When Yvette Jordan stretched out her head cautiously, all the family guards who chased her just now all hid.

Only one gunshot sounded occasionally, but as long as it sounded, it would be accompanied by a scream!

This marksmanship is so good, this is one shot per shot!

Yvette Jordan was too surprised, who is this?

She was injured too badly and her eyes were tired. She bit her lip to make herself awake a little bit, absolutely not dizzy!

This place is still too dangerous, her strong willpower allowed her to persevere, even if she was seriously injured, it would not crush her!

She forced herself to absolutely not die here!

She wants to see this person helping herself! !

“Who is it? I’m the captain of the Jordan family guard, I…” the captain yelled angrily.

In just a few minutes, six of his team members died. The key is that I still don’t know where the person who put the secret gun is!

What does this mean? It means that this person is too powerful!

He is a master sniper!

Assassin master!

Yvette Jordan actually brought a helper. Is this a trick of her own?

“Stop, I am…! Hide!” The captain was furious and found a place to hide.

The secret gunshot over and one of his own brothers screamed and fell in a pool of blood, convulsing, the expression of fear before his death froze…

If this continues, and the entire army will be wiped out!!

The captain gritted his teeth, is she? A few people have died, and he don’t even know who fired the gun. This is too big.

“Return, give me back!”

He found the opportunity and ran away. Of course, the other few remaining people ran away. They were almost scared to death and saw his brother and companion die.

In a blink of an eye, people ran away.

The gunfire stopped, and there was no pursuit!

The silence of the night has been restored here, and the silence is terrible!!

Behind a tree, a pair of big blue eyes appeared, and a tall figure stood up from the lurking and swayed her long legs toward the car.

Yes, it was Black Rose!

She had already swore that she would never treat anyone better. When she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something.

What is it then?

Karen Lee.

Yvette Jordan is Chuck Cannon’s girlfriend, and Chuck Cannon is Karen Lee’s son. She hesitated and decided to save her.

Just as a favor to Karen Lee.

Just a few shots, just a few minutes, she forced herself out of the car.

“It’s you? You shot the gun just now?” A shocked voice sounded behind Black Rose.

The black rose stopped.

Yvette Jordan was shocked, but it was Black Rose that saved her?

She endured severe pain and walked to Black Rose. It was really her.

How could she?

Yvette Jordan was stunned for a few seconds, Black Rose was expressionless, she still had things to deal with.

“Why do you want to save me?” Yvette Jordan was a little complicated.

Originally, the two people were endlessly dying. They used guns to fight each other before, but Yvette Jordan had too little experience at the time and was defeated.

But last time, Karen Lee punched her three times. When Black Rose left, Yvette Jordan also saw it in the room.

This is… ??

Black Rose looked at her, “I have something else.”

Yvette Jordan held back for a long time and said a thank you word. Before the other one she could say, she fell to the ground and fainted. She was shot, lost too much blood, and was blown up by a bomb just now. Yvette couldn’t bear it anymore.

Black Rose frowned and walked toward the car without paying attention.

But after a few steps, her frown deepened. She looked back at Yvette Jordan, walked over, picked up the unconscious Yvette Jordan, and put her in the car.

At this time, the call came.

“Hey, Black Rose, you should be coming soon?” This is the urging voice in the phone.

“Not going today.”

“But you just said…”

“I said, I won’t go today, tomorrow!!” Black Rose said indifferently.

“Okay, okay, you can come anytime, I will wait for you…” The people here were a little scared, hung up the phone in a hurry, and didn’t dare to urge anymore.

Black Rose drove Yvette Jordan back.

Yvette Jordan was injected with a painkiller, and then Yvette Jordan was taken out and bandaged.

Yvette Jordan continued to fall into a coma and fell asleep, lying motionless.

Black Rose stared at Yvette Jordan for a few seconds, “I don’t know how you take care of women.”

She went out and found Chuck Cannon’s number. She stared at it for a few seconds. This number was the person who posted her photo last time!!

This person saw her own photo, although it has been deleted, but!

Black Rose was in pain. She had never shown it to a man before but was actually seen by him…

After the black rose finally got tangled up, she called it.

She has her own business and doesn’t have much time to take care of her. She has to let Chuck Cannon pick Yvette Jordan away. She doesn’t like taking care of people. She has made an exception today.

After all, the current rule of Black Rose is that it is not good to anyone.

Make an exception today and never again!

Chuck Cannon is attending a party with his mother and has already arrived.

“Chuck, inside,” Karen Lee said.

Chuck Cannon has already got off the car, and his mother on the road said that this gathering is the Chamber of Commerce, mainly because Karen Lee wants Chuck Cannon to get to know some businessmen in the United States and how they do business.

After all, the only heir of Karen Lee’s huge business empire is Chuck Cannon.

She has to train Chuck Cannon.

First of all, Chuck Cannon contacted hasn’t contacted top businessmen or ordinary businessmen. Originally, Karen Lee rarely attended this kind of gathering, but for Chuck Cannon’s future, she still had to participate once.

“Mom, I have to follow you all the time today.” Chuck Cannon whispered.

“Why?” Karen Lee was astonished, shouldn’t Chuck Cannon be allowed to play by himself?

“I don’t know English.” Chuck Cannon was not confident.

The study was too bad, and he didn’t bother to study it. In China, Yvette Jordan taught, but Chuck Cannon didn’t study either.

“You, you must be lazy in reading! This is not right, quickly learn to know? You have to sit slowly and learn the languages of at least ten countries!” Karen Lee said solemnly.

When Karen Lee was studying, she was always the first, every time, no matter what, she was the first.

Chuck Cannon did not inherit this gene.

Lazy, he doesn’t want to learn.

“Ah? Ten countries?” Chuck Cannon was stunned. Is he going to die?

“Yes, you must understand? I tell you, I bought a few small countries, you are the king of that country, understand? You don’t understand your own language? How can you do it?” Karen Lee said simply It must be learned.

Chuck Cannon was shocked, “Mom, am I the prince.”

“You are not a prince, there is no prince now,” Karen Lee said with a smile and shook her head.

“Oh, can I find an interpreter to follow along?” Chuck Cannon discussed.

“No! Obedient, it doesn’t hurt to learn a little more, you have to live and learn,”

“Mom, I am not as smart as you,” Chuck Cannon was frustrated.

“Stupid boy, who is smart. Hard work is the most important thing, you know?” Karen Lee said with a smile.

Karen Lee has done it by herself. It is really impossible to reach this height with intelligence alone. How many years of hard work has it been?

“Well, I see,” Chuck Cannon nodded. This study requires obedience.

“Come, follow me today and I will translate for you,” Karen Lee took Chuck Cannon in. How good is her English?

Inside is the lobby of a hotel. Many people are in suits and ties. This is indeed a small party, but Karen Lee’s phone rang, she took it out and said, “Chuck, I’ll answer the phone, there’s food over there, if you’re hungry, go eat something, you have to drive today, don’t drink,”

“I know,” Chuck Cannon walked over.

Karen Lee came to a point and answered the call. That’s right, Chuck Cannon’s father, Joseph Cannon.

“Aren’t you coming to see Chuck? He just said that he wanted to see you,” Karen Lee said about Chuck Cannon’s thoughts.

“Something happened to me, you can transfer some money to me,”

“Well, don’t you have my card in your hand? There are three thousand in there…”

“not enough.”

“Well, I’ll transfer it to you right away,”

“That’s hanging up.”,

“What are you doing? Where are you.” Karen Lee sighed, but Chuck Cannon came over. This is his son.

“You never asked, why did you ask today?” The voice was strange.

“Well, don’t ask, I’ll transfer it to you right away, goodbye,” Karen Lee hung up, she sighed, “Joseph, do you have any questions?”

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