Chuck Cannon walked in, with Yvette Jordan and Betty Li beside him!!

The people that Betty Li brought over were all elite troops. They were all worth ten and one hundred. This speed was considered slow.

“Who are you?”

Wen Wen stared at Chuck Cannon who came in, her eyes were about to shoot out a terrible cold light, of course, she had never seen Chuck Cannon, but she had seen Yvette Jordan and Betty Li who came in next!

She was shocked!

Yvette Jordan’s cousin sat on the ground, what? Yvette Jordan? Chuck Cannon, actually got here?

Fear spread in his heart!

He wants to kill Yvette Jordan! However, she actually came to the door, and it was still such a menacing force, he felt fear…

Chuck Cannon’s eyes are cold, these two must die today! Actually, they hurt Yvette Jordan like that!

Wenwen’s face turned pale all of a sudden, she was punched in so soon?

“You guys……”

Wen Wen stared at Yvette Jordan and suddenly said, “Yvette Jordan, what are you doing? Just say what you want, you forgot, I’m still your relative, your father is my…”

“Do you still have a face to mention?” Yvette Jordan was angry.

When she went to Huagang before, she was beaten like that by her cousin. She knew that without family affection, these people were not her relatives.

His only relatives are his mother and Chuck Cannon.

“Yvette Jordan, don’t do this. Why do you bring so many people here? Can’t I give you what you want?” Wen Wen said in fear.

The calm outside has been restored, indicating that the members of the family guards have been wiped out!

What does this mean? There are only two people in my family, herself and her son.


Fear spread in her heart.

Betty Li took out a document and gave it to Yvette Jordan.

Betty Li is proficient in these, Yvette Jordan lowered her head to take it, and walked to Wen Wen, “Sign the word.”

“Mom, mom.” Yvette Jordan’s cousin was scared. There are people outside. He can’t walk on his legs now, which means he has to wait to die!

How can he die if he is so young, so handsome, and so rich?

“Will you let us go after signing?” Wen Wen trembled.

She had seen a lot of cold eyes from outside the door.

“Yvette Jordan, we are relatives, don’t kill us, please.” Wen Wen begged in fear, she didn’t want to die yet.

Her husband just died, she was still looking for a new man, and finally got rid of it. How could this be?

“Sign, this is my thing! Give it back to me!” Yvette Jordan stared at them both.

“Cousin, I am your cousin, did you forget? I am…” Her cousin crawled over, begging.

Yvette Jordan was expressionless.

“Cousin, they said I was not good, I shouldn’t do anything to you, I damn, I damn.” He cried, this is the fear of death, which has crushed him.

If he can still run, he may resist, but his leg is broken, how can he run?

“You damn it?” Yvette Jordan asked.

“Yes, I damn, I damn, you let me go, I’ve already…” he begged and howled.

“You said you deserve to die, then I will definitely fulfill your wish!” Yvette Jordan stared at him.

“Ah, no!” There was no blood on his face.

“Sister Li,” Chuck Cannon is indifferent.

Betty Li understood her heart, took out her gun, and pulled the trigger!!


Yvette Jordan’s cousin was shot on the head and screamed in a pool of blood. He only knew when he was dying that he could not afford to offend Yvette Jordan.


Wen Wen screamed in fear and collapsed, and her son died.


“I won’t sign, don’t sign!” Wen Wen shook her head in fear, her blood-red eyes filled with hatred!

Yvette Jordan’s eyes were fierce, and Betty Li said, “I’ll deal with it, she will sign it,”

Yvette Jordan nodded.

Betty Li did not hesitate to pull the trigger!


The bullet hit Wenwen’s thigh, “Ah, no, it hurts, it hurts, I sign, I sign…”

She begged and howled, her face was already pale.

When the document arrived in front of her, she tremblingly signed it, and she shed tears, “Yvette Jordan, please let me go. Everything is yours. I held you when you were young, and I am your…”

“Do you still know?”

“I know, I’m sorry, I am…”


The bullet hit her eyebrows, and her face of fear was frozen.

Falling in a pool of blood like her son.

Yvette Jordan was silent. It was not that she could not bear it, but that she felt…

“Master, Yvette Jordan, you go to the car and wait, I’ll take care of it.” Betty Li called someone over.

“Wife, let’s go out,” Chuck Cannon said.


When the two went out, Betty Li looked at the corpse on the ground, “Dispose of it! And ask someone to restore this place to its original shape!”

This place belongs to Yvette Jordan now.

Many people see it.

In the telescope, the big blue eyes saw Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan come out safely, she was relieved, but continued to look far away.

Next, Yvette Jordan started to deal with his family’s affairs and began to take over everything, of course, Chuck Cannon stayed with him.

And the black rose in the distance.

In addition to sleeping, and the necessary time, she was watching Chuck Cannon’s every move.

Since Karen Lee has agreed, she will handle this matter well.

“What does this guy think about every day?”

The big blue eyes of Black Rose came out of the telescope, and the three views of Black Rose were refreshed in the office in broad daylight.

During this time, she had seen it several times, and that Yvette Jordan was really obedient.

She didn’t look at it, she was not a helmet fanatic.

In the same place, in a dark corner, someone was secretly monitoring, mainly staring at Chuck Cannon’s every move. This is a man…

Black Rose was hungry, she was preparing to eat a burger and just took a bite.

But her sensitivity found something was wrong, she moved the binoculars to look at a place where someone might be hiding, and suddenly, she saw a reflective place.

She put down the burger.

Staring at this place for a while, she determined that Chuck Cannon was also monitored by others.

She immediately moved to this place quietly. The strength of the first killer kept her quiet, and the speed was amazing. She soon arrived at this place, and she saw a man holding a telescope.

She frowned, what’s the situation?

Who was staring at Chuck Cannon?

This man is very clever if it weren’t for Black Rose to be vigilant, she hadn’t watched Chuck Cannon’s picture, otherwise, she wouldn’t find it.

She took out the muffler gun and pointed at the man. Suddenly, the man took out his cell phone and called someone, “Hey, Chuck Cannon you want, I have already monitored it, um…is it right to tie him? But there are too many people around, this is not easy to handle…what? It’s not a question of money… OK, I will make it clear that I… ah!”

As he spoke, he suddenly felt a cold muzzle on the back of his head.

He didn’t dare to move, cold sweat broke out on his forehead, “Who are you?”

Black Rose ignored him, took her mobile phone, and placed it next to her ear.

She listens.

There were only one breathing sound and no other voices.

“What do you want to do?” Black Rose said coldly!

“Haha!” This was a man’s voice, with a particularly weak smile, “She, sure enough…”


The phone hung up.

Black Rose frowned, she could not tell who it was, and she had never heard the voice.

But with this faint smile, she felt a little solemn!

This is not an annoying person.

“Say, who is he?” Black Rose asked!

“I don’t know.” The man was sweating all over.

“What do you want?”

“Tie him.”

“Extortion?” Black Rose suspected. The man’s voice was so weak just now, how could he do blackmail? Still, blackmailing Karen Lee? This is abnormal!

“I don’t know, this person asked me to do this. You are also a killer, right? Can I look at you?” The man trembled. When he reacted just now, no, there was no time to react!


Black Rose pulled the trigger, the man screamed, limp and bleeding on the ground.

She stared at Chuck Cannon, who was being monitored and took out her mobile phone to call Karen Lee.

“Hey, how is it? Chuck is going well!” Karen Lee never thought about monitoring Chuck Cannon, so she didn’t plan to ask others.

“Chuck Cannon was monitored by others.” Black Rose said directly.

“Other people? Who?”

“A man, he said he wants to tie Chuck Cannon,” Black Rose felt that this was a bit abnormal, shouldn’t it be Overlord Lee? She has seen it, not the voice of the man just now!

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