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Chapter 540: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 540 A Hard Question

“Are you praising me or are you mocking me?”

“Whatever you think it is, do not be absent again tonight.”

Facing the invitation, Qiqi hesitated a bit and did not respond to Jake right away.

Jake seemed to have sensed Qiqi’s concern. He added, “There will be other students tonight. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about it.”

Someone else would be there, too? So it meant that Qiqi wouldn’t be alone.

Thinking of this, Qiqi giggled in relief.

“Jake is such a gentleman! He’s so considerate. He can be a great boyfriend.” Qiqi thought to herself. But it’s a pity that Qiqi’s heart was occupied by someone else, otherwise she would be totally obsessed with Jake.

Seeing Qiqi’s smile, Jake said, “No more worries huh? Will you be there?”

Qiqi shook her head, “No more worries. I will be there on time.”

“Great. Off you go.”


Qiqi turned around and left. After a few steps, she turned back and said to Jake smilingly, “Thank you, Jake.”

Jake pouted, “Silly girl, you don’t have to say thanks. I am your teacher!”

His words wipe all Qiqi’s concern away. She was no longer alerted or embarrassed.

Ever since that day, Qiqi had continued to study with Jake.

There were three more students, with whom Qiqi made a group, so that they could help each other with their studies.

There might be rumors about Jake helping Qiqi, but when they saw the other three students and their grades, they understood it all.

Jake was really helping with the students who had trouble studying.

So everyone stopped spreading rumors, instead, they all started to admire Jake for being a responsible teacher.

A potential storm thus died down.

But the potential storm had caused Qiqi to feel guilty for Jake. She blamed herself for listening to the rumors, which almost caused her to fail Jake’s trust.

Therefore, she worked harder than anyone else to pay back Jake’s kindness.

While she was buried in study, someone seemed to feel ignored.

Not having been able to see Qiqi for almost ten days, Yuqi Mu could no longer resist his yearning for Qiqi.

He decided to go meet Qiqi at night so as not to disturb her in the day time while she’s studying.

But Qiqi wasn’t in her dorm.

He was told that Qiqi was still studying with a tutor.

Hmm, it’s almost eleven at night. What a hardworking girl!

Worrying that Qiqi was too tired, Yuqi headed to the teaching building.

There was only one classroom with the lights on, and Yuqi had no difficulty finding Qiqi.

Outside of the window, he watched the girl he loved.

“Hmm, did she get thinner? She’s not eating well? Why can’t she take care of herself?” Yuqi complained in his heart.

Qiqi, at the moment, seemed as if she’s trying to work out a difficult problem. She frowned while she was writing something on the paper. Then she lost her patience and started to draw madly on the paper. Yuqi saw her pouting her lips.

Her childish behavior made Yuqi laugh. Then he laughed at himself for how deeply attracted he was by her, as he considered Qiqi to be cute even when she’s mad.

But the next moment, a boy came close to Qiqi and said something to her smilingly.

Qiqi lifted her chin and responded to him. The boy then explained to her the difficult problem patiently. He even slowed down several times just for her to digest the knowledge.

With the help of the boy, Qiqi finally worked out the problem and showed a cute smile.

And the boy patted Qiqi on the head lightly. It looked so intimate.

seeing the scene, Yuqi showed a sullen face. He kept his mouth tightly shut and stared at the boy coldly.

The boy would sometimes help the other students, but not as gentle and patient. He only smiled to them politely.

What the smiles meant, Yuqi knew it clearly.

Soon they finished studying. The students all left and went back to their dorms.

Qiqi was about to leave too but Jake called her name.

“Qiqi, wait for me. Let’s go together.”

“Go together?”

“Yes, it’s my duty today in the dormitory building. We are going to the same direction.”

Hearing it, Qiqi smiled, “Okay.”

The two walked side by side, and they would sometimes talk. What a harmonious scene!

Qiqi need this, after a whole day’s tiring study.

That’s why her smile looked extremely warm and bright, as if all her pressure was gone with in that smile.

All of a sudden, Jake stopped walking. Qiqi looked at him in confusion. Then she noticed Jake was staring at someone in front of them coldly.

Qiqi was a bit stunned when she saw the man.


Yes, it was Yuqi who was standing in front of them.

He looked at the two with no emotion on his face. Then he fixed his eyes on Qiqi and asked her, “It’s so late. Why are you still outside?”

“I just finished studying.”

“Just finished? As far as I know, the night class was already over.”

Qiqi disliked being questioned like this, with this tone. But with Jake sanding beside her, she could not get mad. She had to control her temper and said, “Yes the night class was over, but my teacher tutored me for extra hours.”

“Your teacher?”

“Yes, he is my teacher, as well as my senior.”

Then she introduced Yuqi to Jake.

However, Yuqi had no intention of knowing this boy. He just observed him up and down and turned his head away.

But Jake was rather polite. He said to Yuqi smilingly, “Hi, are you Qiqi’s friend?”

“We are more intimate than that.”

Actually, Yuqi had wanted to say he’s the boyfriend, but he did not want to irritate Qiqi, so he gave an ambiguous answer.

But the answer made Qiqi blush. She urged him, “Yuqi, talk properly.”

“I am talking properly!” Yuqi started to pretend to be innocent, “I’ve brought her something to eat. I can’t bear to see her suffering.”

Qiqi frowned. She raised her voice and warned him, “Yuqi, do not talk nonsense. Bring food here is not allowed here!”



“Then from now on, I say yes.”

Seeing that Yuqi was being so unreasonable, Qiqi was about to exploded.

“Yuqi, this is too much!”

Yuqi said calmly, “You don’t like the food here, and I am only making a change for you. Why don’t you let me?”

“I…I’m here to study, not to enjoy! I can go home and enjoy, but this is the school!”

In Qiqi’s heart, Jake had paid a lot attention to her. She did not want to be treated differently. She wanted to try her best to study, so as not to fail Jake.

But Yuqi came and tried to embarrass her! What a friend!

But Yuqi had to admit that Jake looked more qualified to be with Qiqi, as he considered he had nothing but money.

Qiqi and Jake were about the same age and had the same dream…Yuqi just couldn’t wait to tear them apart!

Yuqi lifted his proud chin and said coldly, “You can eat as you want while you are studying.”

“It’s not just about eating! You’ve crossed the line!”

“You are the first person to describe me like this. Hmm, it feels good to cross the line for somebody!”

Qiqi almost cried when she saw how self-centered Yuqi was.

“I mean it! I am not joking!”

“I know.”

“You…I don’t want to talk to you! Jake, let’s go!”

Qiqi was so angry and was about to leave.

Jake glanced at Yuqi lightly and followed Qiqi.

How could Yuqi just watch his beloved one leaving with another man? he could rush to Jake and grab him by the collar and teach him a lesson.

But he didn’t. he just stared at Qiqi while she walked, and raised his voice, “I had the snacks sent to your dorm already!”

Hearing Yuqi’s words, Qiqi almost fell.

He must have said it on purpose, to embarrass Qiqi!

As soon as she entered her dorm, her roommates rushed up to her and said excitedly, “Qiqi, we have a lot of snacks here! Our dorm is like a shopping mall!”

On Qiqi’s desk, there were two big boxes in which there were snacks of all kinds and from all countries. They looked so inviting!

But Qiqi showed no interest in them at all. She said lazily, “I know.”

Her coldness did not stop the girls from gossiping. She asked, “Are these snacks from the guy you like?”

Qiqi immediately jumped up and said, “I take back what I said last time! I don’t like him any more!”

Qiqi’s reaction shocked everyone. With confusion, they asked, “How come? You don’t like him bring you these wonderful snacks?”

“No! He’s such an arrogant and overbearing guy! His so called kindness can only cause trouble for people! I don’t like him, not at all!”

Hearing Qiqi’s words, the girls looked at each other and said, “Hmm, they must have had a fight.”

A girl said while chewing the snacks, “Look at all these snacks! Come on, just forgive him! If someone would care to buy me so many snacks, I would marry him!”

Qiqi frowned and said, “Where are your principles?”

The girl took a box of chocolate and her eyes were glittering, “This chocolate bar costs two hundred dollars, and this is my principle. I am fortunate enough to have a taste of it. I shall have no regrets!”

Qiqi was so generous and said directly, “You can have them all if you like.”


“Of course! Chocolates give me toothache.”

“Ha! Thank you then!”

“You can take whatever you like!”

“Wow! Thank you!”

The girls picked their favorite snack while Qiqi was sitting there angrily, not even wanting to look at the snacks.”

The second day…

Qiqi did not sleep well. She felt dizzy. She was so sleepy during classes.

It was time for lunch but she had no appetite. All she wanted was a good sleep, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to make it through the whole afternoon.

At the moment, students were all in the dining hall. Few people were around the dormitory building.

So anyone showing up in that area would easily catch people’s attention.

Like now, Yuqi stood in front of the dormitory building straight, looking at Qiqi smilingly and gently.

He acted like nothing had happened, with smile and love in his eyes.

But Qiqi looked like a giant panda, with dark circles around her eyes.

They stood a few steps away from each other and frowned.

Yuqi was the first one to break the ice. He said gently, “Do you like the snacks?”

How dared he mention it!

Qiqi got so angry when she heard Yuqi mentioning it.

“I gave them to my roommates. I didn’t eat them at all.”

“Why! They are all your favorites! Have you changed your taste? I’ll send some more today!”

“Yuqi, stop pretending to be innocent! I’m here to study! I don’t want to treated differently! You will only cause trouble for me!”

Seeing Qiqi like this, Yuqi raised his eyebrow and said, “Hmm, you know you are here to study!”

“What do you mean by that!”

“Nothing. You totally forget what you are doing here when you see a handsome guy!”

Yuqi sounded so jealous, but it seemed he did not realize that.

He was not that successful man any more at the moment. He was more like a little boy.

However, Qiqi noticed Yuqi’s strange behavior. She held his fists tightly and said, “Explain to me! What do you mean by that?”

“You are so silly. You followed that guy, thinking he wants to help you. Look at how silly you are! It’ll be too late when you realize that!”

Qiqi was stunned at how jealous Yuqi was. She asked, “Do you mean Jake?”

“Yes, you are not that stupid!”

Qiqi was so helpless, “Jake is my tutor, that’s all. What are you talking about! You are humiliating me as well as Jake as a teacher!”

Yuqi did not pay attention to Qiqi’s explanation at all. Instead, he laughed scornfully, “A man comes to you with no evil intentions? Come on! I can tell from his eyes that he gets close to you wanting something!”

Whenever Yuqi thought of the scene that Jake touched Qiqi’s hair, he would go crazy.

But Qiqi found it hard to understand Yuqi. In his eyes, Yuqi could do much better than getting jealous. He kept finding fault with Jake!

But Jake was innocent! She explained again, “Jake just wants to help me with my study! That’s all! Do not have any filthy thoughts about that!”

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