Karen Lee never doubted his dearest relatives, and it was the same this time.

Don’t think about it, believe that the man you like, he must have something to do not come over.

Money is a trivial matter, not even a matter, as much as you want.

Karen Lee stopped thinking about her, she called Betty.

“Pay 100 billion dollars to Joseph’s account!” Karen Lee said.

In the U.S., Karen Lee has her own private bank, so you only need to make a call.

“Yes, President Lee,” of course Betty did it immediately.

“Master Lee, is there anything else?” Betty was astonished. She was waiting for Karen Lee to hang up, but she could hear Karen Lee’s breathing before Karen Lee hung up.

“No, it’s okay, you be ready to pay,” Karen Lee hung up.

Betty was puzzled by looking at her phone, and her suspicion in her heart was deeper. Recently, Joseph cannon has spent money like running water. He doesn’t treat Karen Lee’s money as money at all. Although Karen Lee doesn’t mind at all, the speed of using money, Chuck Cannon is not as good as a horse. …

Betty, she knew her identity, she couldn’t say anything, if she says it, although she said nothing, Karen Lee wouldn’t blame her, but Betty hesitated, so she didn’t say anything.

She went to make money or Karen Lee should do it herself.

Chuck Cannon was a little hungry, so he was really eating and drank a little drink without drinking.

“Islander?” Someone came to ask.

This is the language of the island country. Chuck Cannon has seen the movie, of course, he knows it.

The status of islanders in the United States is still higher than that of Chinese.

Chuck Cannon has never been abroad before, and he knows it, so it is quite normal for your countrymen to ask Chuck Cannon as an islander.

“No.” Chuck Cannon spoke in English.

He can only speak a few sentences, but not the others.

“You turn out to be from Huaxia, but Huaxia is not good.” This is a boss who said.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and didn’t understand, he could only smile politely, how to say he also came to meet people.

He can’t shame his mom!

“So you don’t understand English, how did you come in?” the boss said sarcastically.

He saw that Chuck Cannon was well dressed, so he wanted to come and get to know him. He didn’t expect that he couldn’t speak English. He was disappointed.

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand, just laughed.

But in the eyes of this person, this is a giggle.

“Are you a fool from China?” The American boss teased Chuck Cannon, with a smile on his face.

The tone of this question fell in Chuck Cannon’s eyes. Chuck Cannon thought he was asking if he was from China, and he nodded.

“Haha, are you a fool?” The American boss laughed.

“En,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Come on, take a video.” The American boss took out his mobile phone. He had to take the video and post it on the Internet. It was hard to come across a man who can’t speak English. How can he not tease?

Chuck Cannon thought about it and agreed.

“I ask you, are you a fool?” The American boss made a video.

“En,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

The American boss smiled, and he was happy in his heart. It’s so terrible. Why did you come here if you don’t understand English?

“You, follow along.” The American boss communicated in crappy Chinese.

Chuck Cannon happened to be learning English, so he nodded in agreement.

“Okay, I’m a fool from China.”

“I am a fool from China.”

Chuck Cannon also learned it again, and it feels pretty good, and he speaks the standard as well. With time, he can speak as standard as Yvette Jordan in English.

“Very good.” The American boss laughed and said to his friend.

Chuck Cannon said thank you, this is English, he understands.

Haha, I said you are a fool, do you still thank me?

The American boss laughed, “Fool.”

He walked over.

He showed this video to his friends, and after watching them, they laughed.

“Where does this fool come from?”

“Here from China, you can’t speak English when you look at him.”

A few friends were laughing at Chuck Cannon. They secretly looked at Chuck Cannon and found that Chuck Cannon was still eating. Why did he come here? For eating?

“Let’s continue to tease him, teach him more “English”, and I also want to make videos.”

“Come, let’s go over and tease him, it’s hard to encounter this kind of shame!”

A few friends followed.

“Here you, I introduce you to my friends,” the American boss said to Chuck Cannon.

Look at Chuck Cannon. They are all bosses in suits. Beauty is quite pretty. Chuck Cannon took a few more glances and knew a few people.

“It is good.”

“Come on, this is your grandfather.” The American boss pointed to someone and said.

Chuck Cannon nodded, it was an acquaintance.

“Come on, call Grandpa to the video,” the man took out his phone, and he was so sarcasm in his heart. There is such a silly pen!!

“Grandpa,” Chuck Cannon felt a little strange, how could he be familiar? But still called.

“Hey, I took this photo. It’s really a shame.” The man smiled happily and communicated with his friends in English. Chuck Cannon didn’t understand English so kept smiling.

“Then I come, it’s my turn.”

This is a beautiful blonde woman. Looking at Chuck Cannon, her eyes are really weird. She turned her eyes and felt that Chuck Cannon was pretty good, a bit muscular, but the Chinese men were far worse than the American men.

She looks down on it.

“I am your queen, you are my slave! Come, learn from me, I am the queen’s slave,” the blonde girl took out her phone.

There will be a lot of clicks on the Internet, right?

“I am the queen’s slave, what does this mean?” Chuck Cannon was more curious.

Just know how to say it, not knowing the meaning.

“I mean very beautiful,” the American boss explained in crappy Huaxia.

The blondes were all laughing, let alone the others.

Chuck Cannon understood, read it several times silently, and learned another sentence of English. After returning, he will Yvette Jordan this English then she would definitely be happy.

“It’s me, your mother is my woman,” this is a bald man, who also took out his cell phone.

Shoot against Chuck Cannon.

“What does this mean?” Chuck Cannon asked, feeling strange.

“I will work hard, you can follow along,” the American boss can’t hold back anymore, what a shame!

Chuck Cannon thinks this sentence can be learned, and he said it.

The bald man smiled triumphantly, “I actually have such a big son, this is an incompetent boy!”

“Haha! I can’t take it anymore, it’s so awkward, everyone has done it?” The American boss laughed.

“It’s done, I’m going to post it online, saying that I met a Huaxia pen today, learning things like a dog.” The blonde girl smiled triumphantly.

She came to this party without much gain. She was having no fun. She did not expect to meet such fun.

“What are you laughing at?” Chuck Cannon felt even more weird.

“We say you are smart and you learn fast,” the American boss smiled slightly.

Oh, that’s kind of friendly.

Chuck Cannon deliberately said the last sentence several times and will talk to his mother later.

“Thank us,” said the American boss, and several other people looked at Chuck Cannon, waiting for Chuck Cannon to say thank you.

“Thank you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“You’re welcome, learn slowly,” the American boss took his friends to other places, and they were laughing to death.

“Haha, isn’t this fun?”

“Yes, super yes, don’t say anything, I’m going to post the video.” The blonde beauty posted the video proudly.

“I will also post it.”

“I also want to post.”

Several people were playing videos posted on their mobile phones, and they laughed at Chuck Cannon while posting back.

Chuck Cannon spoke a few words and found it good, and learned a few words of English.

He continued to eat a little bit. At this moment, his mother came over. Chuck Cannon saw that his mother was absent from snacks. Chuck Cannon asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Why did you answer a phone call and write it?

“It’s okay, your dad will come back in a few days.” Karen Lee said dotingly.

“It’s okay, dad can keep him busy if he has something to do,” Chuck Cannon certainly knows that a man puts his career first, he hasn’t seen each other for so many years, and he’s not in a hurry these days.

“Well, are you full? I will be an interpreter for you, and I will take you to meet people.” Karen Lee said.

“Mom, I just learned a few words of English. I think I have talent.” Chuck Cannon wanted to talk.

“Really? Then tell me what you learned.” Karen Lee smiled slightly.

Many Chinese people don’t like learning English. Fortunately, Chuck Cannon has learned English, which has many benefits! Seeing Chuck Cannon’s excitement, she was also happy.

Chuck Cannon said the first sentence the American boss taught him, “I am a fool from China.”

After Karen Lee listened, the smile on her face froze, and she was stunned, but she didn’t subconsciously blurt out, “Chuck, what did you say?”

Chuck Cannon repeated, “Mom, was I wrong?”

“Wrong, you are not, you are my son, tell me, who taught you just now?” Karen Lee touched Chuck Cannon’s head and said, with cold eyes!

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