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Chapter 545 – 546: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 545: Reach the Top


The man looked at the glass, Kris Chen understood and quickly filled the glass with wine.

The man drank up the wine in the glass, “haha, good!”

“Now tell me, how did you see it?”

“With my eyes, of course.”

The man bit the meat of Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird) and said, “look at you. The whole person has shrunk. Even the fool can see it.”

Kris was stunned!

“What is the Tao of Qi and blood you said?”

“A practitioner has three treasures: essence, Qi, and spirit. The Qi can carry the blood and strengthen the blood to achieve the effect of body refining.”

The man looked at Kris and said, “if I’m not wrong, you’ve reached the firing oven of Qi and Blood.”

Now, Kris is really surprised. This person seemed to be acting madly, but his observation ability was particularly amazing. Under his uninhibited appearance, he had a heart as careful as a hair.

“As the saying goes, you practice the muscle, bone, and skin on the outside and Qi inside. You don’t do well both inside and outside. You have a lot of strength, but you don’t make good use of it.”

The man said, “for the sake of Drunken Immortal Wine, I’ll give you some advice. The reason why you can come up is that the heavy pressure stimulates the power in your body. Try to climb the mountain, and then your strength will have a qualitative leap.”

After that, with a smile and wine in one hand and Kun Peng meat in the other, he disappeared into the sight of Kris in three or two steps.

“The strength hid inside me?”

Kris began to seriously reflect on himself.

Although the body refining practitioner is known as the three main cultivation systems, it has various patterns. There are people specializing in cultivating the strength of the flesh and also people specializing in cultivating the skin diaphragm. Even bone practitioners who specialize in bone and ilium, have been developed, an extreme way of practicing.

These days, Kris read all kinds of ancient books and analyzed them constantly under his deduction skill.

There is a flicker of divine light in his eyes, and there seemed to be the birth and death of the universe between the shining of his eyes.

He took the path of the evolution of acupoints into a piece of space and even the world, which was the main path he determined.

But these acupoints and orifices were not as closely related as he thought. The most fundamental reason was that his physical strength was not strong enough.

After thinking on the steps for a few days, Kris decided to climb again. Now his physical strength can bear the weight of 250 million kilograms.

A month later, Kris successfully stood in front of the 900000 steps. Now, Kris’s body had shrunk a lot, but both his physical strength and weight had risen a lot.

It’s a good feeling. Kris’ eyes are more bright. The 900000 steps also let him find a clue.

Muscle, bone, Qi, and blood are inseparable parts. If you have strong muscles but not enough flesh and blood, how can you exert all your strength?

It’s just like you had the strength of fifty kilograms, but for various reasons, you can only punch forty kilograms. The missing 10 kilogram is the insufficient part.

Three days later, Kris stood on the 950000 steps, and seven days later, Kris came to the 990000 steps.

Half a month later, he stepped on the millionth step!

After stepping on the steps, the fog dispersed, and hundreds of colossus stood on both sides of the road.

After some time, Kris knew that these colossi were the flesh bodies of Purple Fire Sect’s predecessors. To develop the sect, the predecessors were willing to be made into puppets to protect the sect. Every statue was the peak of body refining.

After walking through the statue, Kris came to a broad platform. The attic and godly mountains were floating in the air, and thousands of high mountains showed their true appearance!

The mountain top merged with an independent small world. The real sect gate of Purple Fire sect was actually in an independent small world!

“Get out of my way!”

At this time, a voice came from behind Kris. Turning around, he saw a boy of 11 or 12 years old, carrying an iron mountain of some ten meters high, walking step by step from below.

Kris quickly got out of the way and became deeply shocked in his heart.

The practice level of the young man is not so high, only the Pill formation. After sweeping through the boy with his divine spirit power, Kris knows that the young man did not use any magic power, but used pure physical strength.

Iron mine of dozens of meters high and tens of millions of kilograms? You’re kidding!

Is this the power of the pill formation stage?

With this power, few people of primal spirit can catch his punch, right?

Kris continued to move on but he became more and more surprised.

There was a young man with an iron chain holding a dozen of white jade godly beasts constantly running away.

The white jade godly beasts are famous for its strength of hundreds of millions of kilograms.

More than ten jade beasts are more than a billion kg in weight!

The most amazing thing is that the beasts were still running forward.

The impact force was multiplied.

The boy’s whole body muscles instantly expanded with veins exposing and his face flushing.


The elephants rolled its nose and roared.

“He! Get the hell back to me.”

The young man yelled, stomped his right foot, grabbed all the chains, and pulled them back.

The beast fell to the ground in an instant.

Not only that, some urged the real fire to burn the body, and also those who jump into the dragon pool and accept the bite of ten thousand snakes.

There are many ways to practice the body.

Powerful, Purple Fire Sect is powerful

Is this the top sect of Nanli Fire City?

It should be more powerful than the three holy sects of the infinite sea.

“Stop, who are you?”

Just then, two giant Titans stopped Kris.

“Individual practitioners Diao came to ask for your Tao”

Diao Zha Tian(Dick Bomb Sky)?

What a strange name!

One of the giants pointed to the stone pillar on the right and said, “go and measure the force.”

“Use all your strength to punch it.”

Kris nodded and went to the stone pillar, which is about 10 meters high, with protruding round bags on it. I don’t know what it is used for.

“Remember, pure physical force!”

“Otherwise, the stone pillar will not show the true strength,” warns another.

Kris nodded. He also wanted to know how powerful he was!

He clenched his fists and put his body like a bowstring!


Kris hit on the stone pillar, a stone pillar as stable as Mount Tai, without a trace of shaking.

The next second, the protruding circle of the stone pillar lights up.

One, two, three… It’s been on 15 times.

Kris didn’t know whether the score was good or bad, but he was quite satisfied.

Who knows, two giant powerful men couldn’t help laughing, “fifteen power, this is too weak, in the outside disciples are at the bottom!”

Kris frowned, “dare to ask this strong man, how much strength does the fifteen forces represent?”

“One power represents fifty million kilograms of strength. This is used by the outer disciples to test their physical strength. There are 100 stone bags on your stone pillars. If the outer disciples want to enter the inner gate, they must reach 100 before they can join.”

One hundred Daoli is five billion kilograms?

Pure physical force!

Kris can’t help but take a breath. It’s too exaggerated!

Think of the power of five billion kilograms on his body, and Kris shuddered.

Absolutely he will be beaten into a group of blood fog, and this is only the Purple Fire Sect’s external disciple examination!

How strong should the inner disciples be?

20 billion kg, 30 billion kg?

Kris dared not think!

There was a certain excitement in his heart, and there was a feeling that he wore off his shoes and finally found the right place.

However, at this time, the giant touched the cold water and poured it down, “OK, you can go back and forth from where you are. We don’t need such rubbish disciples in the Purple Fire Sect!”

“Who are you talking about is rubbish?”

Kris’s face sank in an instant. The two giant warriors were only the prime spirit. How dare they talk to him like that?

Feeling the pressure of the accumulated spirit of Kris, the faces of the two giant warriors suddenly changed, “what do you want to do? This is the Purple Fire Sect, not the place where you want to be wild!”

“This elder, we have regulations in Purple Fire Sect. Your physical power test must be over 50 to enter if you are not directly received!”

Kris frowned, 2.5 billion kg of physical strength is not low!

All of a sudden, he thought of the man he met on the road and cleared his throat, “I know your people!”


“The man was in his thirties. He was unruly and slovenly. He liked to drink and eat fat chickens.”

“Now, you remember who that person is,” says Kris Chen, smiling a little.

Like to drink and eat fat chicken!

The two men looked at each other, “is that the one?”

“Do you know elder Nanyang?”

It turns out that the man’s name is Nanyang!

Kris was so happy in his heart but he did not move his face and said, “don’t you take me in?”

Two strong men looked at each other, “you wait here, I’ll go in and report!”

“Hold on!”

“Tell him I brought his favorite drunken immortal wine and Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird) meat!”

Kun Peng?

Narex didn’t know what kind of high-grade liquor drunken immortal wine was, but he knew that Kun Peng was a ferocious beast in the wilderness. He could eat Kun Peng meat, so he was obviously a killer with superb means!

The giants nodded and ran in!

Before long, the strong man came out in a hurry, with flattery and smile on his face, “this elder, Nanyang elder lets you go in!”


Kris nodded, “Lead the way!”

The strong man bowed and led the way ahead.

Soon, he took Kris to a practitioner cave!

“Please come in, elder Nanyang is waiting for you inside!”

“Reward you!”

Kris casually threw out thousands of high-quality stone stones. The strong man was beamed with delight, and said, “thank you, master!”

They are just watchmen. Although they have the salary of the sect, they are pitiful.

Thousands of extreme stone is enough for them to practice for some time.

Kris walked into the cave and found it simple, with only a few shelves and one stone bed.

The shelves had wine bottles all over them. The Maser Nanyang lied on the bed with one hand holding the wind and another holding the chicken. Chicken bones were all over the ground.

Chapter 546: The True Divine Tao

“Meat of Sea Monsters?”

Lord Nanyang’s eyes lit up. He put down the wine jar together with the big fat chicken. Regardless of the grease stains on his hands, he grabbed it directly and took a bite. “Good, fat but not greasy, and even full of Fairy Aura. What a gorgeous taste!”

“This is a kind of Sea Monster meat called Seahorse Monster. Although its strength is not strong, its meat is indeed a rare delicacy.”

“The meat of Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird) has a special flavor, but it is too rough and hard to bite, so this Seahorse meat tastes better!”

Lord Nanyang drunk wine and ate meat in mouthful, making joyful sounds from time to time.

After eating hundreds of kilogram of Sea Monster meat and drinking a hundred cups of spirit wine, Lord Nanyang wiped his hands, “are you from Luzhou in Beihai?”

Luzhou in Beihai was North Luzhou!

“I admire that you are so carefulto figure it out!”

Lord Nanyang waved his hand, “there is no sea in Nanli Faire City, so it is easy to have a guess.”

“What’s more, I think your cultivation is not weak. If we have fight, it is hard to say who will win, so you don’t need to talk with me like I’m your senior.”

Kris Chen laughed and did not speak.

“I know what you’re coming for, but unfortunately, we don’t recruit Elders in the Purple Fire Sect. If you want, you can start from the exterior!”

Lord Nanyang didn’t ask Kris his previous sect, since he was not interested in.

Like Wuji Sword Sect, they didn’t care about practitioners’ background, because any conspiracy was nothing in the face of absolute power.

Kris thought about it and nodded, “OK, I’ll start from the exterior!”

“Well, then you could follow my Taoist, but before that, you need to make an oath of heretical sect that you will never betray the Purple Fire Sect, nor fright against your fellows. Of course, if the sect betrays you or your fellows want to kill you, there is no need for you to insist your oath!” Lord Nanyang said.

Kris didn’t expect that Lord Nanyang Zhenjun should be one if the leaders of the sect!

It was better, which saved a lot of trouble!

As for the oath, Kris didn’t think much about it. He made sure that there was no loophole in that oath.

Boom! The moment he finished his oath, thunder broke the sunny day, which meant that the oath started to work.

“Well, from today on, I would represent my master to accept you into our sect. You now belong to the 180th generation fellow of the True Divine Tao and you are named Beiyang. I hope you and I can develop the True Divine Tao.”

True Divine Tao? It was quite a domineering name.

Kris didn’t care about his Taoist name at all. Actually, he had a lot of them, and it just liked outer clothing for him.

“Elder martial brother Nanyang, do we have a lot of fellow in our True Divine Tao?”

Lor Nanyang was suddenly a little embarrassed, “younger martial brother Beiyang, you’d better not ask about such an embarrassing question!”

“Well, when shall we begin to cultivate?”

Lord Nanyang Zhenjun threw out a ragged book full of oil stains, “this is the supreme practicing method of our sect. You should be devoted to it!”

“Elder martial brother Nanyang, are you sure this is a practicing method book? Did you take this book to pad the foot of the table?”

“Don’t care about such trifles.”

Lord Nanyang stretched out. “By the way, this is your ID card. In the future, you will be responsible for all matters concerning True Divine Tao. I may need Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for a period of time.”

Taking over the greasy ID card, Kris said, “you’re not going to sleep, are you?”

“How can you…”

Lord Nanyang realized that he had said something wrong, so he quickly changed his words. “How can that be? Don’t think so much, younger martial brother and just start to practice. The task of developing True Divine Tao will be upon you.”

With that, he started a cross legged meditation.

After so, Kris walked out of the cave with a bitter smile. As soon as he wanted to ask where the gate of True Divine Tao was, the cave was closed directly.

After wiping his sweat, Lord Nanyang chuckled, “finally, I’ve lost my heavy burden. Now I can sleep without worrying trifles. Oh, actually I’m closing door in another way…”

After using water-related magic art to clean up the ID card and the book, Kris went to the square and looked at the two strong men. Without any nonsense, he took out his identity card.

The two strong men were dumbfounded. After a short time, he immediately became the fellow of the Purple Fire Sect. This change was too fast.

“Where is the gate of True Divine Tao?”

A strong man said: “you fly north, it is located in the most desolate and the most dilapidated place!”

Hearing so, Kris’s expression broke down, and his sense of uneasiness became more and more serious.

Kris thanked the men and flew north.

Xiaoqian World was not small. There were tens of thousands of small peaks and hundreds of big mountains. After flying a thousand miles, Kris finally found the gate of True Divine Tao.

“That’s it?”

When Kris fell down from the sky, the plaque on the mountain gate was tilted, and the gate almost fell down. The ground was covered with weeds and the whole place looked lifeless. Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power, and he found nothing here, let alone any fellow!

He couldn’t help but think of Lord Nanyang’s embarrassing face.

So he became the only second fellow of True Divine Tao?

As Kris passing through other mountain gates, he found every mountain was guarded tightly. There were at least thousands of fellows in the different Tao mountain. However, he was just a commander without solider.

Kris got a headache because of angry!

If Kris had already known, he would take the other three together. At this time, he didn’t even have an assistant.

As a result, Kris had to do it himself. It took him several hours to clean up the weeds.

As for gate, Kris felt helpless!

Fortunately, there were many spirit animals in the mountain of True Divine Tao. Kris selected some good ones to enlighten them and let them take Shape Changing Grass.

“Bang bang bang!”

After several white smokes raised, a fat boy, a smart little girl, and a thin young man appeared in the yard.

“Your name is Fat Cat, your name is Crane, and yours is Lean Monkey!”

“Yes, Lord!”

If without Kris, it would take hundreds of years for the three spirit animals to transform themselves.

“Take care of the mountain gate. If you have brothers and sisters, you can find them. When I finish my Closing Door, I’ll enlighten them one by one.”

Three people kneeled on the ground, “thank you very much, my Lord!”

Kris nodded with satisfaction and turned to enter the sword world.

After taking out the Practicing Method Book of True Divine Tao, Kris studied them carefully.

Kris Chen was shocked by the book, which taught how to make a divine body.

The reason it called True Divine Tao was because its method aimed at making the body divine.

The reason why the true Shinto is called the true Shinto is that they take the path of becoming gods in the flesh.

In the accumulated spirit, practitioners visualize themselves, reflect their true selves, and cultivate themselves as gods in their acupuncture points.

As many acupuncture points as practitioners had, as many divine spirits they could have. At the peak of the actualized spirit, practitioner could integrate 129600 gods to achieve the true God.

This could be considered as a very strong, difficult, and even crazy way to cultivate!

According to the Practicing Method Book of True Divine Tao, each divine spirit had 50% of its own power. The craziest thing was to separate a spirit from the soul and refine the divine spiritual power into a carrier.

The practitioner would either be foolish or crazy if they did so.

It was no wonder that the True Divine Tao was so backward that it completely abandoned the primal spirit and divine spiritual power, but took the path of the unity of soul and body.

Even the mana had been abandoned. No, it couldn’t be said to have abandoned it, but all the mana would belong to one body!

That was too crazy and too bold!

For a while, Kris couldn’t decide whether to practice it or not?

After thinking for a long time, Kris finally decided not to practice!

But some ideas of the True Divine Tao could be absorbed and transformed into his own Tao.

He followed the method that focused on body and soul together,

With five Qi in the chest and three flowers on the top, it had begun to deviate from the way of the devil land.

However, the idea of the True Divine Tao also confirmed Kris’s method, which was, acupuncture points transformed into the heaven and then the world!

How much space a divine spirit needed was certainly no smaller than the Dongtian.

After absorbing the essence of the True Divine Tao, Kris began to deduce himself and improve his method!

At this time, the space of acupuncture points had not reached the level of Dongtian. What was missing?

After thinking repeatedly, Kris finally found the key.

In fact, the True Divine Tao’s self-visualizing turned practitioners themselves into God and its entering the main acupuncture points actually played a supporting role.

With the enhancement of self-strength, the acupuncture points were gradually becoming larger, and the capacity of them also became stronger.

Kris didn’t want to think about self-visualizing turning into God, so his only way was to frame the heaven and the earth.

The basic structure of the heaven and the earth include earth, wind, water and fire.

The earth could carry everything. The wind could gather Aura. Everything had Aura. The pure one raised and became the wind. Water dominated life, belonging to Yin, while the fire dominated heat, belonging to Yang.

These were the basic elements of the formation of the world.

Kris’s eyes were shining like lightning. It was likely to form a chain reaction. Once the acupuncture points were damaged, the consequences would be very serious.

If acupuncture points could not unite into one, there would be loopholes and it would become difficult to continue to improve. To put it bluntly, it was a kind of self-destruction.

Kris now had earth, fire and water, only without the wind!

How did the wind come from?

Kris couldn’t help but use his skills to call the wind and rain!

The evil wind blew and swept across the sword world.

Kris tried to learn from his magical powers over and over again!

However, it was a pity that nothing had been achieved!

After sitting for three days without getting anything, Kris went out of the sword world.

At this time, three days have passed, that was to say, Kris had been Closing Door in the sword world for a month.

Sound harvest! He improved his method, but still stuck in the most critical link.

Kris walked out the mountain gate. At that time, the Mountain Gate had changed greatly. Three spiritual animals worked very hard.

The spiritual animals, Fat Cat, Crane and Lean Monkey came out one after another, kneeling on the ground, “Lord, welcome to go out.”

“Get up!” Kris put his hand on his forehead. “If there’s nothing important. You don’t have to kneel. I don’t like these things here.”

“Yes, Lord!” The three kneeled again.

“Are these your brothers and sisters?”

Three animals nodded. As Kris waved his hand, dozens of auras were scattered.

After they took the Shape Changing Grass, the white smoke raised in the courtyard.

Tall, fat and thin ones, men and women, old and young, everything appeared here!

Then Kris gave them name”After that, they will be under the command of the three of you and take good care of the mountain gate!”

He gave a lot of spiritual stones and the method book for monster race, since spiritual animals were not different from \the monster race.

Therefore, there was no problem for them in practicing the skills of the monster race.

“Thank you for your kindness and practicing method book!”

Everyone kneeled on the ground, kowtowing respectfully. They understood clearly that Kris was good to them.

Kris Chen nodded and left quickly. He was going to the Scripture Pavilion!

He came to the square again and found two giant warriors. “Where is the Scripture Pavilion?”

“Would you want to cheek the classics, Lord Beiyang?”

“How do you know me?”

One of them said, “your Taoist name has been spread all over the Purple Fire Sect. Everyone knows that a fool joined in the True Divine Tao that has not been joined by anyone for thousands of years…”

“What are you talking about?” Another strong man quickly grabbed him and said with a smile, “it’s a great thing for you to join the True Divine Tao, and we all admire you very much.”

Admire? Kris sneered, “are you laughing at me?”

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