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Chapter 539: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 539 Bribing the Senior

Qiqi smiled and rubbed her hair, and said, “Eh…no, i am calling my classmate. And I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“The guy who brought you snacks that day, isn’t he your boyfriend?”

Qiqi was a bit stunned. She then waved her hand and said, “You mean Yuqi Mu? Oh no, he’s just a friend of mine.”

“I can see that he’s into you. He’s rich and powerful but he gives you things secretly. I guess, he could easily make the best teacher here pay extra attention to you and teach you.”

Jake’s words made Qiqi puzzled.

“Jake, how do you know…”

“A limo car was parked outside of the school gate the other night, and you happened to have received something. Hmm, it’s not hard to guess.”

Oh that’s why.

Qiqi lowered her head and said, “He thought I was too tired from schoolwork and wanted to help me relax. I am just a plain student. Even the best teacher cannot enlighten me. They would only get frustrated by my silliness.”

“Ha, you don’t have to such things about yourself. I’ve checked your grades. You’ve made great progress, compared to what you were when you first came here. You are quite potential. Keep it up and you’ll be surprised at your achievement at last!”

He’s telling the truth or not, Qiqi did not care. She was totally encouraged by him and felt thrilled in her heart.

Qiqi squinted her eyes, “Jake, you are such sweet person.”

Qiqi’s words made Jake serious. He said, “I am here to help you study. I am not your therapist. I job includes analyzing the advantages and disadvantages for my students. I won’t be confident unless I have enough reasons. You are really excellent. It’s just you haven’t see it in yourself. So, be confident. You can be better!”

Hearing this, Qiqi put away her smile and started to feel shocked at what a decent and powerful guy he was!

“Thank you,” Qiqi paused, then she took out a pack of tofu snack from her school bad and handed it to Jake, “Here you are.”

Jake finally failed to maintain his serious look. Looking at the snack that Qiqi gave to him, he burst into laughter.

“Qiqi, you want the whole school to know you’ve brought snacks?”

“But that’s all I can offer you!”

“There’s something else.”

“What is it?”

“After the night class, there’s still half an hour before the bedtime. I can make use of the time and help you with your study.”

Hearing this, Qiqi nodded first then she shook her head hurriedly.

“What, you are not okay with that?”

Qiqi looked confused and said she said, “Jake, are you offering to help me or asking me for help?”

“Hmm, I’d be glad to help you make progress, because your success shows how good I am as your teacher.”


“It’s a deal. You know you still have a long way to go to catch up with others. So as not to embarrass our school, you need to work harder.”

Qiqi was quite impressed when she heard Jake’s words.

Thinking of what she had been through, Qiqi sighed, “If only my schoolmates were as kind as you…”

“What do you mean by that?”

Qiqi hurriedly waved her hand and smiled, “Oh, nothing. I mean, I will treat you to dinner if I can pass the post graduate exam.”

“Well, I’m counting on that! I want to eat the hotpot outside of our school!”

“Have no worry! Eat as much meat as you want!”

Qiqi smiled. Her eyes looked like the moon in the starry sky, which made people happy and want to smile with her.

Jake is a gentle guy, but he was rather strict when he tutored Qiqi. Qiqi would be scolded if she made a mistake.

So, when studying with Jake, Qiqi was very cautious. She was so concentrated in that thirty minutes, not daring to be distracted at all.

Though tired, Qiqi felt the process went quite effectively. With the help of this strict teacher, Qiqi progressed quickly.

However, in other people’s eyes, it’s a different thing.

Qiqi got back to the dorm before the lights went out, looking tired.

The other girls in the dorm started to tease her.

“Qiqi, have you finished your study today?”


Qiqi answered weakly and threw her schoolbag on the desk, too tired to move.

A girl got close and said, “Hmm, you have such a handsome guy tutoring you! You are making us jealous!”

The other one also said, “Yes, I was planning to ask him out for coffee the end of this term. Hmm, it seems I don’t have a chance now.”

Qiqi frowned. She looked at the two and said, “What are you talking about!”

“Come on! Jake is into you! We all know that.”

Hearing this, Qiqi immediately showed a serious look and said, “Bullshit! He won’t be interested in me!”

“Well, then why is he tutoring you everyday, alone?”

“It’s because we are schoolmates.”

“He’s from my city, and he should pay more attention to me! Come on, quit denying. It’s okay to admit that you are in relationship. You are old enough.”

“Besides that, Jake is handsome and competent. Though he’s only a teacher now, he will make a difference in the future. You are so lucky!”

“What? Can’t I be better?” Qiqi shook her head and said, “Hay! He’s really not my boyfriend. We are not into each other. Besides, I like someone else.”

Qiqi was surprised when she said that. She did not expect herself to say something like that.

Qiqi already got an answer in her heart. But she kept avoiding and denying.

But her real thoughts were easily revealed when she’s mentally off-guard.

It upset Qiqi. She couldn’t understand why she failed to control her feelings. She had conquered the difficult math problems, those endless English words and the boring Politics, but how come she couldn’t control her heart?

Qiqi bit her lips and there’s frustration in her eyes.

But the two girls were quite interested. They asked, “Huh? Really? Who is he?”

Qiqi looked awkward. She lowered her head and replied, “Em, just a friend. I am not that close to him.”

“Huh? You like someone you are not close to?” Clearly, they didn’t buy it. They asked, “Is he more excellent than Jake?”

Qiqi shook her head, “No, not at all. He’s not excellent and he’s a playboy, and everyone knows that. He doesn’t deserve his achievements at all. Anyone can do better if in his position. Though he likes me, it won’t last long. You know, feelings come and feelings go.”

The girls looked unsatisfied, “How can he be better than Jake?”

Qiqi shrugged and said, “I don’t want to compare the two. I tried to control myself not to fall in love with him but I failed again and again.”

Seeing how upset Qiqi was, the two did not ask any more. One said lightly, “Truly, you can’t reason when it comes to love. And, girls love bad boys.”

Is that really so?

Qiqi knew the answer, but she just didn’t want to admit it.

Yuqi Mu, in Qiqi’s eyes, has got something that other don’t. maybe that’s how Qiqi was so deeply attracted to him.

But Qiqi, at the moment, was like an ostrich, burying her head in the sand, not daring to face her real heart, and of course, refusing to admit her feelings for Yuqi.

While Qiqi was in thought, one girl capped her hands and said, “Wow, so, it was him, the guy you like, who brought you the snacks, right?”

Qiqi got alerted right away. She hurriedly sat up straight and asked cautiously, “How do you know about the snacks?”

“Come on, the dorm smells like dried beef and potato chips! We’ve got good noses!”

Qiqi’s face blushed immediately. She lowered her head and said, “I still have some left here. Would you like to have a taste?”

“Of course! The food in the school dinning hall is driving us crazy! We have been wanting to eat something different.”

“Hay! I had to control myself not to search your closet for snacks!”

“Hurry! The lights will go out soon!”

Qiqi smiled and took the snacks out of the closet. She poored them all on the desk.

Now she no longer had to eat the snacks secretly. She felt so much happier when sharing with her friends.

Indeed, happiness doubles when you share.

The girls who admired Jake was smiling while eating, “Hmm, I thought Jake gave you these snacks. It’s good that he’s not the one. That means I still have a chance to ask him out!”

“Don’t dream! Don’t talk like you would have a chance if he were single!”

“I do stand a chance! I will grab every chance and try my best! Jake will be mine sooner or later! You’ll see!”

“Keep that up in your school work, then you’ll do better in the exam.”

“Why do you keep mentioning the unpleasant things?”

Seeing how happily they chatted, Qiqi felt herself quite lucky. Her new friends were warm-hearted and positive, which made her a happy person again. She needed those positive power.

It’s just…

Chewing the chips in her mouth, Qiqi couldn’t help thinking about that man. She did not know what to do about it.

So as not to cause any unnecessary trouble, Qiqi did not go to see Jake any more in the following two days.

Since rumors started to spread, Qiqi decided to keep a distance from Jake. She did not want to cause any trouble for Jake.

However, somebody got unhappy.

After lunch, Qiqi decided to take a nap and memorize some English words afterwards.

But as soon as she walked out of the dining hall, she ran into Jake.

They looked at each other and the atmosphere was somehow embarrassing.

“You did not come to study. Why?”

Jake said lightly. It was hard to tell what emotion he had. He talked naturally as if he was talking about the weather.

Qiqi scratched her head and said, “It’s good to study in my dorm, too. I don’t want to bother you.”

“Do not get lazy for the little achievements you’ve had. Keep working!”

“I will.”

“Then tonight, the usual place. Be there or be square.”


Qiqi thought she said it quite clearly already. Jake should have got mad or upset. Why was he still offering to help Qiqi with her study?

Qiqi blinked and said, “Jake…”

“Anything important?”

Hesitating for a while, Qiqi decided to be honest with him. After all, he had the right to know.

Qiqi took a deep breath and cheered herself on, then she said, “There are rumors about us. I think it would be better if we just stop studying together now.”

“What rumors?”


Qiqi was too embarrassed to say it.

She felt she was only embarrassing herself by mentioning it, after all, Jake was such an excellent guy while she’s just a silly girl.

Seeing that Qiqi was stuttering, Jake said laughingly, “They think I like you?”

Hearing this, Qiqi laughed with embarrassment. She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Oh it’s nonsense! How is it possible that you…”

“But I do like you!”

Jake blurted it out.

Qiqi was dumbfounded.


“You are so cute! What’s wrong with liking you? Besides, it’s normal for me to like my students, otherwise how could I be of help with your studies?”


Jake talked so frankly that Qiqi felt a bit awkward.

She lowered her head and said, “Sorry, I misunderstood you.”

“you silly girl! Quit thinking about it. We can’t stop people from talking about us. The most important thing is we feel innocent in our hearts. If you start to avoid me because of their rumors, they will be so happy! Do not pay attention to what they say. The rumors will be gone finally.”

“You’ve got the point.”

“Everything will be okay. No one can defeat you as long as you have a strong heart.”

Hearing Jake’s words, Qiqi sighed lightly.

Seeing her upset look, Jake asked, “Why the long face?”

Looking back to those dark days, Qiqi’s eyes got red. She said, “If only I had known you earlier, so that you could be of help, guiding me through the darkness and saving me from those painful moments…”

Then she shook her head quickly and changed her tone, “Anyone, let bygones be bygones.”

Jake was silent for a while, then he said with pity, “You’ve been through some hardships.”

“That’s why we call it life.”

“It’s hard to believe you are actually saying these wise words.”

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