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Chapter 547: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 547 She’s The One I Like (1)

“Oh, the meal has been delivered, the delivery man came very quickly.”

Qiqi walked in front of Yuqi Mu angrily and said, “Don’t play dumb with me, take your things away quickly!”

“Why should I take the things away? These are all I bought to show filial respect to my aunt and uncle.” Yuqi looked at Qiqi’s parents confidently and said, “There is a misunderstanding about what happened before, I hope you can give me a chance to explain.”

Qiqi’s father was quite calm as he asked, “What misunderstanding could be a reasonable excuse for you to bully Qiqi?”

“I did not bully her, on the contrary, she has been bullying me.”

Ha, Qiqi finally knew what was the meaning of calling white black.

Qiqi smiled instead of being angry and waited for Yuqi’s response, asking, “Yuqi, tell me clearly, how do I bully you?”

Being stared by Qiqi, Yuqi was not in a hurry and said slowly, “A few days ago, something happened to you at school and you had nowhere to go, so I ended up taking you in, right? When you got sick, I also took care of you until you recovered, right? Now that you’re fine, you just left directly and even are still as cold as ice to me, aren’t you being a little too realistic and cruel?”

Yuqi’s accusation made Qiqi feel quite awkward.

Qiqi’s parents also looked quite surprised after hearing Yuqi’s words, and finally, her father asked in a trembling tone, “You two have lived together?”

Qiqi then explained hurriedly, “No, no, Chuxue Ye, the owner of my part-time shop also lives with us. The three of us live together.”

Then Qiqi thought: Damn it!It’s better not to say this. Why dose it sound even more ambiguous after I said this thing.

Just as Qiqi was in anxiety, Jake said beside her:

“Uncle and aunt, don’t worry. I believe in Qiqi’s character, and she won’t do anything that goes too far.”

Jake’s warm voice soothed Qiqi’s heart. She kept nodding and looking at her parents with an expectant expression.

Then, Jake turned his head to look at Yuqi again, whose expression had a hint of disdain.

“It’s not uncommon to stay at a friend’s house when you’re in trouble, but tarnishing Qiqi’s reputation in this way is not what a friend should do.”

“Who said we were friends,” said Yuqi, who was not easy to be messed with, then he said the words that made everyone present shock, “She’s the one I like.”

Hearing his words, Qiqi’s entire body froze.

She looked at Yuqi’s eyes and thought to herself, “This guy is indeed a scourge ……

Seeing that they were shocked by his words, Yuqi was satisfied.

Well, this was the reaction he wanted. He just wanted everyone to know that Qiqi was his woman!

Curling up his lips, Yuqi looked at the motionless Qiqi’s parents and said, “Let’s not talk about that. These dishes are cooked by the chef of a five-star restaurant, which taste very good. I bought them specially for you as an apology for my capriciousness two days ago. I don’t think you would welcome me to stay and enjoy the meal together, so you take your time to eat and I’ll go back first.”

After saying that, Yuqi bowed to the two elders, and then left.

The figure of Yuqi closing the door was filled with loneliness and desolation, which made people feel quite sorry after looking at it.

Qiqi was dumbfounded for a moment, and only after Yuqi closed the door did she come back to her senses.

Covering her chest, Qiqi grunted and thought: Good for you, you’ve even learned how to use the ruse of self-injury to win my parents confidence.

That is fine for him to use the ruse, but why do I feel panic and blush? Damn it, Qiqi, you have to be calm!

Qiqi silently calmed herself down, but she actually felt even more panicked in her heart.

Suddenly, a warmth came from the palm of her hand, causing Qiqi to freeze.

After looking up, Qiqi saw Jake, then she gradually calmed herself down, feeling as if she had fallen into a starry sky of shiny light.

Jake smiled at Qiqi and said, “I’ve taken a look at the meal, which also includes ribs. Don’t you want to eat the ribs? Come and taste some.”

Qiqi curled her red lips with an arrogant expression, saying: “These are what Yuqi bought, I don’t want to eat.”

“If you don’t eat those dishes, won’t it be a waste? Although you are angry with Yuqi, these delicacies are all innocent. I think they don’t want to be bought by someone like Yuqi either.”

“Well, it’s quite possible too.”

“As a saying goes: There’s a reason for the injustice and debt. Don’t bother yourself being angry with Yuqi, and sit down to enjoy the meal.”

As Jake said, he pressed Qiqi’s shoulder to make her sit down.

Then Jake used his excellent verbal talent to persuade Qiqi’s parents to sit down together and enjoy the delicious food and wine. The atmosphere seemed to be quite joyful.

But actually, everyone had no appetite and ate absentmindedly.

After the meal, Qiqi and Jake went to take out the rubbish together.

Downstairs, Qiqi hesitated for a moment and called out Jake.

“Well, me and Yuqi, we really don’t …… have …… that kind of relationship.”

“I believe you.”

Qiqi had wanted to say something else, but she didn’t expect that Jake would say those three simple words, making her not know what to say afterwards.

Seeing Qiqi looking at himself dumbly, Jake couldn’t help but rub her head and said with a smile, “What’s wrong?”

“Ah, I just didn’t expect that you would trust me so much.”

“I’ll judge for myself what kind of person you are, instead of labeling you by someone else’s words.”

Jake’s trust and support made Qiqi smile bitterly.

“Well, I’m really getting glad that I got to know you. It feels so good to be trusted.”

“From what you’re saying, it sounds like someone doesn’t trust you.”

Not wanting to recall that unhappy experience, Qiqi shook her head and said, “It’s all in the past. By the way, where are we going to play tomorrow?”

“Well, before I came here, I heard that there’s a park over here where holds art exhibitions from time to time, and there are quite a few great people, so I want to go and have a look.”

“I know the park you’re talking about! Then we’ll take our chance tomorrow and go to the park to have a look. Even if there’s no art exhibition, the gardening there is also great, and even lots of wedding photography studios go to the park for finding a view.”


The two chatted as they walked back, being unaware that someone was looking at them coldly upstairs.

Yuqi admitted that he had underestimated this young man.

Instead of succumbing to his fame, this man confronted him without being servile or pushy, and so far, he had made good results.

To be honest, Yuqi admired the man of courage and counsel. But what they were competing for was Yuqi’s beloved one this time, so he would never give him a single chance.

So no matter how good that young man was, he was destined to be a loser!


It was Monday, and Qiqi and Jake went to the park to take a chance, but they didn’t expect that there would really be an art exhibition. So they were very delighted, as if they had won a lottery.

However, Qiqi didn’t know much about these artworks, so after looking at them for a while, she lost interest in them.

While Jake chatted with an artist, and the two of them got on very well with each other.

Seeing that Jake was so interested in the art exhibition, Qiqi didn’t want to spoil the fun, so she just stood aside and stared at the water lilies in the pond.

“Qiqi, do you want to eat some ice cream?”

Qiqi was excited at once after hearing the two words ‘ice cream’, who had been quite bored, then she hurriedly nodded and said: “Yes!”

Jake then smiled and said, “Wait for me then, I’ll go buy one for you.”

“But weren’t you just chatting?”

“Chatting with him for a while is enough. No matter how, I can’t leave you alone because of other people, right?”

Jake’s voice seemed to be magnetic, making people feel quite warm and comfortable after hearing him talk.

However, Qiqi was like an ‘insulator’, that insulated his magnetic poles. Though she knew that Jake was gentle and considerate, she just couldn’t have feeling for him.

Noticing that Qiqi avoided seeing him, Jake did not say anything, who just rubbed her hair and then got up to buy ice cream.

At the dessert station, there was a man standing there, staring cantankerously at Jake

But after Jake bought two strawberry ice creams, he turned around to leave at once, as if he hadn’t seen him.

“Compared to strawberry ice creams, Qiqi prefers chocolate flavoured ones.”

Jake stopped walking after hearing his words, then turned around and said, “No matter what flavour it is, as long as it is the ice cream I buy, Qiqi will like it.”

His words succeeded in irritating Yuqi.

Then Yuqi clenched his fist, not wanting to talk nonsense with Jake anymore, and said, “You, leave Qiqi, and I can give you a sum of money for that.”

Jake sneered and said, “Haha, you finally look for me to talk about this topic.”

His smile made Yuqi frown, then he asked: “Do you agree, or disagree?”

“What do you think?”

“I guess you will not lose heart until you reach a dead end. Even if I give you a huge sum of money, you won’t be moved. It doesn’t matter, I have another good idea to get you leave Qiqi.”

“Then tell me, what is the good idea you have?”

Yuqi then curled up his lips and said carelessly, “As far as I know, your parents’ had you at an old age and they love you very much, so if anything happens to you, they would definitely be heartbroken. But if something happens to them, would you be heartbroken too?”

It was obvious that Yuqi was threatening Jake.

And his threat was also Jake’s soft spot.

But instead of immediately conceding, Jake looked at him disdainfully and said: “Hum, this is what you’re thinking of? You are really despicable!”

But Yuqi did not care about his words, who shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s fine if it works well, I don’t care about the process.”

“What about Qiqi, does she not mind it either? If she knows that you use this kind of shameless method, she will only get further and further away from you.”

After hearing his words, Yuqi was dazed for an instant, but he quickly came back to his senses and said, “It’s none of your business. I will have my own way, all you need to do is just disappearing from our life.”

“What if I don’t agree?”

“Well, then you can’t blame me for being hard-hearted.” Yuqi pretended to be very sorry and said, “Your father is a great master of traditional Chinese painting, it would be a pity for many people if they could never enjoy a masterpiece like the work of your father again.”

Yuqi shook his head as he spoke, as if he had been truly sorry.

“How dare you! It seems that Qiqi made a wise decision by not choosing you.”

“Bastard, what did you say!?”

As Yuqi was about to swing his fist, Jake turned around unhurriedly and said, “If you don’t mind being known by Qiqi that you are following us, then just punch me!”

After hearing his words, Yuqi stopped his movement and put down his fist, looking at Jake’s back angrily.

Then he thought: I, Yuqi Mu, should be mocked by a brat!!

And for all this, Qiqi is to blame, because she is my soft spot.

But that woman is not self-conscious at all, and she even helps those initiators of evil to go against me, making me feel so hurt and painful.

Looking at Jake’s back, Yuqi frowned and said angrily: “You’ve got some nerve! Since you think I am joking with you, I will be serious for once this time to let you know what is the price of pissing me off!”

Jake then returned to Qiqi and handed her the ice cream.

Qiqi took it happily, but with a suspicious expression on her face.

“Hmm, the ice cream seems to have melted.”

“Oh, I ran into a friend on the way back, so I had a chat with him, taking a little time.”

“How come you have an acquaintance here too?”

“I used to study painting and be educated by a famous teacher, so I have known many people in the fine arts circle and it’s normal that I bump into them here.”

Qiqi nodded and said, “Well, that’s true.”

“Eat it now, it is going to melt in a while.”

Qiqi licked it and said, “Mmm, the chocolate flavoured ice cream is the most delicious.”

After hearing her words, Jake curled up his lips and said: “If you eat too much chocolate, you will turn dark.”

His words made Qiqi immediately change her decision, then she said, “Then I’d better eat the strawberry flavoured one.”

Chapter 547 She’s The One I Like (2)

Looking at Qiqi’s well-behaved look, Jake couldn’t help but pinch her face and said, “Well, you are quite charming when you look as pink and soft as a strawberry.”

“Don’t pinch my face, it is already big. It’ll swell up after you pinch it.”

“It’s okay, I think you look quite good.”

Jake looked at Qiqi gently with affection.

His expression made Qiqi sigh helplessly, thinking: Why does he look at me like that again? I really can’t stand it!

People passing by all could not help but feel that it was good to be young, after seeing Qiqi and Jake, who was still looking tenderly at Qiqi with affection.

There happened to be an empty easel ahead. Then Jake tugged Qiqi over and said excitedly, “Qiqi, let me draw a portrait for you.”

“You know how to draw?”

“Yes. Come on, sit down and don’t move around.”

Jake pressed Qiqi to sit down, then he found a position with the best angle and started to draw Qiqi’s face with simple lines.

At first, Qiqi found that having her portrait painted was quite interesting, so she sat still, not daring to move.

But as time went on, she couldn’t sit still any longer and started to look left and right, hoping that Jake would finish drawing soon.

As she waited, Qiqi became sleepy and she started to close her eyes, nodding her head over and over again.

“It’s done.”

What? What’s done?

Qiqi wiped the corner of her mouth in confusion, then looked straight ahead. And only after she saw Jake’s face clearly, did she know that the portrait was done.

Getting up and moving her stiff limbs, Qiqi walked over to Jake’s side and looked at the portrait.

“Wow, not bad. It’s even more beautiful than me.”

To be honest, Jake was really good at drawing. The Qiqi he drew was so lively and dynamic that her charm and temperament could even be felt through the drawing.

Seeing that Qiqi liked it very much, Jake said with a smile, “My technique can only portray one hundredth of you in person. The real you is far more vivid and lovely than this painting.”

When Jake said this, he looked at Qiqi with a meaningful expression, as if he was about to confess his love.

This was awkward.

Qiqi rubbed her head and deliberately changed the topic, saying, “Haha, I’m not that good. I was obviously asleep, so you must not dare to draw my ugly face. By the way. Did I snore?”

Jake was not fooled by Qiqi’s gag, who looked Qiqi straight in the eye and said, “I am serious. Qiqi, I ……”

“It’s getting late, I’m going back.”

Before Jake finished saying, Qiqi ran away at once, just like a rabbit.

Looking at Qiqi’s back, Jake smiled helplessly.

It seemed that Qiqi had already realized what was going on, and that was why she ran away like this.

Sighing softly, Jake followed her and said, “I’ll see you off, then.”

Seeing that Jake did not mention the topic he had just said, Qiqi gently sighed in relief and smiled at Jake, “Yeah, okay.”

Qiqi did not avoid Jake anymore. Then the two of them walked side by side for a long time, and neither of them spoke first.

Slightly frowning, Qiqi felt quite nervous and panic.

She wondered: If what I did upset Jake? It is indeed rude to interrupt someone like that. If Jake didn’t mean to confess his love to me, but to say something serious, would that be awkward?

The more Qiqi thought about it, the more annoyed she felt, who thought that she had ruined the day.


Just as Qiqi was letting her imagine run away, Jake suddenly said.

Hurriedly looking at him, Qiqi raised her head and asked, “What is it?”

Jake was silent for a moment and said, “Last time when Yuqi Mu came to the training course to look for you, I noticed that you two were getting along very well, and there was no awkwardness between you.”

Qiqi never expected that Jake would say such a thing in such a situation.

Thinking about that man, Qiq felt quite complicated, and she could not figure out what she really felt for Yuqi.

But one thing was clear to Qiqi, and that was that she did not want to get involved with this man for the time being.

“Jake, can we not mention him.”

Ignoring Qiqi’s resistance, Jake said with a meaningful expression: “Actually, I sometimes envy him.”

Qiqi felt quite surprised after hearing his words.

In their usual contact, Qiqi felt that Jake was very contemptuous of Yuqi, but at this moment, why would he say such words?

Qiqi pondered for a moment and asked, “What do you envy him for? Being rich?”

He shook his head and said, “No, I envy him for being able to see the real you.”

His words made Qiqi frown and asked, “You mean that I have been disguising myself in front of you?”

Then Jake thought: Why can not this girl understand the real meaning of my words?

Jake looked at her helplessly and explained, “What I mean is that you only laugh freely and have no scruples in front of Yuqi. But when you are with me, you always have your guard up, as if I would eat you.”

Without thinking, Qiqi immediately shook her head and said, “No.”

“Then don’t be so polite with me all the time. We’re friends too, aren’t we?”

“Oh, okay, I know.”

Looking at Qiqi’s cautious look, who seemed to be afraid of angering himself, Jake knew that Qiqi didn’t know what his words meant at all.

Then he thought: Well, it’s still a long way to go.

Jake sighed, then turned his head to look at Qiqi and said, “You’d better take a day off tomorrow. Playing all day is also very tiring. Besides, it’s not good for me to ask you to stay with me for too long, otherwise your parents should be unsatisfied with me.”

Judging from his words, he did not know much about Qiqi’s parents, who actually wanted Qiqi to stay with him all day and cultivate feelings with Jake.

But Jake’s decision was just what Qiqi wanted, so she nodded and said, “Okay, then call me whenever you want to go out to play.”

“No problem.”

When Qiqi got home, it was just about to get dark, and the lights in the house were dimly lit.

When she pushed the door in, she felt the atmosphere in the house was quite strange.

Now knowing why, Qiqi felt that the house was very strange and her heart was filled with apprehension even before she saw her parents.

Taking off her coat, Qiqi said loudly, “Mom and Dad, I’m home.”

Hearing Qiqi’s voice, her parents came out of the room and her mother said in a hoarse voice:


Just after saying Qiqi’s name, her mother choked up and couldn’t speak anymore.

Seeing her mother in such a state, Qiqi was shocked and went over to hold her mother’s hand and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong, why are your eyes so red? Have you been crying? What happened?”

In an instant, all sorts of tragic stories appeared in Qiqi’s mind, while her mother kept her head down and didn’t say anything, making Qiqi feel so anxious that she was about to cry.

Finally, Qiqi’s father said in a gloomy voice, “When that kind of thing happened to you at school, why didn’t you tell us? And why did you choose to suffer all by yourself? My little girl!”

When she heard this, Qiqi became quite panic, thinking that her parents must have known something.

But she still pretended to be quite calm and asked: “Mom and Dad, what are you talking about?”

At this moment, Qiqi’s mother was calmer and looked at her with both heartache and discontent expression in her eyes, saying, “Don’t hide it, we already know what happened at school. Qiqi, you must feel sad about being misunderstood. It’s even harder to bear the feeling of having no one to talk to about your thing. Others can’t support you, but mum and dad are definitely on your side, so why didn’t you tell us?”

“Yes, if we would have known it earlier, we could have contacted your teachers, or even your school leaders to help you.”

At this moment, Qiqi suddenly had a feeling of powerlessness.

Why didn’t she tell her mother and father? The answer was simple: Though her mom was always casual and careless, she had a heart condition and could not take strong stimuli.

Therefore, Qiqi thought that it was hard enough for her mother to cope with her busy work schedule, and if she were to be bothered by her affairs again, she would surely have a heart disease.

As her mother smelt like herbs now, she must have taken a quick-acting heart pill just now.

The matter was over and few people knew about this thing, so her mother and father should not have been able to know about it, but how did they know now?

Qiqi did not say anything, frowning.

Seeing that Qiqi did not say anything, Qiqi’s mother became even more anxious and said, “Even until now, you still want to hide it from us? You are good in every other way, except that you don’t like to tell us when something’s wrong with you. If anything happens to you, what can I do?”

After taking a deep breath, Qiqi looked up at her parents indifferently and said, “I am your daughter, this kind of rumour is just an exercise for me. Before, I was not strong enough, so I was attacked in every way. But now I am different and I’ve grown up, so don’t worry about me.”

“Don’t worry? You were in hospital and have suffered from mental illness, how can we not worry about you?”

They knew quite a lot about this thing, it seemed that someone had deliberately revealed this thing to her parents.

And of course Qiq could guess who this person is without thinking too much!

Qiqi clenched her fist, and a cold expression appeared in her eyes.

While Qiqi’s mother was still crying, Qiqi’s father was comforting her, who then sighed and looked at Qiqi, saying seriously, “We are also worried about you, Qiqi, no matter what happens in the future, mom and dad will always be your strong backing.”

Qiqi smiled and said, “It’s all over, and I’m okay now. Look at me now, I’m doing fine. I always have to go through something in life before I can fully grow up. Now I’m completely different from the old me, and I’m much stronger inside.”

Seeing her daughter smile indifferently, Qiqi’s mother became even more heartbroken instead.

She held her daughter’s hand and said, “But we wish we could have taken care of you at that time, and it will be our lifelong regret if we can not stay with you when you are at your most vulnerable.”

Her mother’s tears made Qiqi feel deeply guilty.

She then held her mother’s hand and said seriously: “I know, I promise that I won’t pretend to be strong like that again. You just don’t feel bad, okay?”

“Well, my little girl……”

“Okay, it’s all fine now. I even got to know Jake by accident for this thing, isn’t that a blessing in disguise? We’ll get better and better.”

Qiqi’s father gently patted her head and said, “Qiqi is right, we will get better and better. Now that some things are over, it is useless to think about them now. But Qiqi, you have to promise us that you will tell us about everything if anything happens to you in the future, and you won’t take it on your own.”

“I see, of course I will.”

“So have you eaten yet?”

“Yes. Mother, just go and take a break now.”

Qiqi’s mother indeed needed to rest at the moment. Because she had been quite irritated by the unexpected news, she needed some peace and quiet now

Qiqi’s father took Qiqi’s mother back to her room, while Qiqi stood there, becoming more and more gloomy.

She was so angry, as if a fire had been burning in her heart and burning out her reason. Then she went across the room, raising her hand and pounding on the door.

After a while, someone inside opened the door, then he raised his eyebrow after seeing Qiqi standing at the door.

“It’s a rarity that you would come to me.”

Tilting her head to look at the man, Qiqi clenched her fist and said indignantly, “Yuqi, you’ve gone too far!”

Yuqi looked quite puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong again?”

“Did you tell my parents about my hospitalization?”

Then Yuqi said, frowning, “I didn’t.”

Although Yuqi denied it, Qiqi didn’t believe him at all, who was certain that the man in front of her was the culprit, because apart from him, no one could have done such a detrimental thing to her.

Looking at the man in front of her, Qiqi felt so disappointed that she was about to cry.

“Once upon a time, I only thought you were domineering, but at least you were not bad. But now I realize that you are simply a villain! You have promised me that you wouldn’t talk to my parents about that thing, but you should use such unseemly tactic behind my back! Do you think I won’t suspect you if you don’t admit it? You are so childish!”

Her sudden accusation made Yuqi feel quite annoyed, who then raised his volume and questioned her: “Before you accuse me and let me take the blame, shouldn’t you make it clear and tell me exactly what happened!”

“What else should I say? Aren’t you the one who told my parents about my hospitalization? Just because I didn’t listen to you, you just punish me like that, and even involve my parents in this whole thing!”

The more Qiqi said, the angrier she became. But she felt more disappointed and sad than angry.

Looking at Qiqi, Yuqi was furious and he yelled in an even louder voice, “I told you that I didn’t tell your parents about that thing!”

“Who else could it be if it were not you!?”

“How could I know? I did not do that anyway. Qiqi, you can’t suspect me whenever something like that happens.”

“But you’re the only one who has the motivation to do such a thing.”

Yuqi then squinted his eyes and asked: “So you think I’m a villain who would use your soft spot to threaten you?”

Qiqi said at once, without even thinking, “Yes, that’s right!”

Such an answer made Yuqi feel quite hurt.

Did this woman not know how many things he had done for her? He did like her, but he still had a bottom line!

Then he slowly clenched the palms of his hands hanging on his sides into fists and said: “If I were a villain, I would have taken advantage of you long time ago, and how would I still give you the chance to point at my nose and scold me here? Qiqi, why are you so pigheaded? What are you thinking on earth!?”

However, Yuqi’s words did not make Qiqi become sensible.

“I indeed am as stupid as a pig, that’s why I trust you again and again. But this time, I won’t make the same mistake again!”

Qiqi’s disbelief in him made Yuqi suddenly smile.

“You’re right, so am I.”

Yuqi smiled coldly, which Qiqi had never seen before.

This made Qiqi feel uneasy in her heart, so she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Now that I like you so much, of course I am going to do what you want.”

“You ……”

“Well, it’s getting late, I need to rest. Good night and have a sweet dream.”

Then Yuqi pushed Qiqi out of the door and closed the door at once.

After she staggered for a second, Qiqi looked at the closed door and slapped the door.

But this time, there was no more response from inside.

Qiqi frowned and said to warn him, “Yuqi. Don’t you dare to do anything stupid!”

Because she was worried that her parents might hear her, Qiqi didn’t dare to speak to him loudly, so she didn’t know if Yuqi heard her words or not.

As she returned to her room with anxiety, Qiqi’s expression was gloomy, being afraid that something bad would happen recently.

However, a few days had passed and nothing happened. As for Yuqi, he seemed to have moved away, whom Qiqi had not seen for a long time.

But at the same time, Jake did not show up in these days as well.

Although he said that he had to take two days off, he just seemed to disappear and there was no news from him at all!

Had he gone home?

Out of courtesy, Qiqi called Jake to ask him how he was doing.

“Hello, Jake, how have you been ……”

“Excuse me, are you a friend of the patient?”

Before Qiqi finished saying her words, she was interrupted by the person on the other end of the phone.

He was not Jake, and what he said shocked Qiqi.

“The patient?”

“Yes, here is a hospital, and the patient was injured, who suffered a brain injury and is convalescing in the hospital.”

“What!?” Qiqi was quite shocked after hearing the words, then she hurriedly asked, “Tell me your address, I’ll come now!”

Inside the hospital…

Jake had gauze wrapped around his head and was holding a cup of hot water in his hand, smiling at Qiqi ingratiatingly.

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