Chapter 549: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 549 She Doesn’t Choose You(1)

Besides, Yulin Xiao thought that he couldn’t let Yuqi Mu tell his parents about this thing as well. Therefore, Yulin knew that he must make it clear to Yuqi in advance.

Thinking this thing in his mind, Yulin went back to the box to look for Yuqi.

However, once he entered the box, he found that Yuqi was not in there.

“Huh, where is he?”

Yulin walked out of the box suspiciously, then he stopped a waiter and asked, “Where is the person who was just here?”

“He’s already left.”

“He’s gone?”

“Yes, about five minutes ago.”

“Damn it!”

Then Yulin thought: Yuqi have drunk so much, God knows what he would do. Right now, he is very possible to stir up trouble, just like a ticking time bomb, so I must find him.

When the waiter saw that Yulin was about to leave, he immediately stopped him and said, “Sir, this is the bill, please pay it.”

No way……

Yulin then swiped his bank card and left helplessly.

After leaving the bar, Yulin tried to find a way to contact Yuqi.

However, his mobile phone was switched off and his car was still parked in the parking lot, so it was not easy to find him.

While Yulin did not know what to do, Yuqi had already been on a private jet, going to the town where Qiqi lived.

Yuqi was very dizzy and had a headache, as if it was about to explode.

At this moment, his consciousness was a little blurred and he was very faint, but he knew that he needed to meet someone very important.

Staggering to the door of Qiqi’s house, Yuqi raised his hand and slapped the door.

Feeling a little weak, Yuqi leaned against the door frame and shouted in a slurred voice, “Qiqi, Qiqi, open the door, I want to talk to you!”

“Don’t think you can avoid me by not saying anything. You’ve been hiding from me for so long, this time is the last time I bother you, so you must come out and see me!”

“Still not talking? That won’t affect anything, I’ll just talk like this.”

Yuqi closed his eyes and laughed lightly, saying, “You are the dumbest girl I’ve ever seen. You are so stupid, and you can’t do anything right, which always makes people worry for you. But the dumbest thing you have done is rejecting a man as good as me. You know, you’ll regret missing me for the rest of your life.”

“Besides, you have a really bad eye for people. You should give up on me, and treat the rubbish-like one like treasure. You think that Jake of yours is just righteous? Hum, bullshit! When you find out the truth, surely you will cry……”

Before Yuqi finished saying his words, someone opened the door from inside.

When the door opened, Yuqi stumbled and almost fell.

He managed to stand firmly, who frowned in dissatisfaction and yelled, “What’s the matter, why don’t you open the door after you……”

As he blinked, he found that the people standing in front of him was not Qiqi, but Qiqi’s parents.

Qiqi’s parents frowned at the young man in front of them, who was disheveled and had a smell of alcohol, which made them want to cover their noses just by looking at him.

Besides, after listening to the nonsense he had just said, Qiqi’s parents had a worse impression of him now.

Then he became a little sober, and he felt that he should say something to make up for what he had said.

“Uncle and aunt, I was abrupt just now.”

“Your behaviour is indeed very abrupt.” Qiqi’s parents were not polite to him either, saying seriously, “My daughter has already made her decision, and she did not choose you.”

“I …… know.”

“Now that you know about this thing, don’t bother our lives anymore. Although we are only ordinary people, we won’t let anyone bully us!”

“But I still want to see Qiqi one last time and say something to her.”

“No need, Qiqi is happy about being with her boyfriend. And you don’t need to tell her the words that don’t matter.”

Boyfriend ……

The word made Yuqi feel quite hurt.

He had thought that drinking much wine would numb himself, but now he realized that it was all in vain.

Yuqi did not know how he left the bar. He just walked on the street, like a walking corpse.

Suddenly, he remembered that Qiqi had said that that shitty Jake was injured and in hospital, so now, could she be in the hospital as well?

Thinking of this possibility, Yuqi immediately asked his subordinates to investigate, and soon he found out which hospital Jake was staying in.

By now, Jake’s injuries had mostly healed and he was able to move around on his own.

But he was still slouching, leaning back on his pillow, and talking breathlessly.

It was not that Jake was pretending to be sick, he just liked to see Qiqi do something for himself.

It was so fulfilling and satisfying.

And Qiqi didn’t feel troublesome, who was helping Jake peel the apple.

After peeling the apple, Qiqi handed it to Jake and said, “There you go.”

But he didn’t take the apple and said, “I want to eat small pieces of it.”


Qiqi then cut the apple into small pieces and put them in a bowl, then she handed it to Jake.

But Jake still didn’t take the bowl and said, “Why is there no fork?”

“Wait a minute.”

Finding a fork and sticking it in a piece of apple, Qiqi once again passed the bowl over.

Looking at the small pieces of apple, Jake still picked on her and said, “Those pieces of apple look messy and doesn’t look appetizing.”

Taking the bowl, Qiqi thought for a moment, then squeezed a few S shapes on top of the pieces with the salad dressing.

Jake was just joking with Qiqi, but to his surprise, she didn’t lose her temper at all, and was quite submissive to him instead.

Smiling helplessly, Jake said, “Qiqi, you’re too good-natured, aren’t you?”

Squeezing the salad dressing, Qiqi said with an indifferent expression, “It’s just a small matter, there’s no need to bother about trifling things.”

“But you are easy to suffer a loss with your good temperament.”

Qiqi laughed and said, “You’re exaggerating. Cutting an apple is just a trivial matter, how can it be related to the level of a personality issue.”

Seeing that Qiqi always missed the point, Jake shook his head and sighed, “Well, such a silly girl.”

Jake’s words had another meaning, but Qiqi didn’t want to think it over, then she asked after looking up at him, “Do you want to eat it or not, the apple has been oxidized.”

Jake stretched his neck forward and said, “Can you feed me?”

“This requirement goes too much.”

“So you still know how to resist, I thought all you know is just resigning yourself to adversity.”

Qiqi’s hands even were sore because she had been holding the plate for too long, while Jake still had no intention of taking it over.

Then she took back the plate, and poked a piece of apple for herself and stuffed it into her mouth, saying, “Seeing that you are in such good spirits, I think you don’t need eating this apple, so I’d better eat it myself.”

The apple was very sweet and Qiqi ate one piece after another, without any intention of stopping eating.

Seeing the big apple that had belonged to him was being chewed by Qiqi, Jake licked his lips and looked at her with an innocent and eager expression.

The expression in Jake’s eyes was so innocent that Qiqi, who was eating alone, felt that she had committed the ultimate sin.

With no choice, Qiqi had to give in to Jake and said, “Fine, I’ll share it with you.”

Jake then ate the apple and smiled with satisfaction.

“Well, that’s right, if other people saw your behaviour just now, they would think you were abusing the patient.”

Qiqi then argued for herself and said, “I didn’t. You didn’t want to eat it, so I ate it because I didn’t want it to go to waste, not because I was abusing the patient.”

“Fine, what I said is not quite right. I should say that you were abusing your boyfriend.”

After hearing his words, Qiqi was stunned for a second, not knowing what to say.

It was suddenly quiet in the ward and the atmosphere became unusually awkward.

While the person who started it still did not feel that he had done anything wrong and was still waving at Qiqi.

“Qiqi, come and sit down.”

“What for?”

“Eating the apple, of course. Or what, eating you?”

Jake’s teasing made Qiqi feel a little helpless.


Then he smiled and said, “Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. I am really a bit thirsty and want to eat some pieces of the apple.”

After getting to know Jake for a long time, Qiqi realized that he was not as serious as he appeared to be, but he also liked to make a joke and occasionally tease her.

However, he knew the boundaries and his teasing would not make people feel embarrassed. Just like now, although Qiqi was teased by him, she still could not be angry because of his innocent smile.

After sighing, Qiqi felt that she should also find a chance to ‘fight back’, as she could not let Jake always take advantage of her.

But the thought of having to think a method to tease Jake made Qiqi feel tired, and then she thought it would also be good to maintain the current situation.

Thinking about this, Qiqi dutifully fed Jake the apple without complaint.

Qiqi’s restfulness left Jake with a feeling of powerlessness.

He thought: She used to be such a lively girl, who was quite talkative and full of energy, as if she had an inexhaustible supply of energy.

But now? She seems to be sluggish and depressed, making me feel quite heartbroken.

Jake didn’t like to see her look, so he decided to use a little ploy to make her regain some energy.

“Now that you are so well-behaved, I will give you a gift in return.”

After saying that, Jake kissed her gently on the back of her hand.

His action made Qiqi be stunned.

“You ……”

Before she finished saying her words, Jake suddenly leaned close to her ear and said in a very ambiguous manner, “He’s outside the door.”

Just this one sentence alone made her body tremble.

Qiqi’s reaction made Jake feel both heartbroken and resigned.

When she was with Jake, she was always silent and never reacted like that. But she would only become active and energetic after hearing about Yuqi.

Although she said that she didn’t care about Yuqi, her actions proved how important Yuqi actually was to her. At this moment, she was a contradiction, frantically wanting to see Yuqi, but she also worried that she might be seen by Yuqi.

Then she thought: How about just turning around and glancing at him, then pretending to happen to see him?

As soon as she had this thought, she couldn’t help but want to turn back around and have a look at Yuqi.

But as soon as she moved, she was stopped by Jake.

“Don’t look back, or you’ll fall short of success for lack of a final effort.”

Qiqi clenched her palms tightly, whose body was a little stiff.

Seeing her struggle, Jake frowned, then said in a low voice, “Qiqi, lean over a little and rest your head on my shoulder.”


“This is the only way to make him give up on you. No matter how many words you said, it is not as powerful as what he sees with his bare eyes.”

Qiqi resisted a little at first, but Jake didn’t force her, who waited until she finally gave in.

She then lowered her head and leaned on Jake’s shoulder, whose eyes were filled with tears.

Then Jake felt Qiqi’s weight and warmth.

But at this moment, he was not happy at all, but felt heartbroken.

His lips gently rubbed against the top of Qiqi’s hair and, unsurprisingly, Qiqi’s body stiffened again.

But she didn’t move.

Jake could not see Qiqi’s expression, but he guessed that she must be quite sad and desperate at this moment.


After a long time, Jake patted her shoulder and said, “Okay, he’s gone.”

This was a great relief to Qiqi, who immediately sat up straight and wiped the corners of her eyes.

Not daring to look up at Jake, Qiqi said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Because I used you as my pretext.”

“Isn’t that what I’m for? I’m self-aware enough to understand my position in your heart.”

Chapter 549 She Doesn’t Choose You(2)

Jake’s self-deprecating words made Qiqi feel more and more ashamed of herself. The more he was so considerate, the more Qiqi felt that she owed him more than she could ever repay in her lifetime.

“Jake…… actually you don’t have to force yourself.”

Jake smiled and said, “How do you know that I am forcing myself? Why can’t I have fun?”

“Of course you are not happy now that you’re being used to take the blame.”

“Me. I’m quite happy. I think it’s a good deal to exchange the pain for your company.”

Jake’s tenderness was like an impermeable net, which trapped Qiqi, making her unable to struggle and unable to break free.

At first, Qiqi would resist a little. But now, she compromised, wanting to let nature take its course.

Now that the man was no longer behind her, Qiqi could look back with impunity, look in the direction where he had stood just then.

After taking care of Jake, Qiqi got up and left the ward.

As she passed a corner, someone suddenly reached out his hand and tugged at Qiqi’s wrist.


Qiqi had just shouted for once when her mouth was covered and she was dragged towards the corner.

The man, who smelled of alcohol and was breathing heavily, hugged Qiqi and wouldn’t let her go.

Qiqi was so scared that she thought she had met a gangster.

She thought: At this time, I must not give up and find a way to get rid of him.

Qiqi struggled with all her strength, but the man behind her said a name suddenly.


As soon as she heard his voice, she was stunned.

It is him, Yuqi Mu!

At this moment, Qiqi couldn’t tell what kind of mood she was in. She wanted to see Yuqi, yet she was afraid of seeing him.

“Are you……drunk?”

Yuqi did not move, who he did not let go of Qiqi, as if he wanted to draw warmth from her body.

After a long time, Yuqi asked in a hoarse voice: “Are you really with him?”

Qiqi curled up her lips and said without hesitation, “Yes.”

Yuqi showed a self-deprecating smile and said, “I have known the answer, but I still have to ask you myself so that I can totally give up on you. Am I abusing myself?”

Seeing Yuqi be so dispirited, Qiqi felt heartbroken.

Yuqi was supposed to be active and be looked up to, how could he fall into such a state of despondency?

Qiqi then thought: He doesn’t deserve to live like this!

Qiqi then made up her mind and broke free from his embrace ruthlessly, looking at him indifferently. Then she said: “Yuqi, I already have a boyfriend, you have gone too far.”

“Boyfriend?” Yuqi sneered and said, “With what could that hypocritical man be your boyfriend? Qiqi, is there something wrong with your eyes!”

“Stop venomously slandering him, Jake is not a hypocrite!”

“He is not? Hum, watch out for your Jake!”

Seeing that at this kind of time, Yuqi still smeared Jake, Qiqi could not help but frown, saying: “You better watch out for yourself. Don’t come looking for me again, and don’t disturb my life, let’s just pretend we have ever met!”

After saying that, Qiqi turned around and left.

Looking at Qiqi’s back, Yuqi wanted to call out to her.

But then what?

Yuqi did suspect Jake. But it was only a suspicion, and he didn’t have any evidence to prove that Jake had done something.

Without proof, no matter what Yuqi said, Qiqi would not believe him.

If Qiqi had any trust in Yuqi, the two of them would not be in this situation today.

Yuqi cared more about Qiqi’s attitude than that inexplicable Jake. Obviously, it was her attitude that made him feel heartbroken.

As for Qiqi, she hid in a corner where no one was around and choked silently, with her arms tightly wrapping around herself.

She knew that Yuqi was not the right man for her, but she still foolishly liked him, and in the end, she was hurt and heartbroken.

Qiqi told herself over and over again to give up on him and be the simple, happy Qiqi she used to be.

But in fact, Qiqi felt like her whole body had been hollowed out, and she was a walking corpse at the moment without a soul.

Qiqi was helpless, who found that she was unable to control her own heart. Was there anything more tragic than that?

Looking up at the sky, Qiqi was expressionless.

She was thinking that perhaps in the future, she would never see such a brilliant starry sky again. And all the beautiful memories were sealed in that autumn.


Jake noticed that Qiqi was not in the right state, but instead of asking her the reason, he deliberately teased her to divert her attention.

In the past, this approach would have been somewhat effective.

But now, no matter how funny a story Jake told, Qiqi remained calm and sometimes, she even inexplicably dazed.

When Jake noticed that Qiqi was dazed again, he was quite helpless.

Reaching out and waving his hand in front of Qiqi’s face, he asked, “Is my story that insipid?”

Qiqi came back to her senses and said absentmindedly, “Oh, sorry, what did you say?”

“Nothing, I am just making small talk with you.”


After making a simple response, Qiqi lowered her head and fiddled with the flowering branch in her hand.

“Qiqi, you ……”

As Jake was about to say something to Qiqi, her mobile phone rang.

“Sorry, I’m getting a call.”

Putting down the flowering branch, Qiqi picked up the phone.

“Qiqi, come quickly, Yuqi is going to die!”

The voice on the other side of the phone was filled with fear and trembled. And it was hard to distinguish that it should be Anna Xie’s voice.

Qiqi was stunned and asked, “Anna, what are you talking about?”

“Yuqi had a car accident and is in the hospital in Capital City, his injuries are serious!”

“Car……car accident!?”

“Yes, Yuqi drove the car after having drunk much wine yesterday, and as a result, he was rear-ended by a big truck and his car was smashed flat. Now he is still in the operating room, whose life is uncertain!”

Hearing this, Qiqi’s face turned pale, and then her phone fell to the ground.

“Hello, hello, Qiqi? Are you coming or not ……”

Anna was still talking on the phone, but Qiqi could no longer hear it, and she was expressionless, staring blankly ahead.

Qiqi’s look made Jake quite worried, who frowned and asked, “Qiqi, what’s wrong with you?”

Qiqi remained unresponsive, who was dull, as if she had been a soulless doll.


Jake shouted her name while holding her wrist tightly and looking directly at her.

As her pupils focused, Qiqi saw the person in front of her clearly and then she started to cry.

Hugging Qiqi in his arms, Jake was nervous and said in a low voice: “Okay, first tell me what happened!”

Qiqi’s lips twitched a little before she said:

“Yuqi had a serious car accident and his life is uncertain!”

After hearing her response, Jake narrowed his eyes.

“So what are you going to do now?”

“Me?” Qiqi was confused for a moment, then she gradually became firm and said, “I’m going to the Capital City to be with him!”

“What will change even if you go there?”

“But I can stay with him, even if just simply looking at him will be fine!”

“Then does Yuqi want you to stay with him?”

After hearing his words, Qiqi was stunned.

She thought: Yes, does Yuqi still need me? Especially after I said those hurtful words to him, he must be very disappointed in me.

Thinking that she was not even qualified to visit Yuqi, Qiqi suddenly felt very sad.

Seeing Qiqi’s tears streaming down her face, Jake hugged her even tighter.

However, his following words made Qiqi feel even more desperate.

“I think, Yuqi’s car accident is more or less related to you. After experiencing life and death, Yuqi may not forgive you again, and his family will not tolerate you as well.”

Then Qiqi thought: Yes, Yuqi was already drunk yesterday, and instead of considering for him, I went against him in every way, making him feel heartbroken.

And that Yuqi was drunk is probably because of me. In that case, I am the real murderer for his accident, right?

Thinking of this, Qiqi closed her eyes in despair, who was full of remorse and regret.

Jake then held her arm and looked straight at her, saying, “Alright Qiqi, don’t worry about this matter anymore. Although Yuqi is injured, there will naturally be countless famous doctors to treat him. Right now, it is you who need to be treated the most.”

Looking blankly at Jake, Qiqi muttered, “Me?”

“It’s time to break off the relationship with Yuqi, are you ready?”

At a time like this, how could Qiqi give up on Yuqi? It was even already late to blame herself.

But apart from blaming herself, what could she do?

She might as well just do it and be the bad one to the end.

Then she looked at Jake and said expressionlessly, “Okay.”

Although she just said one word, it seemed that she had used up all of her strength.

She wanted to cry, but she felt that she had no right to cry at all.

She thought: I am a bad woman, and a bad woman should watch others cry and laugh at the others, right?

With this thought in her mind, Qiqi managed to smile.

But her smile made the Jake feel very distressed.

Raising his hand to hold Qiqi’s face, he said, “Don’t smile.”

“Why not? I’ve succeeded. Yuqi will never pester me again.”

Qiqi continued to smile, but she started to cry and she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing from her eyes.


Jake wanted to say something else, but Qiqi waved her hand, turned around and left.

Qiqi acted sensibly, but there were still some times when her emotions were simply out of control.

She could pretend to be righteous in front of Jake.

But late at night, she couldn’t stop herself from worrying and wanting to see Yuqi more and more.

Especially after having a nightmare, Qiqi was even more determined to see Yuqi.

It was just after dawn when Qiqi tiptoed out of her room, carrying her bag, and walked to the station.

As Qiqi was ready to leave on the first train, she saw someone who should not have been here at the platform.


Looking back at Qiqi, Jake smiled and didn’t say anything.

However, Qiqi felt guilty.

She was quite determined yesterday, but now she changed her mind again. What the hell was she thinking?

Qiqi lowered her head, whose fingertips were slightly cold, not daring to look at Jake.

Jake walked up to Qiqi calmly, still being quite gentle.

“You haven’t eaten breakfast, have you? Here.”

As he said, Jake handed her a cup of soy milk and some steamed stuffed buns.

But Qiqi didn’t take them, who still was lowering her head to hide the shame in her eyes.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like to eat that? Then tell me what do you want, I’ll take you to eat.”

“Jake!” Qiqi suddenly said in a hoarse voice: “You can say whatever you want, and I know that I must have let you down. And I lied, I actually am dying to see Yuqi. I’m going to the Capital City now, and I won’t change my mind no matter you laugh at me or mock me!”

Looking at Qiqi’s determined expression, Jake sighed and asked: “Is it worth it?”


“Alright, I’ll go with you.”

Qiqi was stunned after hearing his words.

“You …… won’t stop me?”

“Since you have already made your decision, it’s futile for me to say anything else to persuade you, so I might as well fulfill your wish.”

“But your wounds have not yet healed.”

Lifting his arm, Jake smiled and said, “I’ve almost recovered under your care. As long as you’re not going to fight with Yuqi, I’ll be fine.”

Qiqi feel ashamed in front of Jake, who was so considerate.

Honestly, she would rather have Jake pointing his finger at her nose and scolding her than to bear his deep love.

His love was too deep, and Qiqi could not repay it, nor did she know how to repay it.

Curling up her lips, Qiqi said in a low voice, “I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

But Jake looked quite indifferent, who reached out and rubbed Qiqi’s hair and said with a smile, “You’re a good girl who values emotions, so it is quite normal for you to do this. Besides, after you meet him, you will make up your mind to give up on him, so it might also be a good thing.”

In fact, Qiqi didn’t think so in her heart, but she didn’t explain anything.

The two of them then went to the Capital City and went to the hospital where Yuqi was staying.

It was not difficult to find out which ward Yuqi was in.

But getting in unnoticed was more difficult.

Jake racked his brains to come up with a good way to tell Qiqi, but he found that Qiqi was distracted.

Reaching out and waving his hand in front of Qiqi, Jake asked, “Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Qiqi still looked ahead, saying, “Yuqi is in that ward.”

Jake looked back and found that the door of the intensive care unit was closed, and he could not see anyone inside.

Although he couldn’t see Yuqi, Qiqi’s eyes were filled with deep emotion and expectant.

Jake then frowned and said, “I know you want to see him very much, but you have to memorize what I’ve told you so that no one will find out your weak point.”

“Weak point?” Qiqi hesitated for a moment, then shook her head and said with a smile: “I’m not coming over, I will just look at him from a distance here.”

“Don’t worry, I have a way for you to come in.”

“But I really don’t want to go.”

Seeing that Qiqi was not perfunctory, Jake knew that she was serious.

“But didn’t you come just to see him?”

Qiqi shook her head and said, “No, I just want to feel his breath. I’d rather……not see him, besides, he may not want to see me.”

Saying that, Qiqi looked with emotion at Yuqi’s direction again, then turned to leave.

But just as she walked to the elevator door, Qiqi happened to meet two people.


Seeing Qiqi, Chuxue Ye and Zhao Nangong were both surprised.

Qiqi then became panicked for a moment before asking: “Why are you all …… here.”

Chuxue sighed heavily, whose tone was full of complaints, but the unconcealed apprehension could still be seen in her eyes.

“Of course we will come after such a thing happened! This Yuqi really looked for death to drive after drinking. He was really lucky to have only a broken arm and leg!”

After Chuxue said the words, she found that there was another person standing beside Qiqi.

“Huh, isn’t this Jake?”

Qiqi did not expect Chuxue to know Jake, who asked, “You know each other?”

“Uh…… I don’t know him, but you’ve shown me his picture.”

“Have I?”

Qiqi recalled and felt that she had never shown Jake’s photo to Chuxue.

However, Chuxue was quite sure and spoke with certainty: “You have! You don’t take such a thing seriously because you’re too busy studying.”

“This ……”

“Since you’re here, go in and take a look at him. Well, never mind, you’d better not look at him. Yuqi is gaunt now, you will feel heartbroken when you see him.”

Mentioning Yuqi, Chuxue became quite serious again and began to sigh heavily.

“Is he …… very serious?”

“He is still unconscious up to now, and the blood clot in his brain can’t be removed, so he is likely to become a vegetable. All of his body organs were damaged, even the doctor said it is a miracle that he did not die immediately.”

Hearing Chuxue’s words, Qiqi felt so panic that she was about to faint.

What Anna said on the phone was not clear, and Qiqi had not known what exactly was going on with Yuqi before.

Now that she heard his situation with her own ears, she couldn’t help but feel her hands and feet go cold and her pupils tighten because of panic and worry.

“How did this happen ……”

Zhao looked at Qiqi and Jake before asking, “Qiqi, what did you say to him that made him go mad and drink and drive after he met you?”

Chuxue was a little angry after hearing his words, who frowned and asked: “Hey, what do you mean by saying that, could Qiqi deliberately harm Yuqi?”

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