Those few people, they taught me. “Chuck Cannon’s finger passed.

What are these people still laughing at?

Karen Lee saw it.

“En,” Karen Lee nodded, “Come here, I’ll take you to find them,”

Chuck Cannon followed Karen Lee.

“Mom, what do you mean?” Chuck Cannon felt something was wrong, and his mother’s eyes changed. What did that mean? ?

“Mom,” Chuck Cannon saw that his mother stopped talking. Is this?

“Don’t learn other people’s English in the future. I, Betty Li, and Yvette Jordan will teach you. The sentence just now is that you are a silly child.” Karen Lee couldn’t continue.

Chuck Cannon was immediately annoyed. He really felt something was wrong. How could it be?

Let you call yourself a fool?

These bastards!

“Mom, besides, I have learned a few words,” Chuck Cannon wanted to know other meanings.

“Then talk about it,”

Chuck Cannon said everything. When Karen Lee heard “Your mother is my woman”. Karen Lee’s eyes were cold.

“Mom, what do you mean?” Chuck Cannon saw that his mother’s eyes were wrong!

Are they all cursing?

Karen Lee whispered, Chuck Cannon was immediately annoyed, “Is she…”

“It’s okay, just pay attention to it in the future, learn things, I, Betty Li, have time at any time, you know?” Karen Lee said, this is true, no matter how late, no matter how busy, Karen Lee’s now the main family, that is Chuck Cannon, and Joseph Cannon.

“Well, mom, I won’t go to school anymore,”

Chuck Cannon regrets now. Why didn’t he learn English at all when he was studying? If he did, wouldn’t it happen?

Chuck Cannon decided to learn more quickly, as well as other languages.

Such a thing must never happen again, Chuck Cannon can’t bear it!!

“Chuck, who taught you first?” Karen Lee brought Chuck Cannon to these people.

These people are posting videos, and they saw Chuck Cannon being brought by a woman. What are they doing?

Come to them to ask their crime?

Haha, what a shame, bring a woman here, how useless it is!

“He.” Chuck Cannon pointed at the American boss who came here first.

“En,” Karen Lee nodded.

“Why did you teach my child those words?” Karen Lee looked at him.

“It’s fun, don’t you understand?” The American boss laughed.

Several of his friends, especially the blonde beauty, laughed sarcastically.

Now the video has been posted online, and the click-through rate is so high!

“What about you?” Karen Lee looked at the others.

“Is there a silly pen that is not funny?”

“You’re the fuck, aren’t you? I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful. I said you were my woman, and he said it himself, hey beauty, about…” The bald man smiled triumphantly.

He is also happy to be able to take advantage of this temperament woman in words!

“Betty Li, lock me the phone terminals of these people, delete the video they just posted, and clean it up!!” Karen Lee took out the phone, took a shot at them, and then sent it to Betty Li.

“Okay, right now,” Betty Li replied.

This kind of video client, the boss behind the scenes is Karen Lee, who posts videos on her internet, she can delete them at any time.

When Betty Li saw these videos, she was also annoyed and deleted them all immediately.

“Delete, who do you think you are? Dare to delete my video, I can kill you, do you know?” The American boss laughed.

“That’s it! My video is posted online, how do you delete it? Mad!” The blonde sneered.

How can this be deleted?

“If you guys would have taught my son normally, I would have promoted your companies, but now, you played with my son like this, so it won’t work. You will have to pay the price today!” Karen Lee said indifferently.

She hasn’t gotten angry for a long time, but today her precious son has been tricked so much. She can’t bear it. In the United States, she doesn’t need to be patient either!!

“Also promoted, what are you?” The American boss laughed. He is also the boss of the company, who came to look for some business cooperation.

Those who can come here are all with similar net worth. He thinks that he should be the top among this group of people. Who is qualified to promote himself?

“Yeah, my phone video is gone? Has it been deleted?” The blonde girl was suddenly surprised. They were all there just now. The click rate was high. How could it be gone?

Network reason?

She clicked again and her account was blocked.

“Are you wrong? How could it be gone? Didn’t you see me well?” The American boss laughed, he turned on the phone gracefully, and the click rate was high just now!

But when he opened it, he can’t open the software at all. Is the account locked?

“what happened?”

“Yeah, mine was deleted too,”

Several people were surprised. They were all there just now. What’s wrong?

Several people looked at each other!

“You taught my son first.” Karen Lee walked to the American boss.

Karen Lee was very tall, 1.7 meters tall, and with high heels, the aura is not as strong as usual, which makes this person a little uncomfortable.

“Yes, what if I taught him? What if you can delete the video? It’s nothing more than knowing who is in the software. Do you think you are amazing?” The American boss sneered.

Who, is it that he is an individual now, so he can come out and pretend?

It doesn’t matter if you have this ability!

“Yes, do you think you are amazing? Just know a few people, do you really think this website belongs to you? Are you paranoid?” The blonde girl disdain.

Several other companions were cynic.

“Do you think I just deleted your video?” Karen Lee said.

“Otherwise? What else can you do? What else can you delete?!” The American boss sneered.

“I see, it’s not unreasonable for her son to be silly, and mothers are all silly, and they expect their son to be smart? Don’t you Huaxia say that if you have a father, you have a son? I see Ah if there is a mother, there must be a son! Haha!”

Several companions laughed, this is a mockery!

They have never seen Karen Lee, how could they believe it? They all find it funny!


Suddenly, the American boss got a text message on his cell phone, he took it out to look at it and was stunned.

“What happened??”

“Yeah, why are you stunned?”

Several companions looked at each other.

“What did you do?” The American boss was suddenly angry, because everything about him was deleted, including the representative of the company, and he became an empty person?

“Delete the trash,” Karen Lee said.

“Yeah, what’s the matter? My, everything, everything is gone?”

The blonde girl’s face became pale, and she was not mistaken. How is this possible? All the property, money, company, and even the car are no longer their own. How did this happen?

Deleted everything?

She panicked.

Has she become a pauper?

“Mine too.”

“Ah, me too, how could it be possible?”

Several people were stunned, what did they encounter?

How did she do that?

“What the hell did you do?” The American boss was furious. This is not an illusion. He was a rich man a second ago, but now he is a pauper? Wandering on the streets?

“I said, delete the trash!” Karen Lee repeated what she said just now.

This kind of thing is too simple for her. There are too many unexpected things in the U.S., all of them belong to Karen Lee.

She can delete everything from many people in one sentence.

“You, you, did you really do this? I just took your son’s video, you, what did you do?” The American boss slumped on the ground, dazed.

Could it be that the promotion this woman just mentioned can really promote his company?

Invisible, not only did he miss an opportunity for improvement, he also turned this opportunity into his own disaster?

“Oh, I just taught your son to say a word. I didn’t do other things. Don’t do this to me. Give me back my things. Give me back.” The blonde girl cried and cried. She collapsed. Did she lose her money and everything?

“Yes, she really lost…”

“Yes? You are not qualified to teach my son, even to know my son, do you think it is over now? Did you just start to know?” Karen Lee was really angry!

Chuck Cannon was full of joy just now, but now it looks like this, Karen Lee can’t watch it!!

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