Chapter 539 – 540: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 539: Fulfilled Period of Primal Spirit

“Doctor, what’s wrong with my daughter?”

Tiangang Yuan looked at the doctor nervously.

“Congratulations, your daughter is pregnant!”

Those words came as a big blow, and Tiangang Yuan almost fell.

“It is impossible. How could I be pregnant?”

Xuefei Yuan couldn’t believe what she just heard. She was still a virgin, and she just checked it last night. How could she pregnant!

After leaving the hospital, they remained silent.

“Tell me the truth, what the hell is going on!”

“Dad, I… I don’t know!”

Xuefei Yuan was sniffing and wiping her eyes with her hand.

“Who did that?!”

Xuefei touched her belly and thought of a possibility, and she told Tiangang Yuan about her thoughts.


Tiangang turned back to look at Xuefei, “You mean, you have been dreaming these days?”


She felt embarrassed about telling her father about it, and her face burned with shame, “I have been dreaming for two months!”

A practitioner couldn’t dream for no reason, so there was only one possibility. Someone had displayed divine powers and made love with Xuefei in the dream. Not to mention whether this person was Kris Chen, they didn’t dare to provoke someone who could use divine powers.

“Do you think it is Kris Chen’s child?”

Xuefei nodded, “Who else could be? We hid on the road, and I put on a mask all the time. So, no one has seen my real face!”

Tiangang thought it made sense. If that was the case, then there was no need to run away!

Back at the inn, he gathered everyone, “Xuefei was pregnant, and God gave her child. Now all the Yuan family members will stay in this town, and we will start a new life here!”

Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t help but look at Xuefei!

They were all shocked by Tiangang’s words. Xuefei was pregnant?

This made them think of the story in the myth. The mother of the Ancient Emperor gave birth to a child while she was still a virgin, and the Ancient Emperor Tai had the same experience.

If it were on earth, absolutely no one would believe this absurd thing.

But here was the Devil Land, everything was possible!

Everyone’s eyes showed open admiration as they looked at Xuefei.

Son of God, was the Yuan family about to rise?

“Yes, Master!”

Everyone shouted in unison.

Xuefei felt very confused and touched her belly. Was she going to give birth to this child?

But she had resentment in her heart. If it were Kris Chen, how could he be so cruel and ruthless and knocked her from heaven to hell without hesitation?

But why didn’t he come to see her?

Simultaneously, in the Eastern Divine Land, a simple-looking young man meditated in the cave.

Suddenly, the man vomited a mouthful of blood, almost causing the inner energy in his body to be disordered, causing him to lose his mind.

“The true body, my true body, is gone!”

This person was the remnant soul of Bo Luo, who fought against Kris Chen that day!

Bo Luo flew for hundreds of millions of miles, escaped from the real body of Fox Rui, took away the ordinary boy from a normal family, and practiced the real body of Supreme Fox into magical pills.

“Who is it, who is it!”

Who killed his true body?

After the anger, Bo Luo calmed down. The one who was able to kill his real body must be the pinnacle of the actualized spirit.

But now he was in the early period of primal spirit. It was very difficult to return to the real demon state!

“No matter who you are, I must catch you and burn you by the devil fire every day so that you will experience the pain I suffered, and you will never have a chance to born again!”

Bo Luo was lucky since his soul was not destroyed entirely. Otherwise, his real body would be ruined that day!

But the destruction of his real body still affected him. He used to be the Primal Spirit Field, and at this moment, he was in the fulfilled period of the Pill formation, and his Primal Spirit almost was seriously hurt!

It was Taoist that hurt him.

It was hard to repair, but it was not impossible!

But it was okay. In this way, there was nothing to restrict him anymore.

In the sword world, Kris Chen consumed billions of spiritual stones, only to open two thousand points, and the process of transforming sword crystals was also slow.

Another month passed quickly, but it was three days for the outside world!

Kris Chen was not in a hurry since the time passed slow outside of this world.

This time, he directly took five billion spiritual stones since he was quite rich.

Nahai Sect had more than 100 billion spiritual stones, Kris Chen held half of them, and he used to have many spiritual stones since he had killed so many accumulated spirits. Kris Chen was a mobile spiritual stones bank!

Five billion spiritual stones were nothing for him!

After another half a year, he opened all the acupuncture points on his body, and the sword crystals inside the acupuncture points were completely condensed.

In this way, the problem of power shortage was solved!

He stayed in the sword world and Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for more than two years, and more than two months have passed in the outside world!

Kris Chen used his thought and appeared outside the sword world, and there was another sword pattern on his arm. That was the sword world!

From then on, he only needed a thought to enter and leave the sword world at will.

Looking at Tianjian Mountain, Kris Chen signed. People in the world want to become a god, but if you watch the people around you die one by one, it would be painful.

The sense of urgency in Kris Chen’s heart was even greater.

He was unsure how many days have passed on earth since he was on Devil Land for ten years.

One to one or one to ten?

If it were the latter, Kris Chen couldn’t imagine it!

He must improve his cultivation level as soon as possible, find the earth’s position, and break the barrier!

He took out his projector, but no one sent him a message!

Kris Chen frowned first, then patted his head, didn’t he leave his doubles here!

He closed his eyes and thought with a special practicing method, and he knew everything that happened these days.

After half a year, projectors have covered every corner of the sea, with shipments exceeded more than 50 billion. These were only the data of the first-generation projectors.

Not everyone could afford a projector, and there were some practitioners who can’t afford it!

The second-generation projector shipments have also exceeded 50 billion!

The profit chain formed has long surpassed ten trillion spiritual stones.

The third-generation projector was also released two months ago. With the launch of the third-generation projector, the first-generation projector’s price has been greatly reduced so that many poor practitioners could afford it.

In just two months, the purchase of three-generation projectors exceeded 10 billion!

As for the Practitioner Development Bank, which has absorbed more than one trillion spiritual stones!

Everyone who participated in the shares was frightened by the speed to make money.

In the beginning, with the mentality of having fun, it didn’t matter even if they lost money, but now Kris Chen has taught them a lesson!

All the participating forces made a lot of money and became rich people here.

And they were all admire Kris Chen.

At the same time, Kris Chen’s double launched digital currency, further promoting reform.

With the release of the third-generation projector, the conditions and audience of the innate-power stage were sufficient.

With improved the mall’s functions, some practitioners joined the express delivery industry and became a beneficiary.

Those small sects have become a collection point for express delivery, and they also made lots of money by it, and there was no need to rob and became bandits at night.

There were also small chambers of commerce, which have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain, making Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion feel great pressure.

Their boss came to visit Kris Chen to negotiate and cooperate, but he refused them!

In addition to business, the competition between different sects also became white-hot!

Wuji Sword Sect firmly occupies the most popular sect in the Infinite Sea by dramas, the Legend of Swordsman, and Mountain Shu.

Mr. Bone and Eternal Love of Penglai Holy Sect ranked second!

Buddha Jigong of Moke sect ranked third!

In addition to the three holy sects, the top ten sects also came to Kris Chen to shoot TV series. Kris Chen had to train himself to be a director and a screenwriter!

Now the TV industry thrived in this place, and there were all kinds of dramas and advertisements on TV every day, and the output value has exceeded 100 billion.

At the same time, Kris Chen opened the first license to Wuji Sword Sect and opened a channel for them alone.

The audience has also exceeded eight billion!

Penglai Holy Sect and Moke Sect were envious, and they brought a lot of spiritual stones and materials and treasures to visit Kris Chen, hoping that he would open a channel for them.

They were not stupid since they have seen the benefits of doing so.

Once the projectors were available on the land, their sects would become famous.

The land had a population of hundreds of times that of the sea and was the largest market.

As long as the orthodoxy was involved, it was a big deal!

At this time, Nahai Sect was the sect with the greatest harvest in the sea and the most beloved sect.

The disciples of the Nahai Sect were respected no matter where they go, even if the half-demon was still discriminated against, but gradually, their status was greatly improved!

The Thousand Island Port of Nahai Sect has become a port of Ten Thousand Islands Port, with a daily wealth of more than one billion!

More than 50,000 disciples in the sect, more than 500 elders of the accumulated spirit, and more than 1,000 deacons of the primal spirit!

Without exception, Nahai Sect became the first top sect.

And Nahai Sect only took eight months to achieve these!

It was a recognized legend on the sea.

Mosha was in the fulfilled period of the primal spirit, and it was only one step away to be promoted to the accumulated spirit.

Other disciples also improved a lot.

Kris Chen nodded. Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks were good at teaching their disciples.

Seeing Nahai Sect thriving, Kris Chen was very pleased.

The strength of his pets has reached the fulfilled period of the Supreme Monster!

His double was awesome!

The projector has been developed to the eighth-generation and has also developed a magic-modified computer.

It was another commodity with its sales of more than one trillion, and it was ready to hold a dealer conference.

Kris Chen nodded and let his double send himself a large number of eight-generation products. It could transmit videos more than 200 million, and the transmission distance was more than ten million miles!

It was a good thing!

In this way, he could ask the double to send it for him directly whatever resources he wanted. With his thought, all doubles have received Kris Chen’s thoughts, and a large number of Taoist Strength stones were transmitted to him.

It was the benefit of having a huge power!

Without the previous layout, Kris Chen would never have been so smooth in his practice!

Kris Chen received more than one million Taoist strength.

It should be possible to deduce his Taoist strength to the fulfilled period, right?

Kris Chen smiled, but he did not rush to practice. Instead, he put away the Taoist Strength stones and began to browse the five lords’ memories.

They lived well these days, killing people and stealing treasures, looking for islands when they were free, and boast before Chen Ye?

Speaking of Chen Ye, he was already a primal spirit right now.

He has become the master of the Pure Yang Sect, defeated the five primal spirits in their fulfilled period.

“But the five of you must guide him to find the holy island!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Chapter 540: The Fangcun Mountain

“Wait, Chen Ye has two disciples?” Kris Chen stroked his chin and added, “Have you checked?”

Five million miles away.

Lord Zhurong said, “Yes, I have checked. Standard prototype with a golden finger!”

“Fine, just follow this pattern of collection and step up the Gengu No.1 Sect plan as soon as possible!”

Kris laughed, wondering how the people in the other three Sects would feel as the Three Great Holy Sects became the Four Great Holy Sects!

While on an island somewhere above the sea.

“Brother, can we tell Master about our revenge?” Said a young girl, looking at her brother.

“Zi Chen, the revenge for our parents, is our business, so what does it have to do with Master?” The boy replied strictly, “Master said, the most important thing for a disciple of the Gengu No.1 Sect is the backbone.” Said the boy.

“What if we can’t beat them?” the little girl asked.

“Then… . we’ll tell Master!” the little boy replied.

“What are you two talking about here?” Chen flashed out from nowhere.

“Master!” The little girl jumped onto Chen’s body.

“Are you talking badly about me behind my back with Nan Chen?”

Zi shook her head, “Nope, Master!”

Nan also said in succession, “Master, we wouldn’t dare!”

“Alright, just kidding with you guys.”

Chen touched Nan’s head, “I know that you are full of hates, but you have to remember that you ought to convert hatred into motivation and constantly improve your strength; and once it comes the time, you can take revenge at anytime!”

“If the opponents are powerful, I will be supportive; if I’m not a match of the opponent, we have my brother and master!”

The confidence and dominance that Chen inadvertently revealed also infected the two little ones.

“Yes, Master!”Said Nan and sniffed his nose; ever since their parents died and they went into exile, only Master had treated them the best.

Nan had a magical ability to distinguish between good and badness, and he knew that Chen was sincere and heartfelt in treating their two siblings well!

“Ok. Follow me!”

Chen touched his head and said.

These two little ones were saved by him unintentionally. As a seven-year-old child, how difficult was it for him to survive in the sea with a five-year-old child?

He was so impressed that he took them two.

He led them to a cave!

“You two cultivate here, and the resources you need inside are enough for three months of cultivation. The techniques have been taught to you, and I have set up a great formation outside the cave that even an Accumulated Spirit Practitioner would feel hard to find, so you practice here, and after three months, I will be back. “Chen told them.

“Master, Are you gonna aband me?” Zi hooked up to Chen’s neck and asked sadly, and her eyes were tearing,

“How come?”

Seeing the little girl crying, Chen felt heartbreak, so he wiped away her tears and whispered, “I’m going to search for the foundation of the Sect, this is a matter of great importance, and once it founded, Zi will have a home soon!”


Zi stopped crying and looked at Chen with big eyes.


Nan was moved, and he said, “Zi, come down quickly. Why are you so ignorant? how can you mess around and spoil the Master’s important matters!”

In addition to being able to distinguish between good and evil, he was also able to recognize whether words were true or not, and what Chen said was true!

“Don’t you even listen to me now?” Nan said strictly.

“Okay then!”

Zi sniffled, “Master, promise me that you must come back in three months, Ok? Cross your heart.”

Chen laughed and shook his head, and he drew a cross on his chest and scratched her nose, “Little clever girl, I will miss you so much!”

After hearing that, Zi burst into tears.

“Nan, cultivate hard. By the time I return, if you have no progress, I will punish you!”

“Yes, Master!”

Chen touched his head before he appeared a place a hundred miles away by using his magical powers.

With Kris’ melding method, Chen no longer worried about magic power consumption because there was a big difference in power compared to before.

A few days ago, he had killed a half-step Monster Emperor, a Sea Monster, and received a map that recorded a sunken island.

After a lot of searching, he got a clue.

It was said that the Sea Monster had ten ancestral lands, but after countless battles over a long period, the ten ancestral lands had all sunk into the deep sea.

Some people even said that the places where the three Great Saints located, was the land of the Sea Monster.

There was just no way to test this claim.

But Chen felt that Nothing Happens For Nothing, there must be a connection between the two.

Since the sinking of the ten ancestral lands of the Sea Monster, the Sea Monster race had been falling and could no longer make troubles.

In the deep sea at one and a half million miles north of the Eastern Wild Sea, a large island– the Fangcun Mountain, was sunk here, according to the markings on the map!

Chen arrived at a place after half-month travel and looking at the vast sea, and he shouted, “Lords!”


Five figures appeared in the sky.

Rushou, Gourong, Zhurong, Houtu, Gonggong, the five Lords!


The five of them turned into their basic appearance: Rushou was an ordinary-looking young man; Goumang was vibrant; Zhurong had fiery red hair and a violent temper; Houtu, literally like his name, was calm and cool, while Gonggong was calm and pure like spring water.

The five uncles were unfathomable, according to Mr. Gu, and with only five half spirit bodies, their strength was comparable to that of an Accumulated Spirit Practitioner.

Their physical bodies were at least in the Fulfilled Period of Accumulated Spirit Stage.

The Gengu No.1 Sect had an inscrutable background!


Chen bowed to each of them.

“Let’s cut the gossip and dive down.” Zhurong interrupted

Chen was also used to Zhurong’s characteristics and nodded his head.

Gonggong said, “I’ll be the first!”

With a flick of his finger, a tunnel appeared, and Lord Gonggong rushed in first.

Chen followed, then the other four Lords.

After the six people dived into the water, the tunnel disappeared.

Although dived thousands of meters and slaying many Sea Monsters in the sea, they hadn’t reached the bottom yet.

All of them put up their magic shields to prevent danger.

The pressure of ten thousand meters under the sea was so great that even Kris didn’t dare to dive down to such a depth alone because the heavy pressure would crush him in an instant.

Continuing to dive, Chen saw all sorts of Sea Monsters and strange green plants.

Twenty thousand meters, thirty thousand meters, until they dived to fifty thousand meters, Gonggong felt a little bit overwhelmed.

The pressure here would instantly crush even the Accumulated Spirit.

“Hey, you four guys, I need a bit of help!” Gonggong uttered.

After that, Rshou, Goumang, and the others transferred some magic power to Gonggong in a hurry, and finally, Gonggong felt better!

Looking at the darkness that engulfed everything around, Chen’s heart palpitated, and he thought, “how deep is it down there?”

Just at this moment, the dark seafloor suddenly burst into two red lights!

The currents around them stirring!

“Oh, crap, it’s a giant underwater whale!”

Although this giant whale had no intelligence, its flesh was thick and comparable to an accumulated spirit!

And here was its turf!

Sonic boom!

A sound wave came from the ocean floor, and Chen felt dizzy all of a sudden.

It was the sound wave attack of a giant whale.

Chen was shocked and took out his Treasure Gourd, and the turquoise Extreme Cold Spirit Water covered his body.

“Damn it, daring to be in my way. I’m gonna kill that!”

The fiery-tempered Zhurong drew out his fiery red Qilin Sword and set off the Taoist Strength of fire, which the seawater could not extinguish it, and the area of a thousand meters down was instantly illuminated.

The flames rushed through the seawater, and soon everyone saw the whale’s full appearance.

It was a giant whale over a hundred meters long.

Suddenly, ZhuRong’s face changed, “A giant whale in the middle period of the Accumulated Spirit stage. Let’s go together!”

Gonggong and Houtulooked at each other and nodded!

“Space Creating!”

GongGong shouted, forcibly opening up a space to drain the seawater around, then Houtu rushed straight through and yelled, “Ten Thousand Mountains Pressing Down!”

The mountains created rushed towards the giant whale all together.

In the Five Elements Theory, Earth is opposite to Water.

The giant mountains that weighed over a hundred million pounds struck the top of the giant whale’s head.


“Squeak… “

That crash made a hole several dozen feet deep on the head of the whale.


“I’m afraid this guy’s flesh body is comparable to the Later period of the Accumulated Spirits.”

“Hurry up! Now, get it!”

Just at that moment, the Flame Sword Light of Lord Zhurong approached the whale.

The flames got on the skin of the giant whale and spread instantly.

The giant whale’s fat became the best combustion improver.

“Life Plunder!”

Greenlight rushed out from the hands of Lord Goumang, and immense vitality was plundered by him!


As the Lord flick his fingers, an immense golden light burst through the giant whale’s eyes, directly churning its brain, along with its soul!

And the whale was dead!

Fortunately, they acted quickly, or the giant whale would have opened its mouth and sucked them into its abdomen for sure.

The most terrible thing about giant whales was their abdomens, which were self-contained and transformed everything into nothing!

“This object is of great use to me, so I am gonna take it!”

With a wave of his hand, Zhurong took away the corpse of the giant whale.

Seeing Zhurong take away the giant whale, the other four people were also frustrated, “Just one step late, only one step!”

Chen didn’t feel anything wrong though, he just wanted to experience this, and without his the five Lords, he couldn’t dive this deep.

“The stomach of a giant whale can be used to refine Magic Room Treasure, it’s very precious, and it can also be used to refine Magic Weapons that could destroy anything!”

Mr. Gu said, “If you can ask for some gastric pouches, you can turn your precious gourd into magical weapons for space attacks; and with the magma and Spirit Water that comes with your gourd, even those with an Accumulated Spirit will die if they fall into your gourd.”

“Is that true?”


Mr. Gu said proudly.

Chen nodded, “Well, I’ll go ask Lord Zhurong for some!”

Chen flew over and didn’t hide his intentions, and Zhurong agreed and directly cut a large piece of the stomach pouch, “Such a piece should be enough to refine ten thousand meters of space, and your precious gourd has the potential to be being a Spirit Weapon, so treat it well!”

“Thank you, Lord Zhurong!”

The precious gourd was already an excellent Daoist artifact, although it just didn’t have the attributes of spirit yet, and once refined into an artifact with spirit, it would be a semi-Spirit Weapon.

After refining the giant whale’s stomach sac into it, it might become a Spirit Weapon!

Thinking of that, Chen was delighted.

Zhurong nodded, “We belong to the same sect, so no need to say thank you!”

Then the six of them continued to dive until they dived 100,000 meters down, where the pressure was so heavy that even the power of the five Lords together couldn’t stand it.

The deeper they dived, the double pressure they felt, and Chen estimated that even the Fulfilled Period of the Accumulated Spirit would not be able to sustain the hydrostatic pressure here.

“Where is the terminal? The Fangcun Mountain is immortal, and what if it escapes on its own?” Said Rushou!

“Makes sense!” Gonggong said, “Chen, take a closer look on the map, and check whether there is a mystery or not!”

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