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Chapter 545: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 545 We’re not a Good Match (1)

Anna’s no pushover, she arched an eyebrow and said with a smile immediately, “Qiqi is such a confused and mindless girl, and sometimes words just come out of her face, she doesn’t even know she messes someone. Maybe her thoughtless words cause some misunderstanding to others, yet she doesn’t mean anything serious, really.”

These words made Qiqi’s mouth twitch.

“Anna, are you complimenting me, or attacking me?”

Anna turned her head to look at Qiqi, her smile was tender and generous, she said, “Of course I’m complimenting you, you weirdo!”

Oh, how did she think Anna’s words were so mean?

Qiqi was confused, but Jake just held his smile and didn’t say anything.


Anna didn’t want to lose the battle, but the temperature was too low in the morning and she felt so cold in her flimsy clothes, so she sneezed and had a running nose.

Jake said slowly, “It’s cold outside, let’s talk inside, shall we?”

Qiqi slapped her head and said, “Look at me, come in, come in. jake, please sit down and have a drink, I’ll make some breakfast later, you can stay here and have some too.”

“Then I’ll make myself at home.”

Anna followed them into the room and grunted, “Indeed, you’re making yourself at home.”

Maybe Jake heard what Anna said, he sat on the sofa and smiling at Anna, and then he complimented Anna.

“Actually, I like Miss Xie’s TV series very much, I’m your fan. I heard you have a movie coming out, good luck with the box office.”

Anna replied him with a seemingly smile, “Thank you so much.”

Even Qiqi felt that Anna was not being nice to Jake, she leaned close to Anna and whispered to Anna’s ear, “Anna, don’t be so indifferent to Jake, it’s embarrassing. After all, he is also your senior too.”

But Anna replied Qiqi seriously, “Wrong, he is not my senior.”

“How is it possible, he graduated from our school, I have asked about it, he didn’t lie to me.”

Hey, Qiqi is simply a blockhead.

Forget it, Anna didn’t want to waste her efforts to argue with Qiqi, because she couldn’t get it at all, and Anna herself couldn’t explain it clearly.

Anna looked at Qiqi’s rounded eyes, then shook her head as if she was looking at an idiot.

Hearing their voices, Qiqi’s mother came out of the room and saw them sitting on the sofa. She said apologetically, “Oh, you’re both awake, I’ll go make some breakfast now.”

Qiqi’s mother turned around and finally realized that a strange boy was sitting on the couch.

She turned around again immediately, looked up and down at Jake like a radar and asked with a smile, “Qiqi, who is this?”

“Oh, he’s Jake, I’ve told you before.”

Jake stood up, smiled at Qiqi’s mother and said politely, “Aunt, nice to meet you”

It must be said that good boy like Jake is mothers’ type.

Now, Qiqi’s mother looked at the handsome boy in front of her, nodding her head repeatedly.

As a teacher for many years, Qiqi’s mother is a good judge of character, and she can see from his eyes that he is very decent and knowledgeable. He seems to be a well-educated boy as he has good literary attainments.

Plus he has helped Qiqi a lot before, Qiqi’s mother couldn’t be more satisfied with him.

Unfortunately, he already has a girlfriend!

Thinking of that, Qiqi’s mother glared at Qiqi as if she’s frustrated.

Such a good choice for Qiqi, and they’re together like every day, why did she let other girl snatch him?

If Qiqi could spare half of her interests on eating delicacies for finding a boyfriend, she wouldn’t have to worry about her like this!

Qiqi stood beside, suddenly she felt her back was cold, she touched it and turned around to meet her mother’s icy gaze.

That sharp eyes made Qiqi shiver in her heart, something bad was about to happen, she thought.

As expected, what Qiqi’s mother said next made Qiqi close her eyes hopelessly.

Her mother looked at Jake again, and praised him over and over, “Oh, such a good man, who can be your girlfriend? She must be lucky.”

Jake laughed and said, “Aunt, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Oh? Is that so?

That made Qiqi’s mother arched her eyebrow and said, “But Qiqi said you do have a girlfriend.”

Jake glanced at Qiqi, then he said, “Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.”

At this moment, Qiqi really hoped the ground could have her swallowed up.

Jeez, who can end her with a knife, it’s too embarrassing!

But Qiqi’s mother didn’t feel embarrassed, she’s even happier than winning the lottery.

“Misunderstanding? Ha, a good misunderstanding.” The mother of Qiqi felt that it was rude to say that, so she explained, “Ah, I don’t mean anything else, I just hope I can help you find a girlfriend as you’re such a great young man.”

Jake smiled politely and said, “Thank you, aunt, in fact, I’ve really got a girl I like, only she doesn’t know yet, so you can call it an unrequited love.”

Hearing the gossip, Qiqi looked at him with a smile and asked, “Really, do I know her?”

“Well, actually, you know her.”

“Woah, it’s not from our remedial class, right? That ……”

Just as Qiqi was speculating wildly, Anna couldn’t stand it.

Oh no, this kid came with bad news today. Qiqi was about to reject Yuqi Mu, and now here came a helper. Yuqi’s pretty much doomed this time.

Qiqi’s mother seemed to have noticed something from their words, she twinkled and then said that she was going to cook dinner, and asked Anna to rest in her room, leaving Qiqi and Jake alone in the living room.

Although Anna was not willing to leave here, she needed to pack her luggage, so she had no choice but went to her room.

At breakfast, Qiqi’s mother treated Jake with unusual kindness, serving him food and telling him funny stories about Qiqi’s childhood, which made everyone laugh.

Oh, except Anna, and Qiqi who’s used as a laughing stock.

Qiqi was helpless, thinking that her glorious image in the heart of Jake had just shattered.

Yet Anna was judging Jake silently, she has been speculating.

She knew that compared to Yuqi, Jake was more suitable for Qiqi.

But put aside that, Anna didn’t want to send Qiqi to a complete stranger, she didn’t know anything about Jake.

When Anna lowered her head and stared at a bowl of porridge, Jake looked at the suitcase beside her and asked, “Miss Xie, are you leaving?”

“She ……”

Qiqi was just about to speak when Anna interrupted her and said, “Not yet, I have to see whether I can book an air ticket or not. By the way, I wonder how long will you stay here, Jake?”

“I come here for a trip, probably I’ll stay until the Spring Festival.”

It’s too long, she didn’t have time to deal with him.

Anna remained silent, while Qiqi’s mother said delightedly, “Our town is raw and habitable. Nowadays, there are not many young people like you who have good taste and are willing to live in a quiet city.”

After being praised, Jake laughed and said, “I’ve wanted to visit this town for a long time, but I couldn’t squeeze the time. Now that I’m in a vacation and Qiqi can be my guide, it’s the perfect opportunity. Just hope you wouldn’t regard me as a trouble, Qiqi.”

“No, you’ve helped me so much, it’s not a problem, really. Besides, it’s my duty to help promote the beautiful scenery of my hometown.”

After Qiqi said that, she looked at Anna and said, “Anna, why don’t you stay for a few more days, I can take you guys for a sightseeing together. Although this place is not as prosperous as the Capital City, it also has the beauty of tranquility and purity. I think it might be a pity that you’ve already come here, but you haven’t hung out with me.”

Anna sighed and said, “I would like to, but my schedule is really tight. I came yesterday and already put off the shooting of two ads, so I can’t delay any longer.”

Thinking of Yuqi’s previous reminder, Qiqi couldn’t help but say, “You’re so busy, you should entertain properly, in case of your husband has some opinions about you.”

“Hmph, how dare him?”

“Who doesn’t want to be together with the person they love, you are always so busy, it is inevitable that he’s left out.”

“What about you?”

Anna suddenly asked, Qiqi was startled and asked her in confusion, “Me? What’s wrong with me?”

“Do you want to be accompanied by someone you like?”

With her mother present, Qiqi didn’t dare to show anything unusual, she turned around and said in a relaxing voice, “Ha, if I do have one, of course I hope so. It’s just a pity that my Mr. Right hasn’t appeared yet.”

“Don’t worry, I will make your dream come true sooner or later.”

Anna glanced at Jake, found that he was also looking at her, his eyes were clear like a clean spring.

Such pure eyes, in turn, made Anna’s side-tracking a bit nasty.

After the breakfast, Anna left Qiqi’s home.

Qiqi was very reluctant for her leave, holding her hand and chatting with her for a long time at the door.

Looking at Qiqi’s disappointed eyes, Anna held her hand and said, “When you are troubled, don’t hesitate, call me.”

Qiqi was a bit sad, she nodded and said, “Well, I will.”

“If you meet a good man, consider to accept him, don’t always obsess about Yuqi.”

This question is a bit off-topic, but Qiqi still endured it and nodded, saying, “I know.”

“Also, that Jake, I can see that he is interested in you. If you think he’s good, you can try to get in touch with him.”

This time, Qiqi could not bear it.

She scrunched her face and said, “Oh, what are you talking about? The relationship between us is very simple and pure.”

Simple? Tell me about it!

“Well, let me see how long your simple friendship can last.”

“Come on, don’t worry about me, you are the one who need me to worry about. You work so hard, don’t let your body break down. Even if your husband doesn’t say anything, what about his family? You’re married and have a family now, think about them, care for them.”

Reaching out and pinching Qiqi’s round face, Anna said with a smirk, “Oh, is this still the silly girl I know, how dare she lecture me like she really knows something.”

Qiqi patted Anna’s hand, she said, “Hey, I’m serious.”

“I know, I can deal with it, so don’t worry about me. But the man inside …… keep an eye on him.”

“I know, I know, you’re getting nosy.”

Although Qiqi acted like she disliked what Anna said, she felt so warm inside her heart.

Anna understood her, she didn’t bother with her, only said with a smile, “Ungrateful girl! Well, I have to go, take care of yourself, don’t eat yourself into a big fat pig.”

After saying that, Anna turned around and got into the vehicle sent by her company.

Sitting in the car, Anna stopped smiling in an instant, actually she’s even more worried about her.

She was concerned about Qiqi, but Qiqi needed to grow up, and made her own choice. No one can help her.

She just hoped that Qiqi wouldn’t make a choice that she regretted.

Anna leaned on the seat, She sighed softly and began to close her eyes to rest.

After a while, the car suddenly stopped.

At first, Anna didn’t pay attention, thought the driver was just waiting for a red light.

But when the door was opened, and the sound of footsteps came, Anna felt something was wrong.

Opening her eyes, Anna found two men in black clothes, she questioned them seriously, “Who are you? Why are you ……”

Before she could finish her words, Anna was stunned when she saw their faces.

“Why are you guys here!?”

At this moment, it was the two brothers, Yulin Xiao and Yuqi Mu, who stood in front of Anna.

Chapter 545 We’re not a Good Match (2)

Yulin Xiao looked relaxed, he said with a smile, “Honey, this is my surprise for you, how about it, do you like it?”

Jeez, if Anna only saw Yulin, she might be happy for a while. But seeing Yuqi Mu beside him, that’s nothing but a shock for her.

If Yuqi met Jake, she couldn’t imagine how disastrous the consequences would be.

Yuqi looked calm, he pursed his thin lips, so Anna couldn’t tell whether he know about Jake or not.

Now, she only hoped that they wouldn’t see each other, otherwise it’s certainly Qiqi who struck a bad patch.

Yuqi finally said something, yet it’s still about Qiqi.

“Do you just come out from Qiqi’s house?”


“Bring me to her.”

Anna shook her head immediately, indicating her refusal.

Yuqi’s face darkened slightly, he said, “If you can find her, I can too, it’s just going to take me a little more effort.”

Yulin persuaded Anna too, saying, “Anna, just tell him, he can find Qiqi sooner or later anyway, why waste his time and make everyone unhappy.”

Anna asked them, “If I let him go to pester Qiqi, will Qiqi be happy?”

“I just need an answer.”

“Then you don’t have to find Qiqi, I know the answer too.” Anna knew this was cruel, but it was Qiqi’s decision, “Let her go.”

Hearing these words, Yuqi felt he was choked, and his whole body ached.

He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, said verbatim, “I want Qiqi to tell me personally.”

“Why bother, since Qiqi avoided you, you should know the answer.”

“But I’m not willing to quit, I want to ask her what have I done, why did she hate me!”

“You’re quite good, it’s just that, you two are not a good match.”

Yuqi raised his head in an instant and said with his eyes red, “How does she know it’s not suitable if she doesn’t try? I’ll admit it, I was a playboy before, but that’s because I haven’t met someone who can make me want to settle down with her. Now, I want to live a stable life with Qiqi, I also want to be like you two, one life, one marriage, one love!”

“I feel for you in your sorrow, but you have to see if Qiqi is willing to accept you.”

“You all badmouth my relationship with Qiqi, even if she wants to accept it, she is influenced by you subconsciously.”

Anna frowned, she asked somewhat angrily, “You mean, it’s us who to blame that you and Qiqi didn’t work out?”

“I didn’t say that, but, certainly that’s part of the reason.”

“Oh my god, damn your eyes! Don’t bite the hands that feed you! Well, if you want to find her, just go, I have nothing to tell you, as I badmouthed your relationship!”

Seeing that Anna was angry, Yulin comforted her, “Honey, don’t get upset, Yuqi’s so anxious that he was talking nonsense.”

Anna folded her arms and turned her head, she snorted coldly, “I don’t have time to bother with him, tell him to get off now, I want to go back to the Capital City!”

“Hon ……”

“It is not negotiable!”

Yuqi was irritated too, he said, “Okay, I’m leaving now, I can make Qiqi come back to me all by myself! Stop the car!”

The car slammed the brakes on urgently, the door was opened, and Yuqi left without looking back.

Seeing that things had come to this point, Yulin sighed several times.

But just when he was about to say something to Anna, she suddenly sat up straightly, she waved at the driver and said, “Sir, take the side road and go back to where we got up.”


Yulin was startled, he didn’t know what Anna was doing, he asked, “Honey, what do you mean by that?”

Anna was no longer angry and serious, she was so impatient at this moment, she asked him instead of answering, “Let me ask you, do you know who is coming to Qiqi’s house today?”

Yulin shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“Then you have to follow Yuqi, lest he beat someone as he couldn’t control his anger!”

Yulin rubbed his arms and said, “Why are you talking so creepy? Yuqi is going to beg Qiqi to change her mind, he won’t beat her, I can guarantee that.”

“Well, not her, but others will suffer! Sir, please hurry up, hurry up, we couldn’t be late.”

The driver speeded up again, the scenery on both sides flashed.

“Honey, what’s going on?”

“Yuqi’s love rival is now standing at Qiqi’s home!”

Yulin was stunned, he searched in his mind and then glared at Anna, asked, “Is that …… Qiqi’s senior, Jake?”

“That’s him! I was unable to stop him from going to see Qiqi, so I could only irritate him and let him get off the car, so I can find another way to save the day.”

Now, Yulin understood how serious the problem could be, he urged the driver to speed up with Anna, “Please be quick! Their lives are at stake!!!”

At this moment, Qiqi, Jake and her parents all had their breakfast, Qiqi’s father went out to play chess. Qiqi’s mother invited Jake to drink tea with her, so that she could get to know him.

Through their conversation, Qiqi’s mother really likes the young man in front of her, he’s patient, without any of those stinky characters of young men, just like a role model!

It would be perfect if she can have him as her daughter’s boyfriend!

What’s more, he asked Qiqi to be his guide especially. It can be seemed that he doesn’t harbor a grudge against Qiqi, maybe he even has some feelings towards her! That’s the cornerstone of more chances between them!

If she could have such a son-in-law, not only Qiqi could find her happiness, but their family would feel proud.

The more Qiqi’s mother thought about it, the more she felt that it was a good idea. Delightedness was all on her face.

However, Qiqi was a little distracted, and it took her a while to come back to her senses when someone spoke to her.

A while ago, Qiqi didn’t want to think about anything, she stayed at home every day, buried her head like ostriches.

However, when she saw Anna, she knew that what will be, will be. She has to face it.

If Anna can find her, Yuqi can naturally do the same. Perhaps, she will soon be able to meet with Yuqi.

When they met, she must explain to him clearly, and they must have a clean break. From now on, she has nothing to do with Yuqi, Yuqi has nothing to do with her.

Qiqi was determined, but she still felt something’s not right, she had a feeling that something’s going to happen. i

“Qiqi, Qiqi?”

Just as Qiqi was concentrating on her thoughts, she heard someone calling her name, she turned her head slowly and asked, “Oh, what did you say, mom?”

“Girl, why are you dazed when our guest is talking to you?”

Looking apologetically at Jake, Qiqi said, “Jake, sorry, what did you say just now?”

Jake smiled tenderly and said, “Nothing important, I just want to ask you if you’re free tomorrow, can you hang out in the town with me?”

Once she heard this, Qiqi patted her chest and promised him, “Of course, I’m totally free now. Don’t worry, I’m familiar with this place, I promise to show you around here, you won’t feel boring at all.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“Thanks for what? You helped me with my lessons, I haven’t even thanked you properly.”

“You are so polite to me. Whenever you talked to me, you would thank me in every minute, which made me feel speechless. Qiqi, you don’t have to do that.”

Hearing what Jake said, Qiqi rubbed her forehead in embarrassment, then smiled shyly.

Qiqi couldn’t sense Jake’s feeling to her, yet her mother did. Within just half an hour, her mother could tell that Jake has a crush on Qiqi.

This discovery made Qiqi’s mother jump for joy, thinking that her silly girl has finally gotten lucky and met a good man!


Standing at the entrance of the residential area, Yuqi smoked one cigarette after another with a gloomy face.

Although he showed his indifference in front of Anna and Yulin, he did feel tangled and frustrated.

That’s why Yuqi, who rarely smokes, now smoking to relieve his stress.

At this time, Qiqi’s father came home from outside and saw a young man in front of him puffing on cigarette, and a lot of cigarette butts were around his feet, he shook his head.

In fact, those cigarette butts were not from Yuqi, he threw in the trash can behind him.

But such a scene is easy to make others misunderstand him.

Qiqi’s father has been a teacher all his life, seeing young people so decadent and not caring for the environment, he felt like he should express his opinions.

“Young man, smoking in public is already against public morality, why do you throw cigarette butts on the ground, that’s not gonna work.”

Yuqi was already annoyed, he tried to say in a calm voice, “Sir, I’m very frustrated now, can you leave me alone?”

“Hey, young man, don’t be frustrated when you come across a problem, youth is your strength, cheer up! “

Seeing him could be endless, Yuqi was somewhat annoyed again, he said with a frown, “I don’t need you to lecture me, you can go busy with your own business, don’t put your finger into my pie.”

Yuqi’s attitude made Qiqi’s father shake his head in disappointment, he said, “So rude, I don’t think I can count on the youngsters!”

After said that, Qiqi’s father walked into the residential area. He had an extremely bad impression on Yuqi.

Hearing the door open, Qiqi raised her head to see her father, she asked, “Dad, why are you back so early?”

“My brother Li had something to do today, so we finished playing chess early.”

Qiqi’s mother took his jacket and hung it on the hanger. When she noticed that he didn’t look good, she asked, “What happened to you, did you lose to Mr. Li?”

“How can I lose to him, he’s bad at playing chess. I saw a young man at the door who had no sense of public decency and he was so impatient when I said a few words to him. If everyone be like him, there would be no hope for this society.”

“Oh, not everyone is as polite as Qiqi’s senior, Jake.”

When Qiqi’s mother mentioned it, Jake smiled gently.

Qiqi’s mother was about to say something when the doorbell rang.

“Who could be here now.”

“I’ll get it.”

Qiqi walked over quickly and opened the door, but she was stunned when she saw the person outside the door.

“Qiqi, who is it?”

“Umm, insurance salesman.”

After Qiqi said that, she wanted to close the door.

Outside the door, Yuqi raised his arm to block her from closing the door, he looked so persistent.

Qiqi had no choice but to walked out of the door with Yuqi.

Closing the door tightly, Qiqi’s brows winkled, she said, “Yuqi, don’t you come to find me again. What you asked me last time, I’ve already thought it clearly and I can give you an answer now.”

Yuqi looked depressed, he looked straight at Qiqi, pleaded her, “Before you give me your answer, can you listen to me for a few words?”

Yuqi’s frustrated face made Qiqi’s heart ache.

But before she could say anything, someone came out of the house and yelled with a clear voice, “Qiqi, why are you still out there?”

The moment Yuqi saw Jake, he was so angry that he couldn’t even believe what he saw, he said in a ferocious voice, “Why is he here?”

Qiqi was worried that her mom and dad would see it, so she said impatiently, “Jake came here for a trip and I’ll be his guide.”

“I want to hang out in your town too, can you be my guide?”

“Stop fooling around, leave now.”

“I’m not fooling around, I’m serious. It’s just that your parents are here today, so I’ve come to pay my respects to them.”

“Hey, you ……”

After he said that, he walked past Qiqi, pushed the door and walked into the room.

“Uncle and aunt, nice to meet you.”

Yuqi born noble, he’s so impeccable that he could make people respect him even if he’s just standing still in the room.

Qiqi’s mother didn’t know what’s going on, she looked at Qiqi and Yuqi, said, “Woah, since when insurance salesmen are so handsome? You look like a movie star, young man!”

Qiqi’s mother couldn’t help but compare the young man in front of her with Jake, thinking that judged from appearance, the young man in front of her was more handsome and powerful than Jake, like he’s born blue.

But considered Qiqi’s marriage, she would prefer Jake, as he could offer Qiqi more sense of security.

However, it is good to see such a good-looking man, she felt happy that she hasn’t seen anyone like him in her real life!

Qiqi’s father poured a cup of tea to drink, when he looked up, he saw Yuqi.

It was him!

Putting the teacup aside, Qiqi’s father looked serious and said, “Sorry, our family doesn’t need to buy insurance, you can leave now.”

The confidence Yuqi had disappeared in the air instantly when he saw Qiqi’s father.

How could he be Qiqi’s father!

Yuqi felt so embarrassed, but he still squeezed a smile on his face, said courteously, “Uncle, I’m sorry about what just happened, actually ……”

“There is nothing to be sorry for, I was minding other people’s business, you don’t need to pay attention to me as I’m a bad old man.”

Before Yuqi could finish speaking, Qiqi father interrupted him, and then sipped his tea indifferently.

Listening to what Qiqi’s father said. her mother asked, “Oh, is he the young man you’ve just talked about? The rude boy?”

Qiqi’s father nodded his head, then he told Yuqi, “Young man, I don’t want to say that, but even if you have a stunning appearance, the morality is the most important, that’s what you can count on in the future.”

Once Qiqi’s father seized a chance to talk, he could speak for a whole day. That’s what a teacher be like.

Through this incident, Yuqi realizes one thing, that is, never argue with the elder outside, perhaps he will be your future father-in-law.

Yuqi felt he’s totally collapsed, yet Qiqi just giggled beside, not wanting to help him at all.

Finally, it was Jake who explained to Qiqi’s parents owing to his kindness, “Aunt, uncle, I think you both missed something, he’s not an insurance seller, he’s Yuqi Mu.”

Qiqi’s mother was puzzled, she asked, “Who is Yuqi Mu? Is he a movie star like Miss Xie?”

“No, he is the President of Mu’s Group.”

“Mu’s Group ……” Qiqi father thought for a moment and said suddenly, “Oh, I remember, one of my students told me he went to Mu’s Group, said that it is a large company with good environment and excellent potential for growth.”

So the young man in front of her is a president, no wonder he’s so imposing.

But Qiqi’s parents didn’t change their attitude towards Yuqi because of the identity of him.

Qiqi’s father frowned at Yuqi and asked, “You are the president, so what? Why are you here?”

Qiqi has been avoiding Yuqi’s sight, but Yuqi looked straight at her, not allowing her to escape.

“I’m looking for Qiqi.”

“Qiqi, do you owe him money?”

Qiqi’s mother misunderstood her, because the way Yuqi looked at Qiqi made her feel like Qiqi do own him money.

Hearing this, Qiqi denied in a loud voice, she said, “Mom, I don’t ……”

“Yes, she does owe me.”

Before Qiqi could finish speaking, Yuqi interrupted her and admitted it immediately.

This made Qiqi dumbfounded, she turned around and glared at Yuqi angrily, rebuking, “Yuqi, don’t try to slander me, okay? When did I owe you money!

“When you were sick, I was the one who paid your bills in the hospital!”

Yuqi said verbatim. Qiqi cursed Yuqi in her heart!

This bastard, he just knew that she wouldn’t dare to let her parents know she had been sick, he was threating her!

No, I can’t let him get away with it!

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