Chapter 535: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 535 Cram School

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu said in a serious tone, “Qiqi, if you are interested in this, I can invest to open a film company, and you will be the boss.”


Yuqi was serious, while Qiqi felt embarrassed.

At some moments like this, Anna should keep quiet. But she really couldn’t stand Yuqi’ s arrogant look, so she sneered, “do you think money is everything? Qiqi, however, likes to fight for something by herself, not by you.”

Turning his gaze at Anna, Yuqi rebuked, “you do know her well, but in the future, I will know her better than you.”

Well, he was too confident.

Raising her eyebrows, Anna said, “we’ll see.”

The important person was abou to come back, but the two seemed to have a fight, which made Zhao Nangong a little impatient.

Yiyao Duan saw he was nervous, so she said, “it’s almost time. Qiqi and Anna, you two stay here. Everyone else, in your positions.”

As soon as he heard Yiyao’ s words, Zhao Nangong immediately cast a grateful glance at her.

And the others also tensed up. Anna and Yuqi temporarily put aside their problem and acted according to the plan.

Chuxue, knowing nothing at all, rushed back and saw Anna and Qiqi at the door.

“How is it? Is it still leaking?”

“Yes, but it got better now.”

“I’ll go and take a look.”

Chuxue pushed the door and walked in, but the room was so dark that she couldn’t see anything.

Hey, wasn’t the leak, but why also blackout? No, it’s daytime, so it shouldn’t be so dark.

Chuxue felt that something was wrong, so she turned around to leave.

But she was pushed by someone and she stumbled and walked into the room. Then the door closed, leaving her alone in the darkness.

“You guys…”

Before Chuxue could finish her words, the projector in front of her began to work, and photos were played one by one.

There were photos about her and Zhao Nangong, laughing, full of happiness.

Chuxue pursed her lips, a little surprised and touched, but also doubtful.

Soft music was played and Chuxue got to recall the past happiness and warmth. She got soft.

Suddenly, the room was as bright as daylight, causing Chuxue to squint.

Looking forward, Chuxue saw a person, holding flowers, stand in front of her.

Chuxue laughed out, “Zhao, what are you doing?”

Zhao Nangong looked at Chuxue in a serious way and walked to her. Suddenly, he got down on one knee and took out a ring, saying piously, “Chuxue, marry me!”

After this, flower petals were falling down, like a dream.

Chuxue froze. After taking a look at the handsome Zhao Nangong, her families and friends full of blessings, and the camera, Chuxue began to cry.

Seeing she was crying, Zhao Nangong held her with concern, saying helplessly, “Chuxue, please. If you don’t want to marry me, I won’t blame you. Don’t cry, OK?”

Zhao Nangong said, and reached out to wipe away her tears.

But Chuxue woudlnt stop, as if her tears were floating water.

Zhao Nangong got more and more panicked and people there were also in puzzlement.

Obviously, everything was going well, but why it was out of control at last?

Yiyao walked to Chuxue, reaching out to pat her. She asked in a gentle voice, with determination, “Chuxue, tell me, why are you crying? Don’t you like this?”

“No, I…I like it very much.”

“Then why are you crying so sadly?”

“Because…” Chuxue, who had just calmed down a little bit, got agitated again. With chagrin, she said, “I didn’t put on makeup today, nor did I wear a nice dress, and my hair is still messy! At such a moment, I will look ugly on the photos.”

Well, that’s the reason.

Anyway, her such explanation made people in relief.

Zhao Nangong gently sighed in relief and comforted her, “you are the most beautiful girl in the world and even the tears are also beautiful. And you are not as awful as you think. You look good and your hair is not messed up. And I like it when you don’t put on make-up. Everything is just right.”

Zhao Nangong’ s sincere attitude convinced Chuxue, so she tilted her head and asked, “really?”

“Sure.” Zhao Nangong took a deep breath and he looked a little nervous, “then Chuxue, will you marry me?”

Chuxue sucked her nose, showing a rare shy look, and gently nodded.

Once she nodded, the crowd breathed in relief, then they cheered and applauded, making the scene lively.

Zhao Nangong hugged Chuxue, full of gratitude.

After all the hardships, he, finally could have Chuxue.

Looking at the happy couple, Qiqi was truly happy for them.

Standing next to them, Qiqi tilted her head and said with a smile, “great, we’re going to have a wedding soon.”

Hearing this, Anna teased, “Qiqi, do you care about the wedding a lot?”

Qiqi didn’t say anything with her tongue hanging out.

But someone didn’t agree and immediately refuted Anna.

“I think there is nothing wrong with Qiqi’ s concern. The wedding symbolizes a blessing, and passing this blessing on is also a good wish of the new couple.”

It’s only a joke, but Yuqi got too serious about it. It was a little excessive.

But Qiqi didn’t think so and she thought he was considerate, so she smiled gratefully at him.

And the interaction between the two made Anna speechless.

This guy stated to work on Qiqi and with no doubt, Qiqi would never notice.

Yiyao had told Anna to stop, but if she stopped, Qiqi would definitely be his slave.

But Yiyao also said that they coudnt always protect her and she needed to face something on her own.

They could offer her suggestions, but it’s still he own life and she needed to make some decisions.

These contradictory thoughts made Anna struggle.

Seeing Anna frowning, Yulin walked to her and whispered, “what a happy moment, but why do you look so unhappy?”

Anna stopped looking at Qiqi and Yuqi and said, “nothing.”

Although Anna didn’t say anything, but Yulin knew very well what she was dwelling on.

Raising his hand to pat Anna’s shoulder, Yulin said, “don’t worry so much. Everyone has their own choices. And in most situations, one need to face the risks. Why do you have to make things difficult for yourself?”

This was not what Anna liked to hear. She raised her eyebrows at Yulin and said, “you are men and of course you can say these so easily.”

“How do you know Yuqi hasn’t suffered?”

Anna laughed disdainfully and said, “of course he hasn’t. This is with no doubt.”

Yulin, however, shook his head and said, “only Qiqi eats well, sleeps well and what she needs to do is to study, right?”


“But Yuqi suffers more. For Qiqi, he can’t eat or sleep well. He missed her so much that he has lost some weight. Who do you think is suffering?”

“Really? Are you serious?”

“You don’t believe me? Ask Zhao Nangong.”

Anna was still skeptical, so she said, “you are bros and you will tell me the same. I don’t believe you guys.”

Yulin looked helpless and said, “honey, I tell you nothing but the truth. What can I get if I say something for him? Do you think I will offend my own dear wife for him? It’s impossible. I won’t do such silly things.”

This seemed to make sense.

“Now, I’m sure that Qiqi is someone special for Yuqi. Perhaps even Yuqi himself did not notice.”

Staring at Yuqi, Anna seemed to be considering something.

Seeing Anna seemed to believe his words, Yulin smiled and did not continue to talk about this. He held Anna’s hand and walked forward, “well, it’s time to eat some cake. Let’s go and try it.”

Following Yulin, Anna walked to the cake. Looking up, she saw the happy Qiqi and her face was as red as an apple.

And next to her stood Yuqi, focusing on Qiqi, with tenderness and softness in his eyes.

Looking at them, Anna frowned and there was something that she didn’t say in her eyes.

Because of the wedding, there were many things to prepare, so Chuxue then moved back home to live, leaving Anna and Qiqi in the department.

One was shooting and the other was studying and there was no time for them to take some rest. Though they met each other sometimes, they got no time for a good chat, for they needed sleep a lot. Anna also did not have time to talk to Qiqi about her and Yuqi.

They were busy, but someone got nothing to do. When Qiqi was at school, Yuqi would often come to see her.

Sitting in the study room, Qiqi took a look at her watch. When it was ten o’clock, someone came, just like the previous days.

As soon as the man appeared, there were students looking at Qiqi ambiguously, with some envy.

But this was not a good thing for Qiqi.

With her head down, Qiqi did not make any eye contact with him. Luckily, he also did not bother Qiqi and he just sat behind her, taking out his computer to deal with his official matters.

What’s wrong with him? Qiqi knew that Yuqi was here for her.

But he didn’t say anything while just silently sitting behind. He sometimes gave her some water or some desserts and this was just right. Qiqi wouldn’t be bothered or got depressed.

But Qiqi did not want Yuqi to do so. She couldn’t give him the answer he wanted, so why did he still be so nice to her? He would only make her blame herself and make himself waste time.

Taking a deep breath, Qiqi decided to make it clear later, telling him not to come tomorrow.

Then Qiqi buried herself in studies.

Soon, it was noon.

Everyone packed up their things and prepared to go to the cafeteria for dinner.

Qiqi also packed up her things, but she didn’t plan to go to the cafeteria for now, for she had something to say to Yuqi.

Turning around, Qiqi looked at the man behind her with a serious look.

“I have something to say to you.” “I have something to say to you.”

The two spoke at the same time, which made Qiqi cringe, like a deflated ball.

Yuqi smiled, and his eyes were filled with gentleness.

“This time, let me say first.” Then he handed her a flyer, introducing, “this is a course for post-graduate entrance exam. I hear the teacher is famous, so I apply for it. I’m wondering whether you’re interested or not.”

Taking a look at the flyer, she got surprised.

“It’s more than famous. Every student preparing for the exam all hear about her. The passing rate is super high, but the number is limited every year, so many people can’t don’t have the chance.”

“So, do you want to go?”

Qiqi nodded and said, “of course I want to go.”

“Then do it. It starts next week, for a month, no contact with the outside world. When it is over, it’s time for the exams. I guess, you will improve greatly.”

To be honest, Qiqi was very interested in it. But she also knew that it cost a lot.

“But it must be very expensive.”

“You don’t need to care about the money. You can still earn it when it’s gone, but if the opportunity is gone, no money can buy it.”

Yuqi’ s words made sense. Qiqi thought about it and said, “then, after my exams are over, I will work hard to pay you back.”

“Let’s talk about it when the exam is over. By the way, are you going to eat now?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah.”

“I’m also hungry, so since I did you such a big favor, there’s nothing wrong for you to treat me today, right?”

Qiqi smiled brightly, “of course, let’s go, let’s go. I’ll treat you whatever you want.”

“I have a meeting in the afternoon and I’m afraid I don’t time to go out for lunch. Let’s just go to the cafeteria and eat some.”

“Well, that’s good. Although our cafeteria is crowded, there are some delicious food still. The taste is very good. You can order some then.”

“Okay then, thank you for treating me today.”

Qiqi smiled and walked with Yuqi side by side, completely forgetting that she needed to draw a line with him.

The cafeteria was already crowded, and when Yuqi appeared, he was naturally being focused.

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