Chapter 537 – 538: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 537: The Dispersing of Fog

“Huh… Mr. Chen…”

Kris suddenly opened his eyes, only to find that Yujie was held by him on scattered clothes, and his hand was touching her body…

“Ah…Yujie, why are you here!”

Kris suddenly became sober and pushed Yujie away!

Yujie blushed, holding a towel in her hand, “Miss Yuan let me come to serve you…”

Serve? It not only means care but has a deeper meaning, which implies to have sex.

A maid like Yujie, who has been raised by Yuan Mansion since she was a child, has to stay with her master all her life.

Their biggest role is to serve Kris as concubines, serving Kris when Xuefei Yuan menstruates or when she is pregnant.

This not only prevents Kris from having an affair, but also bring more offsprings for the Chen family.

However, Kris has never had this idea, but today Yujie mentioned, so he couldn’t help but look up and down to her.

This little girl was plump and delicate except for her vixenish temper!

Probably because of the hazy candlelight, Kris suddenly felt erotogenic.

Without clothes on, she bent her body, the white and tender breasts were charming.

“Go and get me a glass of water!”

Kris sat up and rubbed his swollen head.

Yujie knelt on the edge of the bed, and offered the water with both hands.

The little girl who used to be hot, blushed at this moment, “Sir, drink water!”

“You are stammering, will I eat people?”

Kris took the water, sipping, Yujie shook her head, “No…no…”

“Then raise your head and let me have a look!”

Yujie didn’t dare to raise the head, just twisted her clothes and bit her lip with eyes closed.

Kris didn’t know what was going on today. The fire in his body started to burn again. His gaze was like a vicious hungry wolf seeing a lost white rabbit.

“Raise your head.”

Squeezing Yujie’s chin, the way she bit her lip was very seductive.

Kris never thought of himself as a saint. In this world, everyone is like this.

“Sir…I…I’m afraid!”

Kris laughed, “Is there anything in this world that Yujie would be afraid of?”

Yujie lowered her head, trembling.

Seeing this, Kris did not teasing her either, took her into his arms…

They get laid for the night.

Feeling the flame faded in his body, Kris exhaled, with Yujie in his arms, he recalled the dream he had just had.

“When Spring comes, I must go to Xuankong Temple so as to figure out my own life experience!”

He could hear the calls of those people, which contained too much expectation and waiting, making his heart tremble, as if forgetting them was a great sin.

The next morning, Yujie served Kris to dress, her hair was also tied up high and dressed up as a woman.

From now on, She can’t be called a little girl, but Chen’s wife.

The status of concubines is very low, and the master’s personal servants have a lower status as concubines, because they must always pay attention to the priority of their masters.


“Still Sir?”


After a night, Yujie seemed to get rid of all the pungency, but became gentle and pleasing to the eye.

“Lord? Call me husband!”

Kris took off the hairpin from his head, “I can’t give you status, but I can give you respect.”


Yujie looked at Kris obsessively. In Yelang Kingdom, concubines didn’t have the right to call husband but lord instead!

She was moved, tears instantly blurred her vision.

“Okay, don’t cry, let’s go to see Xuefei!”


Yujie nodded, quickly wiped her tears. Today was her happiest day!

Time flied, after accepting Yujie ten days ago, Kris started to get busy again.

But the call in his dream was getting closer and more frequent.

Xuefei could tell his unhappiness, “Husband, it is fine today, why don’t we go to Xuankong Temple to pray for our child?”

Kris looked at her, holding her hand, “Wife…”

“Go and ask, so that you can sleep well.”


Kris asked for a leave and took Xuefei and Yujie to the temple.

It is worth mentioning that the strong bandits on Tianjian Mountain also destroyed by Kris, and the greatest threat to Wuwei City has been eliminated.

This also brought Kris’s reputation to its peak.

An hour later, the three came to the foot of Xuankong Mountain, where on top located Xuankong Temple.

There was an endless stream of believers coming up and down. Many people knew Kris and greeted him.

Xuefei smiled, this is her husband, respected and loved by people!

Entering the Daxiong Hall, he patiently accompany Xuefei to pray for the Buddha. After finishing all this, Xuefei said, “Go and ask, Yujie and I are waiting for you here!”

Kris nodded and walked away.

“Miss Yuan, is this really good?” Yujie was worried.

“He forgot a lot of things. Thinking of these will make him miserable. Why not help him liberate?”

“But… that’s not really him!” Yujie bit her lip, “He dreamed every night these days, murmuring other people’s names, maybe those are his relatives!”

Xuefei touched her slightly bulged belly, “Maybe, anyway, we are now…the closest person to him!”

Yujie nodded and stopped talking.

“Buddhist abbot!”

Kris found the Xuankong Temple abbot, Yuanguang monk!

“Director Chen!”

Monk Yuanguang turned and bowed slightly.

“You are too polite.”

Kris said, “I came here today to solve the puzzle in my heart!”

“May I ask that if I was once a disciple of Xuankong Temple?”

Monk Yuanguang nodded, “Yes, Director Chen is our Xuankong Temple disciple!”

“But I… why don’t I have the ordination scar?”

“Because of your secular heart!”

Monk Yuanguang said, “If you burned the ordination scar back then, there would not be one more monk in the world, but one less Director Chen who would save the world and the people!”

“Do you know my parents?”

“I don’t know!”Monk Yuanguang shook his head, “Your parents abandoned you when you are a baby and left a note with only your name on it!”

“Thank you for your time!”

Kris left desperately, it’s impossible, how could it be possible?

Where did the cry in his dream come from?

After coming out of the abbot’s room, he encountered many monks along the way, “Hey, isn’t that Junior Fellow Apprentice Wuhuo?”

“What nonsense are you talking about, Junior Fellow Apprentice Wuhuo has returned to the vulgarity, and now he’s Director Chen!”

“Oh, Director Chen, it is said that he also married Master Yuan’s daughter!”

“Wow, a winner in life…”

They talk loudly, and Kris can hear it very clearly!

In this way, the word that he had grown up in Xuankong Temple was true.

He frowned, feeling that he had forgotten something important.

“Husband, did you find the answer you want?” as soon as Kris came out, Xuefei asked.

“Maybe.” Kris shook his head, maybe he was too tired recently, those calls should be auditory hallucinations!

Contained his doubts, Kris took the hands of the two women, “Let’s go home!”

Before walking down the steps, Kris looked at Xuankong Temple, sighed and turned to leave.

After returning, Kris slowed down his work, accompanied Xuefei when he was free, or teased the little girl Yujie. Life was like poetry!

Moreover, the shouts in his dream became less and less, which made Kris relieve.

“Sir, have a rest!” Yujie took off her clothes, revealing a protruding body.

Kris nodded. After having sex, the two fell into sleep.

That night, Kris heard the call again, “Kris, come back soon… Our child and I are waiting for you!”

“Husband, don’t you want us anymore?”

“Shit, if you dare not come back, I will remarry, let others sleep with your wife, and let others bully your children!”

Though he couldn’t see the face clearly, Kris could feel her crying.

“No, I won’t be a green turtle (the person who was two-timed by his wife)!”

“Just let you be a green turtle, you had let others be a green turtle, it’s time for you!”


Boom! Kris opened his eyes suddenly, his back was wet!


Yujie woke up, saw Kris gasping, knowing that he had a nightmare again!

“Have a nightmare again?”

Yujie put on her clothes, knelt down behind Kris, hugged him, and gently rubbed his temples.

Every time he had nightmares, she would do this!

But this time, Kris didn’t move, his eyes lighted,, running out like crazy.

“Husband, clothes, you are not wearing clothes!”

Yujie gritted her teeth, put on her clothes and rushed out.

In the study, Kris lit a candle and pulled out a large stack of paper, densely filled with names of people!

Mary Su, Quan Mu, Yinyin Yao, Xiaorou Xu, Lan Xia, Yi Fang, Qingyuan, Yuhan Qin…

He was chanting the names of these people crazily!

“Who are you, who are you!” Kris had blue veins on his forehead, “Who wants to cuckold me? Who wants me to be a green turtle?”

“No, no, no!”

Kris shouted three times in a row, alarming all the people in the Chen Mansion!


Yujie took the clothes and quickly put them on, “Go back, it’s too cold…”

“I won’t go back, I must figure out who they are today!”

He sat there, reading the names of these people over and over again.

Gradually, he seemed to fall into deep thought.

The fog on those figures in his mind gradually dispersed, and they seemed to reveal their true colors!

“Not enough, it’s not clear enough!”

At this moment, the call sounded again, “Brother, my King of Deadliest Insect has grown eight wings. It’s amazing. During your absence, I am well-behaved!”


Kris called out this name unconsciously!

“Kris, my good son-in-law, can you forgive me? It’s my fault! Mom will never stop you from being with Miaomiao again!”

“Jane Tang?”

“Mary Su?”

“My dear grandson, I blamed you wrongly. You are my pride. I regret to have you driven out of the house!”


“Boy, when will you come back to give me thrush? If you don’t come back, I will find someone else to give me thrush!”

“Sister Mu!”


Every time these people called, Kris spoke out a name!

Gradually, their faces became clear.

Chapter 538: You Are Pregnant!

“Dad, I will take good care of my mother!”

“Xiu Chen?”

Was he his eldest son?

“Master, we will stay here. You can rest assured!”

Hu Li?

Another gust of wind passed, and their appearances became clearer.


When Kris Chen saw their faces, all the forgotten memories came to his mind.

After a long time, Kris Chen opened his eyes. At this moment, the world in front of him was completely different!

“Mr. Chen!”

A black air stood beside him, and its scarlet eyes were full of greed, cunning, and insidiousness.

“Kekkai Immortal!”

Kris Chen snorted coldly, and he took out his sword and poked at it.

The sword directly split Yujie in half. Moreover, the entire Chen Mansion was divided into two under this sword light!

The sword light that swept along the way killed many people in Chen Mansion!

However, Kris Chen turned a blind eye to these people and glanced at Yujie, who died on the ground. Kris Chen strode to the backyard, the main room!

Pushing open the door, Xuefei Yuan was lying in bed with her big belly!

Seeing Kris Chen holding a sword and looking at her with cold eyes, Xuefei Yuan was shocked, “My dear, what happened to you! What happened outside?”

“Don’t play innocent!”

The tip of the sword dragged on the ground, cutting out deep scratches, “From the moment the coffin closed, I fell into your trap. I was confused about why as soon as I entered the coffin world, how could I know that the lake was a sword washing pond? The soul of the weapon was hidden in the sun. It turned out that you operated everything in the dark.”

“What is the world in the coffin, what is the sword washing pond? What are you talking about?”

Xuefei Yuan was in tears, “Are you crazy?”

As soon as she stopped speaking, Tiangang Yuan came with many people, including Tianxiong Ning, Tu Yan, and others.

“Kris Chen, you are crazy. Do you want to…”

Before Tu Yan finished speaking, a sword light came out and directly broke him in two!

“Crazy, he is crazy!”

Tiangang Yuan’s eyes widened, and Tianxiong Ning shouted, “Hurry up and hold him down!”

A large number of soldiers rushed over with dagger-axes.

“Be careful, don’t hurt my daughter.”

Tiangang Yuan also took out his sword and rushed over.

“I have never seen such useless people like you!”

When he spoke, a sword light came out, and everyone died, and the blood flowing like a stream.

The smelly blood was disgusting.


Xuefei Yuan almost vomited blood!

“Drop the act! No one is watching at your performance!”

Kris Chen looked at her without any expression, “Let’s talk about it. What do you want!”

Xuefei Yuan shook her head, tears streaming down, “Kill me, please!”

“Forget it, since you don’t answer my question, then I will stop asking!”

Kris Chen swung his sword, and the light of that sword shone on the world, and it directly killed Xuefei Yuan.

A black air came out of her body, “You are so cruel, you can even kill your wife and children!”

Although the voice was still a female voice, it was not from Xuefei Yuan, full of cruelty.

“You are not dead yet?”

“Then, I will try to use divine powers!”

“The Locking Art!”

Kris Chen stretched out his hand and pointed at the soul of weapon, “Kill her!”

The sword light, which was fused with Taoist Strength, directly splitting the Kekkai Immortal into two.


With that scream, everything began to melt away, revealing the real world!

“Kris Chen, do you think it is useful to kill me? Do you think everything in the dream is fake? You are wrong! You will regret killing me!”

Kris Chen said lightly: “Stop talking so much nonsense!”

After putting the sword back, Kris Chen found himself standing in front of the thatched cottage!

There were two Nameless Sword Tactics in the storage ring, as well as a letter.

The sword washing pond remained the same. Kris Chen flew to the sky. The pure soul of the weapon was still sleeping.

“It was not a Kekkai Immortal? I guessed wrong?”

Kris Chen shook his head and wanted to go out. He had to surrender the Kekkai Immortal and put his soul imprint into Kekkai Immortal.

In an instant, Kris Chen understood everything about Kekkai Immortal.

“I see!”

Kris Chen sighed. Indeed, Kekkai Immortal was killed by him, but it was Kekkai Immortal’s evil thoughts.

Jian Qiu cultivated this microcosmos, and he killed many people. When he washed the sword in the sword washing pond, he washed his sin and his hostility.

Over time, the escaping tyrannical and hostile spirits drenched the Kekkai Immortal, and after he left, Kekkai Immortal was completely blackened.

In desperation, Kekkai Immortal separated from his evil thoughts.

The coffin cut off the possibility of her escape.

But he almost fell into the divine powers of Kekkai Immortal. If that were the case, all his Fruit of Taoist Practice would belong to Kekkai Immortal.

And those Nameless Sword Tactics were given to Tianxiong Ning by Kekkai Immortal to let him become stronger and finally killed him!

Kekkai Immortal did not care whether it was a man and a woman. Its ultimate goal was to escape the coffin!

Now he understood why Tianxiong Ning could enter the world in the coffin!

As for the letter written by Jian Qiu, it was true. As for where he has gone, Kekkai Immortal did not know either!

Maybe he went to the sword world?

It was a small world that could be carried around, and the flow of time was different. Ten days here equaled one day outside!

In this way, Kris Chen had more times when he stayed here!

It was more powerful than the microcosmos of Wuji Sword Sect.

Now he had the foundation for the establishment of Gengu No.1 Sect.

Kris Chen appeared outside the coffin with hundreds of thousands of flying swords shouting and cheering with his thought.

He found that he could feel the feeling of these swords!

Kris Chen was overjoyed!

Unexpectedly, being cheated by the evil spirit of the Kekkai Immortal could consolidate his heart, and he could understand the feeling of swords!

In short, it improved the affinity of the sword.

For those swords that haven’t been refined, he could only urge it bluntly, and its power was only 30%. The sword heart could make you communicate with the sword. Even if the sword was not refined, he could use it 50% or more!

So, he was able to display ten thousand swords back to the sect.

“Come here!”

Millions of flying swords flew to form a sword formation in front of him.

Kris Chen flew in the air, “Well, it’s a surprise!”

He completed the Nameless Sword Tactics, got the small world, refined his body to the accumulated spirit’s peak, consolidated his heart, and the sword heart was transparent. This time, he made a fortune here!

And after practicing in the sword world for such a long time, it was only one and a half months outside!

What he lacked most now was time!

And the further he practiced, the more time he needed, and ten years were not enough for him.

Now that the sword world has solved this problem.

In a hundred years, he should be able to become an actualized spirit.

As for Jian Qiu, what exactly did you want to tell me?

Where did you go?

Was he in Devil Land, or has he jumped out of this world and went to other places?

Kris Chen knew nothing about these.

“Forget it. If I am not strong enough, it’s useless to know these things.”

Kris Chen laughed at himself, returned to the world in the coffin, and began to concentrate on practicing!

This time he would push his power to the peak of primal spirit!

It needed ten thousand and eight hundred acupuncture points, and he has only opened half now.

The strong physical body made it more difficult for him to open acupuncture points, and he needed more energy!

The primal spirit was so difficult for him. What about breaking through to the accumulated spirit?

Kris Chen took out the one billion spiritual stones, placed the formation, and the whistling spirit Qi wrapped him in it, opening the acupuncture points continuously!

At the same time, somewhere in the big mountain in North Luzhou.

Inside the tent, Xuefei Yuan woke up.

She has been dreaming for several months in a row. In the dream, she had flesh sessions with Kris Chen every night. Every time she reached the orgasm, she fell from heaven.

That sense of loss made her feel disappointed.

The dream was quite real. Xuefei Yuan could even feel his body temperature, his breathing, and his skin.

Even the touch was so real.

She couldn’t even know whether it was reality or a dream.

This night, she woke up again with indescribable emptiness and solitude.

If she could treat Kris Chen better at that time, even if it were a little bit, she wouldn’t be like this right now.

But now it was useless to say anything. It was too late!

Just as she felt an overwhelming sense of loss, she felt sick.


She quickly covered her mouth and ran out of the tent, and threw up.


Tiangang Yuan, who was patrolling with his disciples, quickly walked over.

“Miss Yuan!”

Yujie, on the other side of the tent, also woke up.

“Are you OK?”

“Father, I am fine…ew…”

Before she finished speaking, Xuefei Yuan began to retch.

She was just retching!

“Did you catch a cold?”

Tiangang Yuan frowned. It shouldn’t be. Xuefei Yuan was in the Back-to-self stage, and she couldn’t be affected by temperature.

She couldn’t get sick at all.

“Maybe I ate something wrong.”

Xuefei Yuan wiped the corners of her mouth. On the day of fleeing, they didn’t dare to go to crowded places and went to deserted places.

They have walked more than eight hundred thousand miles!

These days, they ate animal meat and little vegetables.

“No, I don’t think so.”

Tiangang Yuan was a little worried, “Yujie, you go and invite Butler Mei, let him feel the pulse of Xuefei!”

“Yes, Mr. Yuan!”

Yujie, with sleepy eyes, hurried to call Butler Mei here.

After a long time, Butler Mei put down Xuefei Yuan’s hand and said with a weird expression: “It was impossible! It shouldn’t be! Her pulse is too strange.”

“What happened to me?”

Xuefei Yuan said nervously.

“Miss Yuan, it seems that you are pregnant!”

Everyone present was shocked.

How could this thing happen!

“It was impossible! I am still a virgin!”

Xuefei Yuan’s tears came out with anxiety.

“Butler Mei, could it be a mistake?”

Tiangang Yuan also thought it was ridiculous. They were on the way to escape every day, and there was no time to do such things.

Moreover, the people he brought were all family members, and they were all blood relatives. It was even more impossible to do such a conscienceless thing.

He also didn’t believe her daughter would do such a shameless thing.

So, it must be a mistake here.

Butler Mei was also very embarrassed. He lowered his head and said, “Maybe I am too tired these days. It’s better to find a place in the town tomorrow and go to the hospital to ask a professional doctor to treat her!”


Tiangang Yuan nodded. Their goal was to escape from the Yelang Kingdom as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Yelang Kingdom was too big, and they only walked half of it for nearly a year.

In the early morning of the second day, everyone left the forest. Xuefei Yuan couldn’t fall asleep all night.

After walking for a long time, they saw a prosperous small town, and they pretended to be businessmen and got into the small town.

After they settled down, Tiangang Yuan took Xuefei into a clinic!

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