“Just started?” The blonde girl cried in fright.

The American boss was shocked. Several others were already confused. What did they do?

In less than a minute, their video was deleted, everything about them was deleted, and it’s just starting now?

So what’s next?

Was she going to delete us?

“No, what do you want to do?” The blonde girl was terrified.

“I said, if you would have just taught my son well, I will not treat you badly, but what you do is hard to say in one word, do you think my son is stupid, right?” Karen Lee looked at them.

“No, no, your son is extremely smart!!”

“Yes, your son is smart, we are stupid, we are stupid.”

“Yes, it’s our evil pen, we are the evil pen, it’s rubbish! Sorry!” The boss of America begged, what did he do?

I am the wicked pen. You have such a great ability. I didn’t seize the opportunity to climb this high just now. I was the wicked pen!!

“I don’t know now? It’s late,” Karen Lee shook her head, “Chuck, will this party continue today?”

“Mom, I don’t know anyone yet.” Chuck Cannon said.

Isn’t this the purpose of my mother and me coming here?

You can’t waste your other time because of these garbage, right?

“En.” Karen Lee smiled slightly. She thought Chuck Cannon had no thoughts. She had asked Chuck Cannon to come and meet people. After all, doing business in the U.S. should start from the bottom!

“No, please return my things to me, can you give it back to me? I just taught him a word.” The blonde girl cried and begged.

“Just one sentence? Are you the queen of my son? What are you? Tell me.” Karen Lee looked at her indifferently.

“I, I was wrong, I shouldn’t say that, I am your son’s slave, I am, please return my things to me!” the blonde beauty cried.

At this time, the arrogance and domineering disappeared, and she actually became pitiful.

“Slave, are you qualified to be?” Karen Lee asked back.

If Chuck Cannon want a woman, she can do whatever he wants. Ten samples a day will do, but Karen Lee wants to establish a correct concept for Chuck Cannon, so Chuck Cannon is not allowed to do that.

Otherwise, how many slaves can Chuck Cannon find?

Of course, Karen Lee felt that if she died, then it would depend on Chuck Cannon.

“Me,” the blonde beauty cried miserably, where is she qualified?

People are so powerful, how beautiful are you looking for slaves?

“Chuck, let’s go over there,” Karen Lee said.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and followed his mother to meet people.

Karen Lee took out his mobile phone, “Betty Li, let the owner of this hotel take these people out. Since they say my son is a fool, then I will let them become real fools!”

“Yes, I will call now!” Betty Li said this is too simple. Although this hotel is not owned by Karen Lee, the hotel owner will listen to Karen Lee.

Because people like Karen Lee, as long as they know Karen Lee’s strength, they will flatter.

Several American bosses have been confused.

“We went to find her, she actually deleted everything about us, so we would die with her?!”

“Okay! We die together! We are not easy to mess with!”

Several people are already showing fierceness, just kidding, they are not vegetarian!

The American boss took a wine bottle and ran towards Karen Lee. He asked for a wine bottle to explode Karen Lee’s head and disfigure you.

The American boss is hideous!

But how could he sneak into Karen Lee? Karen Lee turned her head, just raised her hand, and punched him. The people at the scene were all ordinary people. They didn’t see what was going on. The American boss had already screamed and flew out!


He spits blood on the ground and passed out.

The other people and the blonde girl was shocked. What happened just now?

The people in the audience were also stunned, all looking at each other, what’s the matter? Falling down, or what?

It has become silent here!

Soon many security guards came over and took out the stunning blonde beauty. The American boss has been carried out.

The scene was calm again! No one sees anyone making the move, then it is an accident!

The chattering voice sounded again.

Several people and the blonde beauty were taken to a dark room, and a heavy slap was slapped on the blonde beauty’s face. She was terrified, “You guys, what are you doing?”

“Yes, what are you doing? Who are you?” The other people were also afraid.

They were all dumbfounded just now, and only then came back to their senses.

“It doesn’t matter who we are, the key is that you did what you shouldn’t do. You don’t have to do anything in your next life, because you are going to be fooled!” Someone said indifferently.

The blonde screamed, “No, I know I was wrong, I know, ah!!!”

Someone punched her face, the blonde beauty screamed and fell to the ground, immediately someone punched and kicked her, fear spread in her heart, no, no,…

Several other people received the same treatment, punching and kicking in the darkroom. Only then did they know what they did.

They really did something they shouldn’t do!

Chuck Cannon was led by Karen Lee to meet a few people, but he didn’t expect the phone to ring, but it was still a familiar number.

Is this black rose?

Chuck Cannon is weird and didn’t plan to pick it up. After all, what did Black Rose call himself for? It should be a wrong number!

There is no intersection, it’s all even, and it will be a problem if they see each other in the future.

However, Chuck Cannon answered, “Hey, why are you calling me…”

Before Chuck Cannon finished speaking, Black Rose’s voice interrupted, “Yvette Jordan is on my side, come here! American Manor!”

The phone was hung up, and Chuck Cannon was stunned. Is Yvette Jordan on her side? why?

“What’s wrong with Chuck?” Karen Lee saw that Chuck Cannon’s role was wrong.

“Mom, Black Rose seems to have caught Yvette Jordan.” Chuck Cannon was impatient.

This call gave Chuck Cannon the feeling that his mother let you off last time, but Black Rose actually wants revenge?

She is so unsure of good or bad, this is touching Chuck Cannon’s bottom line again!!

I won’t let you go this time, you must be killed to eliminate the troubles!

“Grab Yvette Jordan?” Karen Lee was surprised, Black Rose’s character wouldn’t do that?

Is there any misunderstanding about this?

“Mom, she asked me to go to the U.S. Manor!” Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait. Black Rose caught Yvette Jordan, and she would definitely torture Yvette Jordan!

“Well, let’s pass now, don’t worry,” Karen Lee took Chuck Cannon out.

Of course, Chuck Cannon can’t wait to let his mother drive.

How much does mom drive? Chuck Cannon didn’t want to waste any time. Karen Lee drove, the roar of the engine made the car roar towards the place Black Rose said.

Galloping for half an hour, they arrived at the American Manor.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to get out of the car, and Karen Lee stopped, “Chuck, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!!”

If Black Rose did so, then Black Rose would be particularly dangerous at this time. How could Karen Lee put Chuck Cannon in danger in front of her?

Chuck Cannon saw the black rose standing at the door, and he rushed over, “What happened to Yvette Jordan? Say!”

Black Rose was indifferent. She saw Karen Lee getting off the car, but she lowered her head and said nothing.

Chuck Cannon was annoyed and punched Black Rose with a punch. The weight of this punch was amazing!!

This was Chuck Cannon’s anger, Yvette Jordan is Chuck Cannon’s wife, whoever touches her, Chuck Cannon will kill.

Black Rose didn’t resist at all, because Karen Lee was in this place, she didn’t dare to resist, but…cannot resist.

Because Karen Lee is kind to Black Rose, she can’t resist.

Black Rose stepped back and hit the wall. There was blood flowing from her mouth and she didn’t say a word.

“You talk, didn’t you let me come over? I’m here, what do you do to me, let Yvette Jordan go! You cruel woman!” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were blood red.

Black Rose must threaten herself with Yvette Jordan!

Chuck Cannon hit Black Rose with another punch. Black Rose still did not resist. The blood from the corners of her mouth flowed out more. She was seriously injured. Now she was hit by Chuck Cannon twice in a row, and she couldn’t hold it anymore.

The black rose bit her lip and said nothing.

“You’re looking for death!” Chuck Cannon was irritated, and he slammed his fist at Black Rose’s head!

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