Jordan family!

Cousin Yvette Jordan was lying on the hospital bed. He was angry. He was angry when Yvette Jordan ran away last time!!

Yvette Jordan’s cruelty, he has seen it.

Yvette Jordan must not be allowed to continue to live!

Otherwise, this is a scourge! A time bomb that will appear at any time.

“Son, the family guards could have killed the bitch Yvette Jordan, but a person suddenly appeared on the way,” she was helpless too!

When the captain came back, he still had a look of fear, saying that he had encountered a particularly dangerous person who killed many people one by one.

When he said it, he was particularly scared, as if he had just walked through a ghost gate.

After listening to her, she was also surprised. You know, the members of her family’s guard are all carefully selected. How could they be shot one by one? ?

She wanted to talk to her son yesterday, but he has been in a coma for a few days. He woke up just now. After talking about this, her son became furious!

“I don’t care! I don’t care! Mom, you tell someone to kill that bitch now, I want to see her die!” Cousin Yvette Jordan was angry!

This is humiliation. I have rotten ears and crippled in the leg. How can I be crippled, I am so handsome?

This is something he cannot tolerate!

All this was caused by Yvette Jordan. She made himself ashamed in front of her family and family guards. Everything was her!

He wants to see Yvette Jordan die now!

“But she has escaped,” his mother was helpless.

She had been looking for Yvette Jordan for a few days, but she didn’t find it. She also wanted to kill Yvette Jordan to eliminate the trouble.

“I don’t care, don’t care! I just need to see her die! Die!!” His face was hideous, and the hatred in his heart had arrived.

“Okay, don’t worry, Mom will do it, you take a rest, I will find someone from the killer organization to assassinate her,” Of course, she knows the relationship between Yvette Jordan and Chuck Cannon!

Of course, she knew the relationship between Yvette Jordan and Karen Lee. She didn’t think Karen Lee would protect her enemies.

“Okay, Mom, I’ll wait for you, no matter how much it costs, I only want her to die!”

“Okay, sleep peacefully, but what’s going on between Yvette Jordan and Karen Lee? Do you know?” She still said just in case.

After all, she has been in the United States. Knowing Karen Lee’s strength, otherwise, Grandpa Yvette Jordan wouldn’t make such a move.

“Mom, you think a lot, you shouldn’t think that the person who helped Yvette Jordan escape was Karen Lee? How could this be possible!” Yvette Jordan’s cousin shook his head, even mocking, it is impossible!

“If Karen Lee really made the move, it would be impossible for a few of them to come back alive,” she has the simplest analysis.

She clearly knows Karen Lee’s strength. It is impossible to resist those few family guards!

As long as Karen Lee takes action, then those few people are sure, 100% sure that all will die!!

“Then what do you want to say?”

“Karen Lee’s son Chuck Cannon doesn’t like Yvette Jordan? According to Karen Lee’s personality, would she protect Yvette Jordan?” This is something she must consider now. At least, in the house Yvette Jordan’s grandfather is dead.

The family has already plummeted, not to mention that she and her son have already taken the family property, and for this, some people have died in the family.

This loss was so great that she could only stay incognito at all, and was not qualified to hang around in front of Karen Lee.

“No, how could it be! Karen Lee’s kind of person is cruel, how could she let someone who threatens her continue? Yvette Jordan, she must be eager for Yvette Jordan to die sooner.”

“Well, as you said, it should be,” she nodded, relieved.

“Son, after Yvette Jordan’s death, our family will leave the United States!” She was after careful consideration.

It must not be exposed in front of Karen Lee!

“We will go away?”

“Yes, we will leave, we must leave! We don’t have the strength to fight Karen Lee now. Anyway, everything in the family belongs to us. Let’s find a new place to let the family continue! Isn’t it better?”

Yvette Jordan’s cousin is angry, but there is nothing he can do. He still wants to slap Chuck Cannon in the face, but now that he is already a lame, how can he fight Chuck Cannon?

“Well, I listen to my mother,”

“Yes, the future will be long. We can’t deal with people like Karen Lee. We can deal with his son, catch his son, and threaten her afterward. She has such a precious son. Let her kneel and kowtow, haha!” Excited, if Karen Lee kneels and kowtows to herself, then what a fun thing!

“Yes, grab that Chuck Cannon and let him…”

Before he finished speaking, someone ran in, the captain of the family guard, and he looked shocked!

“What is it? Are you scared the other day?” She said angrily.

Wen Wen, she is the current Patriarch of the Jordan family. She is the last to see the people in her family’s guard so panicked. How decent is she?

“No, there is someone outside,” the captain was shocked.

The neighborhood has been blocked, and there are special professional helicopters in the sky!

This helicopter is nothing, but it can be so generous, is it not something ordinary people can do?

“Here, who’s here!” Wen Wen snorted coldly.

All the fuss, she wondered if she should fire the captain? So rubbish?

“I don’t know, but.” The captain said in shock.

At this time, the sound of the helicopter in the sky roared, deafening!!

“Huh, is it amazing? Are you still going to solve it?” Wen Wen said coldly.

The annual expenditure of my family escort is hundreds of millions of dollars. Is this helicopter in my own home?

“But they are very professional.” The captain was sweating profusely.

He is a mercenary. As soon as the helicopter appeared, he could see from the formation of the plane that this team was very professional, just like the U.S. Army! terror!

What does this mean? Those who represent yourself can’t be opponents at all!!


Wen Wen slapped the captain in the face, “Slap them down for me! If you don’t fight, I will kill you!!”

“Yes!” The captain was angry, but couldn’t make any fire.

He ran out.

Wen Wen looked at her son, “It’s okay, sleep peacefully. It’s just a mess! I’ll call someone from the killer organization and spend 100 million dollars to kill Yvette Jordan!”

“When you kill, I want to see her die with my own eyes!!”


Wen Wen hasn’t finished speaking yet, there is a huge noise outside, which is a fierce battle.

But the whole voice lasted less than a minute, and the captain ran in again in fear!

He was horrified!!

Sure enough, it was the same as he thought, this helicopter team is too powerful, and his own people are not opponents at all!

He was even a little scared.

“Boss, let’s go, they are too good.” The captain said shivering.

Black Rose frightened him last time, but today the fear has increased!


Wen Wen slapped angrily, “What’s the use of my old mother to support you? Who is here? Who is here?”

I don’t have any enemies, why do they suddenly come at this time?

“I saw it in the car. The person who came was the last woman,” the captain was incredulous. After seeing Yvette Jordan, he thought he saw a ghost, but he didn’t.

“The woman last time? Who?” Wen Wen asked suspiciously.

“Is it Yvette Jordan?” Cousin Yvette Jordan got up from the hospital bed with a look of anger!

How can she call so many people?

“Yes, it’s her, what shall we do now? She called too many people,” the captain said anxiously.

I can’t hold it now!

“Mom, that bitch! Actually!”

Wen Wen was shocked, “Isn’t Karen Lee really helping? Quickly, prepare the helicopter, let’s go right away!”

She had to leave, she could hear how loud the movement was outside, she was completely retreating.

The captain wanted to run a long time ago and immediately ran out to prepare.

“Mom, I want her to die, let her die!!” Yvette Jordan’s cousin was in distress.

“It’s okay. Let her go this time. We will be long in Japan and we will definitely kill her…” Wen Wen comforted her son. She was also in pain. Is this going to escape?

“Long day in Japan? You don’t have this opportunity,” Chuck Cannon’s voice suddenly came in.

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