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Chapter 548: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 548 Can’t You See That I Like You? (1)

But Qiqi was oblivious to Jake’s ingratiation and stared at him as she wrapped her arms around her chest, frowning at the same time.

Having no other way, Jake apologized, “Alright. I know I shouldn’t have kept you in the dark about my injury. I’m sorry.”

So you know you are not right,” Qiqi said as she frowned,“ You don’t know anyone other than me here, let alone having someone to look after you. Under this kind of situation, you still say nothing to me! That is irresponsible to yourself and disbelief in me!”

“It’s not that serious, is it?”

“It is that serious!”

Looking at Qiqi’s serious expression, Jake smiled lightly and said, “Actually, there are doctors and nurses looking after me, who are quite good to me. So I think informing you of this thing will only scare you and make you worry.”

“But you feel the most vulnerable when you are sick, and companionship is most needed.”

“Is that your voice of experience?”

After blinking her eyes, Qiqi looked away and said: “This is the kind of thing that any normal person would understand, right?”

Qiqi’s dodge caused Jake to sigh, who then lowered his head, making Qiqi wonder what he was thinking.

Because of feeling diffident, Qiqi did not want to talk about this topic anymore and she asked about the reason for his injury.

“Speaking of which, how did you get hurt so badly?”

Jake shook his head with a complicated expression and said, “I’m not sure. I was walking on the road and was suddenly surrounded by five people, who started to hit me without saying anything.”

Qiqi was puzzled by his words and muttered, “You’re new here, and you shouldn’t have messed with anyone. So why did they only pick on you?”

Jake shrugged and said, “Who knows, maybe they just don’t like me.”

Qiqi frowned and said, tilting her head, as if she was saying to herself, “This is so inexplicable. I don’t feel right about this.”

“Well, forget about it. I’ve called the police, just let them handle it.”

What Jake did make Qiqi feel that he was very generous and gracious, but she was full of guilt. With her head bowed, she said, “I’m really sorry that this happened to you when you come here on holiday.”

“Silly girl, this has nothing to do with you, why do you apologize? On the contrary, I’m glad to be in hospital.”

Then she looked at him in shock, as if she had seen a fool, then she said, “You become silly after you were hit by them, right? Why do you feel glad to be in hospital?”

Jake did not become depressed because of his injury.

On the contrary, he smiled happily, staring at Qiqi and said, “I’m not stupid, I just know that this is the only way that you are willing to sit by my side and not try to slip away.”

After hearing his words, Qiqi was stunned.

Even if Qiqi was a careless person, she could still feel the deep love in Jake’s eyes.

At this moment, he no longer hid his passionate love for Qiqi, who even wanted Qiqi’s response.

But Qiqi looked away, not daring to respond to his words, and could only pretend to be confused and not understand what he said.

But this time Jake did not give Qiqi a chance to dodge, who thought: Since she is pretending to be confused, the I’d better be frank.

“Qiqi, can’t you see that I like you?”

Even though Qiqi knew that Jake seemed to have a crush on her, hearing his words in person was still a big shock to her.

“I …… you …… that ……”

Qiqi tried to say something to ease the awkward atmosphere.

But her brain went blank and she couldn’t say anything , though she was actually quite talkative.

“I know that you still like Yuqi Mu.”

She did not know what to say, but Jake actually had a lot to say to her.

And his words still went straight to the heart of the matter.

But Qiqi did not admit, who said confidently, “Who would like that egomaniac! I don’t like him, not at all!”

The more Qiqi said, the louder her voice became, and while replying to Jake, she was also secretly admonishing herself not to waste extra feelings on the wrong person.

Looking at Qiqi defending her dignity like a little wolf dog, Jake smiled and shook his head, saying: “Don’t fool yourself, it’s useless. You won’t believe it, I won’t believe it, and Yuqi won’t believe it either. Since you don’t want to be with him, I have an idea that will make you dissociate yourself from Yuqi and make him not bother you anymore in the future.”

Qiqi was interested in Jake’s word at once, who stared at him and asked: “What is it?”

“The best way to let him give up on you and bring you relief is to start a real relationship.” Then he patted himself and said, “You see, someone as good as me is a good candidate for you. How nice it is for you to have someone who likes you very much and still is willing to be used by you.”

Jake pretended to be quite delighted as he said, but his voice actually had a strong sense of heartache and helplessness.

Qiqi thought: The man in front of me is so good that he should have been matched with an equally good woman. But how could he like someone like me?

This question troubled Qiqi, who couldn’t help but ask, “Jake, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Why do you …… like me? I know I am worse off than some and better off than many, but you’re still too good for me.”

“But I just like you, I like everything about you, what can I do?” Jake was quite honest, “You look smart, but you’re actually muddleheaded as hell. When someone treats you well, you’re so touched that you can’t wait to do all the good things for them. So you’re easy to fool. And although we haven’t known each other long, I just couldn’t stand that you get upset. So I got you to come around and gave you a few suggestions from time to time. Perhaps because of that, I started to be in love with you and just can not stop loving you.”

When Jake finished speaking, he was a little anxious after he saw that Qiqi was still silent: “After all I’ve said, shouldn’t you tell me something? Even if you just say ‘thank you’ to me will do.”

“Well, thank you.”

Qiqi was usually stubborn, but at this time, she was obedient to Jake, making Jake wonder that if she said that on purpose.

Then Jake sighed softly and said helplessly, “I really don’t know what to do with you!”

Qiqi also felt that her reply was a bit perfunctory, who scratched her head in a tangle with her eyebrows frowning, then she thought for a while and said, “I’m in a bit of a mess. This thing happened so suddenly that I can no longer think.”

“Well, that’s true. You’re so stupid, this whole thing is indeed more than you can handle.”

Then Qiqi thought: One moment you are confessing your love to me, and the next moment you just start to blame me without mercy, what do you want to do on earth?

She frowned and asked angrily, “Who are you calling stupid!?”

“I’m talking about you,” Jake replied as a matter of course, who recalled the past with a complicated expression, “I have thought you are cute, hardworking and kind since you were at tutorial class, except that you are a little stupid. My love for you is so obvious that everyone knows that I am in love with you. But you’re the only one who’s still stupid enough to think I don’t have feelings for you.”

Jake expressed his love in a profound and unobtrusive way, making Qiqi not only not have forced feeling, but also know that his words had full of affection to her at the same time.

But even he said with such affection, he still didn’t touch Qiqi’s heart, but made her feel even more embarrassed.

Lowering her head, Qiqi avoided the eager expression in Jake’s eyes and said, “That’s because I trust you, but who would have thought that you would hide it so well.”

“That’s because you’re stupid.”

“But you’re the one who’s more cunning.”

“Well, I am cunning. So do you want to consider my suggestion?”

He started to talk that topic again, making Qiqi sigh helplessly before saying, “But I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“How do you know it won’t work if you don’t have a try? Or do you have a good idea to get rid of Yuqi?”

Qiqi shook her head and said helplessly, “Not yet.”

“Then listen to me and let’s put on a show. I rarely have holidays, so I don’t want the egomaniac to ruin my holiday. Let’s just work with each other and resolve the external conflicts first, then you can take your time thinking about the relationship between us.”

Looking at Jake, Qiqi felt like a sinner. She felt that she was really bad because she could not be able to respond to Jake’s feelings, but also would take advantage of him in a blatantly.

But just as Jake had said, could she think of anything else except for this solution?


Looking at Qiqi’s eyes, Jake knew clearly what she was thinking.

But instead of relieving her, he said jokingly, “What, you are touched by my being understanding and considerable?”

Qiqi also understood that Jake did not want to force her, and there were some things that he would not continue to say after he had mentioned once.

Now that Jake was unwilling to mention that thing, Qiqi naturally would not take the initiative to mention it, so she smiled and said, “You’ve thought too much, I just want to ask if you are hungry now.”

After hearing her words, Jake sighed with a painful expression and said, “Qiqi, you’re really a total foodie. I wonder if you’ll finally choose me if I turn into a steamed bun with meat stuffing?”

Looking at Jake’s teasing expression, which hid his deep love, Qiqi started to smile bitterly.

Then she thought: Why can’t I like Jake? If I liked him, I would not be in such pain as I am now.

What he said is right, the best way to get over a relationship is to start a new one.

He is so good, so maybe I will really fall in love with him if I get to know him slowly.

As time goes by, everything will fade away and one day, I will forget Yuqi and bring peace back into my otherwise uneventful days.

Qiqi curled up her lips, who had a resolute expression in her eyes.


After a few days of convalescence, Jake’s injuries were much better. The gauze on his forehead was also removed, leaving only his face, which was still bruised and battered.

They both deliberately not mentioned the name of that person, as if in their lives, this person had never existed.

But Qiqi knew that this was just self-deception. Because Yuqi was like a floating ball in the sea water, the harder he was pressed down in the sea of her mind, the more tenaciously he would hold himself up and she would then miss him more and more.

But this guy did not show up for a long time.

Could it be that he had given up on her?

Thinking of this possibility, Qiqi took a deep breath, thinking that it was still good and both of them could be relieved at last.

She deliberately suppressed the thoughts in her heart and kept numbing herself to accept the status quo.

But just as Qiqi was about to succeed in doing that, a phone call came, which broke all the tranquility of pretence.

On that day, Jake went for a medical check-up, and Qiqi waited for him in the ward in silence.

When she was bored, she took out her mobile phone to read the news, but because she was absent-minded, she didn’t read anything, just kept staring at the screen.

In the midst of the silence, Jake’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Qiqi glanced at it and didn’t intend to pay any attention to it.

But the phone rang over and over again, and she was worried that it might be someone calling for something important, so she picked it up for Jake.


On the other side of the phone, there was voice of a formulaic tone saying, “Hello, this is the police station. There has been an update on the attack on the victim, come to the station for advice if you are convenient.”

Gripping the phone tightly, Qiqi hurriedly asked, “Excuse me, have you already found the culprit?”

“Not yet, but we have found very important clues. And it’s only a matter of time before we find the murderer.”

“What kind of clues?”

“We’ve caught the hatchet man and he confessed that he was ordered to do it. But he refused to say who ordered him to do that, so we need a little more time to find the murderer.”

Ordered to do that?

After hearing such an answer, Qiqi frowned.

Jake had not been here for long, and he didn’t know many people, so how could he have offended anyone? Besides, given his gentle disposition, it didn’t seem like he would get into a fight with anyone.

Qiqi thought this was very strange, and after hearing the following words, Qiqi was so shocked that she squinted her eyes at once.

“By the way, the hatchet man inadvertently revealed that his employer had an accent of Capital City and was very rich, who was full of superiority judging from the tone of his voice. Think about it yourselves, whether you have offended such a person, so that you can provide some important clues as well.”

Then Qiqi thought: Capital City……superiority……isn’t it……

Once the seed of doubt was planted in the heart, it would take root as quickly as possible. So when Qiqi came back to her senses, she had been already convinced of her own judgment without doubt.

Chapter 548 Can’t You See That I Like You? (2)

Then Qiqi thought: Yuqi Mu must have done that. Jake is unfamiliar with the place, and the only person he knows is just Yuqi, so he must have had a confrontation with Yuqi.

Just a short while ago, Yuqi even said that he would teach Jake a lesson and make him pay the price. After Qiqi thought about all the details of the matter, she was sure that Yuqi was the culprit!

Then she slowly clenched her palms, whose eyes were filled with anger.

Hanging up the phone, Qiqi grabbed her bag and ran out of the hospital.

Yuqi had been disappeared for so long, so maybe he had gone back to the Capital City long ago.

But Qiqi still wanted to take her chances. If she met Yuqi, she would definitely teach him a lesson!

Qiqi then turned her anger into strength, who slapped the door with great strength, causing the frightening sound of “thud, thud, thud”.

But after a long time, there was no response from inside, so Qiqi thought that Yuqi was not in his room.

Just as she was about to turn around, he opened the door from inside.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Qiqi immediately turned back, whose eyes were filled with anger.

Seeing Qiqi looking at himself with that kind of expression, Yuqi froze for a moment, then said discontentedly, “What kind of expression do you have, it is so scary, as if you wanted to eat me.”

Since Yuqi quarreled with Qiqi several days ago, he had wanted to teach her a lesson. But something suddenly had come up at the company and he needed to go back to deal with it personally.

So he went to deal with his business for the past two days, and only now did he have time to come back. However, he didn’t expect to treated by Qiqi with such an bad attitude just after he returned, so he naturally was quite angry.

“Yuqi Mu! So it’s really you!”

Yuqi was confused by such an inexplicable accusation, who asked at once, “What have I done?”

“Don’t play dumb, Jake is injured and is in hospital! So now you’re satisfied!”

Hearing this, Yuqi sneered and said, “He is injured? Ha, what a blessing from the God!”

“You’re still gloating,Yuqi! Do you have any conscience!”

Yuqi then shrugged with an indifferent expression and said, “I hate him, so what’s wrong with my gloating? I just don’t like him, and I don’t like seeing him be happy as well!”

“So you asked someone to hit him, right?”

After hearing her words, Yuqi frowned slightly and said: “As much as I want to do that, I really did not do that this time.”

“Yuqi, you just dare not to admit it!”

“If I really did it, why wouldn’t I admit it? Now that I told you that I did not do that, then the truth is just that I did not do that! There’s no need for me to lie about such a trivial matter.”

Yuqi said seriously, but Qiqi didn’t believe him at all, who looked at him in disbelief, as if she was looking at a despicable and shameless villain.

It was already exhausting enough for Yuqi to deal with the company’s affairs, and he even came back overnight to see the woman he missed very much. But he did not expect that he was questioned and belittled by her like that, which made Yuqi feel quite annoyed and sad.

“You don’t believe me?”

Qiqi said categorically, “No!”

Then Yuqi sneered with detachment and said:

“I still haven’t gotten even with you for what happened last time, now you even want to slander me again!”

“You know clearly whether I slander you or not!”

Qiqi’s eyes were still very bright, but she looked at Yuqi with a cold expression in her eyes.

That kind of coldness made Yuqi feel quite hurt, who even had the urge to punch someone to give vent to his anger.

If he had been misunderstood by the others, Yuqi would not have bothered to care about it at all.

But it was Qiqi who misunderstood him, and he didn’t want there to be a misunderstanding or a gap between the two of them.

Therefore, he patiently explained to Qiqi, “I admit, I did find someone for the want of hitting that man. But he has too many enemies and he was hit by other people first. Anyway, it makes me feel quite upset as well now.”

Qiqi snorted coldly and said, “Bullshit, I’m not going to believe your words!”

Seeing that Qiqi still didn’t believe him despite his humble explanation, Yuqi became angry at once, who yelled: “Fine, if you don’t believe me, then you can go to be with your Jake, stupid woman!”

The reason Qiqi came here today was just to let herself give up on the idea.

But his words made Qiqi feel very disappointed. She was really disappointed this time, who even wondered why she liked such a person in the first place.

If Yuqi had dared to admit it, Qiqi would have at least admitted that he was a man of blood. But now, she just wanted to draw the line with this coward in her heart.

“Fine, I don’t want to stay with a two-faced guy like you anyway!”

After saying that, Qiqi turned around and left.

Looking at Qiqi’s back, Yuqi was furious.

He thought: Is this woman a pig? Why doesn’t she believe my own words? Am I just a villain who could not be trusted in her heart!?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, who clenched his fist and yelled: “Qiqi, you will definitely regret it!”

But Qiqi said at once, not even turning around: “The thing I regret most is knowing you!”

Her thin figure gradually disappeared from his sight.

The next moment, Yuqi turned around and smashed everything that he could fetch to pieces.

In an instant, the room that had been neat and tidy was turned into a place which was as messy as a rubbish dump, and Yuqi stood in it, breathing heavily.

Taking out his mobile phone, Yuqi asked his assistant to book the nearest flight, because he was ready to go back to the Capital City.

Yuqi felt that he must have been completely lost his mind that he should give up his good life there but choose to come back here to be tortured by that stupid woman again!

Now, he just wanted to give up everything here, because he had had enough of this!


Today, Anna finished work early and she found no one was in the house after returning home early.

Then she thought: Well, hasn’t Yulin Xiao returned yet?

Anna was a little upset and took out her mobile phone to call Yulin.

When the call was answered, Anna asked him with dissatisfaction: “Didn’t you say that you would come back to have dinner with me tonight? Why haven’t I seen you until now?”

“Honey, Yuqi is back.”

Yulin didn’t explain much to her, but made Anna understand the reason for not returning by saying only one sentence.

After hearing his words, Anna sighed and admonished, “Drink less and come back earlier.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Honey, do you think Qiqi and Yuqi really don’t fit?”

Yulin then was silent for a while and said: “On this issue, we onlookers really have no right to say anything. Only they themselves know whether they fit or not. But from the current situation, neither of them feel more relaxed than the other.”

Anna raised her eyebrows, seemingly not to agree with such an outcome, then she said, “I think the only person who doesn’t feel relaxed should be Yuqi.”

Yulin shook his head and explained, “I know him very well. If he was hurt completely by Qiqi and decided to give up on her, he would go to a deserted place and live a decadent life for three or two months before he comes back and lives a good life again. But now, there is still hope in his heart, and it is because of this hope, he is tortured.”

Hearing Yulin’s words, Anna sighed with emotion, “It seems that he is also a pitiful man.”

“I don’t know whether he is pitiful or not, I just hope they will not regret in the future. Well, That’s enough, I have to drive to the bar now.”

“Okay, be safe on the road.”

Hanging up the phone, Anna was filled with emotions.

Although she also had gone through a lot with Yulin, fortunately they finally were able to have a happy ending.

But Qiqi and Yuqi were not that lucky.

After sighing again, Anna put her phone aside and prepared to cook for herself.

Although Yulin was not home, Anna still wanted to have a nice meal, so she prepared the rice with curry beef for herself.

Just as she was about to eat, her mobile phone rang.

After picking it up and looking at the number on the screen, Anna found that the person calling was Qiqi.

Smiling, she picked up the phone and said, “Greedy cat, I’ve made rice with curry beef, which is very fragrant and delicious. It’s a pity you can’t eat it and have to crave it now.”

But after she said that, Anna did not hear Qiqi’s response for a long time.

This made Anna feel strange, but before she spoke again, a hoarse voice came from the other side of the phone.


After hearing her voice, Anna immediately stopped joking and asked her, frowning, “Qiqi, what’s wrong with you, are you crying? What’s going on, tell me slowly.”

At this moment, Qiqi had already made up her mind. But why did it still hurt so much in her heart?

When she was arguing with Yuqi at that time, Qiqi was very determined.

But in fact, it was so hard for her that as soon as she turned around, she started to cry.

In order not to be noticed by Yuqi, she left very fast, being afraid that if she walked slowly, she would can not help looking back at him.

Since everything was already over, she’d better be decisive now. Anyway, heartache was nothing, and even the deepest wounds in the heart would be healed slowly.

After taking a deep breath, Qiqi tried to say to her in a calm voice, “Anna, I …… have decided to be with Jake.”

Anna paused for a moment and asked, “Are you serious?”


Anna then said in a steady voice: “I don’t know what happened to make you make that choice. But it’s clear that you’re not happy right now.”

Anna’s words soothed Qiqi’s panic, making her slowly calm down.

Wiping her tears, Qiqi said firmly, “This is only temporary. One day, I will forget Yuqi. And when I mention him in the future, it will be as if I am talking about a stranger.”

Silently sighing, Anna said, “As long as it’s a decision you make, I will give you my support.”

“Thank you, Anna.”

“We’re friends, of course I’m going to support you. So now, can you tell me what happened?”

“Does it even matter, now that it’s already happened anyway? Well, I have to take care of Jake. I will hang up.”

Take care of Jake?

As Anna was about to ask something, Qiqi had already hung up the phone.

Hearing the “Beep” sound of the phone, Anna shook her head in the room.

Then she thought: Why must they torture each other in this way?

Meanwhile, on the other side–

Yuqi drank the wine one glass after another, as if he had been drinking water, which made Yulin feel quite worried.

Scratching his forehead with his fingers, Yulin said, “Well, even you want to drink down your sorrow, you can’t drink like that. Did you ask me to come here just to see you get drunk and then carry you back?”

“Of course not,” Yuqi said in a gloomy expression, putting a bottle of wine in front of Yulin, “Drink with me.”

Looking at the bottle of wine, and then looking at Yuqi, Yulin shook his head and said, “Now that I do not know why you want me to drink, I won’t drink it.”

Frowning at Yulin, Yuqi asked in a cold voice, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t even know why you’re getting drunk, why should I drink as well?”

“I’ve lost my love. Is that okay?”


Yuqi said it so bluntly that Yulin was so shocked after hearing his words that he directly choked on his own saliva.

“Did I hear you right? You are Yuqi, and you should admit that you’ve lost your love now?”

“You heard me right. I, Yuqi, have lost my love. Is this reason worth having you accompany me to get drunk?”

“This ……”

“Cut the crap. If you are my brother, drink this glass of wine.”

As Yuqi said, he pushed a glass full of vodka in front of Yulin.

Looking at this glass of vodka, Yulin was about to cry.

“Are you asking for my life?”

“Drink it!”

“Alright, brother, it’s rare for you to lose your love, so I’ll bet my life to accompany you.”

After saying that, Yulin held his breath and tilted his head to drink it all in one gulp.

The hot and spicy wine passed through his belly, causing Yulin to frown.

After a while, Yulin still frowned. Wiping the corner of his mouth, he said, “Since you’ve decided to give up on her, just be free and easy and forget about her completely now.”

After hearing his words, Yulin felt quite panic.

Then he thought: Forget about her?

I will let this woman completely disappear from my life, as if she never existed?

That is good. Now that she doesn’t know what is good for her, then we’d better go our separate ways from now on.

Although he knew that this was the most sensible outcome, Yuqi still was quite frustrated, feeling quite empty in his heart.

This feeling made Yuqi feel chagrined, who rubbed his forehead in annoyance and said in exasperation, “That’s for sure.”

“In that case, get to know other girls for a change of mood. Anna must know nice girls, who are beautiful with good body shapes, and most importantly, they are not ungrateful people.”

Hearing this, Yuqi said out of instinct, “Qiqi is not ungrateful.”

But after saying that, Yuqi was stunned.

Then he thought: Now that she is so hateful, why did I still speak for her? Why can I not help but feel painful in my heart when I hear other people denigrate her? Yuqi, can you have some backbone!?

Being chagrined, Yuqi happened to meet Yulin in the eyes after he raised his head.

Looking away at once, Yuqi said awkwardly: “She’s just a bit stupid.”

Yulin crossed his legs and smirked, saying: “Whether she is ungrateful or stupid, that is her own business. Today, I will accompany you and find a few girls to play with you. And I guarantee that you will definitely be happy again.”

“Aren’t you afraid that Anna will be angry with you?”

“I’ll just say that it is you who ask for finding those girls to play with you, and I will put the blame on you.”

“Hum, you are really shameless.”

“Well, I do that just to make you happy!”

After saying that, Yulin was about to take his phone to call some girls.

But Yuqi stopped him, slightly narrowing his eyes and said, “I don’t want girls to accompany me today, I just want to drink. Don’t you dare run away.”

Yulin smiled helplessly because his intention was discovered, who then said, “No matter how tough you pretend to be, I know that you still haven’t given up on her in your heart, and you still can not like anyone else.”

Yuqi felt annoyed and waved his hand, saying, “You’ve talked too much! Just drink!”

“Okay, fine!”

Yulin took the glass of wine and drank it down.

But Yuqi had already finished drinking half a bottle of wine after Yulin just finished drinking one glass of wine.

Yuqi drank too fast, which made Yulin feel quite worried that something might happen to him, so he made small talk with him to distract him and slow down the speed of Yuqi’s drinking.

But Yuqi didn’t care about that, who still drank much as Yulin talked to him.

In the end, Yulin gave up persuading him and allowed him to drink as much as wine he wanted.

After a while, Yulin wanted to pee because he had drank too much wine with Yuqi. So he got up and went to the washroom, then he gave Anna a call in there to report on the situation.

Anna repeatedly warned Yulin to take care of Yuqi, and if it did not work, she asked him to call his parents and ask them to help deal with this thing.

But Yulin refused her proposal.

He knew that if his mother and father would definitely be shocked if they knew that Yuqi was drunk like this.

And then, they would force him to go on all kinds of blind dates until he went to the tomb of marriage…… no, the palace of marriage.

Thinking about this process, Yulin felt very desperate.

When Yuqi was unhappy, he would drink to give vent to his sadness. And he, as his good brother, would of course accompany him to drink until Yuqi was very drunk and unconscious.

In the past, he could also be drunk with Yuqi.

But now, he still had to keep healthy for preparing to have a baby with his wife, so how could he be that drunk as before?

So Anna must not reveal this to his parents

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