Chapter 538: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 538 Tempt Qiqi with Food

His straightforwardness made Qiqi in a mess again, though she just fixed herself.

She didn’t dare to look at Yuqi’ s eyes, which were full of deep affection, so she looked away, not knowing what to say.

Yuqi admitted that he was deliberately making fun of her. He just liked to see her a little careful and shy.

But Yuqi also knew when to stop. If he pushed her so hard, she would be like an ostrich, burying her head in the sand.

Then Yuqi said, “I’m worried that you cannot eat well here, so I brought you something delicious.”


This made Qiqi’ s eyes light up.

She couldn’t get out, so naturally no one would be allowed to go out and buy any snacks.

The foods here were simple and monotonous, and she could only not feel hungry. Qiqi, who loved to eat, must be longing for food. In addition to making some progress, she hoped to eat her favorites.

So, once she heard this, Qiqi became curious and asked, “where is the food?”

“I’ve brought too much for you and I think it will be caught. I don’t want you to be in trouble, so I leave it in my car. Come with me. They are studying now, so they won’t notice us.”

“Is there a lot?”

“Yes. Chips, beef jerky, cookies, bread, peanut beans…oops, a lot, and I cannot remember what else. Anyway, there is a whole box.”

Qiqi gulped, hoping she could get the food as soon as possible.

She had been depressed for the past two days, and her bad mood had affected her appetite. Besides, there was really nothing good to eat here, so she didn’t eat well.

Now thanks for Yuqi’ s enlightenment, she was in a better mood and her appetite is recovering. As soon as she heard there was something delicious, she desperately wanted it.

Looking at Qiqi’ s such look, Yuqi patted her head and said, “let’s go, my car is parked over there.”

Then Yuqi took her there. Without considering too much about Yuqi and her, she just followed. For food, she would care about nothing else.

Yuqi’ s car was parked under an old tree at the entrance, shaded by the tree, so few people passed by.

Qiqi was thinking all about the delicious food, so she didn’t notice Yuqi’ s gaze.


Qiqi was about to express her gratitude when Yuqi dragged her and held her in his arms.

This was so sudden that Qiqi froze and forgot to even resist. Or rather, she was not willing to resist at all.

His embrace was very warm, making Qiqi feel that it was a sweet harbor. It could be her shield, giving her the courage to face the difficulties in life.

Here, Qiqi didn’t have to pretend to be strong. She could laugh or cry at any time. She didn’t have to pretend, but to be the most real self.

If it was possible, Qiqi would really like to hide away like this for the rest of her life.

But she knew such warmth wouldn’t last long.

His love could be given to many people, and she was only one of them.

But Qiqi was not willing to be the one, but the only one. She wanted all his love.

So, knowing that Yuqi could not give her what she wanted, she should stop all this.

Closing her eyes, she pushed him away all of a sudden. Looking down, she was lost.

Her getting away made Yuqi lost, as if he had lost something, or being abandoned.

Pursing his lips, Yuqi wanted to question Qiqi. But looking at Qiqi’ s lost look, Yuqi frowned and sighed.

Then, he came back to normal and said jokingly, “it’s not very polite to ask your weight, so I can only use this way to know whether you are fat or slim.”

Since Yuqi wanted the embarrassment to disappear, Qiqi was happy to cooperate with him, “so am I fat or slim?”

Yuqi rubbed Qiqi’ s cheek and said, “you’ve lost some weight, so you have to gain more when it’s over, otherwise you won’t be pretty.”

Breaking away from Yuqi’ s arm, Qiqi frowned and said, “nonsense, it is said that a good girl should not be over 50 KG, so it is better to be like this.”

“Have you not heard the rest of the sentence? If she is not over 50 KG, either flat-chested or short. But I believe that you are definitely not the first kind.”

This made Qiqi flush. Scowling, she retorted, “Yuqi, bad boy.”

“Yes. But you are a rabbit, so I haven’t shown who I really am. I don’t want to scare you.”

“What about now? You’ve changed your mind?”

“I have no choice. Anna will never allow me to be a gentleman, for she will always catch me. In that case, I’d choose to tell you this by myself.”

“Well, then, now you did it. I know who you are now.”

Yuqi smiled and turned around to open the trunk of the car, taking out the box.

“Originally, I wanted to get you more, but the box is too big to be put inside my car. So, just eat and I’ll come back with more when you finish it.”

Seeing the delicious food, Qiqi was no longer mad at him. Instead, she nodded with a smile.

Seeing her like this, Yuqi said, “go back quickly. I won’t see you off.”

“Sure, thank you. it’s not far away. Then I’ll go back first. Drive carefully.”


Holding the box, Qiqi was satisfied.

Yuqi, however, who was watching her go away, gradually lost his smile.

Just now, he really wanted to take Qiqi away and stuff her into the car, regardless of the exams, Anna, and others’ opinions. He loved her and he wanted to be with her.

This idea was so crazy that it would definitely scare her, so Yuqi could only suppress himself. He didn’t even dare to get closer to Qiqi again, fearing that what he did would make things worse, thus destroying the relationship between him and Qiqi.

Therefore, he could only let Qiqi leave, so that he could calm down instead of doing something too much.

But Qiqi did not know Yuqi was struggling. At this moment she was in a joyful mood, smiling.

Before she could return to the dormitory, she suddenly saw the teachers on night patrol and was so scared that she immediately hid herself.

If the teachers saw the snacks, they would definitely confiscate them.

Qiqi would definitely cry out, for she didn’t eat any of them if they were confiscated just like that.

So, she must guard her snacks.

Pursing her lips, Qiqi took a few steps back, intending to leave from the other side.

There was no street light on that path, so few people passed by on weekdays, and Qiqi walked with fear.

Under the moonlight, the shadows of the trees were waving. The wind was so strong that everything was shaking. At a such night, people were always careful.

Holding the box tightly, Qiqi was getting more and more nervous, so she walked faster.

But the faster she walked, she stumbled more often, and she almost tripped several times.

But luckily, after the intersection, Qiqi could slip back to the dormitory.

Bending down, Qiqi moved faster.

But things were against her wishes.

“Who’s there?”

Someone shouted behind her, but the voice was gentle and soft.

But for Qiqi, it was the voice from hell.

God, why should she be caught when she was almost there?

Qiqi began to blame herself, but she had to face it.

Turning around with her head down, Qiqi held her box tightly and begged, “I’m sorry. I made a mistake. Please don’t confiscate my snacks, okay?”

The one laughed and then said, “if you keep saying in such a loud voice, your snacks will be confiscated when teachers hear you.”

His relaxing tone made Qiqi stunned and she came back to her senses.


The boy standing in front of Qiqi was young, but he was a teacher here.

He and Qiqi were alumni, but now he was a post-graduate student and he comes here to work part-time after school.

Because of his excellent grades and rich experience, Jake was able to teach here at a young age, just like other teachers.

He was very popular among students, especially the girls, because he was handsome, taught well, and had a lot experience. In addition, Jake was good-tempered, and everyone had a good relationship with him, seeing him as a friend.

Because they were from the same school, Jake paid more attention to Qiqi.

He thought Qiqi was a little cute dummy, but she was also determined.

Now, Qiqi’ s shocked and hopeful gaze made him not want to confiscate her snacks, so he smiled and said, “pack up your things and get back. Remember, this will not happen again.”

Jake’s words made Qiqi in great relief, as if her execution was canceled.

The happy Qiqi bowed to him and thanked them. She turned around with the box in her arms, ready to leave.

But after several steps, Qiqi turned around again, taking out a bag of chips from the box, and stuffed it to Jake.

“This is a thank-you gift. Thank you!”

After saying that, Qiqi ran away.

Looking at her back, Jake shook his head.

When she returned to her dorm, Qiqi’ s roommate had not yet returned, so she stuffed the snacks into her locker, which was just big enough.

Taking out a bag of beef jerky, Qiqi chewed it contentedly. The satisfaction made Qiqi feel refreshed and she was full of energy.

Feeling full, Qiqi seemed to have been reborn and was in a very good mood.

Opening the book, Qiqi concentrated on it.

At this moment, she wouldn’t be affected by others’ grades. What she wanted was to be the best Qiqi.

Lunch break was the most relaxing time for students, because there was an old TV in the cafeteria that would broadcast some news while students were eating.

And this was one of the few ways for students to relax.

The fried rice in the cafeteria was hard and dry, and Qiqi forced herself to eat every time.

Others seemed to have their own ways. Some just swallowed it with water.

Suddenly, an entertainment news was broadcast on TV, which attracted everyone’s attention.

The TV was broadcasting an entertainment feast, which was an awards party. Gentlemen and ladies dressed in glamour, with decent and generous smiles.

The camera suddenly changed the direction and focused on Anna.

She covered her lips, looking shocked.

It turned out that she won two awards—the Best Newcomer and the Queen, which was considered as a miracle in the entertainment industry.

When Anna went on stage to receive the award, her eyes were slightly red, but she was calm.

The brief speech was just three minutes. And Qiqi knew how hard she worked for this.

Qiqi stood up and said with excitement, “Anna is incredible! Now, she can hold her head high.”

The girl next to Qiqi asked with a smile, “you sound like you know her very well.”

The students who are studying here came from all over the country and were not familiar with each other. They just thought Qiqi was bragging.

And Qiqi got serious and said, “we know each other very well. She is my best friend.”

“If you are really good friends, then please ask her to sign it for me, with ‘wish Yiwen Wang, the best of luck.’”

“No problem.”

“Me too. Me too. ‘wish you find a good husband as soon as possible’.”

“Does this mean that the dream will definitely come true? Then I want ‘wish you win $10 million’.”

“You guys are too much.”

Seeing they were laughing and joking, Qiqi frowned and said, “hey, you guys don’t believe me? Come on.”

After saying that, Qiqi got up and left with her dinner plate.

Looking at Qiqi’ s back, those who were just joking were still a little puzzled.

Qiqi loved joking a lot, and she she shouldn’t be angry about this.

After leaving the cafeteria, Qiqi walked to the pay phone and thought about it and called Anna.


Because Qiqi was using the pay phone, so Anna didn’t know who she was. That’s why she asked politely.

“It’s me. Anna, you busy now?”

Getting to know that was Qiqi, Anna relaxed and said with a smile, “I’m waiting to come to the stage. Why do you call me? Is something happening?”

“No, I’m good. I saw the news about your award and I was happy for you, so I called you to congratulate you.”

Anna smiled happier and said, “thank you. I’m also very happy to win the award.”

“I know. It’s your dream as an actress. You are now getting closer to your goal and I believe your future must be bright and infinite.”

“You too, my future agent. Keep moving on. In the future, with you, I will not be afraid of others to give me unfair terms or set me up.”

“Sure. I will.”

“Ah, I gotta go now. I’m going to shoot.”

“Well, take good care of yourself.”

“You too.”

Hanging up the phone, Qiqi felt extremely satisfied.

Although it was hard now, they were both fighting for their dreams.

Anna has already achieved something now, so Qiqi had to work harder.

Qiqi clenched her fist and cheered herself up.

Jake passed by and saw Qiqi standing at the phone, so he asked, “Qiqi, don’t you have any change to call?”

Hearing Jake, Qiqi came back to normal, shaking her head back, “no, I’ve already called.”

“Calling your boyfriend?”

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