Chapter 541 – 542: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 541: The Foundation of Gengu No.1 Sect

Chen Ye took out the map, there was nothing on it except for the specific directions.

“No, this map definitely has a mystery hidden. Millions of years have passed, and the Spirit Weapon have rotten, let alone a mere map?”said the Lord of Rushou(God of Metal).

“It makes sense!” the Lord of Zhurong(God of Fire) said, “Nephew, give me the map!”

Chen Ye rendered it to the Lord of Zhurong.

“Boom!” the map was on fire but it showed no signs of burning.

Sure enough!

Everyone’s eyes lit up, this map conspicuously had a mystery.

With reference to the three holy sects, such a huge mountain cannot be hidden.

So there was only one possibility, Fangcun Mountain was blocked by the array.

The five avatars share the same thought and have the thinking and memory of Kris, including his understanding of the array!

The five people carefully searched for the array, but found nothing.

“Boy Chen Ye, drop your blood on the map!”

Mr. Gu reminded that perhaps they had misunderstood, this map may not only be a pure map, but also the key to open the Fangcun Mountain array!

Chen Ye dropped a blood on it, but it didn’t work.

Useless? Mr. Gu thought for a while, “You try the blood of Sea Monster!”

Chen Ye nodded, took out the Sea Monster killed before, took some blood, and dripped it on the map.

The moment the Sea Monster’s blood dripped, the map flew in the air, and a magical movement was emitted.

This fluctuation briefly opened up a space large enough for six people.

Five lords recalled mana and looked at the map in surprise.

“The map is flying away, follow up!”

The Lord of Zhurong thought Chen Ye flew too slowly and carried him towards the deep sea.

One hundred thousand meters, one hundred and fifty thousand meters, two hundred thousand meters, three hundred thousand meters… all the way down to a million meters!

Six people broke through a light curtain and came to a space full of spiritual energy.

Here the fairy qi is curling, the mountains are lush, and the brilliance of the light curtain makes the plants do photosynthesis.

Looking around, it was infinite.

Chen Ye was overjoyed, “This is Fangcun Mountain!”

The five lords glanced at each other and smiled meaningfully.

As expected, Chen Ye, a person similar to protagonist, has actually found a fairy island on a par with the three holy sects.

“Be cautious, see if anyone else is here first !”

The Lord of Houtu(God of Earth) looked around. If the island has sunk to the sea from land, there might be Sea Monsters left?

The six carefully withdrew their telltale signs and began to explore the island!

Ten days later, six people stood on the border of the island. Except for some monster beasts, there were no humans or sea monsters on the island!

Because of the lack of real sunlight, the monster beasts here did not have intelligence, but just survived on killing by instinct like wild beasts.

There are many relics on the island, which have become ruins as time goes by.

Fangcun Mountain is huge with 300,000 li long and 150,000 li wide, which is bigger than the largest Penglai Holy Island!

It is more like a huge continent than an island.

But how can such a big island rise above the sea? It is a million meters under the sea!

Chen Ye said, “It is said that Fangcun Mountain, can be contained in the square inch. A peerless person, using extremely profound magical powers to accommodate the entire continent into the Xumi Jiezi(to insert the largest thing into the smallest one), as long as we find the center, we can Bring up the mountain.”

The map had already lost its function after entering the Fangcun Mountain and turned directly into powder.

The six had no choice but to look for the pivot, and finally found the center to control Fangcun Mountain!

But it needed hundreds of millions of spiritual stones to motivate Fangcun Mountain.

The five lords had nothing but tremendous spiritual stones.

Directly cast a billion super spiritual stones, Fangcun Mountain vibrated and soared upwards at a very fast speed.

“Chen Ye, refine the core right away!” the Lord of Zhurong said!

Chen Ye was taken aback, “Uncle Master, you…”

“You found the island. Naturally, you are the owner. Don’t talk too much nonsense, hurry up!”

“Nephew, once the island rises to the surface, it will definitely cause stormy waves. By then, the six of us may not be able to defend this huge island!” said Houtu.

“Boy Chen Ye, they all said so, hurry up and refine the core!” Mr. Gu roared from the ring.

This is Fangcun Mountain, it’s a fairy island!

Chen Ye was not hypocritical, nodded, and quickly began to refine the core.

The process of refining was smooth, with the imprint of the soul, he instantly had controlled the island.

When the island was about to break through the water, Chen Ye made Fangcun Mountain turned into a Jiezi, and held it between his palms!

The five lords were satisfied about Fangcun Mountain in his hand.

It was the foundation of their sect!

And there is also a sea dragon vein in Fangcun Mountain. With this sea dragon vein, Fangcun Mountain will continue to grow bigger in the years to come.

“Nephew Chen Ye, protect Fangcun Mountain. When the number of disciples under the sect breaks through a hundred, it will be the opening day of Gengu No.1 Sect!” said the Lord of Goumang(God of Wood).

“This Taiyi Rune can inspire five Taiyi divine thunders, which equals to a full blow of a middle period accumulated spirit, accept it.”

“These are Taoist Strength stones of fire, and you can increase the power of magma by throwing them into the treasure gourd.”

“I have nothing to give except one thousand and five hundred Taoist Strength stones of water.”

“You have enough attack power but lack of power of protection. This tortoise shell is for you. Ugly though it is, it won’t be broken by the attack of ordinary later period accumulated spirit!”


Looking at the five uncles, Chen Ye didn’t know what to say, they were all first-class treasures!

After giving the gifts, the five lords left directly.

Seeing the five people leave, Mr. Gu was also emotional, “Chen Ye, to be honest, I start to envy you!”

Chen Ye smiled funnily, scratched his head, “There is nothing to envy, Mr. Gu, do you want to join Gengu No.1 Sect too!”

Mr. Gu was interested to it, but thought for a while , “Although I really want to join, but…my enemies are all actualized spirits, currently Gengu No.1 Sect is not bad, but it is still too far to deal with those people.”

Chen Ye changed to a serious look, “Don’t worry, I will definitely reshape your body and avenge for you!”


At the same time, Kris, who is devoting himself to Taoist Strength, received feedback from the five avatars.

“Lingtai Fangcun Mountain? Interesting, so interesting! It offers timely help!”

Kris was also very satisfied. In this way, the foundation of Gengu No.1 Sect was established!

After receiving the Taoist Strength stones,Kris stood up. The Taoist Strength stones has used more than half, but the Taoist Strength was increased to half and could not be improved .

Kris speculated that it might be related to his stage. The body had reached to accumulated spirit, but the primal spirit had not!

He gave orders to the avatar in Nahai Sect to collect the Taoist Strength stones of Yin and Yang and rare Taoist Strength stones of blocking!

The sword intent of blocking is too powerful. If he can comprehend Taoist Strength of blocking, his strength will definitely be improved.

But for now, it was enough. He has achieved Fulfilled period Accumulated spirit, Fulfilled period primal spirit. The Taoist Strength of the Five Elements has increased to 50%, and the cycle of the Five Elements has been completed. Although Taoist Strength of Yin and Yang has not made great progress,he was more proficient. Coupled with the Taoist Strength of extreme pain at 30% of his own comprehension, it came to eight Taoist Strength.

Here were the benefits of the consolidation of Fruit of Taoist Practice. Even if Kris Chen’s primal spirit has not yet become accumulated spirit, he can still understand Taoist Strength and transform it into Taoist Strength seeds.

It can be said that Kris’ path to promotion to actualized spirit is smooth.

“In addition to eight Taoist Strength, I also have seven sword intents. My power has surpassed the normal Fulfilled period accumulated spirit.” Kris touched his chin and came out of the sword world, but he didn’t know the distance between the actualized spirit and himself.

Kris smiled, and once again made eight Taoist Strength avatars, the seven sword intent avatars, the strongest was not weaker than the Middle period accumulated spirit, the weakest equaled to the initial period accumulated spirit.

Inserting spiritual stones into avatars, this time it was not the nine orifices, but simulated the circle, according to the earth’s practice, insert the spiritual stones into the three hundred and sixty-five main acupuncture points to surge its power, which was able to use part of Kris’ magical powers.

The purpose of his refining the avatar was very simple, to collect disciples, and by the way to make arrangements in North Luzhou, the sea can no longer satisfy the appetite of Kris.

More resources must be searched for him to practice!

And the most important purpose was to find a way to break the world and see if there is any record of the Earth in Devil Land.

“Go, safety first!”

“Yes,Real Kris!”

The fifteen avatars were separated in all directions, and a large net was quietly laid.

“Let’s go, I’ve been here for so long, and haven’t had a good rest, just wander all the way to Eastern Divine Land!”

Kris took out a wine gourd with a whisk in his hand and changed his clothes into Taoist gowns.

It seems to be slow of one step, but in fact, he has already covered a hundred thousand miles!

Kris’ tactic of making the land to an inch has improved, although it has not reached one million li a step, it was enough for travelling.

Yelang Kingdom, Loulan Kingdom, Saintess Kingdom… Within a few months,Kris traveled to hundreds of countries and gained great knowledge.

He also went to the Xuankong Temple in person and looked at the Dade Buddha.

The distance of hundreds of millions li was beyond the scope of the projector, and he could only share information through avatars.

North Luzhou is just one of the poorer ones among the many mainland states. The land is small with few people and poor resources.

Few Practitioners are willing to come here.

Coming to the border of North Luzhou, the opposite is the ocean beyond sight. It is said that in the middle of the ocean is the abyss of chaos, no one can fly over it, but only through the transmission array to reach the other side of the ocean, Nanli Fire City!

The southern state is called Nanli Fire City.

Sitting in the tea shop, seeing the big man’s gossiping, “It is said that Nanli Fire City teemed with fire. According to legend, ancient gods fought and broke the sky. The falling celestial fire burned on the earth, and everything was burning. This chaotic sea was to prevent the fire from spreading!”

“Haha, if that’s the case, then Nanli Fire City will be in ruins? Is it possible that all the people there has survived in the fire?”

“That is, do not exaggerate, as if you have been to Nanli Fire City!”

The big man chuckled, not embarrassed, “Do you think I don’t want to go? I just don’t have money. A single transmission ticket costs ten thousand super spiritual stones. Accumulated so far, I haven’t even gotten one-tenth!”

When the words fell, everyone laughed.

They seem to laugh at the big guy, but in fact they were laughing at themselves.

These little Practitioners indeed could not own ten thousand super spiritual stones.

Kris smiled, put down a spiritual stone, and disappeared in the tea shop.

“Ah, where is the Taoist priest?”

Chapter 542: Ritian Zhao

The Trans-state Teleportation Array was firmly controlled by the various sects. It was different from what he thought. There was a long line in front of the Teleportation Array, and Kris Chen was also very well-behaved, and joined the long queue in turn.

Nothing melodramatic happened, and there was no jump in the queue. The speed of the teleportation was very fast, and it was not long before it was Kris’s turn.

“Hand in the spiritual stones!”

Kris paid the teleportation fee and walked into the Teleportation Array alone.

There were more than 20 people standing in the Teleportation Array, each of them closed their eyes and concentrated, and no one seemed to be simple.

“Full, open the Teleportation Array!”

A ray of light soared into the sky, and the mysterious power of teleportation wrapped Kris, breaking through the subspace, and instantly entering the space teleportation.

When Kris woke up, he had reached his destination, Nanli Fire City, the area of Great Yan Sect!

At the moment of landing, Kris was also disconnected from his double!

This shocked Kris.

“Is it too far away?”

Kris frowned, “No… it’s not like that, it should be because of the Chaos Sea!”

After arriving in Nanli Fire City, Kris found that there was no big fire like that strong man said, but the rich and manic Fire Spirit Qi between the heavens and the earth was hundreds of times that of North Luzhou!

What could be seen by the naked eye were volcanoes, and there were hundreds of volcanoes in the Great Yan Sect area alone.

No wonder the Fire Spirit Qi was so violent here, practicing the Magic Power of the fire system here would get twice the result with half the effort.

Kris owned Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, so he had a high affinity for the Fire Spirit Qi.

Coming to this strange land, Kris directly found the branch of Wanbao Pavilion.

Kris took out the token of his Super VIP, the shopkeeper of Wanbao Pavilion branch instantly looked at him with his eyes wide-opened, “Super VIP?”

“Please go inside!”

The shopkeeper recognized this token. Only the most powerful and wealthy guests could use the Super VIP. No matter which branch the Super VIP went to, the shopkeeper must provide the best service when he saw this token.

“It’s the first time I came to Nanli Fire City. Tell me about the power distribution of Nanli Fire City!”

“Yes, Sir.”

The shopkeeper said: “Nanli Fire City is the third continental state among all states, ranking only next to Dongsheng Divine Land and Middle Thunder Land!”

“Dongsheng Divine Land? Isn’t it called Eastern Divine Land?”

“Mr. Diao, you can call it that way too!”

“I see.”

Kris nodded.

The shopkeeper continued: “Nali Fire City has hundreds of thousands of sects, including no-rate, third-rate, second-rate, first-rate and top-notch sects. There are one million third-rate sects, 100,000 second-rate sects, 50,000 first-rate sects, and 800 top-notch sects. Above the top-notch sect, there are top ten Holy Sects, which control Nanli Fire City, and the sects have several kinds of Spirit Fire!”


“Are you saying Spirit Fire?

“Yes, Nanli Fire City has thousands of Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire!”

The shopkeeper said: “So most people from all continents ran here for Spirit Fire.”

“Is there so much Spirit Fire here?”

Kris came to be interested, “By the way, I would like to ask, which is the top body refining practicer in Nanli Fire City?”

The shopkeeper thought for a while, “The top body refining practicer of Nanli Fire City is the Purple Fire Sect!”

Kris instantly lost interest when he heard this name. This name was too out-dated. By looking at its name, it seemed not to be a serious sect. How could a serious sect use such…

“The Purple Fire Sect has the top ten Extremely Purple Heaven Fire in the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire List!”

The shopkeeper said: “Nanli Fire City has a detailed distinction between Strange Fire and Spirit Fire. Spirit Fire is the spirit fire born at the beginning of heaven and earth, and it is naturally raised, while Strange Fire is the variant of spirit fire or various flames.”

“Then… What kind of fire does Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire belong to, Strange Fire or a Spiritual Fire?”

The shopkeeper touched his chin, took out the Strange Fire list and the Spirit Fire list, “Mr. Diao, please have a look.”

Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power swept away and saw the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire ranking the 88th in the Spirit Fire list. Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire actually ranked eighty-eighth!

“By the way, what’s the level of Purple Fire Sect?”

“The Purple Fire Sect ranks among the top ten Holy Sects!”

Kris said, “Great!”

Kris bought a bunch of materials from Wanbao Pavilion and the shopkeeper grinned ear to ear. The Super VIP was really generous, spending millions of spiritual stones, he even did not blink his eyes.”

After leaving the Wanbao Pavilion, Kris rented a small courtyard and started alchemy.

Restoration type, primal spirit type, Divine Spiritual Power type, detoxification type, Spirit Qi growth type, anyway, Kris had nothing abundant but elixir!

Immediately, Kris condensed another fifteen doubles again. The main purpose of these fifteen doubles was to control the small sects in Nanli Fire City, and to provide Kris with practice resources.

Naturally, it was in the name of Gengu No.1 Sect, and Kris’s great project of projector began in Nanli Fire City.

And, he still sent a double back to North Luzhou to share the information with the doubles to prevent them from making a big mess!

After doing all these, the yidam of Kris flew eastward, and the Purple Fire Sect was about 300 million miles away. With Kris’s current speed, it would take several days!

On the way, Kris walked around, mainly to familiarize himself with the style of the Practitioner in Nanli Fire City.

The people here were much more irritable than North Luzhou, and they would fight whenever they disagreed with each other. They believed in fists more than magic weapons.

Even if he was a magical practiser, he would practise physical training method a little, which was very powerful.

Both the Practitioner’s individual combat effectiveness and the overall macro combat effectiveness surpassed Practitioners in North Luzhou.

All kinds of cool spells were dazzling and dizzying.

He once saw a Practitioner in the middle period of the Pill formation displaying the magic state of the world, and he also saw a real primal spirit performing Taoist Strength, and everything was so outstanding.

Kris was surprised, so he joined the battle in a confrontation of accumulated spirits Practitioner.

After the fight was over with three punches and two kicks, Kris was very satisfied, even if their overall combat effectiveness was higher than North Luzhou, they were still weak enough in front of him.

“Who on earth are you? Why did you interfere our fighting?”

A lord from the middle period of the accumulated spirit looked at Kris in horror.

Kris suppressed him with a punch and scanned the crowd, “Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself, I am Ritian Zhao, hand over your magic weapons Storing Rings, then you can survive!”

“What, you are a robber!”


With a punch, the lord in the middle period of the accumulated spirit was almost beaten to death, and he didn’t even have the power to fight back.

“Do you have different opinions?”

“Let’s run away, he is only one…”

Before the word ‘person’ was spoken, the practitioner in the early stage of the accumulated spirit discovered that he was frozen, his supernatural power and primal spirit were all imprisoned!

His eyes were full of fear.


Using the sword intent to activate the Locking Art was a bit reluctant, but it was still possible to imprison the Practitioner in the early stage of the accumulated spirit for a few minutes.

Kris didn’t kill them, but he stripped these people upright and only left them a pair of underpants!

Seeing the things from the Storing Rings, Kris was satisfied.

“Remember, it was Ritian from Gengu No.1 Sect that grabbed you!”

After finishing his words, Kris left swaggeringly.

The word from Kris made Gengu No.1 Sect appeared, officially setting foot in the Nanli Fire City.

Every time Kris went to a place, he would see if there were actualized spirits here in advance. If not… those accumulated spirit families would become his goals. Of course, not everyone was his plundering goal, such as those who do good, Kris never plunder them.

Every time the grab was over, Kris would tell them he was Ritian from Gengu No.1 Sect!

This spread the name of Ritian in the extreme north area of Nanli Fire City. Many Practitioners robbed by Kris united to form a alliance to fight against Ritian, and Kris was so brave that he didn’t hide his breath, aiming at leading them to find him.

On a dark and windy night, Kris was bombarded by dozens of powerful accumulated spirits. He was helplessly injured and escaped. When he left, he said to everyone: “You will be done for, you dare to hurt me, my senior fellow apprentice will definitely not let you go!”

After finishing his words, he practised Shrink into Inches to leave.

Everyone was shocked, did he have a senior fellow apprentice?

Yes, he said that he was a disciple of Gengu No.1 Sect. The name of Gengu No.1 Sect sounded prestigious. He himself fight against ten lords of accumulated spirits, facing tight encirclement, he still escape. His strength was truly terrifying.

The most important thing was that he also injured most of the Practitioners, each of which was seriously injured. If they fight one-on-one, absolutely no one was his opponent!

It was horrible!

In order to prevent Kris’s revenge, these lords of accumulated spirits had become more united, calling for their friends, and the number of the alliance had doubled!

Are you afraid of hundreds of accumulated spirits?

However, Kris was not afraid!

The Practitioners of the alliance to fight against Ritian hid in a prosperous city in the far north, and a sword light soared into the sky.

Unrivaled sword light bombarded everyone.

That stunning and peerless sword directly divided the city into two.

Moreover, this sword light was extremely cleverly controlled, and it did not harm anyone in the city!

Countless Practitioners rose into the sky, looking at the grim young man who was proud.

“Who…who are you!”

The grim young man stood with his hand folded, “I am Potian Jian. I heard that you chased my junior fellow apprentice Ritian a few days ago?”

Wow, when he finished his words, everyone was shocked, Ritian’s senior fellow apprentice really came to revenge.

At this moment, Potian took action without any signs.

The first shot was Wuliangjian School light, several kinds of Taoist Strengths entangled, and there appeared the shocking Sword Energy!

Sword cultivator, Ritian’s senior fellow apprentice turned out to be a sword cultivator!

Who could resist, who could resist!

The sword of light was severely cold, the sword of light was slashed on the protective shield, and everyone flew out one after another. Many people took advantage of this time to control the Escape of Light, wanting to flee away.

Those Practitioners who were the first to bear the brunt, were also seriously injured, and launched secret methods to escape.

There were also unlucky ones who were caught, stripped naked, and ransacked, hung on the city wall for people to watch!

The face of the lord of accumulated spirit was completely lost.

They were monsters, the disciples of Gengu No.1 Sect were all monsters, unmatched, unmatched!

As hundreds of accumulated spirits fled, the vertical and horizontal posture of the sword was completely spread. Someone recorded everything with a photo-taking stone, and it was widely spread among the Practitioners from various sects.

“This peerless sword light is unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable!”

A lord of in the Later period of accumulated spirit sighed, “Monster!”

Many sects also started to pay attention to the Gengu No.1 Sect!

What kind of sect was it?

The name was so majestic, it was just…too ridiculous!

“Investigate, investigate seriously, what is the origin of Gengu No.1 Sect?”

Countless sects moved into action.

The originally harmonious far north practice world had also been completely disrupted!

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