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Chapter 537: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 537 Qiqi, Struggling

Anna was stunned and then laughed out. She patted Qiqi’ s head, saying, “thank you. It’s sweet of you.”

“I’m just telling the truth,” Qiqi said with a serious look, “I’m happy to see you get stronger and stronger.”

Patting Qiqi’ s shoulder, Anna smiled and said, “you too. You work so hard and you will definitely get good grades and get into the school you like.”

Hearing this, Qiqi sighed and said, “hey, although I studied hard, I haven’t seen much progress. You see, I’m going to a cram school.”

Anna did not have any objections, nodded and said, “it’s good and you can study with people like you. You can learn from each other and then you will benefit you a lot.”

“I think so. But it lasts one month and I cannot have any contact with the outside world.”

“That doesn’t matter. As long as you can get good results, it’s doesn’t matter at all.”

Seeing that Anna didn’t object, Qiqi was relieved and laughed, “I know you’ll support me. Yuqi is really small-minded.”

This time, Anna said nothing.

She turned her head to look at Qiqi and asked, “wait, what does this have to do with him?”

Without thinking too much about it, Qiqi directly said, “he gives this opportunity. I wanted to apply for that, but there were too many people and I didn’t even get a chance. With his help, I got the opportunity to participate in the training. This time, I’ll cherish it.”

Anna laughed and said, “oh, I see.”

“I’m glad you agree, so I’m going to take a shower first.”

“Well, go ahead.”

Having a good mood, Qiqi was even more relaxed than ever.

But Anna was not so. She scowled and wondered what Yuqi wanted.

This day, Anna got a day off, so Chuxue Ye asked her friends to come out.

But when it’s the time, they realized that someone was missing.

“Hey, where is Qiqi?”

Putting down the tea cup, Anna explained, “Qiqi went to a cram school and she will not be able to contact us in a month.”

“Oops, a month? I miss her now,” Chuxue calculated the time and said with a raised eyebrow, “so, when she finishes the course, won’t it be time for the exam?”


Chuxue shrugged and said, “she doesn’t have much time left. I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be. Though Qiqi sometimes looked not very reliable, when it comes to important things, she will make it right. I trust her.”

This was true. She wouldn’t mess it up when it’s a pivotal moment.

Supporting her jaw, Chuxue sighed, “when Qiqi is free again, we need a celebration party. Recently everyone is so tired and we need time to relax.”

This made Anna smile, “Qiqi is preparing for the exam, so she is. I work so hard, so I am. Yiyao is pregnant… But you, the bride-to-be, why are you tired?”

Once Chuxue heard this, she widened her eyes and began to complain.

“Do you think it’s easy to prepare for the wedding? I am dying. The dress, the suits, the guest list, the hotel and the wedding company… I literally don’t want to think about these things.”

Looking at Chuxue in anxiety, Anna smiled and said, “but you’ll enjoy it. You only have once.”

“Hey, I just want to quit.”

“Nonsense. Zhao Nangong will be sad if he hears so.”

“Hmph, I don’t care at all. I’m just very tired and irritable. I just want to find someone to fight to vent.”

Hearing this, Yiyao shook her head with a smile, “I have a suggestion. Let me tell you.”

Anna and Chuxue were there waiting.

“When it’s over, we can go on a trip together, a small island. There is no work or anything tiering, only waves and sea breeze, starry sky and vast ocean. We can catch little crabs bare footedly, paint and sleep.”

This made the two got interested in, and a picture seemed to appear before their eyes.

Cupping her jaw, Chuxue was looking forward to it.

“This is a good idea. Isolating from the world… we can throw away all the fucking things.”

“I also think it’s great. We can also go fishing and do BBQ. What a self-sufficient life.”

“BBQ? I’m good at it. You will love it.”

Chuxue was confident, but Anna still remembered the Terrible cuisine that Qiqi mentioned, “forget it, you better not do it. I don’t wanna die.”

“Come on, can we not mention this anymore?”

Chuxue was a little awkward while the two were laughing at her.

Just when they were talking and laughing, several girls next to them were whispering.

Finally, summoning all the courage, one stood up and walked to Anna, “excuse me, are you Anna?”

“Yes, I am.”

The girls blushed as soon as they heard that.

“Yeah, Anna! I really like you in ‘Goodbye, Next Tomorrow’, can you sign it for me?”


They got excited. However, Chuxue’ s words made them even more jubilant.

“Do you want to take a picture with us?”

“Really? Thank you so much!”

A girl took out her phone and handed it to Chuxue. They gathered around Anna and smiled happily.

After taking the photo, Chuxue handed the phone to them with a warm and generous smile.

Looking at them, Anna smiled and said, “she is the owner of the dessert place. You guys should come here more often in the future.”

“We will. The boss is beautiful and kind and we’ll take more friends here.”

Getting the autographs and photos, the girls left in satisfaction.

Chuxue smiled at Anna and teased, “you’re really famous now. Even my friends are asking me about you, hoping to have a meal with you or something. But seeing that you’re so busy, I’ve turned it down for you.”

“I don’t want to make it difficult for you.”

“Hey, it’s not a big deal. But you, in the future, wear sunglasses or something, otherwise more people will gather to watch you.”

Yiyao smiled and asked, “how does it feel after turning famous?”

“It’s not bad. I’m happy to see that my work liked by everyone.”


Anna smiled with some relief and said, “after experiencing a lot, I don’t care about that much. On the contrary, I try to hold on the things that are really important to me.”

Chuxue nodded and said, “yes, that’s true. It really makes sense. Now, few people say that you are Yulin’ s wife, but say that Yulin is the husband of the star Anna. In the past, the news would only say that the end of the rich bachelor’s single life will make girls heartbroken. But now, they don’t understand why you get married so early at such a young age.”

Anna laughed at thim and said, “people are fickle.”

“It’s your efforts that made them change. The process was hard, but you did it.”

“Yes, we know how hard you’ve worked, and you deserve all this.”

Anna covered her face and said, “oops, thank you so much. Thanks for always being with me.”

Chuxue suddenly took out her phone and said, “come on, Anna, take a picture with me. I want to put it on my Facebook, so that others will envy me.”

But Anna blocked the camera and said, “I don’t want it. You are prettier than a star and it will make me embarrass.”

“Don’t be. Come on.”

When they were having a happy time together, Qiqi now was struggling.

Although she would meet some friends here, there were too many awesome people. Compared to them, Qiqi was just a beginner. They were too smart.

Looking at others’ mock exam grades, Qiqi lost much confidence when she found she got a quite low mark.

God, why did she have to face this? She thought she was doing well before, but now it seemed that she was deceiving herself.

Qiqi was much behind them, so she got more and more depressed. For a long time, she didn’t even smile.

Although Qiqi was not in a good state, people around her knew this.

However, those who came here to study were all for the exam, so how could they have the time to comfort a competitor they didn’t know very well?

Therefore, Qiqi became more and more silent and inefficient.

When Qiqi felt that she needed to fix herself, she immediately stopped all her work and left the classroom, intending to go to a place where no one was around to empty herself and then pull herself together.

At this moment, it was already dark, and Qiqi was lying on the grass behind the classroom, with her arm behind her head. Looking at the starry sky, she got better.

Looking at the sky, Qiqi felt she was very small, as well as her distress. She felt easy and relaxed.

However, Qiqi began to think of a person that she should not think. She was curious, at this moment, what was he doing?

Thinking about it, Qiqi had an illusion and a man was standing at her feet, looking down at her with a smile.

Qiqi sighed and then looked away, mumbling with her eyes closed.

Yuqi deliberately came to see her, but what was her reaction? She took a look at him and then she just ignored him?

Feeling funny and also helpless, Yuqi asked, “it’s time for study, but why are you here?”

Hearing his voice, Qiqi sat up immediately and stared at Yuqi with surprise.

“What? Am I a ghost?”

“Is it really you?”

“If I’m not myself, then who I am? What’s going on? Silly girl?”

Realizing it was indeed Yuqi, Qiqi blushed and looked down, “Ah, I just…just didn’t expect you to be here.”

“I’m passing by, so I come to see you. How are you? Everyone is inside studying, but why are you here?”

Thinking about her terrible state, Qiqi felt a little sorry.

Yuqi asked others for help so that he could give her this valuable training opportunity. But she ran out to slack off when everyone was studying. She really messed everything up.

Yuqi must feel very disappointed with me her.

Qiqi looked down and said in a hoarse voice, “it’s a little stuffy inside, so I came out to get some fresh air. I’ll go back later.”

Seeing Qiqi was a little down, Yuqi asked, “you don’t look very well. Did something happen?”

“Nnothing, it’s just that…a kick in my head. I’ll be back soon.”

Then Qiqi got up and was about to leave.

But Yuqi tugged her hand and said in a gentle voice, “Since you need some rest, sit down and talk to me. Take it easy.”

Qiqi really didn’t want to go back, so after hesitation, she nodded and asked, “kick in the head? Is it because other their grades are better than yours?”

Qiqi nodded and asked with some embarrassment, “should I accept the fact that they are stronger than me?”

“It often happens. But you should know that there are always people who are better than you. It will be really exhausting if you want to defeat everyone. Besides, none of us urge you to get the first place or anything. Just try your best.”

Yuqi said jokingly, but his words indeed lessened her anxiety. She laughed, “are you comforting me, or looking down on me?”

“I’m just telling the truth. Don’t push yourself so hard. Just try your best and there is no need to compare yourself with others. You just need to be better than before, then the cram school works, and that’s why I applied for it.”

Taking a deep breath, Qiqi found herself in a much more relaxed mood, and her sorrow and nervousness had gone.

Actually, Yuqi was very good at comforting people. In a short time, he caught the point and solved Qiqi’ s problem.

Clenching her fists, Qiqi seemed to come back to normal. She looked at the sky and said, “you’re right. My enemy is myself, and only I can defeat myself. I will definitely become stronger and better.”

Looking at Qiqi’ s confident look, Yuqi smiled with squinting eyes. He looked at her with endless tenderness.

He then reached out to pat Qiqi’ s head and said contentedly, “Qiqi, I trust you. I’m glad that you are full of energy so quickly again. I’m happy.”

Yuqi’ s action was a bit ambiguous, which made Qiqi blush immediately. She suddenly had a feeling of being pampered.

But Qiqi thought that it was an illusion, so she immediately dodged and shook her head, forcing herself not to think about it, and then changed the subject.

“By the way, what are you doing here? It’s so late, or for work?”

“No, I’m here for you.”

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