Black Rose was sure it was definitely not the voice of Overlord Lee, so who else would tie Chuck Cannon?

Ignore me!

Many people in the United States don’t know that Chuck Cannon’s mother is Karen Lee. They just know that Chuck Cannon doesn’t have that much money, so how could they kidnap Chuck Cannon for extortion?

Besides, some people know that Chuck Cannon is the son of Karen Lee, so few people have the guts to do that, right?

“What kind of man?” Karen Lee asked here.

“Monitor, I have asked, but he didn’t said what I asked him so I killed him. He was being called by someone at the time, and he answered the phone. A man inside said in a calm voice. He really has a set… this Man, you should know, but it is definitely not Overlord Lee! I can be sure of this.” Black Rose said.

“Isn’t Overlord Lee??… he, really has a set?” Here Karen Lee is working. She stood up and stared out the window. This is to say that she has found Black Rose to protect Chuck Cannon in advance.


“Yes, this person said so.”

“Okay, I see, Black Rose, you did a great job.”

“Yes, what should I do now?” Black Rose asked. This shouldn’t be that simple. Anyway, when Black Rose answered the phone, the tone she heard from the man’s mouth made her sweat cold behind her back. feel.

This person is definitely not an ordinary person.

It may be a man comparable to Karen Lee, or even Black Rose feels this way.

“You have to be careful first. If you can say that, my son will be monitored separately, but before the monitoring, the man may deal with you first,” Karen Lee said in a deep voice.

Since this person has started, he will do whatever it takes!

“I know,”

When the phone hung up, Black Rose looked at the corpse on the ground. She took out a bottle of water from her pocket and dripped it on the corpse. Slowly, the corpse bubbled up, as if it had been corroded. Characteristics of strong acid…

Black Rose returned to her “work position” and continued to stare at Chuck Cannon with her binoculars, and she continued to eat the burgers she hadn’t finished.

Karen Lee’s restlessness in the office is not about other things, but…

She feels uncomfortable no matter how she sits and rests, and her heart was very depressed.

She took out her mobile phone, looked at it for a while, found out a person’s number, sighed, and dialed.

The phone rang for a few seconds and someone answered it.

“Karen,” it was a gentle voice. In this world, there are only a few people who can call it that way. Chuck Cannon’s father, Joseph Cannon, can.

“Well, Joseph, do you have enough money?” Karen Lee asked softly.


“Then when will you come back? Chuck has been here for a few days, you…”


“Okay, no hurry, you are busy with you, I have put some money on your card, you can tell me if you don’t have enough?”


When the call was hung up, Karen Lee looked at the phone number on the phone. She was silent, not knowing when the two people started to communicate with each other.

Karen Lee is not the kind of person who likes romance. She likes simplicity, but she is still a woman and needs a little care, even a little bit.

However, it hasn’t been for a long time recently. Karen Lee feels that he has done a good job. Has she been married for too long and has no feeling?

Karen Lee doesn’t have this.

She feels that every time she sees Joseph Cannon, she feels like her first love. She doesn’t know how Joseph Cannon feels when he sees herself? Or is it already…because it’s been too long and he doesn’t feel anymore?

Think about it, it’s been a long time since they have been married for twenty years, but Karen Lee believes that time will make the relationship deeper and deeper, and she is like this.

“Joseph, have you changed? You can change it, I can understand it, but don’t do anything to hurt Chuck, don’t do that. He is also your son, so what’s the matter for me is fine…” Karen Lee Sigh quietly.

Looking at this number, Karen Lee was already silent…

If you can’t express your current mood, you are depressed, unable to understand, do you feel wrong? What…what did you do wrong?

As a wife, Karen Lee felt that she had done it. As a mother, she owed Chuck Cannon, so she is now making up for it.

When she was unconscious, there was a knock on the door, but she didn’t hear it until Betty Li opened the door suspiciously and saw Karen Lee who had been standing. She walked over with a cup of coffee in her hand, “Master Lee, what’s wrong with you?”

She rarely sees Karen Lee look like this because Karen Lee is always full of energy.

“Master Lee,” Betty Li called again.

“Ah?? It’s Betty you, um, what’s the matter?” Karen Lee recovered, accepted the coffee and took a sip. It was obviously still the same as before, but why is it so bitter today?

“Someone in the Ouke family has died,” Betty Lee received the notice.

Judging from the traces on the scene, it was a professional killer who did it, and the reason why Betty Li came here was because the spear was directed at Karen Lee.

“Who is dead?” Karen Lee put down his coffee.

“The person who had conflicts with Master Lee before,” Betty Li said.

This Ouke family member is a particularly handsome middle-aged man, full of masculinity. Once he met Karen Lee, he knew that Karen Lee was married, but pursued it.

Karen Lee certainly didn’t want to, and immediately kept her distance, but this man did something threatening. Who was Karen Lee?

This is intolerable, and he abolished him on the spot.

Karen Lee’s eyes shone brightly, “Oh, I understand what you mean, now people in the Ouke family think that I killed him, right?”

“Now the rumors are flying all over the sky, this is because someone deliberately pointed the finger at you,” Betty Li said, and this discerning person could tell at a glance.

Not to mention her kind of battle-tested person.

Karen Lee walked back and forth, Betty Li continued, “This Ouke family, whether you did it or not, public opinion will make them point the finger at you…”

“Really?” Karen Lee smiled.

“Then what do you mean?” Betty Li asked.

The Ouke family is one of the largest families in the world and one of the four largest families. The family that can be compared is the other three families, including the Lee family. This family does things crazy.

Get revenge, it’s just like overwhelming.

“Me?” Karen Lee looked lightly.

“Some people want to take advantage of the fisherman’s profit,” Betty Li analyzed. This must be the case. Otherwise, how could he point the finger at Karen Lee?

“What else have you analyzed, keep talking,” Karen Lee said.

“I think that this person who wants to take advantage of the fisherman’s profit is Overlord Lee! Overlord Lee wants to occupy all of President Lee. In other words, the Lee family has finally started to deal with you, President Lee.” Betty Li looked at her. She was cold.

She has been with Karen Lee for so long and knows how much Karen Lee has contributed to the Lee family. This can be seen from the fact that Karen Lee was kicked out and the strength of the Lee family shrank a lot.

Karen Lee did a very good job with the Lee family, but the Lee family didn’t know how to be grateful, and actually did such a thing.

Deliberately provoking conflict to turn the Ouke family and Karen Lee back, this is shameless!

The more Betty Li thinks about it, the more irritated she was!!

“I know that since I left the Lee family, they have already started to deal with me, you always know,” Karen Lee clearly remembered the face of the people in the family since he was kicked out that day.

Actually letting herself hand over all the family properties, these were left to Chuck Cannon by Karen Lee, and she would definitely not take them out.

“However, the Lee family does not have the strength to annex me now. Whom should he find to cooperate with,” Who is Karen Lee’s opponent?

Being able to do this in just over 20 years, her cleverness, as long as she analyzes it carefully, then what can escape her eyes?

“Who are you looking for?”

“This is simple. I have always known that Overlord Lee and the other family members are very close. When dealing with me, they hit it off. What’s wrong with this?”

Karen Lee has always known about this, why doesn’t Overlord Lee pay attention to her?

Betty Li was angry, “They are embarrassed!!”

After Karen Lee was silent, he sighed suddenly. “Why do you have to do this? I left Lee’s house, and everyone can meet afterward. Why I must turn my face?”

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