Chapter 543 – 544: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 543: Kris Chen’s Tao

At the same time, Kris Chen’s clone was also in action. He secretly controlled hundreds of small sects that were not important, forcibly merged the sects, and formed dozens of low-level sects.

In this world, you can play the game only if you have the initiative.

Relying on plunder would sooner or later failed.

Kris understood all this very well. He had no time now, so he had only to take special method. In order to implement of the projector, he had to make the Gengu No.1 Sect completely well-known, and the surrounding sects awed.

Nanli Fire City was much more complicated than the sea, and there were so many sects that he had no time to act like on the sea.

Ritian Zhao kept silent for two days. Potian Jian began to search for his junior around the world, and once again disturbed the Extreme Northern Practice world. This time, Kris started directly to hit from the third-rate sect and then start attacking the second-rate sect!

Finally, under the attack of more than a dozen second-rate sects, he fled and left, leaving some words before escaping, “Hold on, my senior will come to you!”

After speaking, he disappeared in front of everyone instantly.

The words made all sects frightened!

With so many people and meticulous plan, they let him run away. And he had another senior brother!

They were already afraid of Ritian Zhao and Potian Jian. Now, how did they deal with the third one?

Someone said: “The Gengu No.1 Sect may be the Hidden Sejong Sect. Such a powerful person is only a disciple of the Sect. How strong are the elders in their sect?”

“Actualized spirit?”

“Or even above actualized spirit?”

Then everyone stopped talking. What is the difference between provoking a disciple of the Sejong Sect and suiside?

At least under the top sect, no one dares to provoke them!

“Then what if their senior brother come to us again?”

“I don’t know.”

“The enemy should be settled but not knotted. We have no choice but to apologize if necessary!”

Everyone was silent again. If the other party hit the sect alone, no sect can resist, unless they sought help from the top sect!

But it’s too late to wait for someone who was sent here.

The opponent seemed to have a unique Magic Power of Escape, even no one can find them, how to fight?

Kris slipped into a mountain again, and this time it was very exhausting and almost emptied his strength.

He just came from the second-rate sect. With the power of the sect, hundreds of accumulated spirit practitioners joined forces to set up the traps. If he hadn’t had the Magic Power of Breaking, he was definitely not able to escape this time.

Although Kris could manufacture clones in batches, he cannot resist this level of attack for a long time.

So this time Kris focused on the Sword Fetus!

He hasn’t touch it before, because it need to open up its acupuncture points. But now doesn’t need it.

The biggest role of Sword Fetus was to refine the external avatars. Normal external avatars were only 50% of the strength of the prototype, while Sword Fetus had 80%!

It was said that the spiritual stone ancestors, which were more advanced than Sword Fetus, could fully replicate the strength of its prototype.

But that thing was very rare and only existed in the mineral vein of spiritual stone.

The Sword Fetus taken out had fully matured through his nourishment.

According to the method of sacrificial refining, Kris took out three drops of blood in heart, and separated a trace of soul into the Sword Fetus.

Slowly, the Sword Fetus began to plasticize, extending its limbs and head, and the acupuncture points in the body gradually formed.

Three days later, a young man who look very similar to Kris sat in front of him. He was the sword clone of Kris.

With all the insights and magical powers and eighty percent of the strength of Kris, he was stronger than anyone in the early stage and middle period of the accumulated spirit!

“From now on you will be called Yang Jian!”


Yang Jian smiled. Kris was him, but he was not Kris.

“He knew what Kris was thinking.”

After losing a few Spirit Weapon swords and a lot of training resources, Kris smiled, “Just a few days later, the show will start!”

Kris swallowed magical pills, and began to restore blood loss and mend the soul.

At the same time, Ritian Zhao and Potian Jian disappeared completely.

This made the practice sects in Far North more panic.

It was terrible. Everyone was wondering if they had hidden a big move and prepared to kill them directly while they were not paying attention.

They were really smart—actually that’s what Kris thinking!

Seven days later, Kris took Yang Jian and his clone,then directly rushed towards the Xuantian Sect which was the strongest among the top ten second-rate sects!

These days Xuantian Sect had been in the martial law sect and the formation had been opened to the largest, but Kris was not afraid of the formation at all, and he directly broke into the mountain gate with Yang Jian and the clone.

“Five Thunders!”

The colorful thunder shot down from the sky and landed abruptly on the main peak of Xuantian Sect!

The Hall of Xuantian Sect was directly bombarded by the Five Thunders and became ruins, and even the top of the mountain was flattened!


In an instant, the disciples of Xuantian Sect rushed to the sky.

Looking at the three people standing proudly in the air, they were shocked!

After recognizing the three people clearly, the masters and elders of Xuantian Sect were instantly confused!

“Potian Jian!”

Yang Jian stepped forward and scanned the crowd, “I said that day, I will come to revenge, today…”

Not finished yet, the Lord of Xuanyin, master of Xuantian Sect quickly said: “wait a minute,my friend, maybe we should first solve our problems. We would apologize to you, please don’t fight here!”

Once the battle began, how many disciples of Xuantian Sect would survive?

They were not able to fight against Potian Jian, let alone two more people.

Yang Jian looked at Kris and said: “We can accept it. But from now, Xuantian Sect would become the subordinate sect of Gengu No.1 Sect. You must pay tens of millions of superb Spiritual stone every year!”

The Lord of Xuanyin was stunned. To be a subordinate sect of Gengu No.1 Sect?

The Prime Elders of Xuantian Sect also looked at each other.

The Gengu No.1 Sect was definitely the Hidden Sejong Sect. It was even a stronger backer than top sects.

“Are you serious?”

Xuanyin’s eyes gleamed.

Why these people look so happy, Kris thought.

But after a while, he understood it!

“Don’t be happy too early. The thing that you hurt me is not related to this. You have to give me one hundred thousand Taoist Strength stones to solve this problem!”

One hundred thousand Taoist Strength stones?

Is it equivalent to more than one billion spiritual stones?

Looking that Xuanyin showed a bitter expression, Yang Jian frowned, “Maybe you are reluctant, well, so there is no need for Xuantian Sect to exist…”

“Don’t be angry, my friend. We are not reluctant, but we don’t have so much. In Xuantian Sect, nobody practice Yin and Yang Taoist Strength, so…”

“How about Five Elements Taoist Strength?”

Yang Jian said impatiently.

“Yes, yes, of course we have!”

Then Xuanyin hurriedly handed in the fire and wood Taoist Strength.

“Okay. From now on, Xuantian Sect will be under the control of Gengu No.1 Sect. This is the projector of the sect. It is an extremely precious magic weapon, whose sound transmission exceeds fifty million miles. Just call me if necessary!”

When the words were over, Kris activated the Magical Powers of World-breaking and left with his two fellows!

Seeing the three of them come and go freely, Xuanyin wiped the sweat from his forehead, and everyone in the sect was also relieved.

They Finally sent these three plague gods away.

Looking at the palm-sized projector in his hand, Xuanyin was lost in thought.

After coming out of Xuantian Sect, Kris followed the same pattern and brought the other nine sects into his sect.

The reputation of Gengu No.1 Sect had been thoroughly spread.

The clone that Kris released had also started a big move!

The first and the second-generation projectors appeared in various sects and began to spread in the spiritual world in the Far North.

In just a few days, it caused a great sensation in the practice world of the Far North.

Sales were also rising, with daily shipments exceeding 10 million.

Kris also earned over 100 million a day!

The top ten sects that were absorbed by Kris also made a lot of money and continued to give momentum to Gengu No.1 Sect.

Then more and more sects were merged by Gengu No.1 Sect. In addition to paying the offerings, they also needed to collect resources, elixir, and even information!

A big net would wipe out the spiritual world in the Far North in a few months!

Moreover, this big net still constantly extended towards the surroundings.

After enlisting thousands of second-rate sects, Kris stopped gathering the second-rate sects, and set his goal on the first-rate sects.

With Kris’s orders, thousands of accumulated spirits all found first-class sects, such as Blood Sword Pavilion, Beast Villas, Jinyang Sect. In just seven days, they swept hundreds of first-class sects and gathered a large number of resources. At last, all of them were collected by Gengu No.1 Sect.

So far, Gengu No.1 Sect, which had no mountain gate, had become the largest sect in the Far North!

Kris implemented a policy of both soft and hard, and people were loyal to him. The resources Kris owned had soared again.

The Taoist Strength of Yin and Yang had increased to 50%, the total Taoist Strength stone in his hand had exceeded 10 million, and the strength had increased again.

Kris used the Taoist Strength stones that were not available to feed the Sword of Loyalty to restore some of its power.

A large number of formations, spells, magical powers, pill recipes, and secrets of various craftsmen were delivered to Kris.

Kris was supported by ten thousand sects. With so many resources, even a pig could cultivate into a god.

Kris even forgot to go to the Purple Fire Sect. He was immersed in the ocean of knowledge, constantly supplementing his way of formation, the way of pill, and the way of refining tools.

He had been in the sword world for half a year, and only half a month in the outside world!

After coming out, Kris looked more constraint, and his eyes were deep and wise.

In the sword world, he had practiced Magic Power of Deduction and Divine Spiritual Power, which could make his brain clearer and think more comprehensively.

He felt that he was getting closer to the magic weapons integration. Even without The Tactics of the Magic Weapons, Kris could understand it by himself.

Kris’s practice was completely relied on his own exploration and collected so many classics. There was no way of practice like Kris’s.

So his way was destined to be lonely.

Kris even began to deduce the method of turning acupuncture points into the Magic Power of Dongtian. If it succeeded, it would definitely be a breakthrough.

The flesh body was the main body, the primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power were auxiliary!

In the past six months of Closing Door, Kris faintly found the key to his practice.

But it’s still need a little more effort, just a little.

The Far North was too barren. Kris stood up and realized he must search for more ancient books and resources to pave his way!

With a command, the Far North began to spread out, and the projector began its journey to the Nanli Fire City!

Kris also started to move forward!

Chapter 544: Kris Arrived at the Purple Fire Sect

On Kris’ journeys, sometimes he admired the scenery, and sometimes he cultivated his body.

The extreme north land was under the jurisdiction of Yang Jian, so he wasn’t worried about there. The collected books about techniques were also sent to him through the 8th generation projector, and Kris read no less than ten thousand books about techniques to improve himself.

Kris had also read more than ten thousand books of all kinds of immortal methods, and had accumulated enough techniques for himself. As he cultivated his immortal skills, body, soul, and power, he also collected methods to break the walls of the spatial barrier. The books he read were very mysterious and sketchy in their descriptions of methods to break the spatial barrier.

Finally half a month later, Kris arrived at the boundary of Purple Fire Sect.

The Fire Spirit Qi was even stronger in the area. This towering volcano was the main peak of the Purple Fire Sect. This place had a forbidden air formation, making it difficult to fly, so he could only walk up the mountain.

As soon as he stepped into the stairs, Kris instantly felt something was wrong. He realized that a spell had been cast on the steps.

He was now at the first step, so the pressure he felt from the mana he was feeling wasn’t great yet, but the higher he went up, the more pressure the mana exerted on him.

He was walking fast on the mountain, and he crossed a thousand steps in dozens of seconds. And the pressure he was carrying exceeded a hundred thousand pounds. He crossed another two thousand steps, and the pressure on his body now exceeded a million pounds.

However, Kris was still relaxed.

By the time Kris stepped onto the ten thousand steps, the pressure on his body had exceeded ten million pounds.

The pressure was nothing to him, but what really interested Kris was the pressure from the mountain. His skin, muscles, internal organs, and even his blood were being squeezed by the pressure.

Kris continued to climb.

By the time he reached the halfway point of the climb, the pressure he felt on his body was over 50 million pounds.

And that’s when Kris felt a slight pressure. Interestingly, on the way up the climb, Kris ran into a number of practitioners. They were all sitting cross-legged on the steps, sitting peacefully without disturbing each other, obviously cultivating.

He could tell that they should all be body refining practicers.

But the higher he went, the fewer people he encountered.

When he reached the 80,000th step, all the people he encountered were strong accumulated spirit, and the number of people he saw was also decreasing. Often he had to walk hundreds of steps before he could see someone practicing.

The pressure of the hundred thousandth step exceeded a hundred million pounds, and Kris, relying on his flesh without using his magic power could hardly bear it anymore. He thought he was almost to the top of the mountain, but there were still many steps ahead.

But this feeling of exercising his flesh body made him feel good. Kris once again saw hope for his improvement in his body.

He climbed up step by step, sweat falling down. Those were the impurities that were contained in Kris’ bones and even in his blood.

Sometimes, the lightning may not be able to purify his body completely, but Kris knew that it was too difficult to find a way for his body to progress. That was why the higher the cultivation level, the harder it was to improve practicers’ flesh body.

As he climbed to the 150,000th step, Kris had to stop and rest.

Kris’ flesh body was in some ways more powerful than the Spirit Weapon, but not really able to be tougher than it.

Lighting up a cigar made of magic medicine, Kris took a deep drag. He marveled at how good the advanced world was. In his cultivation level, smoking was not only not harmful to his health, but also good for his cultivation.

After a cigar, he continued his climb up the mountain.

As he entered the 200,000th step, he was swept away by an overwhelming force, and this time it was not sweat but blood that dripped from Kris.

Kris was busy sitting on his knees, swallowing the divine medicine and repairing his flesh.

Half an hour later, Kris adapted to the pressure of two hundred thousand steps and two hundred million pounds of weight.

“You used the Way of Qi and Blood to enhance your strength? You’re wrong. You are completely wrong.”

Just then, a voice came from above. Kris snapped to attention. He turned to see a man in his thirties sitting on the steps not far in front of him, with wine and a roast chicken in his hand. He was gulping down wine.

Kris hadn’t even noticed him just now.

“Hi, what do you mean by the Way of Qi and Blood?” asked Kris.

“You want to know?” The man laughed, “Why do I tell you?”

“Someone who deliberately says one thing to attract interest and then doesn’t explain it clearly is definitely not a good person. He must be up to something.” Kris thought, and then he ignored him and continued his upward climb.

Kris didn’t even look at him as he walked past him.

The man froze.” Doesn’t this young man wonder about the Way of Qi and Blood? He just ignores me?”

The man was holding a pot in one hand and gnawing on a roasted chicken in the other, and he was busy catching up with Kris, “You’ve come to the Purple Fire Sect to seek the Way, haven’t you?”

“Seek the Way? What do you mean?” Kris asked.

“The Way of cultivating the flesh and becoming immortal.” the man replied.

“You really have the confidence to say that.” Kris said sarcastically.

Kris couldn’t help but think of the letter left behind by Qiujian, and then he continued, “There is no immortal in the world.”

The man was stunned again, “How do you know there are no immortal in the world?”

“The immortal is only a stage reached by powerful practitioners.” said Kris. Then he glanced at him, “Don’t follow me.”

“I’m following you? Which eye did you see me following you?” said the man.

The man took a bite of the roasted chicken, chicken fat dripping from his mouth onto his clothes, and he didn’t care, “You don’t own this road, nor did you build it. How I travel on this road is none of your business.”

Kris didn’t get back to him. He simply closed his hearing.

The man talked for a long time, but Kris didn’t speak a word. He felt bored with himself. Then he sat on the ground, “You’re boring. You won’t make it to the top if you keep climbing like this!”

Kris ignored him and continued to climb upwards.

When he reached the twenty-fifth millionth step, Kris was once again forced to stop. He was recovering from his training and watched as the man who had just walked up leisurely, seemingly without a hint of pressure.

“Why does he look so relaxed? This tremendous pressure means nothing to him? He uses his magic power?” Kris frowned. He didn’t see any sign of the man’s mana working. “This man is using pure physical body power.”

Kris was taken aback. In North Luzhou Kris hadn’t found any practitioner whose flesh power surpassed his.

Even after arriving in Nanli Fire City, Kris found that most of the Accumulated Spirits were weak in body.

But this man’s flesh was clearly stronger than his.

“Are you from the Purple Fire Sect?” Kris asked.

When the man heard Kris, he snorted and left.

“He’s still mad that I ignored him before.” Kris said to himself.

Kris was about to call out to him, but the man disappeared from sight.

Kris then set out on the climb again.

It took Kris two days and two nights to climb from 250,000 steps to 400,000 steps. The pressure here reached four hundred million pounds.

Kris was under tremendous pressure with every step he took. His bones made a ‘crunching’ friction sound! His originally incredibly strong body also shrank.

But Kris could clearly feel that his flesh had become even stronger.

“I’ll just keep climbing then.” Kris said to himself.

Kris climbed upward night and day, finally climbing the half millionth step on the seventh day.

“After five days of sleep, I feel so good.” The man stretched out on the steps. Then he touched his stomach, took out wine and a roast chicken, and ate again.

Kris looked at the man in stunned silence, “You slept here for five days?”

“With all this pressure, he still can sleep!” Kris thought.

“None of your business!” The man took a bite of the chicken and just ignored Kris.

“You’re so rude.” said Kris.

“So what?” The man scowled. “You idiot.”

“What did you say? You called me an idiot!” Kris was startled, then furious.

“Don’t use your magic power, or the pressure on you will then increase a hundredfold, and you will be instantly crushed!” said the man.

“Are you deliberately trying to provoke me?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, I did it deliberately. You dare use your magic?” The man looked at Kris with a smirk.

“Why do I have to use magic?” Kris laughed. Then he took out the Drunken-Immortal Wine from his Storing Ring, which was the signature wine of the Lord Jiyuan. Then he took out the meat of a giant fish-like bird from the ring.

When the man smelled the wine, he asked curiously, “What kind of wine is this? And what kind of monster beast meat is that?”

“You want to eat them?” Kris asked.

“I’ll trade my wine for your wine, and my fat chicken for your meat.”

“No way.” Kris decisively refused.

“Even if one only has the cultivation of the Late Period of the Accumulated Spirit, drinking this Drunken-Immortal Wine has a great effect. I had a hard time getting it.” Kris said. “You want to exchange your fat chicken for this meat. Are you kidding me?”

“Drunken-immortal Wine, giant fish-like bird meat?” The man suddenly felt that the fat chicken in his mouth was insipid.

“The giant fish-like bird is an exotic beast. Even if you can keep up with its speed, you still have to have the power to kill it. I don’t believe you can catch it.” He said.

Kris didn’t reply. He took a big gulp of Drunken- immortal Wine and then burped.

The man kept swallowing.

“What will it take for you to share some of the Drunken-immortal Wine with me?” said the man.

“I can share my wine with you, but…..” Kris paused, and then continued. “I love to make friends. It’s fate that we’re able to run into each other here. As long as you tell me something truthfully, I’ll share my wine with you.”

The man nodded.

“Are you a member of the Purple Fire Sect?” Kris asked.

“Yes!” The man returned.

“What is the Way of Qi and Blood you were talking about?” Kris asked.

The man narrowed his eyes and said, “Since you consider me your friend, shouldn’t you share your wine with me first?”

Kris laughed and poured him a glass of Drunken-immortal Wine and gave him a big piece of meat of a giant fish-like bird.

The man took a sip of the Wine and then took a bite of the meat.

“This way of Qi and Blood is also one of the body refining practice. What you were practicing before should be some kind of divine ability that can grow your Qi and Blood.”

The man hit the nail on the head.

“Yes, you’re right.” Kris said.

“Did you feel your physical strength increase again when you climb the mountain?”

“How do you know that?” asked Kris.

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