Chapter 549 – 550: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 549: The Universe

“Vile!” Lean Monkey yelled!

The disciples of the the True Divine Tao, knew that the repeated provocation and targeting was the reason that Kris Chen accepted them.

So everyone held things in.

Every time they went out, they would be ridiculed and even bullied by the disciples of the other Factions of the Purple Fire Sect!

“Sneak attack? That’s the kind of trick you play?”

Kris sneered, “Listen! From now on, whoever dares to bully and abuse the True Divine Tao’s disciples, I will fight back fiercely!”

“Get out of here!”

Kris clenched his fist, his body boost like a Gorilla, “Boom!”

Enormous force blasts out after the punch that actually consisted of thousands of blows in a flash, and the air compressed a thousand times, all of those were a result of the first martial arts deduced by Kris: Shock Fist!

The Elders from Xuerou Faction tended to give sneaked attacks were instantly struck by an incomparably violent force.

Tens of billions of pounds of power colliding!


Even the space was cracked!

Yes, indeed. It really was.

The Purple Fire Sect was in the Little Thousand Realms, where the spatial barrier was far less firm than the Devil Land.

So when the Accumulated Spirits fought, the world here could easily break.

“This is impossible!”

The man was full of shock because Kris’ fist was like a wave, sweeping in wave after wave, and stronger than ever.


Just in an inadvertent second, the tremendous force struck him, knocking him right off his feet!



As if a meteor had pierced directly through the mountain of the Xuerou Faction!

The breakout battle also attracted other Factions, so the area fulfilled onlookers!

“Brother Dongxu!”

Ruoxu, who had been lifted by Kris, looked like a mouse, and his eyes wide open, looking at the shattered gate, full of disbelief!

” Lord!”

At this time, Lord Xuanxu was wearing an embarrassed look, and the elders behind him were in the same boat.

They had never expected that Kris would be so powerful!

The onlookers were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

“Beiyang, you’re really going to start a war against me?”

“You should ask this loser!”

After that, Kris threw Ruoxu away like trash!

After catching RuoXu, XuanXu was also annoyed, and he thought Ruoxu shamed him because no other fellows of him challenged Kris and got defeated like this.

But it was not the time to scold RuoXu. XuanXu’s eyes were cold as he looked at Kris and said, “The Sect has a rule, and everyone that wants to start a battle must go to the arena built by the Sect! Do you dare?”

“There is no fear in my book!” Kris smiled and said.

“Okay, let’s go then!”

With that, Lord Xuanxu took the lead and flew towards the arena, which was a brand Spirit Weapon of the Violet Fire Sect–the Cave Heaven Gourd. There were thousands of miles of space inside, and you can show off your skills, as long as you were not above the Actualized Spirit!

“Hold on!” Kris looked at Lord Xuanxu and uttered.

“What? Are you afraid?” Xuanxu said disdainfully.

“Afraid of what?” Kris replied.

There was no “Fear” in Kris’s book yet!

“I am not afraid. I was just wondering that this is a fight in the arena, so there must be stakes. Are you gonna bet?”

“You are so confident in yourself, aren’t you?” Xuanxu asked.

Kris laughed and replied, “If I lose, I will give you one billion of Spiritual Stone!”

With that, Kris took out the Spiritual Stone and put them aside, which all the fist-sized Spiritual Stone piled up into a mountain!


Everyone was stunned to see this!

That was crazy because one billion Spiritual Stones were enough to last for several years for a Faction!

This kid took it out without blinking an eye!

Could it be the Big Fortune of the the True Divine Tao?

“I’ll be the banker, and everybody present can bet. If you bet on me to win, then you will get the odds of 2 to 1, and if you bet on Xuanxu to win, then you will get a odds of 5 to 1!”

By odds, a fool would know whom to bet on!

Many people were excited and started to bet.

“I’ll bet a hundred Spiritual Stones!”

“I’ll also bet two hundred Spiritual Stones…”

“Lean Monkey, collect the money and make a note of who they’re betting on!” Kris said with a smile.

“Yes, Master!”Lean Monkey nodded his head in succession and said excitedly.

While, at the same time, Lord Xuanxu looked embarrassed.

“So now it’s your turn. If you lose, what can you pay me!” Kris asked.

The heat was on, and it was too hard for Xuanxu to reply. Once Xuanxu didn’t agree, the news of Xuerou Faction was afraid of the the True Divine Tao would spread throughout the Purple Fire Sect in a few minutes.

Everyone knew that the the True Divine Tao was on the verge of being banned and the most insignificant one in the Purple Fire Sect.

If he lost, then they…, they would be laughingstocks.

Lord Xuanxu didn’t expect Kris to come up with such a move, so he angrily said, “We’ll also offer one billion of the best quality Spiritual Stones!”

“One billion of the best quality Spiritual Stone? I’m sorry, but I’m a man who lacks everything but Spiritual Stones!” Kris said with a smile.

“Then what do you want?” Xuanxu asked again.

Kris said, “The Xuerou Faction’s power prowess!”


Lord Xuanxu frowned because he did not expect Kris to make this request.

The Purple Fire Sect had thousands of Factions, and all of their Power Prowess was backed up in the Sect’s General Scripture Pavilion and could be viewed by anyone.

The only thing was that the Contribution Points.

Lord Xuanxu suddenly realized that Kris had no Contribution Points!

That’s why he couldn’t see it even if he wanted to!

“I thought he’d ask for something excessively valuable, but he asked only for that!”

“Phew… Lord, you can promise him, and we won’t have to pay any Spiritual Stones anyway!”

Hearing the crowd’s words, Xuanxu nodded and said to Kris, “Fine. I promise you!”

After that, when he was about to walk into the arena, Kris said, “Wait!”

“What?” Xuanxu was annoyed.

“I don’t want to have a solo fight. I’m in a hurry, so you guys could fight together against me!”


Xuanxu was furious and said, “You’re totally out of bounds, kid!”

“Humph, this kid is just too rampant!”

The executives of the Xuerou Faction were furious and angry; besides, even a bunch of disciples were also murmuring.

The the True Divine Tao disciples were all filled with worry, especially Crane Spirit, who, as the eldest disciple of the the True Divine Tao, was even more concerned about Kris, so she said, “Master…”

“Don’t worry. I will be fine!” Kris replied.

Kris also wanted to test out the strength of his physical body.

When the onlookers heard this, they all bet crazily, and they thought that Kris was a psycho because a regular person who could think properly wouldn’t fight against so many senior martial experts alone.

The onlookers thought Kris was too rich so that he didn’t know how or where to spend his money.

With odds of one to five, many who had bet before changed their minds, “I bet too less, but now I’m gonna a bet of 10,000 Spiritual Stones on Xuerou Faction to win!”

“I’ll bet fifty thousand!”

“One hundred thousand…”


“I’ll be waiting for you inside!”

With that, Kris leaped into the arena.

“This kid is rampant, so let’s go inside together, but we don’t have to be all involved in fighting!” Xuanxu said, then jumped into the arena, and the rest followed.

“Good, yes, the space here is indeed solid, so now, there is no need to be afraid of breaking the world barrier!”

Kris laughed, and everyone outside the arena watched the battle.

This match had even alarmed the top executives of the Purple Fire Sect.

The Deputy Head of the Purple Fire Sect smiled and said, “That’s kinda interesting. Let’s go and have a look!”

After saying that, he walked out of the room, holding a little fiery red dragon.

“You said you’re strong enough, so I want to have a solo competition with you! “

It’s just a competition between clansmen, not a duel to the death.

Even though he despised Kris, he couldn’t break the rules.

“If you want to fight, just fight and cut the crap!”

Kris didn’t want to talk to him and made the first move.

The foot violently powered up.


The earth was trampled, and Kris raised his fist, turning it into a stream of light towards the Xuanxu.

“It starts!” someone in the audience said. Everyone was looking at the ring with rapt attention.


Although Kris was powerful, Xuanxu was not weak either, so it was a dead heat!

“Yes! It sure isn’t weak!” Kris said and was overjoyed; that punch just now, almost eight billion pounds of force, but Xuanxu took it without an effort.

“Shock Fists!”

Thousands of punches were thrown in an instant, compressing the air and shaking the space.


Before the fist even arrived, a fierce and burning wind swept in, and an incomparably powerful punch poured down.

It was the Punch that Dongxu was hit by.


Xuanxu accumulated Qi and blood, followed by his physical body expanding, and his power improving instantly!

His physical body bearded the tens of billions of pounds of power.

“Now, it’s my turn!”

Xuanxu shouted, “Great Diffuse Divine Fist!”

This punch contained boundless Qi and Strength; as if it compressed thousands of mountains and rivers, and the universe was born and died in the punching momentum.

What a powerful martial prowess!

The Magic Cultivation had its Prowess, while the Body Refining had it too.

This fist contained the Tao of Xuanxu.

Kris didn’t dare to underestimate it, so he used his Shock Fist against it.

The voluminous Prowess collided together.

“Boom!” A violent gale set off within the arena.

Finally, it was the Great Diffusion Fist that was superior, and which the aftermath swept towards Kris.

When the aftermath came towards Kris, he waved it away, and no trace left on his body!

“What the F…!”

This guy’s Prowess was so powerful as Xuanxu, so it was even!

“You’re wrong. It’s clear that Lord Xuanxu’s Prowess rises above Kris’!”

Longxiang, the Lord of the Dragon God Tao, stood in the Void. Longruo that beside Longxinag said, “This kid is truly reckless and ungrateful. The Xue’rou Faction is the hundred highest-ranking Taoism in the Purple Fire Sect, and he is destined to be a laughing stock as he tries to pick on the Xuerou Faction on his own!”

Longxiang smiled gently, “What if he does succeed?”

“Well…” Longruo stunned, then he replied, “How is this possible…”

Longruo had not finished his words before Kris punched Xuanxu away.

The Second form of the Martial Prowess “all-embracing!”

This fist covered the Tao that recorded in hundreds of thousands of books, so it was more apt to use all-encompassing to describe it.

It might look like only one punch, but it contained countless Tao of the Martial Arts; besides, paired with Kris’ powerful physical strength, this blow could break the arena within thousand miles around.

The Elders of the Xuerou Faction standing on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, so they started to defend against the powerful Prowess.

Even the aftermath was power enough for them!

“How is this possible?” Longruo blurted out with surprise.

“Nothing is impossible!” Lord Longxiang said, “Everyone underestimated him!” he said again.

The Lord of the Prajna Faction was a monk with nine scars on his head, and he was once the primary disciple of the Dharma Monastery of the Hanging Temple and joined the Purple Fire Sect for various reasons.

Although the Prajna Faction existed for only a thousand years, it was a top Faction in the Violet Fire Sect!

“What a powerful prowess. Apparently, the kid is a dual cultivator of the Body and Magic, but when he is involved in the battle, he relied only on the strength of his physical body. He is incomparably strong!”

Chapter 550: Stop The Bet

The Lord of Nianhua was eager to have a try. What he practices were the Suppression Techniques of Dragon-Elephant of Buddhism, which is a first-class physical exercise skill.

When he practices to the highest level, he can have the power of an ancient dragon god.

He had been fighting all the practitioners of Purple Fire Sect for a long time. The arrival of Kris Chen had aroused his interest.


“Use all your power to attack me so that I can try my new powers, All-Embracing Dharma !”

Kris laughed wildly and arrogantly in the middle of the challenge arena!

The Lord of Xuanxu’s hands were shaking, and the huge force was invading and rolling in his body, which was oppressed by him.

“The Firing Over of Qi and Blood!”

The blood of the Lord of Xuanxu is like a column, which rises from the sky, and the thick blue veins burst up, just like the root of a tree, which is ferocious and terrifying.

His body was also up to dozens of Meters, behind was a virtual statue that cannot be seen very clearly, but that virtual shadow sent out a very dangerous feeling.

“The Lord of Xuanxu has awakened blood of the Ancient Plain. The virtual shadow is the heaven and earth of Dharma and the ancestor of his blood!”

As mentioned above, when the physical body is strong enough to a certain level, the practitioner may awaken his blood and even awaken the talented aptitude.

“Come and fight!”

The Lord of Xuanxu roared loudly, and the shadow behind him thumped on his chest. The projection space trembled. At that moment, Kris seemed to see the 10000 Star River collapse under the roar of the giant.


“Then let me see how strong the Dharma of the body refining practitioner of the accumulated spirit is!”

“All-Embracing Dharma, break the opponent for me!”

Only with one blow, ten thousand magics collapse.

“The Great Millstone for Extermination!”

The Lord of Xuanxu jumped up and came with the momentum that could open up the world.

Rolling Qi and blood, like a big millstone!


The big millstone collided with Kris’s fist.

At that moment, the huge airwave instantly lifted the surrounding onlookers out.

And in the confrontation center.

The shadow behind the Lord of Xuanxu suddenly opened his eyes.

Even though Kris could not see his face clearly, but he felt that the shadow had opened his eyes.

The shadow Dharma opened his mouth and inhale, the continuous flow of Qi and blood is inhaled into the mouth of Dharma,

Dharma is becoming more and more solid!

“Kill him for me!”

A huge force came, and the All-Embracing Dharma’s Taoism magic power was vanishing little by little.

Although the other party’s big millstone has a little consumption, it is much better than Kris.

Both sides did not use other means but fought with pure physical strength and martial arts.

“Good, good, the Tao of Blood and Muscle is extraordinary!”

There is sweat on his forehead, but the smile on his face is getting stronger and stronger.

The Tao of Real Gods is good, but it’s not complete.

As the strongest body refining practitioner in Nanli Fire City, Purple Fire Sect has thousands of traditional sects. Why should they put a priority on the weak Tao practices?

There is definitely room for improvement in Nine Cycles Golden Body Spell!

“Do you think you are the only one who knows the Tao of Qi and Blood?”

“Firing Oven of Qi and Blood!” exclaimed Kris.

In an instant, the blood in Kris’s body boiled, and a violent force came from his body.

Power doubled in an instant!

“Break him for me!”

“Concussion Punch!”

Seeing that everything is about to be broken, Kris quickly superimposed a concussion punch. The superposition of two punches is definitely not just doubling the power.

What, magic spells fusion!

In The Lord of Xuanxu’s heart, a wave of power swept over him, and he had a vague feeling that he could not hold it.

Biting his teeth, the Lord of Xuanxu didn’t expect that the boy was so powerful in martial magic!

“The fusion of blood and flesh!”

The blood in The Lord of Xuanxu’s body was boiling. This time, the body did not swell,

On the contrary, it’s shrinking, even thinner than before.

But that fierce breath lets a person shudder.

“The World Suppressing Punch!”

The Dharma form behind him also shrank and melted his body. At that moment, the temperament of The Lord of Xuanxu became more terrible.

His power was absolutely more than 10000 Taoist Powers, plus the increase of supernatural powers, it is absolutely more than 100000 Daoli!

With one blow, even the mountain will be crushed!

This fist can’t be resisted, and Kris’s Nine Cycles Golden Body Spell has never reached the highest level.

How powerful!

But the stronger he was, the happier Kris was.

Martial arts magic, the third type: The World Strike!

This is the most powerful magic power that he has realized at present. What he understands is the process of acupoint orifices evolving into small worlds. Although the acupoints and orifices in his body have not yet evolved into small worlds, it does not hinder the deduction of Kris!

How much does a small world weigh?

It’s really been counted!

The small world weighs about 5 billion kg, the middle cave weighs about 50 billion kg, and the big cave is terrible with trillion kg.

At present, Kris Chen has opened up 10800 acupoint orifices!

Of course, it’s just the evolution of the magic moves, which Kris Chen has not demonstrated.

But in the deduction, this blow should be more than 100000 Taoist Powers, or even stronger.

In theory, this move is infinitely powerful. If one day Kris’s acupoint orifices really evolve into small worlds, then the worlds will be linked together and no one can stop them!


In The Lord of Xuanxu’s eyes, the first seal was magnified infinitely. At that moment, what he saw was not the first seal, but a world smashing over.


Two ordinary fists collide with each other, and the airwaves set off, the people next to them can only lift the shield defense.

“Strong, the Lord is too strong!”

Before the elder of the flesh and blood sect had finished speaking, he saw that their Lord turned into a meteor, smashed, and flying!


He heavily fell on the ground, spit blood, and looked also dispirited.

“Taoist master!”

All of them flew over.

Kris stopped attacking. Yes, it worked.

Consumption is a little bit huge!

“Well, now it’s your turn.”

Step by step, Kris shuttled hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye.


What kind of magic is this?

The spectators could not help but take a breath.

“Shrinking into an inch, it’s actually shrinking into an inch. Interesting, really interesting!”

Thousands of meters above the sky, The Lord of Taishi touched his beard, “Nanyang has done a good thing!”

Whatever his origin, Kris is now a member of the Purple Fire Sect.

As long as he is harmless.

The Purple Fire Sect has been quiet for too long. It’s time for these people to move.

“Wait a minute, Lord Beiyang!”

The Lord of Xuanxu smiled bitterly, “I lost. Please stop!”

“Taoist master, we haven’t fought yet. How can you admit defeat?”

“Shut up!”

The Lord of Xuanxu stood up and yelled: “you cannot beat the Beiyang Taoist master!”

Just at the critical moment, Kris Chen stopped. He could feel it. Otherwise, it would not be as simple as a slight injury.

“OK, get everything ready. I’ll go and pick it up later!”

With that, he jumped out of the ring!

And they all became aware of the situation.

“Ah… My spiritual stone!”

“What the heck is the blood and flesh sect? It doesn’t deserve to be the top 100. It’s rubbish, a waste of my one hundred thousand excellent spirit stone!”

The people who put money on The Lord of Xuanxu, while the disciples of The Tao of Real Gods cheered one by one, just like in the Spring Festival.

“Master is mighty, the master is brilliant!”

“Oh, our master won!”

All disciples of Tao of Real Gods cheered.

Like a lone hero, Kris came back from victory.

“See, if you continue to make trouble that day, the end will be even worse than them!”

The Lord of Longruo dared not speak. The power of this guy was so strong. If he met him next time, he’d better be careful!

The Lord of Longxiang is going to go down to congratulate him, but some people are faster than him.

“Congratulations to Beiyang Taoist master!”

The Lord of Nianhua came and said, “I am the master of Banruo Tao. Can you fight with me?”

Kris looked at the red-lipped and white-toothed monk in front of him. Damn it, he’s a bit more handsome than Kris!

If it wasn’t for the nine ring scars on the top of his head, he would definitely be a young playboy.

“He’ling, is Panruo Tao strong?”

Kris devoted all his heart to practice. He didn’t know much about Purple Fire Sect. He only knew that Purple Fire Sect has many mountains and each mountain has its own Tao.

He’ling thought for a moment, and then he said, “master, Banruo Tao ranks No. 88 on the Taoist orthodoxy list of Fire Purple Sect.”

“They are that powerful?”

Kris touched his chin and said, “OK, I can fight with you. Just like the Tao of flesh and blood, if you lose, all the classical books of Banruo Tao will only be kept by me for a moment!”

He didn’t expect that Kris was so straightforward. He immediately said, “OK, no problem. I don’t want your spiritual stone either. I just ask the Beiyang Taoist master not to keep his hands!”

“But today, I don’t fight you!”

“You have just been fighting with the Lord of Xuanxu…”

Before he had finished speaking, Kris jumped into the arena and said, “Let’s just fight. There’s so much nonsense there!”

It is beyond the imagination that Kris has such a profound and powerful body.

It’s just a fight, even if he’s fighting ten, he’s not scared.

“Well, in that case, let’s fight!”

After Nianhua jumping into the arena, Kris yelled, “I’ll keep holding the bet! Betting on me to win you will earn twice the money. Betting on the Lord of Nianhua will earn five times!

Kris is really good at calculating. Most people will bet on Nianhua. Even if a small number of people bet on him to win, the odds of one to two still stably earns him much benefit!

“This guy is so rampant. I’m going to bet five hundred thousand spiritual stones.”

“I’ll bet 200000!”

A group of people was waving the spiritual stone, and they were constantly betting on Nianhua. When Kris saw it, he was happy to see it. The money from these people was really easy to earn!

“I’ll bet Beiyang, three million highest quality stone!”

Just then a man came out with a fire dragon in his arms.

Everyone is stun!

“Sovereign Lord!”

When the skinny monkey heard what they said, he was stupid. Sovereign Lord?

“Why, since it’s a bet, I can also make a bet!”

The Lord of Dashi smiled and threw the storage ring to the skinny monkey, “Don’t make a mistake. Three million prime stone!”

Kris was also stunned and had no desire to fight.

Flying out of the challenge arena, “Sovereign Lord, if you don’t play like this, I’ll only earn some spiritual stone for the disciples. If you come to stir up the game, I cannot hold it anymore.”

“People who can easily come up with billions of excellent spiritual stones will care about this?”

The Lord of Dashi looked at Kris with a smile, as if to see through the mind of Kris!

“Forget it, I’m a little tired today!”

“Skinny monkey, I’m a little tired today. Go back first and come back tomorrow!” said Kris.

After that, he will leave with his disciples.

The Lord of Nianhua stood in the arena with a confused face and didn’t know what happened.

“Leave the game when you can’t afford it?”

The Lord of Dashi laughed, “You are really shameless!”

“The upper beam is not straight, and the lower beam is crooked. This is how I learn my shamelessness” argued back Kris.

Everyone was almost stunned, “he dared to confront the Sovereign Lord openly. Is this boy crazy?”

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