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Chapter 546: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 546 Aggressive Move (1)

Qiqi glared at Yuqi Mu angrily, her brain spinning, thinking about countermeasures.

Qiqi’s parents were taken aback and asked, “What’s the matter, Qiqi, are you sick?”

Qiqi’s expression looked a little ugly and said, “It’s just a small problem, diarrhea.”

“How much money can it be? Just give it back to him. Does he need to come to home to collect the money.”

Yuqi looked around to examine the room and said in a flat tone: “Money is not much. Selling this house can make it just right.”

These words changed the expressions of the people in the room.

Jake’s good-looking eyebrows wrinkled together. It was rare for him to get angry and warned, “Don’t go too far!”

“People like you who live at the bottom of the society surely don’t know how much a top hospital would cost a day, and how much it would cost to hire the world’s top experts.”

Being beaten in the face with money, especially by Yuqi Mu, made Qiqi feel very uncomfortable. Her face turned blush and she said, “Isn’t it just about money? I will pay you back now.”

Yuqi shook his head and said in a leisurely manner, “I don’t need you to pay back the money. I just want a guide and show me around here. Then we are clear.”

With a cold hum, Qiqi reached out to push and shove Yuqi towards the door.

“What stupid guide, if you don’t leave now, I’ll call the police.”

“OK, you can call the police all you want, but when the police come, they will only deal with it strictly as a business affair and mortgage your house.”


“All right, stop it!”

Not wanting to see his daughter pulling and pushing with a stranger. Qiqi’s father stopped them.

After pondering for a moment, Qiqi’s father made a decision. He raised his hand and said, “Well, a visitor is a guest. If you want to play here, don’t be so tense to treat each other with daggers. You’d better find a place to live first and let’s talk tomorrow.”

“It’s uncle who knows the world better.”

With that, Yuqi took out his mobile phone, bowing his head and playing with it.

Qiqi didn’t want to see this unreasonable, savage and absurd guy for another minute. Seeing him dawdling, she impatiently and impolitely hastened: “Why don’t you go yet?”

Yuqi didn’t lift his head, “I see a sign for sale hanging next door, so I just asked my assistant to buy this house. Now, we are neighbors.”

Finishing the last word, Yuqi looked up and exposed his snow-white teeth to Qiqi.

His smile was full of provocations, which made Qiqi burst into anger. She wanted to rush forward to grab and hurt the guy’s face!

“Yuqi Mu, cut it out!”

Qiqi was gnashing her teeth, trying her best to restrain her anger, so as not to do anything impulsive.

However, Yuqi didn’t know when to stop. He said, “I live alone and I can’t cook, so I’ll come here for free meal in the future.”

“You have the ability to afford a house, why can’t you afford to hire someone to cook for you?”

“There is no warmth of home.”

“It’s the warmth of my home, which has nothing to do with you!”

Picking his eyebrows at Qiqi, Yuqi said, “Who said it has nothing to do with me? In the future, it’s very likely that it will be my…”

Yuqi didn’t say the last word, but everyone could recognize the ambiguous and teasing sensations in the man’s tones and eyes.


Qiqi lowered her head and looked around as if she was looking for something.

Seeing this, Yuqi turned around and slipped away. When he got to the door, he turned and said to the people in the room, “Let’s leave it here. We can talk more later.”

“Talk my ass!”

Qiqi fetched a bottle at hand and smashed it ruthlessly, which hit the doorframe hard and made a dull sound.


Although the door was closed, Qiqi was still staring at it ferociously, like wanting to burn two holes in it.

“Qiqi, what exactly is the relationship between you and that Mr. Mu?”

Qiqi’s mom’s voice drifted from behind, making Qiqi stunned.

Qiqi turned around with a stiff head. She dared not to look into her mom’s eyes, “I have nothing to do with him.”

“If you have nothing to do with him, why would he like to take you to the hospital when you’re sick?”

Apparently, Qiqi’s parents didn’t believe their daughter’s words.

“Well, I worked at a dessert shop before, and he and the shopkeeper were relatives, that’s why I got to know him. Later, I was hospitalized and he helped me. I was thankful to his help, and I didn’t expect that he was intended to extort me for money.”

Qiqi explained it another way, but Qiqi’s parents still didn’t quite believe their daughter.

“He is so rich, why should he care about your pathetic small money? This fellow takes so much trouble to approach you, I always feel his intention is not simple.”

It was not simple indeed, but if Qiqi’s parents knew Yuqi’s real intentions, they would rush towards him taking a kitchen knife.

No, no, she couldn’t let that happen!

Qiqi clenched her fists in silence and decided to let Yuqi disappear from her life no matter what!

Taking a deep breath, Qiqi said with a firm tone, “It’s just for a few days. I’ll be patient to coax him and make him happy. Then, he will naturally leave. Mom and dad don’t need to worry.”


“Uncle and aunt, I will help Qiqi. I won’t allow her to be bullied. No matter how rich and powerful the other party may be. After all, this is a society ruled by law, and it’s not up to him to fool around.”

Qiqi’s words alone had insufficient strength and intensity. With Jake’s assistance on the side instead, her parents hesitated for a moment and then decided, “In that case, thanks for your kindness to take care of her in advance. We appreciate your help a lot.”

“Qiqi is like my younger sister. Helping her is my obligation.”

Jake looked down at Qiqi as saying. His eyes were full of encouragement and support.

Under this circumstance, getting such considerate comforts made Qiqi feel especially warm.

“Jake, thank…”

“Don’t say thank you or other grateful words.”

With an understanding smile, Qiqi said, “Well, I’ll take you out to have some fun, absolutely unforgettable for you.”

“OK, I’m looking forward to it.”

At the same time, Yuqi walked to the gate of the community, and there he saw Anna Xie and Yulin Xiao.

Both of them were panting nervously at the moment, with anxious looks on their faces.

When finding him, the two glanced up and down.

Seeing that he was OK, they were relieved.

On the other hand, Yuqi raised his eyebrows when he saw the two, “How come you two hadn’t leave yet?”

Anna took a breath and frowned, “Yuqi Mu, did you come here by plane? How can you be so fast?”

“You have your way, and I have mine. Now, Qiqi and I have become neighbors. After running into each other day by day, I don’t believe that I can’t move her!”

Yuqi took an oath devoutly, but Yulin and Anna’s hearts sank with deep worries.

“You just met Qiqi?”


“Did you meet Jake too?”

With a snort, Yuqi said, “Yes.”

“You didn’t fight, did you?”

“Such a harmonious society, why should we fight? Besides, letting Qiqi fall in love with me depends on sincerity, not force.”

Well, it was weird to hear such words from Yuqi Mu’s mouth.

But no matter what, it was good that the two did not get into a fight, which would let the scene become so ugly.

However, it was Yuqi Mu. If a man dared to wander around his woman, would he let the man off the hook easily? It was impossible.

By the way, he just said that he and Qiqi had become neighbors. What was that about?

Anna asked the doubt in her heart, while Yuqi said slowly and leisurely, “I bought the house opposite Qiqi’s house. In this way, I can be open and aboveboard to live next door to Qiqi. I can be a nice neighbor to her, and I can see her every day. Meanwhile, I can use the opportunity to show my ability to Qiqi’s parents and let them entrust their daughter to me.”

Well, this guy was really aggressive with drive and sweep in carrying out a decision, but was he a little too confident?

Thanks to Anna’s understanding of Qiqi’s parents, the two elders would definitely stay away from Yuqi. By comparison, it was Jake who was better worthy of their daughter.

“Hey, don’t you have anything to do? Go back now. I stay here.”

Raising her eyebrows to look at Yuqi, Anna asked, “Are you sure?”

“Of course, I’ve been fighting in the business world for so many years, can’t I even deal with an immature boy?”

Yuqi sounded self-confident, but Anna thought that the matter may not be reliable.

After taking a gentle breath, Anna said, “I hope you don’t get slapped in the face by yourself in the end.”

“Don’t worry. You can rest assured this time. I will definitely marry the beauty home!”

Anna still wanted to say something, but then Yuqi’s assistant drove over in a car loaded with a lot of daily necessities, articles for daily use and all kinds of other things, rather comprehensive.

It seemed that he was planning to live for a long time.

Yuqi and his assistant went back to the room together to set up things, while Anna and Yulin stood in place downstairs, speechless.

At last, Yulin patted Anna on the shoulder and comforted her: “Now that he had an idea in his mind, let him do what he had to do.”

It was a big provocation to camp opposite the enemy. How could Qiqi and her family get along with Yuqi peacefully? I’m afraid there will be a tough battle between them soon!

She pursed her lip, “Anyway, he can’t hurt Qiqi, otherwise, I’ll make him pay blood.”

“Relax, if he really dares to do something stupid, let alone you, I will punish him personally.”

Looking ahead, Anna squinted and asked: “Besides, why this guy is so confident this time?”

“Maybe he thinks his opponent this time was a small potato.”

A small potato?

She snorted from nostrils, “Underestimating the opponent too much will make him end up losing miserably.”

Seeing that Anna was not optimistic about Yuqi, Yulin couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you say so? Did Qiqi’s parents say anything to you?”

“I’ve met Qiqi’s parents. Obviously, they are just ordinary people who want to live a peaceful life.”

“In other words, the more money Yuqi spent on them, the more dislikable he would be for them?”

“That’s right,” Anna nodded with a serious expression. “On the contrary, Jake is a decent person with a simple background. He and Qiqi can count as a perfect match. For them, he is the perfect choice. Now as long as Qiqi nods and agrees, her parents would go to Jake’s home to propose the marriage right away.”

Hearing this, Yulin took a deep breath and said, “It seems that Yuqi’s future is uncertain.”

“Exactly. From my point of view, you’d better guide him from now and then. Don’t go further and further down the wrong road.”

Yulin nodded, “You can also call Qiqi to get in touch from time to time to ask about the situation. Although we can’t step in their business, we can give Yuqi some useful information.”

Anna nodded too, “Well, now it’s the only way.”

As the voice fell, they both looked towards Qiqi’s unit building again and sighed together.


Since Qiqi’s parents had an appointment with someone at noon, today’s lunch was only for Qiqi and Jake, so they kept it simple and cooked noodles.

Qiqi’s cooking skill was average. She made only two fried noodles with soy bean sauce, looking black and making people lose appetite.

But Jake was very supportive. He ate it up, enjoyably.

Seeing him like this, Qiqi was a little relieved. She sat beside Jake and began to eat her share.

It was only after tasting it herself that Qiqi found that this bowl of noodles was really mediocre. It was unbelievable that Jake should eat it up.

Qiqi put down her bowl and chopsticks, saying, “Jake, why don’t we order takeout.”

“Why order take out? This noodle is delicious.”

“Which part of the noodles is delicious? The sauce is too salty and the noodles are too stiff. Quit eating now.”

As saying, Qiqi reached for Jake’s bowl and chopsticks.

But Jake stopped her and said, “It’s delicious, really. I am from the south. I seldom eat this taste of noodles. I like it very much.”

Jake’s expression was sincere, leaving no way for people to doubt his words.

But Qiqi knew that Jake was just too kind to hurt her sensitive self-esteem.

Looking at Jake, Qiqi smiled, then picks up chopsticks and ate it as well.

Being with Jake, the noodles didn’t seem taste so bad.

The two ate while chatting in a warm atmosphere. Imperceptibly, a bowl of noodles was eaten up.

Just as Qiqi was about to take a rest, a string of hasty knocks at the door came over, which made people lose the peace of mind.

Wiping the corner of her mouth, Qiqi trotted to open the door.

But as soon as she opened it, she slammed it shut again, as if she saw some dirty stuff.

Yuqi’s face was full of smiles, but Qiqi shut the door in his face, giving him a cold-shoulder treatment. His good mood slowly sank and he called out outside the door: “Qiqi, open the door!”

There was no movement inside the door.

Well, very well, playing dead! All right!

With a sneer, Yuqi said, “If you don’t open the door, I’ll go downstairs and shout to let everyone know my feelings for you. Heaven and earth can prove it for me.”

This asshole!

Qiqi was very angry, thinking that he was a jerk and wanting to open the door to reason with him.

But Jake held the doorknob in advance and signaled Qiqi to take it easy.

Seeing Jake’s eyes, Qiqi slowly calmed down, then silently backed off and let Jake stand in front of her.

Qiqi was in a rage. If she confronted Yuqi head on, it was to add fuel to the flames, which would let the scene get out of control.

Considering this, Qiqi did not argue with Jake. She decided to let him handle it.

Turning around, Jake pushed the door open and looked slightly cold at the person outside.

“What’s the matter?”

Yuqi didn’t expect that the person who opened the door was Jake. With a gloomy face, he squeezed his way in from Jake’s side and sat in front of Qiqi.

Noticing two empty bowls, Yuqi asked, “I’m hungry. Do you have any food?”


“Then what did he eat?”

Qiqi tried to sound patient, “Noodles with soy bean sauce, the last one.”

“Then cook another one.”

In the face of Yuqi’s bossy command, Qiqi clenched her fists, gritted her teeth and said: “No noodles.”

Yuqi thought for a moment, then suddenly laughed. He closed to Qiqi and said smilingly, “Let’s go to the supermarket and buy some, then you can cook for me. We can buy some spareribs. I’d like to have braised spareribs in brown sauce.”

Qiqi stared at Yuqi angrily: “Yuqi Mu, you’re asking too much!”

Yuqi shrugged and said, “Isn’t that what you should do?”


When Qiqi was going to lose her tempers, Jake blocked in front her, looking neither humble nor pushy, “It’s not good to bully a girl like this, don’t you think?”

Chapter 546 Aggressive Move (2)

Looking at Jake provocatively, Yuqi Mu said coldly, “You letting her cook for you is for granted, I letting her cook for me is bullying her? What’s the reason for that?”

“You and me are not the same.”

“Which part is not the same?”

“For me, Qiqi is willing to do it; for you, she wants to avoid it.”

This almost made Yuqi vomit blood out of anger.

The corner of Yuqi’s mouth rose, and his smile was full of coldness.

“Boy, you’re quite arrogant!”

“I’m just telling the truth.”

Jake was standing beside Qiqi. The two sent out an unspeakable sense of harmony, which made Yuqi wanted to beat him.

He turned around to pick up a coat and put it on Qiqi. Jake laughed at Yuqi and said, “If you want to stay, help yourself. Qiqi and I are going out for a walk. Excuse us.”

Saying this, Jake held Qiqi’s arm and about to go out.

Yuqi was still sitting there, but his body was a little stiff. He roared, “Without my permission, who dares to go?”

But the two didn’t pay attention to Yuqi’s roaring, and went away without looking back, leaving Yuqi at home alone.

When he heard that the door was closed, Yuqi raised his hand and threw two porcelain bowls on the table to the ground, raging like a lion.

Out of breath, he got up and was about to chase after the two.

But the sole of his feet stepped on a piece of broken porcelain.

Yuqi hesitated, and then he patiently cleaned porcelain pieces before going out of the door.

He knew himself that his image in Qiqi’s parents was not very good.

If they knew that he had broken a bowl in their home and he didn’t clean it up, his image in their heart would become worse.

It was pathetic to think about it. When would he, Yuqi Mu, comprise so much out of consideration for a woman? After paying so much hard work, that woman pretended to be blind and didn’t take him seriously at all, which broke his heart!

No matter what this time, he had to get rid of that stupid boy. He had to have Qiqi to his own!

Yuqi narrowed his eyes and hurriedly followed up without stop.

At the moment, Qiqi and Jake were standing by the side of the road waiting for the bus.

She hid her cheek in a thick scarf, covering half of her small face, so adorable that made people cannot help loving her upon seeing her.

Looking down at such Qiqi, Jake sighed and then said, “If you don’t want to go, we can go back now.”

“No.” Qiqi refused without even thinking about it, saying, “If we go back now, we might meet that guy again. I don’t want to see him now.”

“You don’t want to see him because you hate his hot pursuit, or are you afraid that you will waver?”

Qiqi was stunned at first, and then righteously refused, “I certainly hate his pursuit. How crazy I am to be attracted to him.”

“But Yuqi is quite a catch. He is just a little overbearing and didn’t pay much attention to other people’s feelings. Except for that, I think he is good to you.”

Qiqi was holding her hands with an uncomfortable expression on her face. She said in a cold voice, “Which part is good? He never considers other people’s feelings. Everything has to be done as he wishes! If something is out of his control, he would be like what he is today, stirring up a big mess!”

Jake looked at somewhere ahead, nodded and said, “Well, I agree with that part.”

Qiqi found that Jake was staring at a place, so she looked towards that way.

And this look let her mood just calming down surged with waves again.

“He’s really a haunting soul!”

Ahead of the way, Yuqi was sitting in the car and staring at the two coldly.

“Do you want to go and say hello?”


“Do you want to get rid of him?”

“Of course.”

Jake nodded and said, “Let me help you.”

With that, Jake reached for Qiqi’s hand and held it tightly.

This action made Qiqi froze. She looked up at Jake, puzzled.

In this regard, Jake explained, “Didn’t that person want you to agree to his pursuit. If he knows that you have someone else in your heart, he may give up.”

Qiqi’s complexion looked like in a bit of a dilemma, “Then I have to use you as the shield. I’m afraid it’s not very proper.”

“It’s all right. I’m happy to help.”

Looking at the gentle-smiling Jake, Qiqi felt guilty and said, “You helping me like this will make me feel that I owe you a lot.”

“If you really feel like you owe me, think about where to take me to have fun.”

“That’s for sure.” Qiqi thought for a moment and said, “How about we set out now? I’ll take you to the wildlife park where have fantastic animal shows.”


While talking, the bus came far away, and the two got into the bus talking and laughing.

And the eyes of the one in the corner were going to blow fire.

Asshole, how dare that man hold Qiqi’s hand!

Although he knew that the two were deliberately pissing him off, Yuqi still couldn’t control himself. The flame in his heart was about to burn him to ashes.

When the bus started, Yuqi followed behind. The bus stopped and drove all the way. Finally, it stopped at the gate of the wildlife park. Yuqi watched the two walking in side by side.

After thinking about it, a faint trace of wicked smile suddenly rose from the corner of his mouth.

The animal shows here were famous all over the country, amazing and thrilling, which could make people exclaim constantly.

Qiqi took Jake to find a spot with excellent vision, and then began waiting for the show to start.

About 15 minutes later, an emerald green bird flew around the field for a circle, simultaneously accompanied by elegant and graceful sound of music.

“Here it comes, here it comes!”

Qiqi’s eyes lit up shining and took out her cell phone and got ready to take pictures.

Seeing that Qiqi was so interested, Jake smiled and sat beside her. He also began to wait for the show to start holding his breath intently.

Qiqi didn’t exaggerate. In fact, the show here was wonderful, thrilling and exciting, which made Jake really enjoy himself.

Halfway through the show, several parrots flew in, some red, some green, and some colorful, big and small, altogether more than ten.

Qiqi, who had seen the performance, carefully explained by the side, “These parrots are very smart. When the host describes a person’s features, the carrots can identify the person from the audience.”

“Isn’t it a trick?”

“No way, it’s all random. You can see it on the big screen in a moment…WOW!”

Before Qiqi finished speaking, a big parrot fell on her shoulder. She was startled.

She raised her head and laughed at Jake, “It seems that I am the lucky one to be picked.”

Jake raised his lips but didn’t say anything.

“Congratulations to this young lady, who was chosen by our Bonnie to be the luckiest person present!”

Under thunderous applauses, Qiqi nodded smilingly to the audiences. She dared not make big movements, for fear that the big parrot would stretch out its claws and scratched her in order to keep the balance.

“Since Bonnie likes this young lady so much, here is one elaborate gift for you.”

With that, the host made a snapping sound with his fingers, and the parrot lowered its head and put a crystal bright ring in the palm of Qiqi’s hand.


It was judged at a glance that the ring was worth a lot, stunning Qiqi.

The people around her were so envious that they were about to drool. They were all shouting to let the host send another surprise gift.

The host didn’t say anything, while Qiqi looked gloomy. She walked through the crowd and got out of the show field.

As for Jake, he was quiet from the beginning to the end. Seeing Qiqi getting up and leaving, he followed her in silence.

Walking to a deserted square, Qiqi took out her mobile phone and dialed numbers with a sullen face.

Soon, the call was connected.

Before the other side could speak, Qiqi roared, “Yuqi Mu, come out!”

Yuqi said slowly with a smile: “Why, can’t wait to see me?”

“Bullshit. Come out quickly and take back your ring. I don’t want it!”

“If you don’t want it, throw it away. I don’t care that little money.”


Qiqi was so infuriated that she didn’t know what to say. She just thought Yuqi Mu was an asshole, an asshole that couldn’t be gotten rid of!

Jake on the side opened his mouth.

“Since the ring is unclaimed, we’d better turn it over to the police station and let the police find the owner. Let’s go back to the show now.”

This seemed to wake up Qiqi. She repeatedly nodded, feeling that Jake’s words made sense.

Over the phone, Yuqi heard Jake’s advice and lost his smile.

“Qiqi, you dare!”

Taking the initiative again, Qiqi showed complacent expression and hummed, “Why don’t I dare? I won’t talk to you anymore. I have a show to enjoy.”

Then Qiqi hung up.

Yuqi didn’t give up. He called several times, but Qiqi hung up again and again.

Finally, Qiqi simply turned the phone off.

Yuqi was pissed off wildly. Holding the phone, he murmured, “Qiqi, you are not like this before. It must be that bastard said something to you and taught you bad moves! No, I can’t take him anymore!”


Because there was a pair of eyes behind her staring at her all the time, Qiqi was not in the mood to continue to play. She walked around randomly with Jake and then decided to go back home.

When Jake sent Qiqi home, he happened to meet Qiqi’s parents.

Seeing that the two came back together, Qiqi’s mother shined with happiness. She was beaming with smiles, “Where have you been?”

“I went to the zoo with Jake today.”

“Oh, that’s great. Have you had dinner outside?”

“Just a little bit. If mom makes sweet and sour ribs, I can have some more.”

Qiqi’s mother pointed Qiqi’s forehead and said, “Greedy girl, it’s not easy for you to lose weight. After all the trouble to get thinner, you’d better not eat more to get fat again.”

Listening to this, Qiqi doubted whether her mom was her real biological mom. Qiqi simply wanted to cry.

Instead, Jake was indulgent to Qiqi, “If you want sweet and sour ribs, I’ll take you out to eat them tomorrow,” He said on the side.

There was tenderness in Jake’s gentle eyes, making Qiqi somewhat at a loss.

“No. I’m just talking about it. “

Qiqi’s mother heard the two murmuring and said encouragingly, “Oh dear, don’t feel embarrassed. Don’t you like the sweet and sour ribs of Zhang Ji most? You two go there together to taste it tomorrow.”

Seeing that her mother changed attitudes so fast, Qiqi felt helpless.

“Mom, didn’t you just imply that I was fat? Why do you encourage me to eat now?”

“Oh, I was joking with you. You are my own blood. How can mother dislike you for being fat?”

At this time, she remembered that Qiqi was her biological daughter, then what were the previous complaints about?

Qiqi was speechless, while her mother was already happily chatting with Jake.

When they first met, Qiqi’s mother was embarrassed to talk about Jake’s family.

But now it was different. Qiqi’s mother could see that the purpose of Jake’s coming here was not simple.

Since he was a brave boy to face Qiqi’s family, why didn’t she take the opportunity to ask clearly?

With no more scruples, Qiqi’s mother asked Jake about his three generations. The more she asked, the more satisfied she was.

Well, the boy’s family was also engaged in education, in the same industry with them. No wonder the boy was always gentle and well-behaved, always pleasant to the eyes.

Qiqi’s mother had considered the boy as her son-in-law already. The longer she looked at the boy, the better she liked him.

Qiqi, on the other hand, was about to die of embarrassment.

Qiqi wanted to stop her mother. She hinted at her several times and even made noises to stop her. She didn’t want her mother to keep asking. But her mother turned a blind eye to her. The more she talked, the happier she was.

Qiqi was really helpless, sitting on the sofa, sighing and feeling no way out.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Qiqi immediately sat up on guard.

When she got to the door, Qiqi looked through the peep hole. Seeing that the man outside was not Yuqi, she was relieved slightly.

She opened the door. The people outside politely smiled to her and asked, “Excuse me, are you Miss Qiqi?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Hello, this is your order. Please sign for it.”

“Ah?” Qiqi was confused, saying, “I didn’t order any meal.”

“But the address and contact information left here are yours. And the bill has been paid. Please enjoy.”

With that, the man and his companion brought in several heat insulation boxes, put them on the table, and then opened them one by one.

As soon as the lid of the boxes were opened, Qiqi smelled the fragrances of the meal and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Braised prawns!

Braised hooves in brown sauce!

West lake vinegar fish!


One after another exquisite dishes were served, Qiqi’s saliva had overflowed.

Finally, the other party took out a bottle of wine, politely bowed to Qiqi and said, “Miss, all the dishes are served, please take your time to enjoy.”

Qiqi swallowed her overflowing saliva and asked, “Are you sure you didn’t send it to the wrong place?”

“The room number is 502, right? You are Miss Qiqi, right?”

Qiqi was just about to nod her head, but an incredible idea flashed through her mind.

Her eye balls turned and she asked, “What number did the person who ordered the meal use to contact you?”

The man rummaged in his pocket, took out a printed sheet and handed it to Qiqi, saying, “That’s the number.”

Glancing at it, Qiqi’s face changed at once.

Sure enough, it was Yuqi Mu!

Storming out of her house, she patted Yuqi’s door and shouted angrily, “Yuqi Mu, what are you doing?”

Hearing the clamoring noise, Yuqi opened the door and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? Don’t play dumb with me. You know it clearly! Hurry up and take away the food from my house. Come on!”

Qiqi was urging, but Yuqi didn’t seem to hear it. He walked slowly to Qiqi’s house and looked around.

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