Chapter 542: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 542 Yuqi’s Got A Rival

But coffee and desserts had been finished, Qiqi was still not here.

Chuxue got impatient and said, “She should be able to use her phone now.”

“Let me call hef again,” Anna Xie took out her phone and dialed Qiqi’s number again.

This time, the phone got through. Anna raised her eyebrow and said to Chuxue, “Yes, it’s ringing.”

Chuxue sighed in relief. She was going to call the police. Because it’s not normal for Qiqi to get lost right after the exam.

Besides, she had gone through something unhappy. No one knew how much more she could take and what would happen if she should break down again.

While Chuxue was sunk in her thoughts, Qiqi’s excited voice came.

“Hi, Anna!”

“Congratulations! Finally it’s over! How did you do in the exams?”

“I feel good.”

“You sound relaxed. You must have done a good job. Oh, Chuxue will treat us to a feast. Come!”

Hearing this, Qiqi said unwillingly, “Maybe some other day.”

“We are going to eat your favorite food – spicy hotpot!”

Anna tried to lure her with hotpot, but Qiqi just laughed, “What a coincidence! I am eating hotpot right now!”

Other people’s voice came while Qiqi was talking.

“Miss, this is the beef and Beef Strip you ordered.”

“Okay, put it down here.”

The voice of the waitress stunned Anna. She said, “That voice sounds so familiar!”

“Yes, I’m having hotpot, near our school. She’s the boss here.”

“Ah! How can you not invite me along!”

The hotpot in the restaurant was Qiqi and Anna’s favorite.

Anna’s mouth was watering!

Qiqi said while boiling mutton, “You are a big star now. You cause attention everywhere you go. I won’t be able to enjoy my food if you come.”

“Qiqi, are you picking on me?”

“No no, I am joking.”

Though feeling unhappy for not having the chance to enjoy the hotpot, Anna stopped worrying about Qiqi when she heard Qiqi’s relaxing voice.

“Anyway, you owe me a hotpot!”

Qiqi sighed and said laughingly, “Why do I always owe people!”

“What do you mean? You are not alone?”

“Of course not! I am too happy to eat alone!”

“Then who are you with?”

Looking at the boy in front of her, Qiqi smiled and said, “He’s my fellow classmate Jake. He has helped me a lot with my study. Thanks for his help, I feel I did well this time in the exam.”

Anna did not remember hearing Qiqi mention someone called Jake. She got curious, “Jake? Do I know him?”

“Maybe not. He’s senior to us.He’s a post graduate student of D university when we came to the school.”

“D university? So cool.”

“Of course. Jake is so good that can be a good example for me.”

Qiqi’s exaggerated tone made Jake a little bit lost with saying:”Qiqi……”

He had wanted to stop her from bragging because he felt embarrassed.

But somehow his voice sounded so intimate. Anna heard it and felt it too on the other side of the phone.

Qiqi did not notice it at all. She just stuck out her tongue and said to Anna, “I have to go. Let’s have lunch some other time.”

“Okay, enjoy.”

Then they ended the call.

Anna looked a bit serious and concerned.

Chuxue and Yiyao saw her face and they started to get nervous.

“Anna, what’s that look?”

Anna frowned and said, “I have a hunch…”

“What is it?”

“There’s a rival for Yuqi Mu, I’m afraid.”


Chuxue and Yiyao were both surprised. They couldn’t understand why Yuqi suddenly had a rival after a normal phone call.

Anna thought for a while then she looked at the two and said, “Do you want to have a look at Yuqi’s rival?”

“Is it possible?”

“I know where they eat. Let’s go now. We should be able to meet them there.”

Chuxue felt so excited about it, so she nodded hurriedly.

But Yiyao stopped them.

Anna knew what Yiyao was going to say, so she frowned and said, “Sister Yiyao, maybe you think we are doing this because we are bored, but I am worried that Qiqi might make a wrong choice just to avoid Yuqi.”

Yiyao shook her head and said lightly, “I’m not trying to stop you. I just want to remind you that you should disguise a little. Do not let them recognize you.”


Anna and Chuxue looked at each other and smiled.

Then Anna nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I am good at it.”

At the same time, in the hotpot restaurant, Qiqi put down her phone and continued to boil mutton.

It had been a long time! After the tough time preparing for the exam, Qiqi really missed the food here. She felt her soul was flying every time she took a bite.

Jake asked Qiqi smilingly, “Who were you calling?”

“You’re not gonna believe this. She’s my good friend as well as a big start. Anna Xie!”


“Okay? Nothing else?”

“Should I say something else? Sorry I don’t know much about her.”

Qiqi tilted her head and said, “Others would laugh at me! They think I’m bragging.

Jake looked at Qiqi gently and said softly, “I’m not someone else. I know you. You won’t brag. I believe you.”

I believe you…

The simple words stunned Qiqi. It took her a while to recover herself.

Seeing Qiqi’s reaction, Jake took away his smile. He asked, “Qiqi, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

Hearing Jake’s voice, Qiqi got herself back. She lowered her head awkwardly and said smilingly, “No. I just feel we should have met each other earlier.”

“It’s still not too late.”

Jake could see the sadness hidden in Qiqi’s eyes.

Qiqi tried to forget about those bitter and painful memories, but those memories would crowd in on her when she’s emotionally weak.

Jake understood the feeling too well.

So he pitied Qiqi more.

Qiqi laughed and raised her glass, “You are right. It’s still not too late.”

“Good! Cheers! For meeting each other, and for a coming good result of the exams!”

The glasses collided each other and Qiqi and Jake looked at each other and smiled. Their smiles were pure, which showed their happiness at the moment.

The two were eating and chatting. Though they had just met each other, they felt they had known each other for a long time already.

Qiqi was so thankful for fate.

But what Jake thought about it was unknown.

While they were enjoying the food, three girls were staring at them outside the restaurant.

Chuxue shook her head and asked, “That boy?”

“Yea, that boy,” Anna squinted her eyes and said, “hmm, he’s quite handsome.”

“Yes, he’s tidy and his smile is warm. He’s considerate and he makes Qiqi laugh. He’s totally different from Yuqi, but more suitable than Yuqi.”

Chuxue felt worried.

He’s not a strong rival. He could totally crush Yuqi!

Compared to the boy, Yuqi was a smart boy and a play boy. Any girl with a good brain would know how to choose.

Besides, they had been together this whole time, and this boy had been taking acre of her, so, Yuqi stood little chance now!

“What’s that look, you two!”

“We are worried about Yuqi!”

“It’s no use worrying. They are the ones to make their own decisions. Maybe Yuqi knows how to handle it. We are worrying too much!”

Chuxue sighed, “Hay! Hope he really knows how to handle it. Otherwise he will have to be kicked out!”

She thought Yuqi stood little chance but she still felt pity for him.

Or maybe she was impressed by Yuqi true heart.

Such a playboy would actually love someone.

Hmm! Chuxue sighed. Maybe it’s karma. Yuqi had broken many girls’ hearts, and now it’s his turn.


Anna had wrapped herself with many layers of clothes, which made her look so strange. The passers-by kept looking at her.

Someone got sharp eyes seemed to have recognized who she was.

Anna covered her face anxiously, “Let’s go! I’ll be recognized by someone else but Qiqi.”

Chuxue complained, “It’s not that easy to come out with a big star! We feel great pressure!”

Her words upset Anna. She frowned, “Are you picking on me, huh? I won’t give you my signatures for you to show off!”

Huh? Chuxue had already promised her friends that she would get Anna’s signatures. She must get them!

So Chuxue changed her attitude right away. She smiled, “I am joking! Come, let’s go. Let me drive you home!”

Anna hummed and left. She looked like a proud peacock.

Chuxue did not say anything else. She just followed. Yiyao shook her head smilingly.

Qiqi and Jake did not notice what had happened out there.

After lunch, Qiqi had wanted to go back to her school alone.

But Jake said he wanted to visit the school, too.

Hearing this, Qiqi did not say anything else. So they went back to school together.

A lot of changes had taken place at school since Jake graduated. New teaching buildings and library had been built. Wherever Qiqi went, she would tell Jake about the changes. Like a warm-hearted tour guide.

Soon they reached the dormitory building.

“It’s me. I need to get packed. I’ll go home later,” Qiqi paused then she said, “Jake, thank you.”

Seeing Qiqi’s blushing face, Jake showed a warm smile, “You have thanked me a lot ever since we met. It’s really unnecessary.”

Qiqi showed a sincere look, “You think it’s unnecessary, but they just express my feelings properly.”

Jake looked at Qiqi, “Actually, I am expecting something in return.”

Qiqi looked curious, “What do you want in return?”

“It’s…”Jake looked into Qiqi’s bright eyes. Then shook his head and said smilingly, “Anyway, forget about it. We will talk about it when the result of the exam comes out.”

“Okay,” Qiqi nodded. Then she walked into the building.

Qiqi was long gone, but Jake was still standing there.

On the other side, Yuqi rushed to Chuxue’s dessert shop.

“Where’s Qiqi?”

Hearing this, Chuxue blinked her eyes, “Eh, she should be at school.”


Chuxue stared at Yuqi and asked, “Why not call her if you want to know where she is?”

“Because I want to surprise her today!”

A surprise?

At the moment, Anna was at the shooting scene. Only Chuxue and Yiyao were in the store.

The two looked at each other, then Chuxue reminded Yuqi, “Actually, it’s not a good time for surprise today.”

But Yuqi did not get her meaning. He waved his hands, “I’m not a man of superstition. I think it’s a right time today.”

“What a pity! It’s not a right time now.”

Chuxue said in a low voice. Yuqi asked, “What are you talking about?”

Chuxue had no proof so she could not tell him anything.

Chuxue smiled at Yuqi and said, “Nothing. But can you tell us what surprised you have prepared for Qiqi?”

“It’s a surprise! You will tell her! So I can’t tell you now!”

Chuxue laughed with embarrassment, thinking what a smart guy he was!

Yuqi looked outside and then he said, “It’s getting late. I need to go.”

“You’ll go to find Qiqi now”


“Eh…Qiqi has just finished her exam. She might be in some celebration. Maybe she’s not at school.”

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