Chapter 547 – 548: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 547: The Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, boy, you know, the True Divine Tao will be kicked out if it can’t recruit new disciples this year. Your coming perhaps will save this Taoist system!” said one of the guards.

Now Kris realized that was why the Lord of Nanyang would allow him to join the Purple Fire Sect, and perhaps the Lord of Nanyang would find another young one if Kris didn’t accept his invitation. All in all, he didn’t care about the real purpose of the Lord of Nanyang since he got fruitful gains in this trip.

” Now tell me where is your Scripture Pavilion?”

“Sorry, we don’t have one here.”

“Motherfucker, tell me or I will kick you ass terribly!” shouted Kris and gave them a good lesson with his powerful energy stroke before they gave any response. Then he continued, “Now what do you say? ”

The two guys were shocked by the strong hand of Kris and said in a respectful manner, “My master, you can find the Scripture Pavilion in the south. Since we don’t have any new disciples here, the basic Taoist magic books and other tools for teachers were set aside by the sect! You can bring back any books you want with this token.”

What happened to the True Divine Tao was really a tragedy, indeed. And as its inheritor, the Lord of Nanyang was a totally loser. He could have spread the Taoist system to the outside if he had had kept forging ahead.

After Kris flew away, one of the guards exclaimed, “Oh, no, I forgot to tell him that only the one with contribution points can get back those scriptures!”

“Forget it, it’s none of our business!” replied another one guard.

Minutes later Kris arrived at the scripture Pavilion. It was a huge building where piles of magic books from several hundred kinds of Taoist System were stored. When he was about the came in, an elder stopped him and asked, ”Good to see you, you must be the poor boy who was deluded by the Lord of Nanyang!”

Kris frowned and said, “All I want here is to bring back the magic books of the True Divine Tao.”

“Alright, you can bring them back,” the elder laughed and said, “but you should paid 10000 contribution points first!”

“What the hell do you mean?”

“I mean, if you don’t have any contribution points,” the elder dropped Kris’s token on the ground and said, “you can get your ass out here?”

Fuck the contribution points! Kris turned a cold look to the elder and said, ” Pick up the token for me now.”

The elder said with a disdain, “Poor guy, you are no more than a newcomer of a endangered Taoist System, get out and don’t waste my time here !”

“I will count to ten before you do as asked: One, two, three… Six, seven…” said Kris.

“What do you want to do?” the elder frowned and said,” are you going to break into the pavilion?”

“Nine, ten!” Kris finished his count and cast a chilling glance toward him. Within a blink, a sword energy burst out and soared to the sky, which sent out strong power wave and shook the clouds out of the sky. With several strokes of sword light targeting at the elder, Kris cried in a low voice, ”Damn you, I should have shut you down but for your identity as a member of the Purple Fire Sect.” Kris now came to realized that all the person he met here was against him on purpose, and he had to teach them a good lesson.

“You… How dare you to have a fight here? You will break our rules and be punished terribly!” said the elder, then he cried with a sharp voice, “show up now, the Pavilion guardians!”

In an instant, seven or so masters in middle period of accumulated spirit rushed out from the pavilion! The one with square face moved ahead and shouted “You are inheritor of the True Divine Tao, Beiyang(Kris), right?” The guy was so strong that his physical strength shook the air spontaneously.

” I come here today to bring back what belongs to me. If you take me as a poor newcomer here and stop me, you will regret for it!” said Kris. And then, Kris gathered his strong energy and blocked these guardians within a blink.

“A master in fulfilled period of accumulated spirit! Impossible!” The gatekeeper exclaimed.

The Lord of Longxiang, the leader of these guard, took a good look at Kris and after a while, then he turned to the elder and said, ” Longruo, my brother, bring him what he wants now!”


“But what?”

“Yes, I will serve your order.” Replied Longruo, who dared not to reject his elder brother.

At the sight of the confident look of Kris, the Lord of Longxiang said, “The Lord of Nanyang did find a right inheritor for the Taoist System, I am Longxiang, the inheritor of The Divine Dragon Tao, I hope you can have a visit to my Divine Dragon Mountain. ”

Kris greeted back and said, “Thanks you so much, the Lord of Longxiang.” After that, the Lord of Longxiang left with his fellows. Soon after they left, Longruo carried a huge wooden box out and threw it on the ground.

“Boom!” It was such a heavy one that nearly shook the land when it fell to the ground. Longruo gave out a unhappy voice and left without a word. The box so large that it could contain at least ten of thousand magic books. When Kris took back the box to the Sword Realm, he spent ten days on a thorough reading of magic books about the True Divine Tao. The skills therein gave him a better understanding of the true law of physical strength practition.

Half a year later, Kris completed the first round of his learning and made a breakthrough of his the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill and his physical strength was border on that of a actualized spirit master

However, there was still a long journey for him to fully master the skill

He had to learn it step by step

And after a month, he completed the first step of the skill, which, in return, enhanced his strength by thirty percent and offered him a better control of his body

This meant that his plan was on the right way

He then buried himself in the training plan

The closer he came to the final step, the more time would spent

A year passed when he came to the fifth step of the skill

And about three years later, Kris paused his training since he couldn’t afford its huge cost of the spiritual stone

Two thirds of the spiritual stone were devoted to his training and the rest were digested by the Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird), though there was any sign to show the little monster would break out from the eggshell.

To his delight, piles of spiritual stones were sent to him from Jianyang four months later, and now he could continued his training plan. Besides that, pieces of good news came to him and cheered him up: The projector business of Gengu No.1 Sect had occupied one thirds of the whole market and the sect might be able to be the a new holy sect among the Ten Holy Sect. In these months, however, wars broke and turned many islands into ruins and even one of the holy sect joined the wars. Kris’s projector business expanded greatly during the wars. Besides materials like spiritual stones, he also got a Wood Sword Fetus, which was a real treasure for him since he could turn it into a new incarnation.

Within three day, the Wood Sword Fetus was successfully reshaped into a incarnation and possessed nearly eighty percent of the fighting capacity of him.

“Keep it in your mind that your name is Muyang!”

“Yes, my master!” Muyang smiled and put on a blue Taoist robe, his figure was handsome and unworldly like a celestial being.

“Now give a hand to Jianyang, I think he needs your help badly.”

Muyang nodded and roared like a green ray and disappeared from the sky. Kris had to make sure that everything would be OK in the Gengu No.1 sect, which served as the material source for his practiton.

When he went out of the Sword Realm, several monster-race disciples greeted him showed him the well-renovated sect site.

“My Lord, a few days ago, a man named the Lord of Nanyang came by and asked me to take a message for you. ” said Crane Spirit.

The message from the Lord of Nanyang:

“My junior fellow apprentice, I’ve been traveling all over the world, and It will take at least 10 years. I hope you can strive to develop the True Divine Tao. By the way, I have already known you did a good job in the Scripture Pavilion. I think our master will be very happy in the heaven!”

“Another thing to remind you is that you have to work hard to recruit 100 disciples before next year. Otherwise, our Taoist System will be cancelled and I will lose my home. Don’t disappoint me please!”

Crane Spirit was so smart that he did a good job in imitating the funny tone and expression of the Lord of Nanyang. Kris, however, felt speechless when he thought of the sloppy figure of the Lord of Nanyang.

“Damn the old beard, he is no more than a fucking liar.” Cried Kris. Angry as he was, he had to try his best to save the endangered Taoist System. Then he sent Crane spirit to bring him the detailed information about the rules they had to obey. Crane Spirit came back and said, ”We have enroll 100 disciples and make sure that all of them are not practitioner. They must be loyal to the whole sect and master fifty million tone of physical strength, otherwise, the Taoist system will be cancelled. Besides these, the Purple Fire Sect won’t offer us any help or resource.”

Kris took a deep breathe and said, ”So you mean we are now like on our Internship period?”

“I think so, my lord.” Replied Crane Spirit.

Kris then took out a treasure herb cigar and said, “Leave or go, that is really a problem.”

Chapter 548: Fight against the Flesh and Blood Tao’s Gate

Kris was joking, but Crane Spirit took it seriously, “Elder Master, if you want to betray the sect, I will inform everyone to pack up now.”

“Ahem!” Kris was choked by the smoke, “Let’s talk about it later! How is your cultivation now?”

“Elder Master, the weakest has reached to the Beast King, and the three of us are the strongest, we have formed Monster Soul!”

It was in his expectation. The Purple Fire Sect was abundant in spirit, and these spirit beasts had a certain foundation, so they would naturally get twice the result with half the effort when practicing.

“Go, gather everyone here!”

“Yes, Elder Master!”

Crane Spirit turned and left.

After a while, everyone was there. Looking at them, Kris said,“I’m very pleased that our Mountain Gate has been in orderly management when I am away. Given everyone’s performance, I decided to officially admit you as outer disciples of the True Divine Tao.”

In the courtyard, everyone was dumbfounded.

” Elder Master…you want to take in us?”

Lean Monkey couldn’t believe it, almost couldn’t believe his ears.

So did Fat Cat, Crane Spirit covered her small mouth with indescribable excitement.

They used to be uncivilized spirit beasts, although their intelligence is not low, there is no cultivation method, they are the lowest level creatures in the Purple Fire Sect.

Not even qualified to be a mount.

More often, they were regarded as sandbags or even targets by disciples.

But after encountering Kris, he not only enlightened them, but also taught them the orthodox practice method. Although he belongs to the True Divine Tao, he respects them.

Resources for cultivation were also provided by Kris. Thus everyone loves him from the bottom of their hearts, and they regard the True Divine Tao as their home.

Kris smiled, “Our True Divine Tao is different from other orthodoxes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a human, a demon, or a half demon, all can be treated equally.”

“Are you willing to swear the Taoism oath and come into my Mountain Gate?”

“Yes, we are!”

“Long live Elder Master!”

” Elder Master…It is our greatest fortune to be able to meet you in our life!”

Many people began to cry, the monster beasts of the Purple Fire Sect were far more pure and simple than those of outside, and they were easier to satisfy.

The Lean Monkey reacted the fastest, knelt on the ground with a puff, “I, Lean Monkey swear to the heaven that I will never betray the True Divine Tao, and I will never betray the Master. If not, let thunders hit and kill me!”

After that, he respectfully kowtowed nine times to Kris.


The Taoist oath was fulfilled with the thunder thundering.

Then followed by Crane Spirit, Fat Cat and others, and thunders came in a low.

“Good!” Kris nodded. Actually, he accepted these monsters mainly because of laziness, and the Purple Fire Sect did not say that he could not accept Demon Pill as his disciples!

“Starting from today, you are the disciples of the True Divine Tao.”

“Crane Spirit is the elder sister, Lean Monkey is the second elder brother, Fat Cat, the third elder brother… Today I will teach you the Taoism of strength. I have high expectations of you. The strength of the physical body must reach one strength within three years. Are you confident?”

“Yes!” All the disciples held their heads up, unspeakably excited.

“it is good!” Kris waved his hand, dozens of spiritual intelligence transmitted.

The foundation-building techniques of the True Divine Tao were all integrated into everyone’s spiritual platform!

A large amount of cultivation resources were collected in the Mountain Gate’s treasure house of the True Divine Tao by Kris.

These disciples were born in spirit beasts with powerful strength. Unlike the weak bodies of human beings, they would go further in Taoism of the flesh than humans!

Afterwards, Kris walked in the mountains of the True Divine Tao and once again enchanted hundreds of spirit beasts. Those with good talents were admitted as disciples, and those with poor gifts were treated as handymen at the mountain gate.

In this way, disciples of the True Divine Tao are already in place, and Kris has actually given out many resources to support them.

A few days later, the disciples of the True Divine Tao were practicing in front of the preaching stage. Kris deployed a sophisticated intelligent array in the mountain gate. Whether it is refining weapons or alchemy, it is fully automatic. .

Kris also set up a task list, mainly related to cultivation.

For example, whoever breaks through the strength of ten thousand jin first can be rewarded with spiritual stones, magic weapons, or magical pills!

The last breakthrough will be punished and so on.

Kris actively mobilizes the enthusiasm of his disciples by referring to the methods the earth managing employees.

In fact, if he doesn’t do this, these disciples will practice arduously as well.

But this would only make the disciples work harder and desperately!

Soon the word that the True Divine Tao incited spirit beasts as disciples spread, which made other people stunned.

“What is Beiyang doing, how could he accept these ignoble beasts as disciples!”

In the Fairy Dragon Tao, Lord Longruo pounded the table angrily, “Brother, should we let go of it?”

Lord Longxiang glanced at him, “Is there any rule in the Purple Fire Sect that clearly states that monsters can not be disciples? And this is the internal affairs of the True Divine Tao, it has nothing to do with you? You can ask him to single out if you are angry. Does this kind of thing happen rarely in the sect?”

Ninety-nine percent practitioners of the Purple Fire Sect are pure body refining, each one has a grumpy temper, and a little bit of friction can cause quarrels.

Seeing no one is convinced, the leader of the Purple Fire Sect adopted loose policy that fighting is allowed as long as no one is killed.

Even a special arena was opened up in the sect, which is so solid that even the actualized spirit can hardly break the defense.

Lord Longruo stopped talking for an instant, he was not an opponent of Kris for he was not a pure body refining practitioner, but a dual one of body and magic.

“Just wait and see, someone else who can’t stand it would challenge him.” Longxiang took a sip of tea, “Beiyang was the first of the Purple Fire Sect who receives monster beasts as disciples, except for two human, the Tao Master and Acting Tao Master. Do you think it enjoys a good reputation?”

Longruo agreed! Why he was so stupid that he couldn’t figure out such simple reason.

“Thank you for reminding me, elder brother, there will be a good show!”

On this day, Jianyang sent a large amount of resources and Practicing techniques and books, and Kris was deducing suitable body-building magic powers for these disciples.

The True Divine Tao practice is flawed. It is too difficult to visualize the self-god afterwards. A careless one can easily make oneself insane.

Just when he reached the critical point, with a bang, the mountain gate was directly broken by someone!

“Beiyang, get out!”

The loud sound even shook off the plaque of the True Divine Tao.

“Bang!” The plaque fell to the ground.

Many disciples were also awakened from cultivation, and even suffered backlash!

The sudden sound interrupted Kris’ enlightenment.

Boom! As divine Spiritual Power swept away, Kris was furious! He stepped outside and looked at many disciples suffused with panic.

“Beiyang, you…”

“Are you entitled to call Beiyang?”

Kris knew that these people would come to make troubles, but he didn’t expect in such an unscrupulous way that they really deem he as a soft persimmon( sick cat).

Boom! without saying a word, Kris raised his fist, smashing towards the big man .

After the Ninth-Step Iron Figure Skill practiced to the fifth step, Kris’ physical strength soared.

The first three steps are to release the power of the body itself. Starting from the fourth step, it is to condense the power of the flesh. The further you go, the harder it is to practice. In theory, the Ninth-Step Iron Figure Skill will practice until the ninth step, and at that time the flesh will reach to the peak of the actualized spirit!

Since Kris’ physical body was the pinnacle of accumulated spirit, the fifth step has been theoretically exploring and integrating the existing physical power within him.

How strong would the power be of the peak accumulated spirit.

With a punch, the space was trembling, the man winked, and he raised his hands to block!

“Boom!” As soon as the fist touched the person, there were two crisp bangs, and the big man’s wrist bones broke instantly!

A huge force hit the big man’s head, and the big man turned into a meteor, being smashed into the ground!

“Boom!” The huge explosion came out, the big man was directly smashed into the ground for a kilometer, the diameter of kilometer around was exploded, the earth cracked, and the mountain collapsed!

But for applying the mana, Taoist Strength or sword intent, Kris directly knocked down the big man merely relying on pure physical strength.


Kris cleaned his hands, pulverized a Vitality Pills to help his disciple recover from the hurt.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Crane Spirit, which Tao does that man belong to?”

Crane Spirit took a step forward and thought for a while, “It should be the Flesh and Blood Tao!”

“Okay, follow me!” With a big hand, Kris took a group of disciples away, and jumped to the Flesh and Blood Tao three hundred miles away!

Looking at the mountain gate surrounded by red light, Kris directly blasted out!

“Boom!” The scarlet curtain collapsed instantly, and a huge fist imprint hit the gate of the Flesh and Blood Tao!

Half a mountain was collapsed by a punch!

Due to great changes, thousands of disciples flew out of it. Everyone was shocked!

Who is it, who is so bold to attack the mountain gate?

“The Tao Master of the Flesh and Blood Tao, get out, is this trash yours?”

Kris grabbed the big man’s neck and shouted.

Dozens of rays of light rose into the sky, and in the blink of an eye they came to the opposite side of Kris.

Everyone was a great almighty in the accumulated spirit stage, and their blood was like a dragon, standing there, the blood in their bodies almost shook the clouds in the sky.

The head is a lean man. Thin as he is, Kris knew that this person’s body has been cultivated to the Back-to-self stage.

Judging from the momentum, the head could almost match him!

That would be Fulfilled period Accumulated spirit! Kris narrowed his eyes.

“Are you Beiyang?” The Tao Master of the Flesh and Blood Tao, Lord Xuanxu looked at Kris.

“I’ll ask again, is this trash yours?”

“Innocent, let go of elder brother Ruoxu!” A man behind Lord Xuanxu shouted loudly, his eyes red as blood, qi and blood swelling, even if they were so far apart, Kris could hear the boiling blood in his body like a river.

“He ran up to the True Divine Tao to provoke me and yell at me, hurt my disciples. How to deal with it?”

The man want to say something else, but Lord Xuanxu stretched out his hand to stop him.

“Though Junior Brother Ruoxu injured your disciple, you also broke our gate, then wipe it out, what do you think?”

“Shit!” Kris spit out a phlegm, “Write of? Go hell! Beat my man, and then was beaten back. Is there such a good thing in the world?”

“Or, do you treat me Beiyang as a soft persimmon?”

“I hit the roof!” The man behind Lord Xuanxu couldn’t help it anymore, “Tao Master, this person is too aggressive, let me defeat him and let him kneel in front of you to kowtow!”

Then he exerted force under his feet, stepping in the air, making a surprise attack!

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