle, don’t blow it. I want to see my wife carefully.”

Kris bit her ear and exhaled. Instantly the ear of Xuefei turned red. She became soft instantly, she fell on his body and said like a kitty “Husband.”

Kris was fired hearing that.

So he began to tear Xuefei’s clothes with hands.

With a screaming and there was a wife and a lady disappeared.

After a while at last they stopped.

There was still tear on Xuefei’s face and finally she was lying on the body of her lovers,her hero.

She wanted to be his wife and his child’s mother. “Husband, I’m the happiest woman in the world.”

“Silly girl, our happy days just began.”


Xuefei smiled happily. And she fell asleep on Kris’ arms.

Kris felt unreal hugging Xuefei.

He won the world like this? He married a beauty.

But he wondered why he was here, where were his parents?

He asked Xuefei many times but he was told he was a follow man of Xuankong Temple.

Xuankong Temple?

Kris thought he had to ask when he got a chance. Then they might knew his birth.

He thought he lost many memories.

After a long time, he remembered nothing, so he slept with confusion.

The next day, the couple woke up. They had sex again. Then Xuefei helped Kris to get up.

They went to the house of City Lord after they visited Tiangang.

Tianxiong was happy that his beloved subordinate married his daughter. Tianxiong was happy so he gave Kris half month to rest.

The couple was happy to hear that. They stayed together in their house everyday and cared about nothing else.

Xuefei comb her hair and Kris helped her to pencil her eyebrows. They were happy together.

“Husband, you are good at penciling eyebrows.”


Kris took the pencil and he was skilled. It seemed he knew how to do it when he was born.

Suddenly he felt painful in his heart and an unspeakable feeling swept him like his heart was digged.

There was a lady shape went through his mind.

Who was she?

“Husband, what’s wrong with you?”

Kris was pale and Xuefei was scared.

“It seemed I thought of something.”

Kris looked miserable and his head was painful/

“Who is her? Who are they? What did I forget?”

Xuefei hugged Kris and said “We don’t think about it. We don’t.”

Kris clamed down with the comfort of Xuefei.

Kris looked at her and said “Dear, I…I want to go to Xuankong Temple. And ask them about my birth. They might know it.”

Xuefei nodded and said “Sure, but heavy snow blocked the mountain now. It is dangerous to go to there now. How about going there next year when the weather is better? I will go with you at that time.”

Kris smiled and said “Okay, thank you dear.”

“We are couples, don’t say that.”

Xuefei hugged Kris and cold wind blew Xuefei kept shaking.

“Dear, it’s snowing, let’s go inside.”

“You carry me in.”

Xuefei looked up, there was naughty and love in her eyes.

Kris understood what she wanted. So he took her up and walked inside and closed the door.

The warm room soon was full of love now.

Days past gradually. And the rest days of Tianxiong permitted went by. Kris had to adjust his mind and went back to work.

Heavy snow crushed many people’s houses this year, so Kris had to help those people.

Fortunately he was witty. He lent the people money to repair their houses and offered them food. He even built public toilet for them. So none was frozen to die in Wuwei City this year.

Kris was the one who shall be prized for all these. And his deeds spread in Wuwei City, and he was respected by more and more people.

Tiangang said “Delivering a son shall be like Kris. I will be not regretful having a son-in-law of Kris.”

Tough winter went by and on the first day of spring, good news came to Chen Family.

Xuefei was pregnant. Kris was teaching peasants to sow in spring and heaviest in fall when he got the news.

He knew farming better than many farmers.

“Kris, Kris, good news.”

A man came riding a horse.

Kris asked hearing that “What’s the news?”

“Go back now. Miss is pregnant. You are going to be a father.”


Kris was stunned and he was blank suddenly.


Farmers began to congratulate him.

Kris soon realized and robbed the horse of Zhi Yuan and said “Jia…”

The horse ran fast when you were proud. Kris only knew one thing on the way “I’m going to be a father. A father.”

Kris went back to his house and called “Dear, dear.”

“Master, she was in the room.”

Kris nodded and rushed to his room.

He found Xuefei was lying on the bed happily. She was touching her belly, Yuijie was talking beside her.


Kris went to her in a hurry. He held her hands with many feelings.

“Husband, we are going to have a baby. It’s the best gift the god gives us.”


Kris was too excited to say a word. He put his hand on her belly and he felt the baby was connected to him.

It was his baby, his blood.

“I will protect you two in the rest of my life.”

Xuefei said nothing, she was still in the happiness of being a mother.

The news Xuefei was pregnant spread quickly. Tiangang was happy and Tianxiong came to congratulate by himself.

Kris was drunk that day and last time he was drunk was on the day they got engaged.

But he was really happy.

Kris had a strange dream.

There were many women in his dream. And each one was calling him. He could not see their faces clearly but he could tell their voices apart.

“Hey, who are you? Why you call me?”

Kris kept shouting in dark.

“Kris, where did you? Why not come back and cook?”

“Who are you? Why you dare to talk with me like that?”

“Kris, come back to wash feet for me.”

“You are so bad. I’m tired. But I will spare you for you are good at drawing eyebrow.”

“Brother, I miss you. When will you be back?”

“Kris, I can’t fall asleep tonight again. Do you know how much I miss you?”

“Kris, come back soon.”

“Who are you? Why you say that? Why don’t tell me your name? Why?”

Kris shouted and he took out his hands in dark, he tried to grab something.

All of a sudden, a light came in through darkness.

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