Chapter 541: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 541 Yuqi Got Angry

Seeing that Qiqi kept defending that guy, Yuqi Mu was extremely angry. His voice turned cold instantly, “I am not thinking too much. I wish you had a chance to see what he really is, but I won’t give you the chance to.”

Feeling the murderous anger in Yuqi’s tone, Qiqi got nervous and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t like that guy. I hate him harassing you for all kinds of ridiculous reasons. Of course I won’t allow him to stay here around you.”

Yuqi sounded so overbearing and Qiqi was trembling because of anger. She said furiously, “Yuqi, if you dare to be filthy, I won’t talk to you any more! And I will never forgive you!”

It was the first time that Yuqi had heard Qiqi talk to him like this. He got stunned first, then he showed a sullen face.

“You are talking to me like this, for another man?”

Qiqi was a bit intimidated by Yuqi, but she wasn’t intending to look weak. She insisted that she’s right. She lifted her proud chin and said, “It doesn’t matter who he is. I just don’t like you when you are so unreasonable and self-centered. Do not bully the weak just because you are rich and powerful!

As soon as she finished talking, Yuqi’s fist came at her.

Qiqi was dumbfounded, thinking he would teach her a lesson. She even closed her eyes.

But the fist did not fall upon Qiqi.

Qiqi opened her eyes slowly, meeting Yuqi’s angry eyes.

In his eyes, Qiqi could see the image of herself, intimidated and panicked.

Qiqi also saw a broken heart of Yuqi. It made her hard to breathe.

Qiqi was trapped between his arms which held straight against the wall. Yuqi looked like a wounded lion. He roared, “I love to be unreasonable; I love to bully the weak and I love to do whatever I want to do; I would love to handle things with money instead of using my brain!”

Yuqi’s words stung Qiqi’s heart. She asked him, “Are you using the same trick on me?”

“I have given my heart to you! You know it but you keep avoiding it! You are making me into this overbearing and unreasonable man!”

Qiqi wanted to get angry but she just couldn’t. seeing the poor man complaining in front of her, she suddenly pitied that man.

He knew it, that Qiqi had been avoiding him this whole time…

Seeing that Qiqi was not talking, Yuqi got closer. He frowned and asked, “Why are you not talking? You were having a lot to say just now. In your heart, I am nothing but a scum bag, right?”


“What? You don’t think I am a scum bag or you don’t think I like you?”

Yuqi was so close to her that she could feel his hot breath. It made her uncomfortable.

She had to step back and avoided looking him into his eyes. She said, “You…do not stand so close to me…I feel hot.”

“Answer my question.”

“Hay! What question?” Qiqi pushed Yuqi hard and frowned, “Do you feel good teasing me?”

Seeing that Qiqi’s face blushed, Yuqi knew that she actually had feelings for him.

The sudden discovery made Yuqi a bit thrilled.

Yuqi showed a serious look. He still looked Qiqi in the eyes.

He said, “I am serious. My feelings for you are true. I can’t bear to see another man around you, trying to hit on you.”

Qiqi did not know how to explain it. She said, “But I don’t like him! Whatever he does, he won’t get my heart!”


“Why do I lie to you?”

“But a girl like you, should admire those who are tidy and polite, gentle and excellent, right?”

Hearing Yuqi’s words, Qiqi sank into silence.

While waiting for Qiqi to reply, Yuqi held his breath, feeling so unconfident in his heart.

He was thinking in his heart, that if Qiqi should dare to admit that she had feelings for that guy, he would break down!

Qiqi looked up and said, “In my eyes, he’s just an excellent senior. I am only studying from him. That’s all.”

On hearing the answer, Yuqi raised the corner of his mouth, “You don’t have feelings for him? Not at all?”

“No, not at all.”


Oh my god, why did Yuqi keep asking! Qiqi started to get impatient.

She frowned and said, “Why do you have so many questions? One after another, are you done yet?”

“Of course I have to make sure you are telling the truth.”

“You are crazy! Why do I lie? It’s a waste of my time!”

“It’s for me to judge. Hurry, tell me why you won’t have feelings for him!”

“I don’t want to tell you!”

“Then you were telling a lie!”


“Then tell me the truth!”

“What truth! The truth is I like you!”

Qiqi got so impatient and annoyed by Yuqi. She did not even realize what she just said.

Both of them got stunned there.

Yuqi was smiling with his mouth wide open while Qiqi was about to cry, blaming herself for being so stupid.

At the moment, Yuqi’s concerns were all gone. He leaned closer to Qiqi and asked smilingly, “Qiqi, what did you say?”

Qiqi was so regretful that she wanted to take her words back.

“I just can’t be more stupid! He doesn’t even need to question me! I just told him the most important thing!” she blamed herself.

She thought she was in charge of the situation by blaming Yuqi for how controlling and overbearing he was, but at the moment, she was totally exposed to him, by herself!

Qiqi was about to spit blood. But she still pretended to be tough, “No. You heard it wrong.”

“No I didn’t. you just said that you like me. So, does it mean that you agree to be my girlfriend?”

“Bullshit! I did not say yes to you. I am just too tired from studying. I did not mean to say those words. Forget about it. Eh, I need to go back. Do not come to annoy me before my exams!”

Then Qiqi turned around and ran towards her dorm.

Watching Qiqi leaving, Yuqi raised the corner of his mouth, “Hmm, this girl finally knows my heart! It’s worth the effort!”

With two hands stuck into his pockets, Yuqi shouted, “Qiqi, tell me you would, after the exam!”

“I would my ass!” Qiqi complained in her heart and hurriedly ran into her dorm.

Yuqi did leave her alone after that day.

But Qiqi’s kept thinking about him.

She always thought of what she said that day then started to get regretful.

Jake noticed her strange behavior. He came to her one day after night class.

“What’s the matter with you? You look so distracted these days while studying.”

Qiqi was embarrassed and smiled, “Huh? Did I?”

“You are not focused when you memorize the English words. And you are always absent-mind in class, it’s not good.”

Hearing Jake’s words, Qiqi started to feel guilty.

She lowered her head, “I get it. I’ll adjust myself.”

“The exam is just around the corner. Focus, nothing is more important than that.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Tell your friend not to annoy you before the final exam. Every time he comes here, you would get deeply affected. It’s not okay.”

Qiqi was silent for a while, then she said, “I’ve already told him. He won’t come.”

Jake nodded, “It’s not that I want to interfere with your personal life. I just feel…he’s not the right one for you.”

Qiqi was a bit surprised. She looked up and asked, “You know him?”

“I am not interest in financial field, but it’s not difficult to know who he is.”

Qiqi laughed and said, “You are right, Yuqi and I are from two different worlds.”

Jake showed a serious look and with a rather mean tone, he asked, “That’s not the point. The point is, are you ready for a gambling? Do you know what you’ll lose in it?”


“Yes. It’s an act of gambling, your relationship. If you win, then you’ll live happily ever after; but what if you lose? Can you afford to pay the price?”

Qiqi lowered her head, then she shook her head, “I…I have nothing to lose.”

“Yes you have.”

“What is it?”

“Your precious heart,” Jake looked so serious, “you’ve been through those heartbroken moments, feeling unwanted and misunderstood, right? How did it feel?”

Jake’s words made Qiqi silent. And when she looked up, there’s sadness in her eyes.

Seeing Qiqi like this, Jake’s tone got soft, “I didn’t mean to make you sad. I just want you to feel happy. Use your brain, not your heart. Yuqi will use all kinds of tricks to get you. You won’t even be able to escape from him. He may look like he’s offering you a chance to choose, but he’s manipulating you, making you think that you want to be with him.”

Qiqi got dumbfounded. She suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Did Yuqi lead me to say those words? If so…if so…” Qiqi suddenly panicked. She looked so helpless.

Jake knew that he had to reveal the truth to her, however embarrassing it might be. She had to face it. No one else could be of help.

Jake could stay indifferent if it’s another girl. But he just could bear to watch Qiqi suffer. After all, she’s such a happy and positive girl.

“Qiqi, are you regretful?”

Hearing Jake’s words, Qiqi felt so confused, “Of what?”

“Of meeting someone like him.”

Qiqi got silent then she smiled, “No. If it had been for him, I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet so many good friends with whom I created a lot of good memories. Those memories, bitter or sweet, I consider them to be the arrangements of fate.”

Jake was impressed by Qiqi’s words.

He tired to hide his feelings surging in his eyes. Finally he said, “You are so positive.”

“Ha, that’s the last weapon I’ve got left.”

“Then keep it up. Try your best for the exam. Do not let those things affect your future.”

Qiqi nodded, “I know. Thanks for reminding, senior.”

“I am glad you listened.”

“You care about me. I know.”

“Good. Off you go.”

Qiqi nodded and left.

But as soon as she turned around, she took away her smile.

Even an outsider could see things clearly. How could she still dream about unrealistic things? She liked Yuqi, but they were really from two different worlds!

Thinking of this, Qiqi started to blame herself.

But only three minutes later, Qiqi started to cheer herself up again, with both her fists held tightly.

“Anyway, forget all about this. Let me handle the exam first.” Qiqi said to herself.

And the review for exams began…

After the review, the final exam finally came.

Qiqi was trying her best in the exams, and her friends felt nervous for her, too.

In the afternoon the next day, Chuxue Ye, Anna Xie and HYiyao Duan were sitting in the cafe, chatting while waiting for Qiqi to finish her exams.

Time went by little by little. Chuxue looked at her watch and frowned, “The exam is about to be finished. I wonder how Qiqi is doing.”

Anna tried to call Qiqi but she was told that Qiqi’s phone was shut.

She said calmly, “Maybe it’ll take longer to restart her phone.”

Chuxue stretched her arms and yawned, “It’s finally over! Shall we hold a celebration for Qiqi?”

“Maybe a feast suits her better.”

Chuxue thought and said, “I agree. She must want a feast. Let me make a reservation. Let’s have a good dinner tonight. It’ll be my treat.”

Hearing this, Yiyao asked, “Shall we invite others?”

Yiyao said “others”, but Chuxue knew clearly who she meant for.

Chuxue licked her lips and shrugged, “One or two more is okay with me. But it’s Qiqi’s big day, I won’t let anyone ruin her good mood.”

“You are right. We just want to have fun together. No one will cross the line.”

Since Yiyao said so, Chuxue could not go against her. She just nodded and sipped her coffee.

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