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Chapter 543: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 543 A Turtle Hidding In Its Shell

Staring at Chuxue Ye suspiciously, Yuqi Mu said, “But that’s not what you just said.”

What was a slap in the face? This was it!

With an embarrassed smile, Chuxue said: “It’s my bad, I was being thoughtless. I don’t know where Qiqi is.”

“Then I’ll go to her school to find her. I’ll meet her eventually. Besides, I need to arrange something first.”

What kind of surprise needed to be arranged in advance. It seemed that the situation was going to be high profile.

However, how much hope there would be, how much disappointment there would be.

Chuxue wanted to say something, but in the end, she could only keep silent and watched Yuqi turn and leave.

Yuqi didn’t discover Chuxue’s worries and anxieties. All he was thinking was how to give Qiqi a perfect and unforgettable night.


Qiqi was packing luggage in the dormitory when she suddenly heard a commotion downstairs.

But Qiqi didn’t pay attention to it. After the postgraduate entrance examination, there would always be students who wanted to celebrate care free, and it was normal to make some strange sounds.

But the sound this time seemed to be a little overwhelming.

Qiqi thought that these people were getting crazier and crazier as she was packing. If the sound got any louder, the school leaders might be attracted. At that time, they would be criticized by the teachers, or even getting a punishment, which would not be worth the loss.

Just as Qiqi was thinking, someone ran to her dorm and said out of breath, “Qiqi, why are you still packing? Come outside and take a look!”

Qiqi didn’t look up and said with a smile, “I prefer not to join in the fun.”

“It’s about you, don’t you want to check it out? Then there is nothing to see!”

She was stunned by the words. Before coming back to her senses, she was dragged away.

Qiqi was dragged all the way out of the dormitory building. Standing under the building, she was startled by the scene in front of her in an instant.

As the night fell, the lights were on.

Today’s dormitory downstairs was particularly bright.

Because someone lit 999 candles down there and put them together into the shape of a heart.

By the side, there were 999 roses more. In the light of candlelight, the roses looked charmingly delicate and beautiful.

Next to him, a man was sitting with a guitar in his arm, looking at Qiqi affectionately.

Such a scene was so romantic. Everyone could tell from a glance that there was going to be a public confession!

It was no one else but Yuqi Mu who was going to make the confession.

Today’s Yuqi changed from the usual suit to a leisure sportswear. His hair sticked to his ear, which slightly covered his eyes as well as covering part of his usual sharpness, so he appeared much younger.

And this was the effect Yuqi was looking forward to.

Since seeing the image of Qiqi and Jake together, Yuqi started to care about his own age.

He never minded these things in the past. Yuqi was a proud man. He felt that no one could beat him except himself.

But now, he felt inferior in front of a woman, and even wanted to use some means to narrow the gap between himself and her.

No one would believe it. Even Yuqi himself thought it incredible.

So what? There must be some different things and experiences in life. Besides, it was for Qiqi. Yuqi didn’t regret it.

To be honest, Yuqi was quite nervous at the moment.

It was not that he was not self-confident, but that he didn’t know whether Qiqi would like this side about him and his way of showing love.

Yuqi was worried, feeling uneasy. However, others were infatuated by this kind of Yuqi.

It was so cool, a kind of coolness that was able to make everyone faint!

Yuqi used to be superior, high above like the master of a business empire. Yuqi at the moment was amiable and approachable. His gentle and soft temperament was more appealing.

It was like that Yuqi Mu had turned from a distant dream beyond reach to a reality, which made people couldn’t help but eat him alive.

Seeing Yuqi in front of her, Qiqi was stunned at first, at a total loss about the situation.

She couldn’t figure out why Yuqi showed up here at this time in such a state.

Did he lose a bet?

Well, it was quite possible.

Just as Qiqi was making blind and disorderly conjectures, Yuqi suddenly took a deep breath and then opened his mouth.

“Qiqi, you said you like a boy who can play guitar and sing to you. Although I used to be dismissive of such a fantasy, since you like it, I had learnt it for you. I made myself become what you like, and I hope you will like me like this.”

There seemed to be something wrong

In the envious eyes of the public, Qiqi took back a breath.

By candlelight, Yuqi’s face was gentle, his fingertips flicked, and a tender melody flowed out like the moonlight.

It was a moving love song, which was one of Qiqi’s favorites. When she worked in the dessert shop, she often played it to enjoy.

But she didn’t expect Yuqi to keep such small details in mind, which moved her a little bit and also made her somewhat at a loss.

Yuqi had always been handsome. Under the soft candlelight and the sound of the music, he looked more fascinating.

All the girls were drooling at Yuqi, while the boys, on the other hand, sighed and admitted that they were not as good as Yuqi.

As for Qiqi, from beginning to end, she looked dazed and puzzled.

As the song ended, everyone in the crowd was intoxicated. Yuqi stood up, picked up a bunch of flowers from the side and went straight to Qiqi.

Yuqi looked at Qiqi affectionately and said, “Although I think this way is naive, you like it, so I prefer to humor you.”

He handed the bouquet to Qiqi, “Qiqi, let’s be together.”

After listening to Yuqi’s words, Qiqi raised her head little by little until she looked straight into Yuqi’s eyes. She felt that the picture in front of her was so unreal.

Yuqi had confessed to herself, and in the way that she most yearned for, which let her become the object of envy of all girls.

In Qiqi’s daydreams, she had such dreams countless times.

But when the dream came true, she felt calm, as if all this was happening to someone else.

Shouldn’t she get excited? Someone was willing to play guitar and sing songs for her in public, how much it looked similar to an idol drama.

Qiqi was asking herself the rhetorical question, and her silence made Yuqi’s nervous heart tighten more.

The spectators around didn’t know the details, and they began to cheer, “Together, together, together…”

Yuqi ignored others. He looked straight at Qiqi and didn’t urge her, seemingly to be waiting for Qiqi to make her own decision.

The cheering cry was getting louder and louder, which made impossible for Qiqi to continue to be a turtle with a shrunken head.

At the moment, she had to respond.

“I…I…” Qiqi bit her lip and then shouted with a cry, “I want to pee, I need to go to the bathroom!”

With that, Qiqi turned around and ran away, faster than a rabbit.

What the hell?

Everyone was surprised. They looked sideways at Yuqi, wanting to see what his reaction was.

Public confession, but the heroine ran away, as the hero, he must be desperately angry.

However, the fact was again exceeding everyone’s expectations. Yuqi laughed.

He had guessed this result. Qiqi would not accept his pursuit in front of everyone. She would hide, which was normal. After all, this surprise was too sudden. Qiqi was unprepared at all and had been forced out of her safety zone as not to know what to do.

Yuqi would give Qiqi time to think. Tomorrow, no matter what, he must get an answer from her!

Eyes narrowed, Yuqi turned to go, cool and not caring anything, which rippled the crowd’s mind.

Such an outstandingly excellent man, how could Qiqi disapprove with his public confession? Wasn’t she playing hard-to-get? Well, it must be so. Otherwise, who in the world could resist such pursuit?

No wonder she could attract Yuqi Mu. Those were her means!

There were many discussions, while Qiqi was sitting in her dorm, with her mind deeply confused.

Qiqi was kind of glad that Yuqi treated her so attentively.

But after that, would she agree with his pursuit? Was he really suitable for herself?

Jake’s words rang in Qiqi’s ears involuntarily. This time, was Yuqi using his own method to force her to choose him?

It’ was so annoying. How annoying was this kind of complicated thing!

Qiqi rubbed her hair irritably. Everything was fine today originally. Why did this happen all of a sudden and ruin everything?

In addition, she had told Yuqi that she was not suitable for him. Why couldn’t he leave her alone? Did she look like a person who was easy to be calculated and manipulated?

No way, this time, she would not let Yuqi keep controlling herself in the palm of his hand!

The next day.

Anna Xie had a social event last night, so she went to bed late. In the middle of her sound sleeping, she suddenly heard a noise outside the door.

Eyes opening a gap, Anna found that the people around her had disappeared.

Anna didn’t think much about it. She turned and went back to sleep.

But the noise outside was getting louder and louder, even to the extent that someone was shouting something, which made Anna cannot ignore it anymore.

Being unable to sleep under the noise, Anna simply sat up. With a chicken’s nest hairstyle, she walked out of the room to see what the hell was going on out there.

See Anna coming out, Yuqi immediately pointed at her and said, “Just about the time, let’s ask her!”

Yulin quickly stopped Yuqi, frowning: “Don’t be ridiculous. Anna slept late last night. I won’t allow you to affect her rest.”

“Never mind, I’ve been woken up by him. You can let him go on.”

Anna yawned, and then sat in the sofa and looked at Yuqi drowsily with sleepy eyes.

Bypassing the resentful Yulin, Yuqi raised his voice and questioned, “Do you know where Qiqi’s hometown is?”

“I know.”

“Give me the address, I need to find her now!”

Yuqi’s murderous look made Anna’s drowsiness lost gradually. She asked warily, “What do you want?”

“What do I want? I want to ask for an answer from her!” Yuqi was holding his fists. Fierce and ruthless looks flew across his eyes.

There were anger and chagrin in the looks.

“I confessed to her in public yesterday. She didn’t give me a reply and I didn’t say anything. I gave her a whole night to think about it. But this morning, out of blue, she went missing. I inquired about it. It turned out that she packed up and went back hometown!! Now she doesn’t answer my call. What does she mean!!”

Anna was holding a cup of water, about to have a drink.

But after listening to Yuqi’s “tragic” experience, she paused in the place. She held the water cup for a long while, and then asked, “Did you scare her?”

“How is that possible? I was very gentle, OK! Qiqi said that she likes men playing guitar. I specially practiced it in order to give her a proper and romantic confession, leaving no regrets behind. But she didn’t make any sound and just left like that. What a pity that she should let me down!”

Speaking of this, Yuqi was full of grievances.

He was always the best one from the crowd, God’s favored one. He was used to getting what he wanted. When would he bother so much for a person?

Qiqi, this ungrateful woman, wantonly trampled on his heart. It was outrageous!

Although Yuqi looked very sad, why did she want to laugh? A kind of laugh that somewhat took pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

She raised her hand to cover her lips. With a slight cough, she hid the smile at the bottom of her eyes, “I’ll help you contact Qiqi, and ask what she is thinking by the way. But before that, I hope you can calm down and don’t do anything impulsive, so as not to make you two lose the possibility to reconcile.”

“Just give me the address and I’ll find her myself.”

“If you go like this, you will definitely scare Qiqi.”

“But I need to personally ask her about it. Why did she leave without saying goodbye? Giving me an answer is that hard?”

“She not answering you is because she felt confused in her heart. Saying “Yes” and saying “No” occupied each half. If you go now, maybe in Qiqi’s mind, the proportion of saying “No” will increase.”

Anna’s words froze Yuqi in the place.

Chapter 543 A Turtle Hidding In Its Shell (2)

Yulin Xiao on the side added, “Anna is right. You’d better calm down and let Anna do the job first. We are businessmen. We never fight unprepared battles.”

Yuqi Mu thought for a moment, then opened his mouth with a gloomy look, “Well, I’ll leave it to you. If you can’t give me a satisfactory answer, I’ll do it myself.”

With that, Yuqi left, and Yulin wiped away his cold sweat.

Since they were born, Yulin had never seen Yuqi so serious and murderous. It seemed that this time, he was really pissed off.

Sitting on the sofa, Yulin took a breath gently and said with emotion, “Honey, this friend of yours really have some guts. As far as I know, she has rejected Yuqi twice. The courage alone is so intimidating.”

After the surprise, Anna regained her composure and said, “What’s so strange about this? There are more intelligent people in this world than Yuqi Mu. But a girl as charming and cute as Qiqi is the unique one. You all think that if Qiqi and Yuqi are together, it is Qiqi who climbed up to Yuqi. But in my opinion, Yuqi is not good enough for Qiqi.”

Yulin didn’t argue with Anna. He nodded and said, “Yes, yes, that’s why Yulin cherishes and treats her like a treasure. He had dedicated so much to this relationship. We have to help him, don’t you think so?”

Squinting at Yulin, Anna snorted coldly and said, “Cherishes her? Come on, how come I didn’t see it. I only saw him let Qiqi run away out of despair.”

“He could learn guitar for Qiqi and play it so well in such a short time. On the one hand, he is gifted; on the other hand, he must have spent great time and efforts. In spite of Yuqi’s anxiousness of confession, he waited until the end of Qiqi’s examination. It can be seen that he had been considering for Qiqi all along in his heart.”

Yulin’s tone was gentle and soft, neither fast nor slow, touching people though.

With eyes flashing, Anna felt a little helpless, “Yes or no, settle the issue this time. The two of them either be a heaven-made match or be apart from each other, don’t keep pestering each other anymore. As an onlooker, I’m tired watching them like this.”

“Well, leave the decision to Qiqi to make his time.”

Anna nodded, then turned on the computer and started to operate.

“What are you doing?”

“Booking tickets online. I’m going to Qiqi’s hometown.”

On hearing this, Yulin’s face turned bitter, “Are you kidding? You are leaving again?!” This kind of thing could be taken care of by a phone call.”

“Didn’t you hear what Yuqi said? Qiqi didn’t answer the phone. I guess she didn’t want to hear from anyone and won’t listen to anyone’s words. I had to go there myself.” After booking the ticket, Anna looked sideways at Yulin, secretly taking pleasure in his romance misfortune, “I’ll be back in a day or two at most, soon. Besides, don’t you support me to talk to Qiqi?”

It was Yuqi who was chasing a woman, why did he let his wife run around for him!?

Yulin looked depressed, asking with a sad face, “I regreted, OK?”

“No way, a man is a man. When a man made a promise, he has to keep it no matter what!”

After turning his eyes around, Yulin suddenly changed his attitude, “OK, I got it. Honey, when are you leaving, let me drive you off.”

Yulin’s words let Anna squint at him, examining him up and down.

This guy’s attitude was changing too fast. Something was wrong about him!

But the issue was urgent. Anna didn’t have time to chat with Yulin, and she went back to her room to pack.

Qiqi’s hometown was not far from the capital city, but the environment there was quite different from the prosperity and tension of the capital city, as like as an apple was to an oyster.

Over there, the town was not big, quietly existing by a river, with laziness drifting in the air, which made people wantonly enjoy the passing of time.

This was where Qiqi grew up.

Qiqi’s parents were both teachers who were very open-minded and relaxed in their parenting skills, which made Qiqi a lively and cheerful disposition.

It was winter vacation at the moment when Qiqi’s parents were not busy. It was rare for the family of three to get together and enjoy their quality time.

This time instead, there was occasionally a sense of loss showing on their daughter’s face since she was back. Qiqi’s parents knew that their daughter had something on her mind.

But they were not in an urgency to ask. If their daughter wanted to say it, she would tell them herself. They wanted to give Qiqi a safe and relaxed environment to let Qiqi gradually relax her guard. It was hoped that one day she would be able to speak up voluntarily to disclose the secret in her heart.

Today, Qiqi went out to take out the trash.

But as soon as she opened the door, she saw a person who was not supposed to be here rubbing palms and constantly huffing.

Although the temperature here was not as low as that of the capital city in winter, it was still chilly and gloomy on a cloudy day.

Anna was fully armed, with glasses, hat, mask and scarf, which covered her facial features completely.

Even so, Qiqi recognized Anna at a glance and felt shocked.

Anna was stamping her feet and said, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. How can the weather be colder than the capital?”

Qiqi blinked and asked in disbelief, “Why are you here? Do you have a job here?”

“No, I’m here for you.”

“For me?”

“Yes, I have something to ask you.”

“You can call me, why go all the trouble…”

Half way through, Qiqi realized that she had changed her cell phone card. How could others contact her?

Qiqi lowered her head embarrassedly and scratched her hair.

Anna had been frozen stiff, and she puffed again and again. She came straight to the point, “Well, do you know why I came here in person this time? I’ll get back to you later for not answering my call. I’m here to ask you a very important question. You must answer me truthfully.”

Anna sounded serious, letting Qiqi can’t help being nervous. She said with a smile, “What question? You are making me nervous.”

“What’s your thoughts about Yuqi Mu?”

Qiqi smiled awkwardly, “This is an embarrassing.”

“You just need to say yes or no.”


Before Qiqi finished her words, a couple of middle-aged man and woman came out of the door.

Looking at how they dressed, it seemed that they were going out.

One of them saw that Qiqi didn’t come back and began to nag as soon as seeing Qiqi.

“My silly girl, I asked you to go out and take out the trash, why is it so slow?”

As the voice fell, Qiqi’s parents found a strange woman standing at the door, tightly wrapped from head to toe, looking weird.

Worrying about this person’s possible devious intentions, Qiqi’s parents immediately asked warily, “Who are you?”

Seeing the elders, Anna quickly took off her hat, glasses and mask, she greeted them respectfully, “Hello, uncle and aunt, I’m Qiqi’s classmate as well as her good friend, Anna Xie.”

Qiqi’s mother was stunned, asking her husband, “Who, who does she say she is?”

“Anna Xie!”

“Is she really Anna Xie, the big star?”

“I think it’s her. Well, she’s more beautiful in person than on TV.”

“Well, the students in my class adore her like crazy. I’ve confiscated several of her photos from them.”

“Ah, I remember. Qiqi mentioned before that she had a very good friend at school, named Anna Xie. I thought it was the same name before, but I didn’t expect it was the big star herself.” “

Seeing her parents nagging on and on endlessly, Qiqi looked awkward and said, “Dad, mom, how inappropriate to talk about the guest in front of her.”

“That’s right. Sorry Miss Xie, we were being impolite. It’s cold outside. Don’t stand here talking. Come on in, and stay for dinner tonight.”

Although Qiqi’s parents were somewhat gossipy, they had no malice at all. Their words were friendly, and they didn’t make others feel embarrassed. On the contrary, they made others feel warm and friendly, just like a couple of elders caring for a youth.

But staying for dinner would unavoidably cause inconveniences for them, so Anna said, “Uncle and aunt, I come here to chat with Qiqi casually, and I’d rather not disturb you.”

“Don’t feel so. You must have helped take care of Qiqi in school a lot. It can’t be more normal for us to treat you to a family dinner.”

“Forget it, don’t force it. Maybe our family food can’t get into the eyes of a big star.”

“I see, it’s my faux pas.”

The two talked in chorus, making Anna want to laugh and cry at the same time, “No, no, it’s not like that. I’m just concerned with bringing too much trouble to uncle and aunt.”

“What’s the trouble? It’s just a few more dishes, home cooking, that’s all.”

Seeing her parents’ insistence, Qiqi also helped lobby her friend, “Anna, stay. It’s inconvenient for you to stay outside. It’s cold out here, and you’re not wearing much clothes. Don’t freeze and get hurt.”

“Well, OK, sorry for the trouble I bring to aunt and uncle.”

Seeing that Anna nodded to agree, Qiqi’s parents were very happy, “Hurry up, go to Qiqi’s room to warm up for a while, and we are just about go shopping.”


“Come on in, Qiqi. Treat Miss Xie well. Don’t neglect your friends.”

“I will.”

Then, Qiqi invited Anna back to her room and poured a glass of water for her.

This was the first time that Anna visited Qiqi’s room. She looked up and examined the room which was full of a little girl’s atmosphere, smiling and exclaiming, “It’s so tenderly pink.”

Qiqi grinned and said, “This is the color my mother chose for me. She thinks that a girl should choose some charming and adorable colors.”

“It’s adorable indeed,” Anna said, taking off her coat and picking up the water cup. The temperature inside the cup warmed up her cold hands. “To be frank, your mom and dad are really nice people, kind and open-minded. They should be rather sensible people.”

Mentioning her parents, Qiqi nodded with a smile. But soon, she showed a lost look, “They are really good parents, but I’m not a good kid.”

“How can it be? You are so excellent that your parents don’t need to worry about you.”

“But this time back, I think mom and dad are behaving weirdly careful in front of me, so I guess that they must have figured out something. They are worried about me, but they don’t know how to ask me.”

Looking at Qiqi’s melancholy appearance, Anna sighed lightly, then put down the cup, “Actually, it’s not that complicated. You have to decide what your feeling about Yuqi is. When this issue is settled, you will naturally get back to normal, and the people around you will no longer have to worry about you.”

Seeing that Anna was still pursuing with this matter, Qiqi bowed her head in embarrassment, pulling the big doll in her hand and murmuring, “I…”

After this one word, Qiqi pondered for a long time, with no following words.

Seeing her so tangled, Anna asked, “You like him, don’t you?”

On hearing this, Qiqi immediately gave out a stern refusal, “I don’t like him!”

This silly girl, did she know that her expression on the face already showed her true answer?

Anna shook her head, then said: “If you don’t like it, just reject him directly, just like you reject the boy in the school who pesters you. Why did you run back home without saying a word?”

“I…I just don’t want him to hang on to me.”

“You don’t want him to hang on to you? That’s easy. Turn him down in the face and attack him with the cruelest words. Such a proud man will not pester you anymore.”

Qiqi looked dazed for a moment and asked, “But would he be very sad then?”

Anna shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently, “Of course, you are the first girl he goes all out to pursue. Being rejected would no doubt hurt his self-esteem. He would be inevitable to feel loss, and very likely to feel depressed for a while.”

At the thought that such a dazzling brilliant person would be depressed for herself, Qiqi couldn’t bear it.

Looking up at Anna expectantly, Qiqi asked, “Well, is there any milder way?”

“No,” Anna vetoed it decisively. She said, “Relationship is either a matter of everyone being happy, or a matter of causing destruction to both sides, nothing but hurt, more or less. Your wish to solve this matter mildly is impossible.”

Qiqi was so anxious that she was going to cry, “But I don’t want to hurt Yuqi Mu. No matter how he treats others, he is good to me.”

“Then say yes.”



Qiqi looked tangled and painful, saying, “We are not people of the same world at all, and we will not be happy together. And I hate the way he pushes me.”


Anna understood the former part of the words. As a woman, she understood Qiqi quite well.

But what did the latter part of words mean? Did Yuqi had forced Qiqi and she didn’t know about it?

Just when Anna was confused, Qiqi hung her head and gave an explanation.

“Yuqi is a successful businessman, while I’m just a silly average girl without any agenda. For being calculating, I’m not his opponent at all. He chose to retreat as a move to force me to make a decision. He even used public opinions to make me obedient to him.”

The more Qiqi said, the tighter her brows frowned.

But Anna couldn’t agree.

“Qiqi, if Yuqi had such calculated thoughts, he would have collected you in his pocket long time ago. How could he let you run back alone? He couldn’t find you, and let me find a way to reach you. Well, for the sake of you two, I’ve done so much.”

While saying this, Anna was observing Qiqi’s reaction.

However, Qiqi did not have any change in her expression.

After a long while, Anna broke the silence and asked voluntarily, “What should we do now? Do you have an answer in mind?”

Qiqi shook her head, “I didn’t know what to do, that’s why I went home.”

“You can hide for a while, but you can’t hide for a lifetime. You know clearly what Yuqi’s temper is like. He has patience now to follow the rules. But if one day he loses control and comes straight here for a showdown in front of your parents, what should you do then?”

On hearing this, Qiqi shook her head at once and said, “I can’t let my parents know about it. They will worry about me.”

“Then sort out the mess to make a quick decision. Dragging it on will do nothing but harm to both you and Yuqi.”

“How to sort it out?”

Holding Qiqi’s shoulder, Anna involuntarily accentuated her tone, “Just follow your heart, as you wish, do what you want to do, and don’t look back.”

Under Anna’s intense gaze, Qiqi licked her lip. Then, there seemed to be a bursting wave of courage coming from her limbs and bones, and finally it condensed in Qiqi’s chest, heating her head up, “I got it! I’ll find Yuqi to make it clear.”

Anna was indeed forcing Qiqi to make a decision, but she thought that Qiqi would see her heart clearly if she helped putting Qiqi into a situation with no other way out.

It was out of expectation that this girl should insist on her own opinion on such a situation, sticking to her own ideas even more determined.

“Even if it makes him sad, you won’t regret it?”

Qiqi shook her head, “He will only be sad for a moment, and he will eventually meet the next girl who moves his heart again and forget everything now. You’re right. Since we can’t be together, I should make a quick decision and stop the torture between us.”

Seeing Qiqi’s insistence, Anna had a long sigh, “Well, since you have decided, I respect your choice.”

Finally making a decision, however, didn’t make Qiqi have any sense of relaxation. Instead, she felt stuffier in the chest, more suffocating.

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