Chapter 536: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 536 Honey Trap

Qiqi was all thinking about what she was going to eat and she didn’t have time to care about others’ reaction.

There were many people in the stall, so Qiqi asked Yuqi Mu to wait there while she went to the queue.

Yuqi looked around and said, “I don’t know what to order. I trust you, since we have similar tastes. I will like what you order.”

Fearing that there would be more and more people in the cafeteria, Qiqi then turned around and rushed into the crowd, searching for food.

Yuqi was sitting there alone. He was in a suit, sitting straight, who was out of place here, the noisy cafeteria.

People passing by would take a look at him out of curiosity, but no one dared to say hello to Yuqi.

But someone went forward after spotting him. He came to him and just sat down.

“Hello, Mr. Mu. What brings you here?”

Seeing the director, Yuqi said calmly, “I come to see my girlfriend and I’m going to eat with here. It’s not for business, so don’t get so nervous.”

“Ah, all right.” Seeing there was a book for post-graduate entrance exam on the table, he got to know something and asked, “Is Qiqi planning to study for the exam?”


This answer offered him an opportunity to show his ability, so he said, “oh, Qiqi has excellent grades and good performance, so she can just keep studying in our school.”

“As far as I know, her goal is not our school. And I also hope that she goes to a better school with her own efforts. At least, there will not be teachers and students who do not know right from wrong.”

Yuqi’ s words made the director flush.

Then Qiqi returned with some food. She marched off through the crowd, and then placed the plate on the table.

“Excuse me, here is…” Before Qiqi could finish her words, she saw the director turn around.


When she saw the director, Qiqi got a little nervous. And it was the same for the director.

“Oh, Qiqi, how are you doing these days? How’s your preparation for your exam? Sit down and eat.”

The director got up and offered her a seat. He then patted her shoulder, as if he thought highly of her.

Qiqi nodded and said, “it’s fine. Thank you.”

After he left, Qiqi let out a long breath, then asked Yuqi, “what is he doing here?”

“How should I know? Maybe I don’t look like a student, so he came over to make sure I’m not a terrorist.”

What a joke. The director was flattering when he saw Yuqi was here, so he must know who he was.

But since Yuqi did not want to say more, Qiqi stopped asking. What she wanted now was to eat and she didn’t have time to think that much.

Pushing the plate forward, Qiqi smiled and said, “these are all my favorites. I hope you like them.”

Yuqi looked at the dishes and they indeed looked good, making him feel satisfied.

But Yuqi did not choose, but nodded and said, “they look great.”

“Of course, these are all my favorites, because I don’t know what you like, so I ordered one of each.”

“Then pick one you like most.”

This trapped Qiqi in a difficult situation.

These were all her favorites, so it’s hard to choose the one she liked most.

Seeing Qiqi was in a dilemma, he smiled and got up to get two clean bowls and handed one to Qiqi.

“We split, so that we can eat all of them.”

Qiqi slapped her head and laughed, “yeah, you’re so smart.”

“Obviously you’re the silly one.”

“Hey, it’s my treat, but you’re talking about me like this? It isn’t very decent, right?”

“That’s true. I’m sorry for what I’ve said.”


Qiqi used a spoon to divide each dish into two, and then she ate her own one with a contented look.

But without eating, Yuqi looked at Qiqi and smiled.

“Hey, why don’t you eat?”

For Yuqi, as long as he could watch Qiqi eat, he would feel at ease. Besides, she was much more charming than food.

But he wouldn’t tell Qiqi, otherwise, it would only scare the silly girl away.

Picking up his chopsticks, Yuqi ate slowly, which was in stark contrast to the gobbling young girl.

But such two people were not weird. On the contrary, in some ways, they matched each other. One fast and one slow, perfect.

The people passing by envied a lot.

They thought that Qiqi was only something new to Yuqi and after a short time, Yiqi would be fed up with her. Prince Charming and Cinderella only existed in fairy tales.

However, Yuqi’ s various consideration and tenderness to Qiqi, not only embarrassed them, but also made them doubt whether he was a playboy or not.

Yuqi never cared about what people think. At this moment, he was planning something else.

“By the way, the cram school, Anna won’t object, right?”

Qiqi shook her head and said in an affirmative tone, “no, Anna also knows how rare such an opportunity is and will definitely support me.”

“Well, that’s good.” Yuqi ate slower and said, “I think she is busy lately. Yulin is complaining about it.”

This made Qiqi confused and said for Anna, “what? Anna is not wasting time and she is busy with her career.”

“She is busy with her career, but she doesn’t care about her husband at all. If this continued, they will have some marital troubles.”

Yuqi’s words made Qiqi scowl and asked, “did Yulin say something to you?”

“He did say something. You are Qiqi’ s good friend, so it would be best to tell her this. Career and husband, she should balance them.”

Qiqi, with a serious look, nodded and said, “okay, I see.”

“It’s not a bad thing for a woman to have her own career. It’s just that she should at least care more about her family, don’t you think so?”

Qiqi still looked serious and gently nodded.

“Besides, Yulin has some pressure from his parents.”

This made Qiqi get to know what he was saying and asked, “pressure? What’s that?”

“Ye family wants to have their grandchildren, as well as my parents. They don’t know that the two are not living together. If they know, Yuli will be in trouble.”

This made Qiqi feel deeply guilty.

If it wasn’t for her, Anna wouldn’t have been separated from Yulin. Even if the two were busy, they still had the opportunity to see each other every day.

Thinking of this, Qiqi really did not have any appetite, so she put down the chop sticks, looking depressed.

But Yuqi did not stop talking. He looked down and said with complain, “when they got in trouble, every time I would suffer too. It’s really none of my bisiness.”

“Why would you suffer?”

“Everyone around me has married, and I’m the only one with no wife, so of course I suffer.” Saying that, Yuqi looked up at Qiqi with sincerity, “to be honest, I also want to settle down, but the girl I fancy is always like the wind. I really don’t know what to do to make her stay.”

Yuqi’ s eyes were clear and firm, as if it has some magic that could draw people in completely.

Qiqi gawked for a moment, and then, she suddenly felt something inside.

She knew that she would fall for him.

But she couldn’t. Yuqi was a monster that she should never get closer to him.

After taking a deep breath, Qiqi looked away, a little wretched.

Just now, Yuqi found Qiqi’ s struggle and hesitation. Perhaps with a little more effort, he could make this girl tell the truth.


Yuqi was not willing to give up, but Qiqi seemed to have pulled herself together, smiling at Yuqi, “didn’t you say there is still a meeting in the afternoon? Hurry up.”


“Well, I’m done. Take your time.”

Saying that, Qiqi picked up her school bag, running away.

Looking at Qiqi’ s back, Yuqi sighed.


Qiqi stood in the kitchen, cooking some sweet soup and waiting for Anna.

But when she was cooking, Qiqi got lost in thought and couldn’t help but think of what Yuqi had said to her. She then laughed or scowled sometimes, even herself didn’t notice.

Qiqi was so absorbed that she didn’t even notice Anna’s return.

Anna was very tired, but after smelling the soup, she cheered up. Following the aroma, she got into the kitchen. But the soup in the pot had overflowed, and Qiqi stood there, like a wood.

Anna went over to turn off the switch and wiped off the spilled soup with a rag.

When Qiqi came back to her senses, Qiqi screamed and then cleaned up the mess.

Anna frowned and asked, “what are you thinking about?”

Qiqi looked down and said with embarrassment, “nothing, just the exams.”

“Then be careful, it’s dangerous just now.”

“I see.” Qiqi gave her a bowl of sweet soup and smiled, saying, “Anna, have some sweet soup.”

Anna originally wanted to complain, but seeing Qiqi’ s pleasing look, she just let her go.

Taking the bowl, Anna asked, “why don’t you sleep?”

“After doing two papers and drinking a cup of coffee, I cannot sleep.”

“Drinking coffee? You should know how to fend for yourself. Look at you, you’ve lost weight again.”

Anna then pinched Qiqi’ s chin and shook it.

“Me? Aren’t you the same? So much work. I just can’t understand why you became a workaholic after you got married to Yulin?”

Anna sat at the small table in the kitchen, looking tired, but her eyes were bright.

“I was always afraid that I was not good enough for Yulin and I would have low self-esteem, and always wanted to use external things to strengthen myself. But then I figured out that everything is just nothing, and the only thing that can really defeat me is myself.”

“That’s why I have to keep making myself excellent, busy and strong. Then I won’t be afraid of being compared to anyone else, and I won’t be suspicious because of others’ meaningless actions. Then Yulin and I can be forever.”

Looking at Anna’s confident and calm look, Qiqi smiled and said, “Anna, you are incredible.”

“As long as we have a goal and are willing to work hard for it, we will be incredible.”

Qiqi suddenly thought of what Yuqi said during the day, so she hesitated for a moment and said, “you are very good now, but don’t forget to spend more time with Yulin. After all, you are newly married, so it’s not good to separate for a long time.”

“He’s very supportive. It’s okay. Besides, we have phone and video contact during, so we’re good. You know what, it’s called hunger marketing, so he…”

Anna still wanted to say something, but she found Qiqi was confused, so she shook her head; “forget it. It’s not something you should know.”

Qiqi was a little confused, but she was very insistent, “But if others know this? Rumors are terrifying and you will never know what people will talk about you.”

“Now, rumors will not knock me down again.”

“What about Yulin’ s parents? You will even not care about them?”

“Why do you say that,” Raising her eyebrows to look at Qiqi, Anna asked, “did you hear something?”

Qiqi was guilty, so she looked away and said, “ah, nothing. I’m just worried about you. It’s not what my in-laws want to see. You are too busy.”

“Don’t worry, they are very open-minded. I met with them when Yulin and I came back and they are very supportive of me pursuing my career. My mother-in-law will even talk about showbiz gossip with me. She’s a very sweet person.”

“They didn’t stop you?”


Why her words was not the same as what Yuqi said.

Qiqi got confused, and after a moment of hesitation, she asked, “then will they complain about you behind your back?”

“My mother-in-law is straightforward and would not do that kind of thing. If they really have any complaints, they will just talk to me.”

“But, this kind of thing, it’s embarrassing to just tell you. It’s true that they will speak to Yulin, but he loves you so much that he may not tell the truth.”

“Believe me. This will not happen, I know my man very well, and also believe my in-laws.” Anna put down the soup bowl and asked, “it’s weird. Why do you recognize that my in-laws have said something about me?”

Qiqi smiled awkwardly and said, “someone who marries into a rich family is often to see to be bullied and that’s what happens in TV dramas. I’m worried you’ll suffer the same thing.”

“Don’t worry. I know what to do. If this happens to me, I’ll definitely find a way out. Now, I’m not that silly girl and I know how to protect myself.”

Hearing Anna’s confident and powerful words, Qiqi took a look at her and found that Anna seemed to have changed somewhere.

After a moment of confusion, Qiqi said, “I feel that you have grown up very quickly and are no longer that simple and naïve schoolgirl. At this moment, you are the queen. Even if you stand next to Yulin, you will still shine brighter than him.”

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